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When people say they feel ungrounded or need grounding, they are usually referring to feeling kind of spacey, floatie, unfocused, tuned out of what's going on around them, easily distracted or feel like a bit of an airhead. 

Most people do not notice they are ungrounded as it is such a common state to be in that it is considered to be normal. 

Getting grounded is about making a conscious effort on our part with the act of coming into the present moment, noticing how we are thinking and feeling & choose accordingly. 

Too many of us are ruled by our heads & logic or our hearts & emotions. Too many of us avoid the situations we're in & forget to empower ourselves by being ungrounded.

Part of my role as a channel for spirit is to remind people that we are the etheric being that are behind thoughts and feelings and we can and should choose between.  Our society has taught us well about how to distract ourselves from ourselves and all life around us and I am just sharing some learning through my experiences.  Many empaths are now learning about how to notice their energy, how to have energetic boundaries, how to work with their intuitive senses, how clear and ground themselves to help ourselves before helping others.  

When we are ungrounded we can be reactive, easily distracted, easy startled and unfocused.  In the extreme, some people feel completely out of tune with life that is going on all around them, not realizing that they need to be present and grounded in order to make a change in anything.  We can help ourselves out with some physical actions such as go outside, rub our feet on the floor or put our bare feet on the ground in a practice called earthing, but really the first step is to actually notice that we are not grounded.  Those first steps of say catching our thinking at the 2 minute mark versus 15 minutes later, or noticing that we are in our heads escaping a situation or people while at the same time being surrounded by people at someplace, or catching ourselves before we react are important steps and people don't give themselves enough credit for doing it, for attempting to do it..

We can make good use of an ungrounded state when we choose to and know when we have chosen to do so, we have the ability to return to a grounded state at will.  So, not a huge problem if we are intending going into meditation on a spiritual journey or if we mentally check out while we are physically located in a safe place where we do not need to attend to our body or surroundings.  Those times when we are sitting on the ground, under a tree or on a couch, versus when we are driving in our car, having a conversation with a person or listening to a speaker.

We Humans are meant to be here, plugged in to life, taking an opportunity as a Spirit to have a creative abundant existence experience in a physical meat suit, the body, in the now moment.  In the now moment we are connected with everything, we can find the beauty, feel the gratitude and see everything is okay right now.  We are meant to connected with our selves and all life physical and etheric, engaging with everything around us with our physical body senses and our energetic intuitive senses.  To be ungrounded means that our awareness is not fully in our body and much of our consciousness is somewhere else.

Too many of us are not paying attention to our thoughts with auto pilot thinking, often times thinking about what we need to do in the future or remembering and feeling of old situations and hurts from the past.  In many ways that is what we’ve been taught to do and why we’re learning something different.  This way of thinking causes a lot of anxiety and depression. We’ve been taught that we need to think about out problems in order to solve problems and wondering why there are always more problems.  We have been taught that it really doesn’t matter what we think because it is all just inside our heads anyways as part of our imagination and that doesn’t really affect anything. Yet our imagination is the bridge between the physical and the etheric worlds and I feel consciousness was labelled imagination, so that we would ignore it.


  How many people let themselves think terrible thoughts inside their heads or say really terrible things to themselves about themselves and other people maybe even visualizing releasing frustrations that they would never actually say or do to someone in physical life?  Way too many of us, most of us, maybe all of us.  Not knowing or believing that we are powerful co-creators with the Universe, and that we create our life experiences around us by how we choose to let ourselves think and feel and act with our own free will, that we re conscious beings that can change choose to have our thoughts or feelings, or not, and actually change our thinking.  Our society for far too long has taught about victimhood, defensiveness, aggressiveness, competition, complacency, someone else should fix it, run it, handle it and all for the benefit of self, versus teaching about : personal empowerment, consideration, flexibility, compassion, and co-operation for the benefit of all.   At times we are affected by the free will choices of others and most times we need to realize that other people actions have nothing to do with us but that we do choose how we are going react, how we’re going to think about it and feel about it.

Many people escape the many different things going on in their lives or letting themselves be lost in the clouds all the time knowingly, but there are many other people who do not recognize that they do this as a coping mechanism to deal with uncomfortable situations.  Some even think that it is okay to check out of life going on around them, but to take the time to meditate is just a waste of time fantasizing or imagining.  If we do not like the places we go or the people we visit, we are not meant to stay there just to be polite but then not actually be there and engaged.  If persons or places hurt us or bring up feelings of being uncomfortable, it is a cue for us to remove ourselves, make an effort to change things for the better, maybe not even go there, or keep in contact, or go there much less.  Don't get me wrong, people really do need to take time to be alone and to have time to check out to allow and create, but it's called making time for meditation or quiet contemplation, being away from electronics or other people unless they are interested be part of the same thing.  Part of the biggest battle for this is people actually allowing themselves to do so & stop doing stuff, but are usually hard on themselves for being lazy, doing nothing. By not taking the time to rest & relax this also leads people pushing themselves to be ungrounded.  Meditating and re-connecting with ourselves and all that is, is a much better way to cope and recharge.  We are meant to be present around the people and places we go and if where we go makes us uncomfortable and we simply escape when we're there, why go?

We humans are overly concerned about insulting other people's feelings and the judgment from others, being consistently told by our surroundings for so long that that is what is important.  We have put our own feelings, needs and wants at the very bottom of the list, being told, and then later telling ourselves, that to do otherwise is selfish.  We all need to give ourselves a break and realize that loving our self first, or expressing self love, is not selfish.  As a society we have been taught this and it is time to unlearn what we know, especially women.  We should have been taught that in order to change the world, the change starts with us, each and every one of us finding ways to bring love and joy into our every now moment any way we can. 


I feel as a whole, humans everywhere have been taught and feel that we are meant to work hard or suffer for what we get, that joy is only meant for sporadic moments, only for when we earn it, eat, sleep, and then we die.  We all need to start to learn to think the opposite: we are meant to be in love, joy and feeling abundant in all ways most of the time, with some sporadic difficulties that are meant to be learning opportunities and to not beat ourselves up forever over our own mistakes.

We have been taught that we need to be distracted or entertained, surrounded by people, connected to social networking, etc and we have lost the ability to be comfortable with ourselves and our surroundings.  We are also told that only weirdos or loners or lazy people want to have alone or quiet time.  Hey, we’re all a little bit weird and that’s exactly how it is supposed to be.  We are all unique and we are all connected.  All this has only served to distract us from our magnificent selves and stopped us from learning about, being comfortable with, and letting our own inner weirdo shine outwards.

Archangel Michael often has me communicate to people that if everyone actually learned to love themselves first that this would be utopia on Earth, as everyone would be comfortable being authentic, abundant and happy.  We are meant to be here, to experience life here as a Spirit in physical form in every now moment.  We came to see things, smell things, touch things, enjoy things, and really enjoy things and a lot more.  Having gratitude for what we have, doing the best we can, making mistakes, learning from them, moving from them, changing what we can, accepting what we can’t change, not be too hard on ourselves and find our way back to joy as quickly as we can.  Humans are certainly allowed to make mistakes and we are not doomed or judged by anyone else about them except by ourselves and we are our own worst critics.  We need to learn from mistakes, not to dwell on them, let go of them and move on, knowing we'll do better next time because now we know or feel differently.

Being ungrounded can affect our ability to develop our intuitive and mediumship, or channeling, abilities stronger.  We need to be in our body to receive the messages from Spirit and when are connected in the present now moment, it is much easier and flows easier.  Don't get me wrong, yes ungrounded people can and do have connections with Spirit, but they may experience doubt more easily or feel they have trouble holding the connection or feel more exhaustion afterwards.

When we are actively acknowledging and developing our intuitive skills, or muscles and we are ungrounded it can make it more difficult to make the initial connection, to hold our connection for longer periods of time and can more easily lead to exhaustion.  Being grounded is important as we do connect with a lot of energy that runs through us when we are channeling or meditating, and although it is not physical, it is a workout.  I sometimes think of humans as say a 10 watt light bulb and of Spirit as a 1000 light watt bulb, and we cannot put a 1000 bulb in a 10 watt socket, or we cannot just plug our cell phone directly into an electrical tower, without them overloading.  Though the more we practice we gain endurance and strength in our connections as we get used to working with energy, and as we do we become the conversion kit and increase our own wattage ability, or in other words the more we do it, the easier we can handle more and more.  

Some people think they need to go “out there” to correctly connect with Spirit, but in reality we are meant to be here, and Spirit can actually come down into our vibration more easily than we can sustain a higher vibration to go up to them.  We are working on or with higher vibrations in these times, yet our humanity's thoughts, feelings and bodies have been working in quite a dense environment for quite a long time.  It takes time and practice to be able to maintain prolonged connections with Spirit, which increases our vibrations and a part of what this ascension of Gaia stuff is all about.  We are becoming Ascended Masters in form, being able to hold more light energy in our physical forms.

As we all work with changing our thoughts and beliefs about who, what and how amazing human beings really are and unlearning what we knew, it must be noted that we also need to be grounded in order to work with manifesting.  Part of the problem is,  we are all already expert manifestors, but we don't know it or really understand it, and we are trying to realize it, and also unlearn what we know, and learn what we are actually doing all at the same time... eep... LOL.

Well, we are very powerful beings, and all of us need to learn, remember and remind ourselves that we manifest with our energies.  This is why you hear the common message, leave the past behind, learn what you can and move forward, because dwelling in thoughts and hurt feelings about how we think or feel others judge or treated us, creates even more of that.  We are what we think about, we create our world around us from what we think and have heartfelt about emotions.  Being grounded helps us to be able to keep our thoughts in check.  Random thoughts are going to happen, we need to be there to say to ourselves, “Nope, I am not thinking about that”, and make a course correction.

If you notice, when we take a breath and bring our self into the Now, right now, everything is alright.  We can find the calm, feel gratitude or see the beauty.  In the Now we can also communicate with and receive messages from our Spirit Guides if we choose & I once heard one of my guides share something that makes a lot of sense: “When your mind is quiet, we are at our most active, when your mind is busy, we are at our quietest”.   It's very difficult to connect with ourselves, let alone our oneness, our Spirit guides or our passed over loved ones if our minds are busy thinking about the past or the future.  We need to be grounded in the now moment to notice our connection with our conscious awareness and intentions.

Remember when we are relaxing outside and in an ungrounded state, it provides us with a great opportunity to connect with and recharge in Gaia’s natural elements.  There’s also an opportunity to play with some of the energetic beings that are part of an energetic system for the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms known as the Elementals, such as the Fairies or Gnomes.  There are also many Spirit Gudes who like to help with grounding in energies and light codes into Gaia, such as the Dragons.

See more under the Human Stuff page for articles on Empaths or religious confusion and more, check under Earth Stuff for articles about Earthing, Gaia or trees etc., or read articles under Spirit Stuff about Spirit Guides or being multidimensional in general, or for information about different guides.

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