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Hey, guess what?  Those of us nature loving, tree hugging, barefoot walking hippies, have been onto something & we didn’t even know it! 

We have been "earthing" ourselves. I mentioned earthing several times throughout the information on elements & I felt it was important enough to refer to it here separately.

Many of us are learning about the need for being energetically grounded, but having our bare feet on the ground is now being recognized as having a real benefit and referred to as Earthing.  Studies are showing immense benefits of having our bare feet on the ground regularly, such as a measured reduction of inflammation within the body which is a major source of pain and disease.  I feel there has been an inherent knowing with us about this, and is why so many are drawn to nature and feel the need to have our hands or feet touching the soil or waters around us.

This practice re-connects us with the magnetic energies and negative ions of the planet, and it physically grounds Gaia’s natural energies into our bodies.  We humans, and I know as an energetically sensitive person and an empath that I do, actually feel physically better when we have direct contact with those electrons when we contact the earth with our bare feet.  Science and Spirit are slowly coming together in so many ways it is exciting and has only been delayed for such a long time because much of the study about energy was been labelled: abstract, conceptual, theory, meta-science, occult studies, weird, woo-woo, or metaphysics, a 2 part word from ancient Greece; meta, meaning after or beyond, and physics.

Magnetics are another major component Gaia provides in order for us to live here, from; how we can actually live here as a Spirit in physical form, to how we are protected from the radiation of the Sun, to how matter stays together to be physical, to part of how we can manifest and bring matter into form ourselves, and much more beyond my understanding.  Beings navigate Earth’s magnetic field and sense magnetic changes, via a mineral that naturally occurs in everything that lives, called magnetite.  The only mineral that is naturally magnetic.  Found in all organisms: bacteria, soil, rocks, plants, animals, humans, every living thing and a way for all life to detect and respond to earth’s magnetic field.  Maybe our brains should be considered our own personal LCD’s, or liquid crystal displays, with magnetite being potentially linked to our psychic abilities, instincts, universal memory or consciousness and telepathic abilities as well.

Studies are being done that show that animals, our brains and our hearts are sources of electro-magnetism that are detectable by scientific instruments at a few meters away, and also that the Earth’s magnetic field affects all humans, plants, animals, crystals and minerals.  All brains are connected through the magnetic field and we all have telepathic and intuitive abilities but it might be surprising to some that the heart is actually what generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body, and that the heart is connected to consciousness and all that is.  We’ve known a long time that animals such as birds, bats and bees have magnetic senses but studies are also showing that humans also have magnetic sense but it is not in or a part of our usual conscious awareness.  Dr. Joseph Kirschvink an American geologist and geophysicist at Caltech considers “magneto-reception” to be the primal sense that allows an organism to detect a magnetic field to perceive direction, altitude or location.  

The abundance of magnetite crystals in our brains may work as a receiving point for the higher mind and acting an antenna for electromagnetic fields where light that enters our field is transferred to our physical body.  The pineal gland was once known as the “third eye” and as “the seat of the soul” and was revered throughout history, depicted in paintings as a pine-cone in Ancient Egypt and at the Vatican.  Located deep in the center of the brain the pineal gland produces melatonin, which helps maintain circadian rhythm and regulate our reproductive hormones.  This is why there is so much recent concern about fluoride being added to drinking waters, as it has been discovered that fluoride calcifies, or hardens, this all important gland.  

Planetary magnetic fields of Gaia have been changing substantially and the resonant frequency of the earth has shifted significantly in recent years.   After what has been a constant for as long as scientists have been able to measure the resonant frequency has been higher with significant spikes during some planetary, solar, lunar, magnetic and catastrophic events.  Is this happening from more people responding to life with higher energies and turning their inner lights on?   Check out information on HeartMath, the Shumann Resonance or the Shumann Effect to see more about real time info about electromagnetic fields of people and the earth.

We are electrical and our atoms are surrounded by electrons, or electricity.  We are connected to the earth’s electro-magnetic fields, and our heart is our battery.  Earth is a giant magnet, and it has been found that the magnetic strength of our heart is actually stronger than that of our brains. Crystalline frequencies are merging with the magnetite crystals in our body, upgrading our DNA, moving us from carbon based to crystalline beings, and creating new neuro-pathways and connections to bring us into higher states of awareness.

Negative Ions, unlike their name suggests, are very beneficial for our physical bodies and have been proven to; detoxify and calm, synchronize our internal clocks, hormonal cycles and physiological rhythms, and maybe most importantly, cause a drastic reduction of inflammation throughout the body, which is the major cause of physical pain for people. Walking barefoot touching the ground outside simply reconnects us with the natural energies of Gaia.

Negative ions are produced in Nature from the disturbance of water molecules generated by: sunlight, lightening, ocean waves, falling water, water vapour, etc., with an abundance of them around bodies of water.  I have found if interesting my whole life that so many people are drawn to go down to; the creek, the river, the pond, the waterfall, the ocean.  Water is constantly moving through; ground waters, underground aquifers, rivers, forests, lakes, oceans, icecaps, glaciers, humans, plants and animals.  Our bodies are made up of almost 60% water, which is great for conducting electricity, and water covers 71% of this planet.  Evaporating water produces negative ions in the air and is how salt crystal lamps work, they are “
hygroscopic”,  (I just had to use this cool word) which means it naturally absorbs moisture molecules and then when they are gently heated, say with a light bulb, they evaporate and release negative ions.

Positive Ions, unlike the name suggests, are not great for us. Humans are spending more time than ever protected indoors, and when they happen to be outside, are often wearing insulated shoes and toxic sunscreens. We are constantly bombarded and surrounded by items that are generating electromagnetic fields and creating positive ions, such as: computers, televisions, cell phones, electrical equipment, carpet, metal, plastics, and more.

Studies are showing the negative effects on our bodies and brains from absorbing so many positively charged ions, such as: lack of energy, poor concentration, headaches, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, chronic pain, worsened allergies, higher inflammation levels and more. Being here in the Northern hemisphere, it can be an extra challenge as there is not a lot of motivation to be outside in the cold of the winter time, and many people can feel these effects even stronger at that time. Being indoors so much is why so many North Americans, and others in the modern world, are having a very common problem with Vitamin D deficiency, sometimes called the sunshine vitamin, because our bodies are designed to get the Vitamin D they need by producing it when our bare skin is exposed to sunlight.
Kids are surrounded by all the same electronics we are and I feel that now more than ever, kids need time outside in the fresh air to get their bare hands and feet in the dirt sometimes.  Kids are not as desensitized to energies as adults are and being indoors all the time can create more nervous, anxious and high strung energy and behaviors, but all those microbes and negative ions that are outside with their calming and grounding effects on their energies can counteract this and are so very beneficial for them.  We need to get them outside into parks and on beaches, in the trees but it seems society is trying to insulate and wrap them in a nerf bubble, teaching them that nature is dirty and scary because something in the ground, water or air could bite you.   Kids are rarely allowed to go outside without putting their shoes on or get dirty, some do get to get away with it when very young but when they're old enough they're supposed to know better and  stay clean and wear their shoes.

Parents are the only ones who can get kids outside and away from all the electronics, but it’s an uphill battle as kids could argue: “Who wants to go outside and play with sticks when there’s these intense visual action and stimulation on the screens?”  Parents today are in a tough spot trying to counter balance their kids from getting caught up into thinking that all things important in life happens on a little screen.  We thought it was tough dealing with the phone line, chat programs and personal console games at the time it all started being released, but now the games are fast, involved, realistic and enticing while also connected with online communities.  To all parents & caretakers of children: “May the Force Be with All of You!”  :)

Remember too that playing outside gives us a great opportunity to connect with and recharge our mind, body & spirit in Gaia’s natural elements being among the trees, soil and water, the stuff we're physically made of.  There’s also an opportunity to play with some of the energetic beings that are part of an energetic system for the animal, plant, crystal and mineral kingdoms known as the Elementals, such as the Fairies and Gnomes.

Check other articles under Earth Stuff such as Gaia and crystals, check under Human Stuff about free will, changing our thinking and intuitive senses and more, and under the Spirit Stuff page for information about being multidimensional, the Elementals and Spirit Guides in general or for a list of different guides.

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