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We are not only citizens of Earth, we are also Galactic citizens.

We've also lived in the stars on other planets in other galaxies in previous lifetimes.. Hello fellow Starseeds !
In this day & age we shouldn’t really need a specific piece of physical evidence in front of our eyes or be told by some major government source that there are other beings experiencing conscious life beyond Earth. Although governments and NASA finally are. More surprising to some might be that they have been working with humanity since the beginning of our time on earth influencing the evolution of our consciousness or providing us with technological advancements. 

I can say that I understand people’s doubts because mass media has told the people otherwise, but after I’ve seeing ships in the skies twice in my lifetime so far that could do things I've ever seen before,  I can never say that I don’t know if they exist again. 

Actually as a channel for Spirit part of my job is to remind all humans that we are all multidimensional beings who exist, who have always existed and will always exist.  We are not only humans with physical senses having or seeking spiritual experiences, we are also spirits with intuitive senses having and seeking human experiences.  We have lived thousands of lives, not all of them as a human, not all of them in this dimension, nor were all of them even here on Gaia.  We are etheric beings that choose to have physical experiences sometimes. We are pieces of Source that can walk around because we are wearing stardust and Gaia's elements

We've been kept in the dark about the fact that we are not alone in the Universe, the true length of our history and have been led to believe that this place is the one and only place with life for a variety of reasons that I will not be going into.  This is wonderfully starting to change in the minds and hearts of many humans.  Many are now questioning more and seeing things in the skies and capturing more videos themselves.  Information previously hidden is slowly being revealed and because of pictures taken by the Hubble telescope has NASA stating publicly they estimate there are as many as 10 billion Earth like planets in just our galaxy alone.

Ever find you are drawn to particular constellations, stars or planets in the night sky?  Connect with the term Old Soul, Starseed, Indigo, Lightworker, Empath?  I do not proclaim to know who they all are or what everyone does, I'm just someone willing to communicate with them and about them to other people.  I simply want to acknowledge and share gratitude for the presence of our Galactic family and friends; the Arcturians, Sirians, Pleiadians, Andromedans, Orions, Lyrians and so many others.  Those beings that are family and friends that are looking out for us in the federations and alliances with the elders and councils with names such as the Galactic Federation of Light, Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters, Intergalactic Council and Ashtar Command.   

Most beings throughout the cosmos are humanoid like and why I refer to them as people more than anything else, bringing to mind the quote “God created mankind in his image”.   Although I do not feel there is a guy with a beard in the puffy clouds that created us and understand the religious confusion about it, but there are many beings in the galaxy that kind of look like us with a head, arms, and legs that are further advanced than we are, who care about us, protect us and come from various star systems.  Some Galactic beings are evolved now remaining purely energetic and others are physical in other places, all connecting with us telepathically.

I was raised in a non-racially or religiously diverse part of the country at the time in Canada, so there was a lot of white people with really only a variety of Christian religions and 2 languages.  The racism I experienced being around was because of the differences in people’s language or religion.  My mother died when I was a child and I asked what must have been challenging questions for my Grandmother often and I remember when the Smurfs hit the television screens and I talked about it just being normal that blue people were interacting with humans.  When I became a teenager, I became obsessed with Ancient Egypt and wondered about other cultures a lot.  I didn't resonate with what religion was saying about Angels and Jesus.  Moving into high school and young adult, being able to travel a bit, I encountered more diversity in people and in my mind and I remember at one time I actually wondering if I was racist because I felt that I wanted to have a best friend connection with a black person but I had never met a black person in all my school years, and  I was really drawn to people who looked different, who wore and ate different things, spoke different languages, had different histories and I obviously didn't understand.  After I started back on my journey here as an adult healing and eventual working with Spirit, I realized that it wasn’t actually a black person that I had felt I should be strongly connected with, but who in the world would have thought to say a blue person?

Many of us have always stared at the night sky and wondered or hoped for signs of life from beyond in the stars.  When I was younger, watching shows like Star Trek, Stargate, Star Wars, Alf, and even Buck Rogers for some of us, LOL, made me wonder about worlds beyond Earth.  There seemed to be something so interesting and different about Star Trek with a diverse group of humans and human looking beings that were exploring the galaxies, working with beings of different shapes, sizes and colors, going to places unknown to discover new worlds, teleporting down to different planets or onto different ships with most of them benevolent, a few of them bad and a bunch that are indifferent.  Abiding by a code of ethical conduct set forth by the United Federation of Planets, meeting and working with a wide variety of galactic people, not forgetting about Captain Kirk's little inter-species adult sleepover interludes.  

We humans are not only citizens of earth and simply an Earthling, or a Gaian, but we are also galactic citizens, part of not only a global community, but also a galactic community as well.   We humans are the only ones who aren’t so sure of that, although there are many more now.  We do not exist in a: time in space, we exist in a: space in time, there are beings who know how to move through to different spaces in time.  We have physical beings that exist on the surface here, we have beings that exist within inner earth, we have beings that exist in other dimensions and we have beings that exist on other planets in our galaxy, on intergalactic colonies and more.  We are multidimensional beings who have lived many lives and we are connected with a huge variety of other beings and connect with them energetically, referring to the Galactics or Star People and many other beings as Spirit Guides.

We haven’t had mass disclosure yet but there is a grassroots movement happening by the people.  We have had the UK's disclosure of most of their UFO files and other governmental and military officials stepping forward with information.  The highest ranking official to step forward so far was our ex Canadian Defence Minister, Paul Hellyer, who spoke at Exopolitics in Toronto Ontario in May 2006 and the International UFO Congress in Phoenix Arizona in February 2011, but was pretty much ignored by the mainstream media.

Also not well known was that in 1974 SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) with the help of Carl Sagan beamed out a binary code message with information about Earth, known as the Arecibo message, at a particular star cluster.  In 2001, 27 years later a crop circle formed in England, known as the Chilbolton code formation, where we received what is believed to be a direct and matching response to the Arecibo message, and it was from a different star cluster.  Crop circles with their intricate designs of so much potential communications are being ignored by mainstream media.  That doesn’t mean they aren’t still happening, and I remember when I was young that I would hear stuff all the time on the radio or the television that actually would make you think about something bigger such as; the Bermuda triangle, crop circles, paranormal experiences, remote viewing and other phenomenon regularly.

Referred to by many names: Aliens, Extraterrestrials, Star Beings, Cosmic Brothers, Space Beings, Star Family, Galactic Brothers, Elder Star Races and I'm sure there are more.  Family and friends connected with us through love from a variety of worlds.  The idea of Martians or has been a part of our awareness long before black & white movies about alien invasions in the 50's or cartoons like the Flintstones, Bugs Bunny and the Jetsons in the 60's.  I try not to use the word alien anymore as it has so many negative connotations.  Most references in books or movies about invasions from the bad guys who are going to take over the Earth and that we need to be afraid when they arrive.  I don't believe that.

It seems difficult for any of us to say with certainty that we believe yet we still wonder “How could we be the only ones?” I have now seen 2 UFOs so far in my lifetime here in Canada, within close visual distance, once in my 20’s and then 40’s, one at night, one in the day, and now wonder about a lot more than just if other people exist.  I’ve seen many things move in the night sky over the years but the first time I saw a ship come from the stars and then up close, moving and looking like nothing I had ever seen before, I could no longer wonder because now I knew.  Whether my brain liked it or not.  I'll describe the incidents here but also want to share that in my youth my little town had an Air Force base and my Grandfather had been part of the Air Force for 30 years and although I had heard and seen things move really fast, they all had big sound, couldn't maneuver in ways these did and were never round. 

I have to say that once we see a ship, it instantly transforms all that we thought we knew.  It is like something gets checked off on a list somewhere in our brain and says: “Okay, no doubting that anymore, that’s real, check”.   My brain and body went into a bit of a shock and I overloaded a little bit the first time I saw one, and feel from my own from personal experiences that this is why there has been a lack of good concrete evidence for a long time.  That and a camera wasn't literally in everyone's hands until recently and is changing now with cell phones with cameras in the hands of so many people.  But when it happens, we don’t and maybe we even can’t, think of needing evidence to prove something to someone else at that moment because our own minds are being blown open and our heart is exploding with wonder.  We're too busy being in the moment experiencing it.  For me the first time I was all by myself and we didn’t even have cell phones or carry cameras with us, and the second time although I did take a few photos with my phone in the first stages, when it was a light ship, and then my brain forgot all about photos for evidence because I was too busy being amazed that it came into full physical form in front of my eyes with someone else also seeing the same thing and with someone else there we could talk with about what was happening in that moment.

I want to make note of something here before sharing the experience of my sightings.  I think it’s important to share and it was something that I did not realize that many other people either did not know about or have forgotten, this mainstream news incident that happened in the late 80’s and while I was in high school.  It was broadcast on the television news at that time in my little town in eastern Canada so I thought or assumed that everyone else everywhere must have seen it too, and now his story is back in the media 30 years later.  I was watching the evening news with my Grandparents and a man named Bob Lazar came on saying that he had worked on the propulsion system of an alien spaceship, had actually seen 9 of them and even saw one of them in flight.  When the news reporter challenged him about the ship and how did he know that it wasn’t from Earth, his response was casual and mind blowing: “Well this vehicle runs on gravity, well anti-gravity actually, and we don’t have anything like that.  In the science community we don’t even know what gravity is really and we as humanity certainly don’t know how to produce it”.  Boom, mind blown.  I lit up and launched off my chair immediately, because just recently in my high school science class my teacher had told us the exact same thing, that we don’t really know what gravity is and we don't know how to reproduce it.  I tried talking to them and then anyone and everyone I could about it for weeks because I felt this could change everything for humankind.  People were not interested, didn't think it related to life at all and then within a year, the gulf war broke out and for the first time a war was being broadcast all over television everywhere and that was all anyone wanted to talk about or stay informed about, except me.  Add in some teenage rebellion or hormones I suppose but I was really quite upset that bombs were going off when I thought we could all be coming together to figure out how to explore the galaxy.  Like I said, I thought everyone knew about this story and wondered for years why I still couldn't start a conversation about this and how people didn't know what I was talking about or who Bob Lazar was until a 30 year anniversary special was released in 2019 by the apprentice of the original investigative reporter.

My first experience of seeing a UFO was in my early 20’s in 1997 and I was by myself in a public park, the sun setting and sitting on the beach of Okanagan Lake in British Columbia and looking at the stars.  I noticed a perfect formation of a triangle of stars in the evening sky as stars were starting to show, & this triangle had one in the lower corner that was blinking red and white in the dusk light and I thought it was neat to see a perfect shape.  I was in the difficult space of being in the middle of a break up at the time and kept watching the sky, the water, the people and the waves.  Few times I would look up to the triangle and it seemed like it was in a different place but it was still not quite dark outside so I just thought maybe the light changed.  Enjoying the warm evening and sounds of water, I looked again and noticed that 3rd blinking star was definitely further away, not in the same place and there were no other stars in that area.  Now as I watch it I can see that it’s moving, pulling away slowly at first and stretching the triangle longer and still blinking red and white.  I look around and notice a few other people are still in the park but this star now has my full attention.  Next thing I know, this star does the craziest maneuvers in the night sky I have ever seen, at first it looked like it was bouncing up and down, moved sided to side and a big circle.  I am up and on my knees now, jaw dropped and I see one couple off to the side, and they notice me but then as I point they look away.  I go back to watching this star that continued to move and then move up and down again in unbelievable ways and then, next thing I knew, that star came from millions of miles away with no sound, no movement of air and to within 2 telephone poles high directly in front of my view.  A full on circular ship hovering on its side, white lights moving all around edges and a red light blinking on the top, just hovering there.  I launched onto my feet, no other people were to be seen anywhere in the park.  The ship gradually started to move and I ran trying to keep it in view and I watched it move behind a group of trees, but in the middle there was an opening where one tree had been taken down and as it moved into that spot and came into view again, it tipped the other way and I could see the bottom had 3 white lights in the shape of a perfect triangle.  It then bolted away super fast with no sound and no air movement again.  When it left, I’m standing in the park there’s no one around and I am trying to digest what I just saw.  A few people came by on their bike on the path and I almost knocked them over from the adrenaline rush when I asked if they saw what was in the sky a minute ago.  They literally asked me if I would share the good mushrooms I had done, laughed and peddled away from me.  I was on vacation in the middle of British Columbia, was not on drugs and in the middle of a breakup but when I saw my ex’s vehicle there as he had come to pick me up at the agreed time, I ran faster than I think I ever had in my life.  It was like a panic attack hit, I couldn’t breathe without gasping, I couldn’t speak for few minutes, noises came out but no words, tears rolling down my cheeks, and when he asked if I had been attacked all I could do was shake my head no.  When I could finally speak and share my story, he wanted to believe me but couldn’t and had even asked me if I did some crazy drugs with the locals.  Bursting inside, I thought when I got back home I could reach out for understanding and support from people where I worked within the technology sector.  This was an area where people were surrounded daily by the situation of constantly learning something new, but for most part I received non interest and intense push back, with accusations of being weird, daydreaming, wishful thinker, or must have been on drugs.  I was at a loss, and at the time it seemed illogical but I then became upset that “they” hadn’t shown up again to support me after me now trying to share their existence with so many.  As I moved through my healing and into this role as a channel I recognized how similar it was to how I felt in childhood when my mother or my Spirit Guides didn't appear.

For many years I brought up my experience with people I trusted or those I thought were interested in the subject, and many listened to me with amusement or looked at me like I had 3 heads.  I would say that the first time I saw a UFO that I had a minor panic attack that night and now realize that because of the fear that visit created, would be the reason why they backed off and didn’t show up in the skies again for another 20 years.  None of the beings connected with us want to create fear.  They had planted the seed but I had to move beyond the doubt, shake the idea of other people's ridicule, disbelief and the fear.  Our society has done a really good job of creating fear and doubt that life exists beyond Earth and that if they do, then those beings that may live on other planets are scary and we should be afraid of them.  This is why our Galactic family and friends still cannot show up in mass numbers in our skies for at this time it would still create panic.  They are starting to show up in the skies more and more now though because so many people are starting to shake their disbelief and are becoming ready for it.

The second time I saw a UFO was 19 yrs later in the same month and with my husband in our own backyard during a sunny and clear afternoon.  I was so excited to be able to share this amazing experience with someone and especially grateful it was with him.  It was sunny and very hot on a late afternoon in July and we were getting ready to BBQ supper before needing to run to the city for some supplies for a Spirit Fair the next morning.  I don’t handle the heat very well and because I felt I was overheating I had to go rest in a shaded area in a little corner in our yard.  (This same spot is sunny in the early part of day and where I saw the Gnome)  I plopped down onto the grass on my back and looked up and noticed 3 little wispy clouds in the bright blue sky.  I closed my eyes for a few seconds enjoying the cool ground and when I opened my eyes, 2 of the clouds had drifted off with one cloud still hovering straight up above me.  Thought it was interesting and noted there is nothing else in the sky.  I closed and rested my eyes again for a few minutes cooling down, opened them again and those 2 other clouds were much smaller, thinner and had drifted even further away, but that one weird cloud was still straight above my head.  I started to watch and noticed it was looking more like a light than a cloud.  When I noted that in my mind, the lights really started moving, morphing and changing colors of white, light blue and light pink.  I am amazed and a little shocked at this point, and for reasons I couldn’t explain at the time, in my mind I thought “Oh Wow - can I show my husband?” (well I used his name, but want to respect his privacy) and it stayed right there with all the lights still moving and changing.  I then start yelling at my honey to get over here quick.  I get some push back; he’s in the middle of cooking supper and I reply that it doesn’t matter and to come over here quick.  Curious guy that he is, he stops and comes over.  I ask him to get down on the grass with me and look up, more push back, tells me he's busy and he’ll sit with me later, I look up, it was still there, and I then insist that I'm serious that he get down on the grass with me right now, lie down and look up.  There was an audible sigh he tried looking up from where he was standing but he quickly laid down, looked up and immediately said: “What’s that?” Me: “I don’t know but neat right?”  Now we are watching this light for a few minutes and at this point I think to go grab of my phone, lay back down, zoom in on the screen as far as I can 5 times and take 5 pictures.  It looks like an itty-bitty white dot on a blue sky background that you still need to zoom in on all the way to see, but it's there.  A light that sometimes looks different colors of white, pink and blue, sometimes circular solid, one splitting in 2 different colors and one picture where it looks like a square light.  It was beautiful to watch and I wondered out loud where the binoculars were and my husband quickly jumped up to go grab the 2 pairs.  The moment we settle back down on the grass and both look up through our own pair, we both make a comment, at the same time.  Him: “Hey it looks more solid now like a little planet”.  Me: “Hey it sort of looks like a tiny moon”.  Then while we are both watching through the lenses the light changed from a moving colored light, to then looking like a solid white object, to then form into a full on circular shiny metallic ship.  We were looking up at the bottom of it and it had white lights that were all around the bottom of it and rotating, just hovering there.  Minds blown and no more pictures taken.  Both of us at the same time: “Holy shit do you see that?” and because we're on the flight path into a major airport, we then watched an airplane fly in between us and the light now solid ship, both of us at the same time: “Holy shit do you see that?”  Now you know how your arms just won’t stay still when you want to continue to look through binoculars?  At this point we thought we’d be wise guys and get out our telescope and look at it really close.  Nope.  We couldn’t sharpen the focus in on it at all, not even a little bit.  We had it lined up in the cross-hairs yet the eyepiece was washed out with a solid white light and we could not focus in on the ship at all.  We could see it clearly with our eyes and through the binoculars but not through the telescope.  Meanwhile, black smoke starts to billow over the side wall of our deck.  He jumps up, turns off the BBQ and we’ve got to eat because we need to go into downtown to grab some supplies before the psychic school I work with closes.  We eat our burnt supper mostly outside, barely able to focus because it was still there, the whole time.  The ship stayed hovering so long the amazing thing was that we even when we got to the point where we had to leave in order to be able make it on time, and as we left, we drove away with that ship still hovering far up in the sky above our home.  As we drove on the highway near our home we could still see it hovering there.  We do live outside of a major city but it is not way out in the sticks and how no one else in our neighborhood didn't see this, we have no idea.  Although I was able to share my story with my friend the owner, still many other people I tried to share with were not ready or didn’t want to hear the story or even see the pictures I was able to take this time.  I felt really lucky this time being able to experience it with someone and although he may have struggled to believe my story from the past, he still knew how much of a logical person I am and so believed what he could, but after he saw one himself, he went through the same shock and realization that I did “So, check, that’s real”.

I find it weirdly similar how religious confusion and a lot of the information taught to us about spirituality and extraterrestrial life has actually created a lot of fears and has led people to believe that we are far from and separate from God/ Source, that we are small, insignificant and all alone, and that we are never good enough.   It has caused so many people to feel like a piece of floating driftwood lost out at sea that no one really gives a shit about.  The thing is it's been part of something bigger to keep us contained because if we feel we are alone and powerless, we are much more easily led and controlled.  If we feel, think and believe that this beautiful blue green planet is the only one in all the billions of stars that supports life, well then we are also more easily led to believe that this is a one shot show, we are not eternal and only have one life so we have to get what we can get while we can get it because it might go away.  It seems like it’s been creating a circle of competition and fear of each other, rather than creating a circle of support and love for one another.

The Human experience is a not an easy one, but it is an amazing one.  We come here as a piece of Source into a dense physical experience  under an illusion of duality and separation, all powerful, kind of dumb, forgetting about who we are actually, throwing in some lessons, contracts, and free will in order to discover our own light and our connection to everything is within.  Choosing to be here at the time our planet moves into the next evolution of consciousness and Golden Age and as beings who came facing the impossible of being Masters in physical form.  Here as empathetic beings to shift the vibration and allow for the awakening for all in this quadrant of the universe and to be the lights in the dark, bringing the physical bodies along for one heck of a ride and who still chose to do it anyway.  Now that I know more, I no longer wonder why we might have so many Spirit Guides trying to help us as much as they can, but I doubted like many other people at one time.

Our higher selves, God/Source, many Star People and other Spirit Guides or beings of light who love us very much, know that this is a benevolent universe working on behalf of the greater good for everyone.  So do we, when we step into the knowing in our heart rather than what we think we know in our head or only see with our physical eyes.  You know we can only see .0035 % less than 1% of the entire electromagnetic spectrum right?  We all came to Gaia to be unique Source beings in a physical form and to experience our physical senses, our intuitive senses, beauty, free will, abundance and co-creation.  Starseed is a word used for beings that have experienced life elsewhere on other planets in the galaxy or Universe, with no conscious knowledge of who they are, who they’ve been, where they’ve been or why they are here.  I am starting to feel that maybe everyone is a starseed and everything living on Gaia is extraterrestrial.  We're old and we've been places.

Star People are starting to slowly and quietly show themselves to many people who are open, sometimes showing themselves energetically and for some people physically.  Some of them travel here in multidimensional or semi-physical ships and others simply travel or connect with us energetically or telepathically.  We have to be okay with the idea of their existence and decide with our free will if we want to have personal experience or contact with them.   We determine that through our own readiness, how we feel inside and how we communicate about this with each other.

We have to be ready and open to contact, and although I may not have known with my brain or consciously aware of it at the time, both of these sightings were planned times of shifting for me.  Society programming about who and what Star People are has been deep and intense and the last thing any of these beings want to do, our family and friends, is to create more fear in humanity.  When we try to tell people about how we were amazed, in awe, our brain hurt from it or maybe even felt scared for a moment, we can’t let others reactions take away from the knowing we have inside.

The Star People are here trying to remind us of the Divine spark within us, of our eternity and vastness, and that there should be no more dumbing or numbing down of society.  That there is no junk DNA and our genetics glow with divine light encodements with computer like efficiency, more pristine and powerful than any computer system we know.  We are Divine.  We are awesome.  They want to remind us of our heart intelligence, our innate intuitive psychic sensitivities and telepathic abilities that get stronger with acknowledgment and use, and know that some of them experience feelings or emotions, and free will, and some of them do not.  That we are angelic beings from the distant past who are here taking care of Gaia and all her beauty, that need to remind ourselves that planets and their life forms move through densities of consciousness.  

We are all learning about what is reality, unlearning things we thought we knew and working on shaking old beliefs and changing our thinking, but know that the Star People are not coming to get us, to rescue or to save us.  Humanity has to resolve their own issues they have created because we are the creators of our reality.  They are here as our family and long time friends who care and are concerned about us.  This is another reason to consider meditating if we haven’t physically seen them yet because the experience can still be had and felt energetically.  We are multidimensional beings that a can choose to think about our experience consciously afterwards from our heart space, not our heads.  We can think of it as taking time for; astral traveling, lucid dreaming, remote viewing, shape shifting, time traveling, teleporting or telepathic communications, to move us back towards the feeling of excitement, possibilities, potentials, abundance, wonder and being completely loved and supported.

I feel there is a lot that is going to be revealed in the near future about our earth history and intergalactic existence that could be disturbing to many.  We must stay out of fear and allow all to unfold.  More evidence is coming to light the deeper we can dig and no longer easily hidden or denied with camera in the hands of many.  The USA is also talking of a space force, there are private companies launching shuttles into space and insiders are stepping forward regarding secret space programs and that we actually do have a lot of suppressed technology and a much bigger galactic presence, than a lot of us here on earth may have been aware of.  I’ve definitely had to move through various emotions about all this but I choose to not hold onto anger anymore that we knew things 100 yrs ago that we are rediscovering now.  I had it though and then I had to move through it.   Let all be revealed and may we move our consciousness forward together in joy.

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