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There is no wrong way to meditate.

We can be passive, active, use breathing, body movements & our creative abilities all to our own preferences. We can sit in the dark or the sunshine, can have candles, sage, incense, crystals or not. We can do it alone or we can do together it in groups. We don't need to sit like a pretzel or say words in any special order. We can do it for 2 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour or however long we want.  

There are no set rules.  Do not think that we need to sit in total darkness or in perfect silence in order to meditate properly. If we think that we need those things to meditate, then we won't meditate unless we can have those perfect situations.  Life happens with building noises & traffic noises, kids yelling, animals living, phones ringing & more, but that doesn't have to stop us.  

As a channel for Spirit and an intuitive coach guide I’ve actually led hundreds of meditations and I still love it.  I never get bored and I still feel the excitement, anticipation and wonder of what we are going to learn about.  From my observations phones cause the most disruption so do please turn them off for your own sake and for everyone else.  Nothing causes a room full of frowns faster whether it’s on the face of the person who owns it because they first feel bad and then immediately wonder what they are missing out on, or on the faces of many other people who are super irritated that someone didn’t have consideration for others to turn off their phones.  It’s a little funny to watch when someone who is very upset that “someone’s phone is ringing” discovers that it’s their own phone.  We only allow those things to interrupt us if we let them.  We can tell ourselves that is annoying and I can't meditate because of it or we can tell ourselves that our bodies are in a safe space and we can let ourselves go even deeper.


Too many of us set ourselves up for failure when we think that meditating means to do nothing.  Think nothing, go absolutely blank, blackness and be able to totally Zen out like a monk.  Our world is filled with so much mental, visual and emotional stimulus and our minds are working at what feels like 110%... and we think we are just supposed to go to 0%?  Blank?  Nothing?  We really do put some very high expectations on ourselves.  Monks have had a lot of time and practice at being alone and not being distracted.  They are not in this world of kids, families, jobs, bills, deadlines, traffic, shopping, email, media, internet and cell phones.  Many adults today are not even comfortable sitting quietly with themselves for a while and just be alone in the quiet.  Allowing just that first piece of meditation to happen may take some time, persistence and patience.  But give yourself a break and credit for the small achievements and also make meditation enjoyable for you.  


Meditation is an opportunity to take the time to clear out our human thoughts, emotions and memories and connect with the Spirit or light of God within ourselves, with Source, and with our Spirit Guides, to re-connect with Love.  To recharge and engage with the bigger us for we are much bigger than we perceive ourselves to be.  We are multidimensional beings who have lived hundreds of lives, not all of them as a human, not all of them in this dimension and not all of them on this planet. 


I am not judging Zen meditation, it is very beneficial to us to be able to get ourselves to a completely blank state and simply be part of the oneness but the people that can do that are probably not reading this page.  Engaging with and getting to know Spirit Guides in meditation can enable us to allow ourselves, because yes we have to allow it, to engage with them consciously and actively calling upon their strengths in times when we feel we need support in our lives with our eyes open.  I cannot call it our reality, as there is so much more than we know than what we think reality is.


A big deterrent from meditating for some people is because they think they do not know how, can't do it right or decide they think too much and can't stop their minds long enough to do it.  Well, we can, sort of.  It just takes a little time with practice, intention and allowing the time for it.  We are learning how to unlearn, get over and let go of some of the things we thought we knew, get over our own doubts, how we were taught to feel about things, or not, let go of control and learning to allow with some consistent practice time.


Remember we all can't just sit in front of the piano and instantly play like Beethoven.  Need to take a few tries at riding a bicycle or even tying our shoes.  We let ourselves fill with so much worry about life or what exactly to do, and give up because we wonder: What are we supposed to do exactly?  Are we doing it right?  What is the point anyway?  We put expectations and pressures on ourselves by comparing ourselves with what or how others would do or what they have done.  All this stops us from taking our baby steps forward.  Everything starts in small steps until we build stamina and strength.


I feel that an even bigger deterrent from meditation worth mentioning again is that many people are actually uncomfortable sitting alone quietly with themselves.  In their alone time many people fill their space with music, media or entertainment of some sort.  In this day of expected instant communication many of us really don't know how to just be still, be grounded in the present moment, observe and engage with ourselves.  We think we are supposed to be busy, think about others, accomplish things, get things done and if we don’t we tell often ourselves we are being lazy or unproductive.  Only kids are allowed to do that, sometimes, a little bit, sort of, sometimes.   We have lost our connections with Gaia and ourselves and our materialistic world hasn't taught us about our intuitive senses or that we are worth taking the time for ourselves.  We need down time other than sleeping or napping and I would like to be one human encouraging other humans that we are worth doing that for.


It may seem like an oxymoron, but I have found that once we have practiced with active or creative meditations, it can then be much easier to go into other Zen type meditations that are about ourselves or with our higher selves or into nothingness.  Just learning to be okay with just being who we are, is a major step for most of us and that can then allow us to move into a Zen state more easily.  Being okay with just being, is easier when we do not see ourselves as being so small, frustrated or unworthy anymore.  Once we feel worthy, safe and curious, we can also allow ourselves to go even deeper in connecting with ourselves, our Spirit Guides, and our merkabah light ship to travel through space and time, connect with the void or the oneness and so many other possibilities.


For many people a huge driving factor to learn to meditate and about re-connecting with Spirit is a curiosity about their own past lives and ancestors, or even connecting with people or animals we love that have died in this lifetime.  But sometimes, because we have a vested interest in these connections, these connections can take some time before they unfold, and I'm going to use that swear word again, some patience.  I can give you the heads up because I had to have it too, see about my re-connection with my Mom who died when I was a child on the Pegasus page.


My driving factor to learn about my intuitive self, channeling and mediumship was to re-connect with my Mother who passed away when I was 8 yrs old.  My brain had to adjust to the fact I was going to get to know and learn about someone who is currently a Spirit.  We have a lot of healing, learning and growth to do, and some old belief systems and fears that we need to get over before some of these things can happen.  I have since learned it is much easier when the driving factor is to get to know more about ourselves first, and to connect with our Spirit Guides who are here to support us and then stuff just happens.  Learning and allowing ourselves to work with our own Spirit again, not writing it off to; making it up, fantasizing, imagining or pretending, takes some time.  After all, we are responsible, capable, logical intelligent adults ya know... LOL.


A note here about and on behalf of kids.  Kids are very energetically sensitive and can get easily overwhelmed with energies going on around them in their lives.  Know that children do not have to learn how to work with Spirit, well about boundaries and some understanding yes, but kids are instinctively connected with Spirit and early on they need more help with grounding into the present.  Just like all of us when we were all kids, our intuitive senses and heart spaces were wide open and we had to actually learn how to use our physical senses.   We really needed to learn about how to work with our intuitive senses too and how to have energetic boundaries but unfortunately we are not taught in the mainstream about our energetic side.  We are all still are kids inside, innocent and pure beings of light, whether we know it or believe it or not.  It is why we hear about healing, forgiving and loving our inner child so much or returning to having the heart of a child.


Learning about meditating can help children settle down and be more focused in their daily lives after they have had some dedicated time set aside to re-connect with themselves.  They are even starting to implement meditation over detention in some schools.  Kids, just like adults, do need to learn about boundaries and how to stay safe and feel protected so they can continue to have fun with Spirit.  There is a lot of pressure on kids to conform and a lot of it is about fitting in or to not being embarrassing.  It's also parents, families, peers, schools, cultures, institutions, religions, etc. that decide how kids should fit in with people, places or situations.  They are also the ones teaching children to suppress their intuition by telling them not to talk about any of the beings they connect with around them or about things seen but unseen, or to question and telling them that they are not fitting in and to stop.   Being kids, they are usually told that they are supposed to stop doing that and to listen, and we do eventually stop.  This is one reason why many adults feel or know they were intuitive as children because as we tried to decipher the difference between energy and words, we listened to words and wonder if they actually intuitive now.  Yes.          


So many of us do not realize that most satisfying, awe inspiring, biggest mind and heart expanding place that we can go, is within.  The creation of an internal sacred space was a secret technique of the Ancients and we increase our own vibration by having a safe space to reconnect, recharge and feel loved, where that etheric place itself becomes sacred place of high energy and we also happen increase the vibration of whatever physical location where we are at.   


Know that we do not need to physically travel to any far away sacred sites in order to feel the power of ourselves, Gaia or Spirit, and also know that we can energetically go to these places ourselves from within.  Archangel Michael encourages people to actually use all of our   senses and also all of the elements to create our own personal inner space, our inner sanctuary or safe space.   A place for us to go and we can just be ourselves without judgement, and a place where no one else is allowed to be there unless we allow them and want them to be there.  A place we love so much, the place itself encourages us to want to go there and spend time there.  A safe place we can go within to connect with ourselves and our Spirit Guides who can be our gatekeepers safe guarding our intentions for us so we can let go and allow.


Once we get comfortable going within to this sacred space and have spent some time there, know and anticipate that we will not always remain there. This safe space will often act as a spring board as we and our Spirit Guides go on adventures together through space and time and dimensions to reconnect with ourselves and those who are connected to us through Love


Many people are afraid of what they may encounter or what they might see when they meditate and want to know they are actually safe.  It is this fear that can create fearful experiences.  Know this first, we are part of a benevolent universe that is looking out for our greater good and wants to work with us as co-creators in harmony


This is part of the problem with all of the adrenaline and fear based movies, video games and TV shows as they can create a lot of unnecessary fears which affects our ability to trust ourselves deeply.  Media is a double edged sword it seems, it does entertain us and show us things we may not see anywhere else, but many would be very surprised to learn that the truth about so many things is stranger than fiction, and that a lot of the “reality” is actually being reflected but it is being passed off as fiction, fantasy, sci-fi or entertainment with a big twist of fear added. 


We do not want to get caught up in the idea that we need protection or that we need to protect ourselves, for that fear just creates more fear.  We need to start to recognize we are powerful beings that can call forward and engage with whomever we wish.  It is by setting our intentions of only working with light and that we will only connect with those beings of the highest white light and for our highest and greatest good, and those who are not are naturally repelled and stay away.


After creating your sacred space actively call in Spirit Guides you want to re-connect with, and if you are just starting and don’t know who any of them are yet, as a channel for Spirit, the first Spirit Guide we would recommend calling into your safe space to join you would be to call your Angelic celestial guides.  We, all of us humans are connected with and supported by the Angels, for they were actually created to be an energetic support system for all humans, or beings of Spirit having a human experience, regardless of what religions told us. There is nothing we need to heal - we do not need to heal or increase our frequency, or do anything to qualify to reconnect to the Angels energy.  We qualify simply by being a human here on Gaia.  We can even actually all connect to the same "one" if we choose at the same time even because they are omnipresent.  Re-connect with this energy first and get to know them again.  Do not be alarmed at the overwhelming feeling of Love, familiarity and emotion you may feel at first.  There is a lot of love there, so much love for humanity and even though our brain may be confused, the part other than our brain, our heart, knows we know them and that yes they know us too.


There are a lot of beings that want to re-connect with human consciousness, but we are only interested in connecting with those that are part of our own team of Spirit Guides or Family of Light as I sometimes call them.  I know I am repeating myself here, but again, we are multidimensional beings who have lived hundreds of lives and not all of them as a human, not all of them on this dimension nor all of them on this planet.  There are so many family and friends from past lives connected with us through love, that we will never actually be able to meet or be aware of all of them here at this time.


We have to learn about setting intentions, feeling safe, deciding or allowing who we will or will not connect with, and discerning whether those connections that come as being for us and our highest good or not.  The Angels love to help us with this and in the beginning will certainly act as a gatekeeper of our intentions for us and to help guide us along as we learn how to gain our bearings, feel safe and discern for ourselves.


The Angels will act as our gatekeepers until we are ready because they want us to take off the training wheels and discern on our own.  But in the beginning for instance, what fears might you have in meditation when a large animal like a grizzly bear charged at you?  Or a very large purple Dragon come flying at you?  Or a Galactic blue person that stood before you?   We might not be able to discern right away that there was absolutely nothing to fear because really; the grizzly bear was so happy to see us he just wanted a big bear hug and to roll around and wrestle with us again, the Dragon just wanted to race around the planet really fast with us again, and the blue person just wanted to have a conversation with a family member or old friend again.


The way to stretch our own wings and start to discern on our own is to challenge any and every Spirit that comes forward.  Ask every Spirit that wants to engage with you directly: "Are you here from the highest white light and here for my highest and greatest good?"


Any being who loves us and works with us will be honored and respect that we asked because they know what we are trying to do.  They will also respond immediately with a yes in a way that we can recognize it.   Any being that is not a guide and may be simply curious about trying to connect with us, will either respond no, or hesitate, refuse or attempt to distract from responding, at that point banish them from our presence and tell them they are never allowed to return.  Call in your Angel guide as some backup if you feel or even just want to and do not feel weak or powerless for doing so, we all need backup sometimes and I often refer to them as the big guns for humanity.  All of our Spirit Guides really do want to help us more but because of the law of free will, they are not allowed to interfere so we do actually have to ask for help so they can truly engage, whether that’s in meditation or in our lives with our eyes open.


We have so many beings as part of our Family of Light to re-connect with, learn from and keep us occupied, so know that there is no need to worry about insulting anyone, getting bored with anyone, or have any need to be curious about how or why anyone else might have come.  Curiosity and fear can easily lead humans astray.  It is the human who gets curious and wonders about the who, the why, the how and that is actually how these curious energetic beings can come even closer.  Think about cracking open a door to let fresh air in, as air flows in it can push the door open further, and that’s what our own curiosity can do too.  What we are curious about, cracks open the door.   Stand in your own power, know that you have no time for them and close the door and tell them to go away.


Also know that none of our members of our Family of Light want to create any sort of fear for us what so ever, but we humans do tend to have a lot of fears.  Know that many Spirit Guides will shape shift for us and on behalf of us by changing sizes or maybe even look cartoonish so that we will feel safe and allow ourselves to connect with them, and the idea of them, our beliefs about them and what we’ll allow after that.  Another double edged sword it seems, sometimes when they come as their full size or energy we move into fear by thinking we need to be intimidated or not worthy, and push them away, but sometimes when they come as a cartoon figure just to warm us up to the idea, we’ll get upset because we don’t think it’s not serious enough and push them away.    


If a Spirit Guide inadvertently causes fear, many times they will retreat and may not come forward again until we are ready to call them.  I encourage everyone to take some time, have patience with themselves and the process and allow things to unfold and not try to control it.  Spirit works with our own beliefs, experiences, ideas and perceptions before it can start evolving into something different as we heal and change our ideas of reality, Spirit evolves and changes with us.  Spirit moves with us and learns with us, and it is a two way a relationship of communication and growth, and as we grow and change, so do they.


There are great benefits of people coming together to meditate in groups and feel that we don’t need to learn and do everything all by ourselves.  Spirit consistently asks me to bring people together both new and experienced alike with no separation into beginner or advanced.  When we come together as like minded people the energy is stronger and works exponentially.  We can also energetically work together with group intentions for exploration, knowledge, expansion, and personal and planetary healing.  The new people get the benefit from the experienced people being able to hold the space, or the energy, allowing them to connect more easily if they allow it.  The experienced people get to benefit from the new people that may be struggling with; doubting, questioning, wondering, and thinking, by showing them how much they really can hold their own energy and not be disturbed by others.   With practice, outside distractions and noises annoy us less and less, eventually acting as a reminder that our body is safe in the physical world and allow us to go deeper into our meditation.  The positive side of distractions are they show us how well we can meditate wherever we are and they strengthen our meditation stamina.   


Our human understanding, teachings, beliefs, of other beings, are small and limiting, whether they are of beings physically here such as plants, animals or humans, or etheric beings such as Angels and Dragons or multidimensional beings such as Elementals, Sasquatch or Galactic beings, but our fears are pretty big.  These are new but old things we are re-learning, and we're unlearning what we've been taught and changing our thinking because the other ways have seemed to have created a lot of fear, misunderstandings and self worth issues for us. 


We are all amazing and we have to be patient with ourselves as we re-learn again how to move back towards the heart, to trust, to be peace and love, how to be quiet, be grounded and present in the now, intend, discern, allow and let go in order to grow.  Patience is one of the nicest things we could do for ourselves as we have all spent a lot of time in the opposite energy of the mind, ego and busyness.  Although Archangel Michael often makes light of how for humans patience seems to be an 8 letter swear word... LOL.


If you are interested in having me host a guided mediation for your group, contact me, or check out & come join some of the events listed in Calgary here: or here:

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