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Thought this quote was very relevant.  “You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.”  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, French philosopher, 1881–1955.

    The first time I heard a similar version of that: “We are not only Humans who are having or seeking spiritual & mystical experiences, we are also Spirits who are having & seeking human & physical experiences”, it kind of blew my mind & definitely tickled my heart. So much so that after I move through my healing I became a channel for Spirit that does readings and group work with other people and we now share about this consistently.

Each every one of us is a being of God/ Source/ Creator/ Great Spirit or however we may want to refer to it, that are living here on Gaia at this time in a human physical vessel.  We are eternal and we have always existed.  Our loved ones, who have died in this lifetime, be they humans or animals, also still exist.  We will always exist and Love never dies.

We are multidimensional beings who have lived thousands of lives; not all of them as humans, not all of them in this dimension, nor all of them on this planet that have had existences as other types of beings even on other planets and in other galaxies.  We are energetic beings or beings of energy living in physical body wearing stardust & elements, or what I sometimes lovingly refer to as our meat-suit.  We are not simply a body we are much bigger than our bodies, but the body is amazing.  Our Spirit doesn’t fit inside of our body and is why we hear terms like aura, bio-magnetic field or electro-magnetic pulse.

We are not alone as much as it can feel like it, but we do all have God/Source inside and we all have Spirit Guides.  There are many benevolent energetic beings of light, or inter-dimensional beings who may reside in other dimensions, other worlds, or energetic fields and they are here and supporting us and all life on Gaia.  Other beings of consciousness that here to support, protect, and guide; humans, plants, animals, crystals, and even Gaia herself all connected with us humans through love and that also care for this place we call Earth.  Some connected via quantum DNA, and some connected via emotional love in past lifetimes, and we have all loved and been loved, in all lifetimes.

This is where Spirit Guides, or as I also refer to as our Family of light, come from, some currently etheric while others are physical and connect with us telepathically.  We can re-connect with them in meditation and consciously by using our intuitive senses.  These beings have agreed to help us and enhance our physical experience while we are here as a Spirit in physical form and yet many of them we have not allowed ourselves to believe in.  But we are all learning about changing our thinking, unlearning things we thought we knew or believed, and changing our idea of reality.  Our Spirit Guides are beings are connected with us through love, and we choose to learn together, grow together and support each other through physical existences and experiences.  Sometimes we have lived as a human with these beings, other times we may have lived as these beings with and among them.

As we start on our journey back to ourselves the idea of being multidimensional and having Spirit Guides may be hard to believe because on this side of the world we have really only heard about the idea of reincarnation associated with really special people such as: Jesus, Buddha or Dalai Lama and other Ascended Masters.  Those beings were no more special than you and I and they didn’t step forth to be worshiped, they stepped forward to try and remind us that we are all special, the entire human race all around the world to show us all who we really are and what we are all capable of.  So many movies, books and games inspired by humans with superpowers, ever wonder why?

The energy here on Gaia has been heavy and dense for a long time and human consciousness has been in survival mode with a collective intention of service to self.  That is in the process of changing thanks to all the; Indigos, Starseeds, Old Souls, Empaths, Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Healers etc. some of many labels for high energy beings who have come to be here at this time.   Some wonder why would we have Spirit Guides or why or how there are so many and why we have all this help? but we simply have to look at human’s behavior and how they have treated all life and the planet.  Humans have shown to be destructive and who attempt to dominate or conquer all other beings they encounter be that an element, a plant, animals or other humans, all around the world.  On top of that many humans approach all other life on Gaia with an attitude of entitlement that is skewed towards service to self and greed.  The energy has been dense here for a long time but we are due for and on the verge of great change as the energy is in the process of lightening as we move into the next Golden Age.  May not look that way on the mass media at times but we must remember part of their agenda is to create fear yet the reality is that now there is so much light here that it is shaking out all the darkness that has been hidden for so long, revealing it so that it can no longer be hidden or happen any longer.

Another idea that may be hard to consider but everything that physically lives here on this planet is a conscious and sentient being, and all conscious and sentient beings here on Gaia have access to an energetic support system of love.  So many of them we know of but they have been put into categories such as folklore, legend, sci-fi, fiction or fantasy.  We humans, the God/ Source beings that we are, can choose to believe in or connect with any of these beings, or not, with our own free will choice. The  Angels and Ascended Masters exist and are here to help humans, Elementals such as the Fairies and Gnomes are here helping nature, Dwarves working with the element of earth and crystals, Ascended, Galactic & Elemental Dragons here working with Gaia, the and elements and more, the Sasquatch here as caretakers of the forests and mountains, Galactic beings who are part of our galactic families and they all know us and are connected with us through love.  Sometimes we’ve been with these beings in past lives as a human and sometimes we’ve been one of them in a past life.

We didn't come here just to suffer, work hard and then die, even though much of our society has tried to teach us that.  We came here to have an experience as multidimensional being of light in a physical form, having a physical experience for a short time with physical senses and intuitive senses and to be abundant, magnificent, joyous creator beings on a beautiful planet.  Too many people are caught in the suffering of the mind, the logic, the doubt, the past, old beliefs, regrets and the emotions and memories from so many confusing and shitty hard times we've encountered in the past, whether it was in childhood, relationships or maybe unconscious past life burdens.  We need to let go of all of it from the past, and step into the now moment to move back towards joy.  In the Now, everything is okay and everything is possible.  Heard a saying once: If you believe something is possible, than it is, and if you believe something is impossible, than it is.

All of us have been connected with Spirit since before and after our birth but we live here under an illusion of separation and duality, and most of us have been taught that we are very separate from Source.  When we want to learn and start re-connecting with our own light, God/Source, or multidimensional self within, it is empowering, we feel loved, supported and connected, and it comes with an unexpected bonus of also re-connecting with our Family of Light if we choose.  Everyone has Spirit Guides and everyone can communicate with more than they ever thought or believed.  I feel that when information about our intuitive senses becomes mainstream, also referred to as spiritual or psychic gifts or the clairs, learning the actual words to help make them logical realizing that each and every one of us have them and it is not just for special people, life here on Gaia is going to take a major leap and we are going to progress exponentially faster.

We experience the physical world with and through our physical senses, we experience the energetic world with our intuitive senses. They are all muscles that when used over time strengthen and grow.  Our intuitive senses have atrophied slightly from lack of belief and use, with energy being for the overly emotional sensitive weird woo-woo types.  Well we're a planet full of woo-woo's then.  It is just depending on how we were raised, what we believe, what we've learned, what we choose to think or what was suppressed, oppressed, denied, acknowledged or celebrated is why so many senses more open or closed for each person.

We are all learning how to move ourselves back towards allowing, trusting, loving, letting go of the tight reins of control, or fear, releasing habits of over-analyzing and self doubt and unlearning what we knew.  We are all learning about changing our thinking and about releasing the pain from the past.  We are hearing about connecting with the inner child for healing and joy.  We are really learning the need to have patience with ourselves, and we often joke that it is the new 8 letter swear word but we need to have it for ourselves and each other in a world that seems to move faster as we all shift and evolve our consciousness together.  We do not need to perform rituals or say words a certain way for the energy is high now and it is our own doubts, fears, thoughts, beliefs, lack of knowledge and understanding and feelings of low self worth, that get in the way of connecting.

When we understand and learn how to listen to ourselves in a variety of ways by working with and developing our own super powers, our intuitive senses, we can move back towards inner peace, love, connection, abundance, joy and create the desired harmony and peace we crave between of our Head, Heart and Spirit, also known as Mind, Body, and Soul.  We will also not be so easily swayed, or feel compelled or obligated to please others so much, and maybe even more importantly, we can easily let shit go and just BE.  I am so passionate about this that I also feel that all children need to be taught about the intuitive senses because I believe that once they learn how to check in with themselves and trust their own feelings about something versus the fear of not fitting in or that someone else knows better, that it will be the end of peer pressure and bullying.

As I mentioned in the Spirit Guides article they are friends and family and some of them were physical and are currently etheric, some of them can step between the physical and the etheric worlds, some are physical somewhere else and others are pure energy and all connect with us telepathically and through our intuitive senses.  These energetic beings are multi-dimensional, inter-dimensional, cross dimensional, different frequencies, vibrations or light beings who are here to help humanity and present themselves to us in a way that we can relate to and are willing to let them, and not be afraid.  

We humans are also multidimensional beings that are part physical and part etheric and the only stumbling block is that we believe we are purely physical.  There’s now a comment from the science community that states that: "There is so much space around atoms that if we removed all the space around each atom inside of all humans on the planet, that all of the remaining mass would fit inside the volume of a sugar cube".  Mind blown.  WE are mostly energy and are multidimensional beings that can walk through dimensions.  Although they may not be as strong as those such as the Sasquatch, the Elementals or Galactic people’s abilities are, part of the reason they connect with us is to remind us that we too can step between dimensions and we can have experiences through animals and connect even more in meditation, astral travel or lucid dreaming.  When we believe in ourselves enough we can even do it in a conscious awake state.  My Gnome article is a good example of a multidimensional experience here in the physical world in that I could see him and yet I could see through him.  I’ve also seen an energy that was around a tree in the shape of a Sasquatch and yet I could only physically see the tree.

This site is about sharing information to pass on knowledge and help to empower others on their journey to realizing that we are much bigger than we thought we were, that we all have intuitive senses and that everyone is connected with Spirit Guides too.  I feel that by sharing information and stories, it will help spark others child like inner wonder and bring up that remembering, knowing and feeling that we are all connected.  Also to help others know that intelligent, capable, logical and responsible adults are not weird for believing or wanting to believe that we are being helped by many benevolent loving energies.   We can all do it, I am no more special than anyone else and with self healing, faith, trust and allowing, I have had some amazing experiences and hope to inspire others to reconnect too.

See more articles on the Spirit Stuff page about Spirit Guides or the Elementals in general, or for information about other guides such as Angels, Dragons, Unicorns, and more, see the Human Stuff page for articles about the Intuitive senses, Grounding, what is reality?, etc. or check under Earth Stuff for info on Gaia, the Grid and Ley lines, Earthing and more.

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