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The Fairies are Elemental beings who have a long history of legends and are also known as Nature Spirits.  The Fairies are here working with the element of earth and air and are taking care of and energetically connected with flowers and all that grows including plants, insects, animals and humans.  The Fairies are here on our planet spreading love, light and color and we could think of them as multi-dimensional beings here in another realm or dimension.  Like humans the Fairies originated in the physical world but they are now beings of light or non-physical.  They are an energetic support system for those beings in the animal, plant, mineral and crystal kingdoms and they bring joy, laughter, lightness and energy to their human friends.

Like all Elementals, and unlike the Angels, the Fairies do have free will, ego and judgement.  No Spirit Guides are allowed to interfere with free will and all those associated with Gaia & earth dwellers on this planet have ego and free will.  They all can be very blunt and straightforward, but not in a hurtful or uncaring way.  They like just like to get to the point with no fluffy stuff.   We get along well.  But through our many lives and experiences we have made connections of love with these beings who are guardians, friends, companions and guides.  Every plant, tree and animal has its own guardian, for some Fairy population.  Some Fairies stay in their area in groups, and can have a fiery energy and some travel around solo and can feel more shy and reserved.  Fairies do like to get together to dance, party and be flirty and our best chances of seeing them are the times of twilight, also known as betwixt (dusk/ sunset), and between (dawn/ sunrise).  

All Elementals would prefer, and us with them, being outside in nature or with animals.  Fairies love to be surrounded in un-manicured raw nature, but don’t worry if you like to keep your yard neat and trimmed; they will come based on your energy not the perfection or amount of foliage of the yard.  Many Fairies felt that humans have been untrustworthy and have put on a facade pretending and choosing to remain complacent about things done to our environment, and so they would rather be out in nature where the energy is high and clear, they can think and feel straight,  be with animals who wear their hearts on their sleeve and are really honest.  They are less judgemental than some other elementals but they do scan our energies to see if we are benevolent, almost like a heart meter check, before choosing to connect with us.  They do not tolerate the energy of violence towards any other being on Gaia and they check to see if we are conscious of our own effects on the environment and if we are kind to animals or not, or if we're working on it.  If we score low on their scale, they may choose not to connect with us.  

They prefer not to be around areas where poison has been used for pest control that goes for any Elemental really, but if a plant, person or animal they love is near it, so are they because it doesn't affect them the same as it does those in the physical.  They get quite upset with humans for our lack of respect and knowledge about how to keep the soil nourished and to use plant diversity and natural plant medicines for bug control, or plant or animal growth and management.  Fairies also love crystals, those shiny high vibrational energetic beings, and one of their favorites are clear quartz, because they are rainbow prisms and of course all the green ones, and the vibrant colored ones, the pastel colored ones, definitely the sparkly ones and the luminescent ones etc.  LOL.

I feel pretty lucky to have a small troop of 4 of Fairies who hang out with me that I became re-acquainted with as an adult but remembered their feeling or presence from childhood.  That was hard on my logical head at first. Fairies love to push people’s boundaries so they can expand into more of who they are, and every time, anywhere my Fairy guides come up in a story or as part of an explanation, they always want me to share their names.  Just to push the possible disbelief button a little, just like right now they ask me to type out there names here as I mention them: Binkie, Twinkie, Bixie and Twixie... Can you hear their tiny giggles?  


I feel one of the biggest parts of the role of the Fairies that hang out me are to be here with me when I look other logical grown adults square in the eye, and kids too, and say to them: “Yes, I believe in Fairies”.  Then the giggles break out in my clairaudience.  That's a big thing, since I am a bit of a tomboy and those who know me know I used to work in the very logical environment of technology.   And even if you don't know me personally, many many adults struggle with the idea that the Fairies are real.  Many resist them because they are too much fun, too much joy and life here is hard.  I'm shaking that off now moving through changing my thinking and unlearning what I thought I knew, expanding with new, or more like remembering old knowledge, and now I get to and LOVE re-connecting people back with the Fairies.  When we were kids, we knew they were real, we were also very connected with our intuitive senses and most likely saw them as they were everywhere around plants , animals and some humans  Hey, as kids, we were all talking to the Fairies, the plants, trees, animals, Angels and many more.. maybe you remember hearing you had imaginary friends perhaps?  Know that Fairies love to actually play with children or those adults with the heart of a child.

For now we mostly perceive them with our 3rd eye, or our insight, through clairvoyance in meditation but this is not always the case.  Some of us have seen their energetic flits with our eyes open and now because so many people carry a high tech camera with a zoom lens on their phones, there are images and orbs starting to show up in photos.  Re-watch that nature video or zoom in on that bright tiny green, pink, blue, yellow, or white orb on your picture.  Some are just a reflection but some may be an orb and you just might be surprised at what you may find and see.

I live in the Northern Hemisphere in Canada and remind those who may feel sad feeling that the Fairies are leaving for winter that they are still here and are not affected by weather.  It is true that they are not as active at that time as the humans, plant and animal kingdoms do not need their presence as much, with many humans staying indoors for large periods on time and many plants and animals are sleeping.  So the Fairies do go off to gather with others for short periods of time, to join in groups with others but are very much on call and still regularly check in on their friends, be they plant, animal or human.  

The Fairies also ask that I assure other humans that they are okay in situations of natural or environmental disasters.  The Fairies are energetic, as all Elementals, and are not affected by fires and floods like physical beings are, but they do help to guide, love and support those physical beings that are in and experiencing those situations.  Know that at times you are concerned for forests, waters, lands, the trees, air, deserts, animals or anything happening anywhere in nature, you can call upon the Elementals and/or the Angels and ask them to provide love, light, comfort and support, and know that using your intention adds to their energetic help.

The Fairies are chatty little ones and they would love for us to spend more time outdoors with them consciously and intentionally, talking, laughing and pondering with them.  The Fairies are also in our homes around our animals, plants and their human friends, but know that the energy outside settles and harmonizes the human’s energy, and you check out the earthing article for more information.  Anyone can connect with the Fairies anywhere, and the ones that hang out with me told me it's easier in a few places such as throughout Europe where they have had a long history of believing in them, and Canada is an energetically high place due to its lack of population versus land mass, with lot of areas of clean water and large natural spaces that has experienced very little wars or bloodshed.  I myself have family roots in Cork Ireland and because of that also connect with the Leprechauns but I was born and raised in Canada and it was one of my little troop members that told me that any of the people who live there or here can easily connect with the Fairies and other Elementals, if they will only choose to allow themselves to, let themselves believe again.

When I re-connect the Fairies with other people, they often have me speak to their human friends about thanking them for picking up litter and encouraging them to drink lots of water and to eat as clean or organic food when they can, as processed food has very little actual energetic value.  Know that we honor the Fairies by eating healthy food and by not wasting the fruit, berries, nuts, seeds and veggies they helped grow for all humans and animals here on Gaia to eat.  We humans are also so very careless with our trash, especially plastics.  The Fairies wonder if we humans think that the garbage we throw about on the ground will just magically vanish and disappear.  And they laugh at us and wonder how can we humans think that if we can't even imagine ourselves to be invisible, manifest from the ether or able to shape shift?

The first time the Fairies came to me was in meditation, and it was very emotional and heart warming as memories from childhood came flooding in.  Especially from a time where we spent time with my best friend as child, a willow tree who grew in our backyard.  I remembered spending hours under those branches and talking with the tree, the Fairies and the insects.  I was a very chatty and curious little kid who did not always have a lot of humans around to talk to.  We were a perfect fit.  I lost this tree in childhood shortly before my mother died and speak of our energetic re-connection in the tree and Pegasus articles.

As an adult who re-connected with Spirit, I wanted to help children have an “excuse” for talking with the Fairies, and to help adult parents to let go of their imagination just a little bit so they can let their kids play with them.  With the help of family we make old barn wood Fairy Door kits to create a portal from outdoors to inside the home.  The kit includes 2 handmade wooden doors, one for outside and inside, a little introductory handbook, and their Fairy’s favourite color, human thing, nature thing and a Fairy's name.  The cool thing the Fairies told me is that even if that child's personal Fairy Spirit Guide doesn't “technically” go by that name, they will step into actually using that name for them.  This will allow the child to be able to call them by name with their outside voice, play with them and get to know them, while adults just leave them be.  Then, after things progress, they might change the name to something different but then, they might not.

Most times I have perceived the Fairies has been in mediation and they have been fairly small but I have once perceived 4 of them to be almost human sized for a few brief moments and sitting in a circle in my backyard who simply called themselves Fairy Elders.  After our connection I then found an actual heart shaped stone placed in a spot behind me where only I had stepped 20 minutes before.. Wow.  I have heard of other people perceiving them to be various sizes and have had the Fairies leave others gifts for me in my yard, a shiny stone set perfectly on a corner of my garden bed, and another time a gift from I'm not sure if it was from the Fairies or from the family of robins who return to our yard each year, a bent nail left in the exact spot where I regularly leave strawberries for them.  If it was a family of crows I for sure would have thought it was the birds that left us the gift, because corvids, or the crow family of birds, have been shown to remember, and the nail was perfectly placed on top of a smutch of old strawberry left behind from the day before.

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