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We love to watch their leaves grow, their flowers bloom, their fruits & nuts form & their seeds blow in the wind. Providing all of our physical senses with a sensory delight of: sights, smells, textures & tastes.  

We do not need to be gardeners, farmers, arborists, horticulturists or even have a green thumb to appreciate the presence of plants. We can simply have gratitude for them being here among us & enhancing our lives.
Plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses, grains, vines, fruits, nuts, berries, & vegetables touch our lives; indoors, outdoors & even underwater. Plants are part of the life force on this planet, they help provide clean air & enhance our physical experience here on Gaia

Plants also come forward as an essential part of the energy system or food source for all physical life that lives here. 

I am not going to list specific plants here, I just want to honor them and share gratitude for them here in my space.  I have always felt energy between us and plants and animals and felt that they could feel us; to now realize that Plants, are actual beings, conscious and sentient beings, energy in physical form.  Are they as conscious and sentient to the same degree as humans?  I can honestly say I’m not sure, only that I don’t feel so, not that we’re any better, just different, but there is definitely a conscious awareness there. 


Studies have shown that plants feel, they cuddle, they communicate with each other and that we can communicate with them.  Our Indigenous and matriarchal based cultures and societies, revered natural plant medicines for centuries, but in our patriarchal society, modern man dismissed them on behalf of convenience and pharmaceuticals, with medicine in general being turned into a major source of money.


  Many institutions have dismissed and suppressed how wonderful plants and their natural medicines are for us, mostly because they threaten corporate profits; whether it's the people such as naturopaths, herbalists and those who practice traditional medicine, to the value of actual plants themselves that can provide us with natural cures.  There are plants that will help: heal bones, clean wounds, reduce inflammation, reduce pain, help with digestion and much more.  Trees and plants create the air we breathe, clean the air that is here, and we bring them into our homes because they make us feel good by enhancing our physical experience and happen to also improve air quality.

Now it seems the wisdom is returning thankfully, and many more people, in many more places, are starting to turn back towards their Elders and old texts to ask about the plants they used for medicines and tips for growing their own food.  We have moved to cities in great numbers and have become disconnected from the lands and the plants that are here to help enhance, sustain and uplift the human and animal beings on this planet.  Modern medicine definitely has its place here and we are all grateful for it, but it will be wonderful to see a true blending of both systems and all of us benefiting from the complimentary benefits.

Plants provide medicines, fibres, dyes, food and homes for beings that are food for insects, animals, water beingsbirds, bats, humans and so much other wildlife.  I started gardening as soon as I had a piece of land I could work and quickly discovered that eating out of my own yard is one of my favorite things to do in the whole world.  Gardening also shows us how long actual food really lasts and what it really tastes like, without industrial agricultural practices, and is probably the highest vibration or energetic, food one could consume. Touching dirt is an act of grounding and earthing, of which many studies are starting to show the benefits of, the biggest being the reduction of inflammation in our bodies.

There are also many Elementals or energetic or ethereal beings that are associated with all natural life on Gaia, residing in another dimension and associated with plants, gardens, landscapes, elements, trees, forests, crystals and more, such as the Dwarves, Fairies, and Gnomes.  It is also known that the Elves and the Sasquatch have a special connection with forests and plant spirit medicines.


  We can also connect energetically with actual beings in the plant kingdom and many people know or feel they can communicate directly with trees, feel compelled to touch or hug a tree like an old friend and even one of my Spirit Guides is a big old willow tree friend from childhood, a being that was pivotal in helping me as an adult understand that love never dies and changing my thinking.  I share the story of re-connection with that tree and my mother, both lost in childhood, within the tree and Pegasus articles.  Humans are the ones who choose with their own free will whether to connect with or believe in, whatever they want.  Everything, or should say everyone, else that lives or associated here with Gaia knows this is just how it is. 

See more articles under  Earth Stuff such as Gaia, crystals and trees, or look under Human Stuff for information about the intuitive senses, empaths, religious confusion and more, or look under Spirit Stuff for articles about being multidimensional, the Elementals or Spirit Guides in general or for a list of many different guides.

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