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“We become what we think about most of the time, & that is the strangest secret.” Quote from American radio host, Earl Nightingale, 1921-1989.
Our higher selves, Spirit, & our consciousness asks all of us to start to learn to look at & work on, changing our thinking. 

We need to be aware that we have forgotten that we are powerful manifesters & that we are co-creators with the Universe. 

We need to learn to monitor, be aware of & change old thoughts & habits of thinking. We need to take charge of what we think of & use our Free Will to choose our thoughts, or not think of them, versus being at the whim of or controlled by them.

When we change our thoughts we change what is possible and that moves us towards changing our beliefs and literally changing the world.  The more quickly we learn to change our thoughts, the more quickly we can all improve our lives.  Thinking and worrying are very similar and our brains want something to do, and they easily go into automatic pilot if we don’t monitor them.  Often caught up in the past and following old neural pathways as shortcuts, often skewed towards negativity, limitations, self criticism, or stuck in a loop of would’a, should’a, or could’a.

I was a computer geek for over 20 years and now I am a channel for Spirit that connects people with their Spirit Guides and passed over loved ones.  Trust me we can all change our beliefs.  We train our minds to think thoughts that feel good or we train our minds to think thoughts that feel bad, our choice. Tuning into our thoughts, feelings and desires regularly, allows us to participate and be actively aware to accomplish things that others might think of as miracles.  We are Creators in physical form.  If we all truly knew who we are, there would be no sickness or disease, and we would know we could heal ourselves and not age to the degree we think we should.  We think we should get old, and so we do.  If we think something is possible, it is.  If we think something is impossible, it is.

Humans are confusing.  Did you know that we most often think about things that we do not want in our lives?  Instead of actually focusing on the things that we do want?  Do you know what we then get more of in our lives?  More of the things we don't want!  So much so we don’t even know how and we may tell ourselves that one is taking the time to figure things out, and that the other is just a fantasy and a waste of time.  We are told to focus on our problems and wonder why we get more problems.  Our manifestation abilities are strong and the Universe does not hear the words “don't”.  

We create our lives through what we think and how we feel about what we’re thinking, it is energy that acts like a magnet and draws towards us what we want, or what we don’t want, dependent upon what we’re thinking about.  Energy is attracted to enthusiasm and like vibrations and Spirit is attracted to clear motives.  We draw toward us what we vibrate out, what we are putting our own thoughts, feelings, beliefs and intentions towards and into.

That still, small voice within all of us is not going to be so still or so small anymore is speaking to us through our intuitive senses that are meant to guide us and enhance our experience, but we have been taught to be good little thinkers and think our way into, through and out of most things.

Yet we have sort of been taught that it doesn’t really matter what we think, given the impression that what we think and feel doesn't matter or affect anything because it’s all in our head and imagination anyway.  That the thoughts we have in our minds are private and they don’t affect anyone else or any situation and so it is the space to let go.  The place to get messy and say or do the things in our minds that we would never actually do or say in person, because we are told it doesn’t matter.  We have not been taught that our thoughts create our world and that what shows up in our lives is literally a projection of our own emotions and mentality.

Some humans seemingly gotten away with some terrible thoughts and behaviors just from thinking and acting like this lifetime is just a one shot show, but it has affected all of us.  We are shown everywhere in families, cultures and business that we got to get what we can get and take what we can take faster and better than anyone else, so that we are first and we win.  Telling ourselves the business world is like the animal kingdom and the survival of the fittest wins in a dog eat dog world, so if we stomp on someone along the way, that's okay because that’s how it is.  It’s bullshit.  That's old, competitive, service to self, survival mentality, not of the energy of Love and oneness.  We need to know and we now get to see lots of video evidence now that the animal kingdom is actually about co-operation, coexistence and compassion.  We need to know we have always existed, we will always exist and we will have multitudes of experiences in different forms.  The people and animals that we have loved and died in this lifetime and others, also still exist, and when we die, we will still exist.  We are all connected and we will reflect on how we lived our lives.

As we become more aware of our thoughts, know that beating ourselves up for having bad thoughts just creates more dis-harmonies for us.  Many people are not give themselves a break and realize that at first part of the struggle with changing them is that we’ve been thinking those old thoughts feeling those old feelings and using those old neural pathways for a long time, which act like shortcuts.  When we are not actively using our mind our mind then does what is convenient for itself and uses the old shortcuts.  There is also heavy mental or fear energy that is also projected from humanity which can easily help to keep our thought energies in low vibration.  We need to be easier and more patient with ourselves. 


One of the first steps is to learn to catch our thoughts at the 2 minute mark and ground ourselves rather than not be aware of what we have been thinking about the past 15 minutes.  By that time we're caught up in the emotions of it.  Our job is to notice our thoughts, catch them, choose to continue thinking that way or do what we can to change them by choosing other thoughts. We can also ask our Spirit Guides for help and support in those moments to help clear our energies or clear away the negative mental energy around us, such as an Angel, an Air Dragon or a Sylph.  While we are making an effort to change our thinking and focus on a positive thoughts such as love or gratitude, they can help clear the way the old and make space for new so that our positive thoughts can easily grow.

We are powerful creators yet we come here forgetting and not knowing that inherently or how amazing we really are.  We create the world around us through what we allow ourselves to think and intend.  No one taught us that.  A lot of emotions and thoughts will come up for many about this.  We were taught that imagination was not important, a place in our mind where no one else could go and the safe space to let go and think about all the crappy stuff we may never actually do in person. Maybe letting our thoughts and emotions swirl about saying things to other people or ourselves in our head that we would never say out loud or visualizing getting into physical situations and letting out our frustrations.  We thought that it was a private space and that it was only all in our mind and didn't affect anything else.  Well, we are all learning differently and luckily many of us are unlearning a lot of what we thought we knew.

We are unknowingly releasing fear and anger energies by not yet knowing, sensing or realizing the damage that can be done by out of balance emotions and mental patterns.  People are inherently good and most feel inside that they are connected with something bigger within themselves that they cannot logically explain.  We've been told from the outside that we are small, powerless and we can’t affect change, and also that anything that is not physically provable is not real, or weird.  Hmmm.. brings to mind that gravity thing again.  We know it exists yet we cannot prove it or replicate it.  There is so much magic available to each and every one of us that we have all seem to have logically put all away in a filing cabinet.  I cannot explain absolutely all of the workings with Spirit logically but a lot of things about how Spirit works with us can be logically explained, worked with and developed further.

So much is changing and we need to know and remember that we are not powerless.  There are so many things being brought to the forefront into mainstream now and so much that humanity is becoming aware of and starting to realize, and part of the reason I wanted to put this section on my page.  Whether it's about: how our food is produced and monopolized, or that big pharma is in the business of making money, or that many religions teach that we are not worthy and God/Source/Great Spirit is someone outside of ourselves who judges us, or we thought politicians were working for the people, or that corporations figured out something good for us but didn’t share it in order to make exorbitant amounts of money for it, or keep new discoveries under wraps to continue doing that, let’s be real it kind of sucks finding out all this stuff.  But we need to know so we can change it.  Many of these things we are finding out have been going on a long time, but the reason we're finding out now is because energies are changing so much that these things can no longer be hidden.  

As we realize the many things that we accepted, thought or believed have actually been used to manipulate and steer humanity in this direction or way, was to keep us controlled or feeling small and powerless, sure we can feel angry about it but then we need to let it go and get over it.  We have the right to get upset as we learn about these things, but I am here want to try and encourage all of us to not stay in anger or become resentful, bitter or feel like we have to be warriors.  Have our “aha moment” of realizations, look at what we can change or how we do things in our own world to do the best we can, and move back towards putting our love and sense of peace into this massive energy of change.  
And yes maybe we did trust all those that said they were the experts in this or that, not naively, but because we inherently do want to trust and feel everyone is doing the best they can for the benefit of all.  So if someone told us that they were an expert in one thing and we worked in another field, why wouldn't we trust?  We thought these things were in place to look out for the greater good of all and we never realized that those were assumptions, and that others wanted control, power, energy or money.  The best thing we can do now is move past the anger of it, change what we support with where we spend our money and become empowered humans standing in Love and then we will no longer be so easily led.

I used to get very upset as I discovered about these things and I understand if you still are.  We trusted.  We trusted those people and organizations that said they knew something that was good or bad for us physically, mentally or emotionally.  We are learning that money corrupted and many got greedy or wanted control, and these things increased the inflow of big money for the few.  Know why? Because we are all good people just trying to do what we can do, ultimately looking out for one another and having faith that others are doing the best they can too.  That's why the anger comes up at the discovering that organizations are operating very differently than we thought or were told.  We beat up ourselves for being duped.  I used to be a computer geek and now I am a channel for Spirit, and if someone was associated with something else and said they knew about something about their industry like a product, an ingredient, a modality etc, that is healthy, or not healthy, well we trusted what they said they actually knew because we knew about something else.

We give energy to positive change by remembering to work on our own stuff, stay in love or high vibration as often as possible, look at how we treat people, consume energy, food or goods, and what we support by where we spend our money.  We don’t have to, nor can we change the world, but we can each change what we individually do.  When we do that and follow our hearts, we do change the world.

Something else we should try to recognize that we've been intentionally disconnected from, get upset about, then shake off and let go and move on?  Part of the reason so many feel isolated and alone is because human intuition and imagination have been devalued and omitted from our teachings.  I feel consciousness has been wrapped under the label of imagination and that imagination has been labelled as childish and a waste of time.  This had the goal of basically deterring us from taking moments to connect with our higher selves, Source or our Spirit Guides.

Imagination allows us to expand out brain beyond the limitations of our thoughts, teachings and beliefs.  We can only perceive that which we believe.  Therefore if our beliefs are limited, we are limited.  Many people only allow themselves to perceive life through their physical senses, and can only perceive a reality that they are able to accept into their consciousness.  We’ve also been trained to only perceive what we perceive, so if we do not believe a different perception is real, we can easily dismiss it and wipe it all from our memory.  If we allow our imagination to work for us, we can expand our perceptual field, our consciousness into higher frequencies of reality and engage in normal communication with Spirit again.

I am continually trying to expanding and break outside the boxes and labels in my mind so that I can continue to be open and learn more about what I don't know.  The challenge is trying to not let my logical mind stuff myself back into them.  I am trying to learn to just be me and just be.  I can and do respect all the various labels because of their initial purpose but now I'm just another Spirit having an experience as a Human being, unlearning things I thought I knew and learning new things.  Sometimes I'm brilliant and sometimes I'm dense.  LOL

At one point I was disappointed and confused by religions but now I accept and respect that any and all the ways available for people to connect with Spirit are the right way.  

At one point I was hurt and angry with my family from the past, but now I accept there are lessons we came together to learn for healing and our own soul progression.

At one point I was very hard on myself, regretting the past, worried about the future, planning, analyzing, doubting and exhausting myself, but now I try as much as possible to accept that I've done the best I can with what I knew and when I know more or differently, I have, can and will do better.  Interesting note here, the very first time I said that comment out loud was to myself with my outside voice, and I immediately heard my main guide Archangel Michael respond to me through my clairaudience and heard: “Well done, after all you are having a human experience and are not expected to be perfect so please continue trying to not be so hard on yourself”.  Thanks Mikey.

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