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New life, new energy & our New Earth starseeds.

The energy is changing, lightening & brightening on Gaia & it's getting a big boost from kids. Kids are amazing heart based beings, but know what?  We were all kids once & we are all amazing. 

We logical capable adults should allow ourselves to be kids once in a while; approaching life with wonder, love and possibilities.  All of us are co-creators with a benevolent universe who are pure and innocent inside, whether we know it or believe it, and this is why we hear so much about healing our inner child.

I really feel that if all children knew about their intuitive senses and how to have healthy energetic boundaries, that it would be the end to all bullying and peer pressure.  If children knew that they did not have to fit in to be accepted and could check in with and trust themselves over the words of someone else, everything would change.  Those kids who have grown up would really benefit from knowing about them too.  LOL.

I heard something once that I now share consistently: "We are not only Humans with physical senses having or seeking spiritual experiences; we are also Spirits with energetic senses having and seeking human experiences".  If we think about it, kids are actually more connected to the Spirit world for a little while than the actual physical one.  Children are pure of heart and engaged with the energetic world but they need time to wait for their bodies to learn and brains to grow and before being fully aware and engaged in the physical world.  We are taught how to work with our physical senses and I really believe we should also be taught about how to use work with energetic senses.

As a Human we have physical senses and as a Spirit we have energetic senses, all of them are muscles. Muscles grow and strengthen over time with intention and use and from seeing real life examples of them in use around us.  Children are very much shown examples of how to use their physical muscles like how to feed themselves, talk or walk, tie their shoes.  We haven’t had many examples or exercises for our intuitive muscles for a long time and although they feel weaker than they could be, they are not gone but they have simply atrophied a little bit from lack of use which is common for the Indigo, Empath, Old Soul, Starseeds, etc.

It is also why adults who are now seeking, searching, and expanding will hear they need to make an effort to move back towards having the heart of a child.  Kids come with wide open hearts from a place of pure love.  They are connected with all life around them and feel that anything is possible and that everything has potential and is probable.

We didn’t know about this as kids ourselves, many of us didn’t even know before we raised our own children.  In our modern times most of our society, religions, businesses and families dismissed intuitive senses and children’s wisdom is deemed irrelevant.  Sort of like the same general attitude towards thoughts, feelings and creativity.

Every person on the planet has intuitive senses.  The difficult part is they cannot be defined to work the exact same way for every person because they have been acknowledged, suppressed or dismissed in various ways from various teachings and examples in our lives.  That plus some people retain bits and pieces, and dismiss or doubt other pieces based on their own interest, curiosity and sense of feeling safe and accepted.  

I have been hosting intuition development circles for groups that have also welcomed children for several years.  These groups are comprised of various sizes and experience levels for those that want to develop their muscles further.  Everyone has intuitive senses, sixth sense or is psychic because it is not a special gift only for the few; it is a part of all of us and our humanity.

In the beginning we may find we have to define or break apart our intuition into logical individual bits so we can understand them better, also referred to as “The Clairs”, see more information in the intuitive senses article.  We can look at them, see what ones are naturally working stronger, learn to work with those ones first and move past our doubts.  Then we can look at the other "clairs", allowing them to unfold and work the muscles to make them stronger.   We as logical thinking adult humans can get stuck in our analyzing ways too easy and need to remember the intuitive senses are meant to blend together with understanding that we might see, smell, taste, know or feel something energetically that is not actually physically there yet will give us direction.

In recent decades higher vibration people/kids known to some as the light workers, star children, Indigos, Starseeds, Old Souls, Empaths have been being born on Gaia in large waves or groups, with the one’s coming here now called the Rainbow and Crystal kids.  We, as an entire species of consciousness and the planet Gaia herself, are trying to reach Ascension, the Golden Age, The Great Shift, a higher vibration, or the next step in our evolution of recognizing we are not separate and that God/Source is within. We have attempted to raise our vibration, consciousness, ascend, and shift humanity into Golden ages before but we blew it for lack of better wording.  This is why we hear whispers of those times in the past about Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon.  I cannot say for certain the timelines or the names we think of are absolutely accurate and although we may have failed as an entire group, some beings have ascended yet still here volunteers because we want all of us to make it together this time.

I don’t follow a hard line of certain dates but I feel that bigger numbers of Indigos came sooner  in the 60’s, 70’s, 80's and were born into places where it was still heavy dense energy.  I feel there’s still a real potential they still come into energetic heavy places to shift the energy, because if we think about it not everyone around the world has electricity or the internet yet and therefore not everyone has access to new information. The Indigos are the catalysts of change.  Not to say the next generations of even higher energy beings weren’t born here sooner either, but they can come in bigger numbers now because so many places where the energy was heavy has shifted and been lit up.  The Rainbow, Crystal and Golden kids come to illuminate even brighter and stronger.

Indigo kids, or adults, are the first large numbers of people to be born here strongly connected with their intuition and sensitive to energies. The Indigos are the ones who came here to be the change, to break up the old systems, to push back and transmute the energies of survival and fear and were not ready to follow the status quo.  They stand up for integrity and justice for animals, humans and Gaia.  Indigo’s can be more prone to sensitivities with toxins, allergens and chemicals.  Their energies can settle, center and recharge more easily by being outside in and with nature.  Too many Indigo’s do not give this a high enough priority because they think.. going out in nature in the fresh air among the trees and water is doing nothing, isn’t doing anything useful.  Not true.

Rainbow kids have great sensitivity to energy, telepathy and intuitive abilities and are a little more introverted and quieter or calmer than the Crystal kids.  Natural healers they tend to go deeper into their thoughts, are softer, more comforting and wise little old souls that are steadier in their energy.  They are a little more timid and shy, and sometimes need to be encouraged to engage with others but will tend to pull away from disruptive or negative energies.  Many do not even like to speak that often because it distracts them from their thoughts and feelings and they would prefer connecting telepathically.

Crystal kids are sensitive to energy with telepathic and intuitive abilities and they tend to be a little more extroverted and high strung than the Rainbow kids.  They have high energy, share a lot of laughter and joy they love to talk and ask a million questions.  They can also be a little more reactive and they need to learn about healthy ways to release their energy.  They are a more outgoing and sociable and have lot less fear towards everything.  They can tend to move towards disruptive energies to see if they can help because they inherently believe in themselves and their divine connection, they can hold their own energies strong and are less susceptible to other people’s energy or environmental issues.

These kids are here to transcend fear based decisions and behaviors, and will push boundaries of their own and of their parents, many of them Indigos.  Pushing us to trust the Divine and move even more away from old energies of fear and back towards who we all really are, Love.  They also remind us that if we hold our vibration high, we do not have to worry as much about electronic or toxin interference as the higher energies transmute them.  They need time outside in nature in the sunlight and to put their hands or feet in the dirt to help them get grounded, check out earthing, it's a thing.  Children's energies settle down and soften in nature and we often do not even have to convince them to come outside to play as they have strong connections with rocks, crystals, soil, trees, water, plants, insects and animals.

I have heard of new groups of energies such as Diamond and Golden kids but this is where I start to lose the need for more labels, just like for the Angels.  We simply need to start to understand that the energy here on Gaia were pretty heavy with old survival energies of service to self for a really long time, then high vibration beings chose to come and be born here to be the catalysts for change, and then even higher vibrational beings were able to have been born here with stronger light qualities, who are transmuting deep dark energies for final release and to help us BE the change and move into service for others.  Higher vibrational beings that came here to be the lights in the dark, the light houses, the lamp posts, the beamers.. LOL.. makes me think about the Care Bear stare.

Kids know that we are powerful creators, it’s almost like we remember at that time that we are Creator/ God/ Source incarnate who can make anything possible and real and is why kids dismiss so many things parents think of as a problem or a barrier.  Children see no barriers.  We may not have been taught about intuitive senses and the etheric side of who we are but almost all of us have witnessed it in children.  We see them staring off or see a light reflected in their eyes.  We see them have full on conversations smiling and giggling with no one in the room, whether they know how to speak yet or not. We’ve seen them come up with a solution or point to a place where an object is when we ask out loud and yet we think they are too young to understand.  We’ve noticed kid’s compassion towards animals, plants and other humans when they are sick physically or emotionally with many adults thinking it is beyond them and yet wondered how they knew.  We also see their wisdom when they challenge us as we try to deny an emotion.

When we want children to do or not do something, or when they ask a question, I would suggest that no matter what to share the truth.  I am not saying that we are supposed to show them the harsh reality of truth but the truth they can understand at their level at the time.  Adult us often ignore our hunches and afterwards often mad at ourselves for the fact that we knew or felt this or that, and we should have listened to ourselves.  Children don’t have the doubt yet; they listen to themselves because they haven’t been taught to doubt yet like the adult has.  Children don’t know about lying until they either learn how to do it from adults or how adults in their lives react to truth.  If it is not something you want to tell or share with your child, then actually say just that.  Many parents are afraid to tell the truth and fear the questions their child may ask afterwards, not realizing that in that moment the absolute truth is usually sufficient.

Adult us thinks of all the potential questions, whereas the child is many times processing that information for the first time.  Questions may come later after they have had time to process and think about the initial answer, but don’t be afraid of children’s questions.  Know that kids are natural lie detectors but not because of words.  Parents often speak fast and with words that children do not really understand, so they skip language and they read energy.  When people attempt to lie, children will be the first ones to sniff it out and call someone on it.  Not because they are being argumentative, confrontational or trying to cause a problem or be smarter than anyone else.  It is because they feel the disharmony between the energy that comes off of us or that we vibrate, and the words that come out of our mouth.  When they don’t match, kids want to know why.  Children question everything in life and they are not as complacent as adults and don’t know yet that; this or that is not socially acceptable, not polite, and not nice or not appropriate or we don’t ask that etc.

From humanities long time lack of feeling powerful within they have become complacent and many are still unaware of free will, intuitive senses, astral travel, Spirit Guides, galactic families and much more.  It is true that Gaia has been a place of heavy 3d energies for a long time but that is changing, it is lightening and brightening.  For those who recognize the Empath, Old Soul, Indigo, Starseed within; it is now time to release the wounds of the past, understanding the roles we volunteered for and heal ourselves to move forward.

Hey all you big kids!  Archangel Michael has me explain that it is time for our healing and release of the past because there is no doubt that all of us who recognize ourselves with these labels have absolutely had a rough go.  Now we must empower ourselves, choose not to be victims, release the pain and move forward.  It’s true a lot of shitty stuff has happened and not following along with everyone else has felt like a long road of resistance. It’s true that connecting with and feeling comfortable with people has been a struggle.

It is time for all of us to realize; it is not because we suck, it is not because we are broken, it is not because there is something wrong with us, it is not because we are too sensitive but it is because we came to be the lights in the dark.  This is why for a long time many empaths have seen or felt a lot of darkness around them and struggled to know they are good inside because they could not see anything but darkness all around them.  They couldn’t see that they were the bright shining light.  Archangel Michael has me share it this way, when we want to light up a street with lamp posts or our shorelines with lighthouses, they cannot be clustered together in one corner for they would not light up the whole street... they needed to be spread out in order to do that.

Enough of us have come that the energy has shifted and now even higher vibration kids are coming in because we laid the groundwork, we did the tough part and our jobs are done.  Now it is our job to heal from the past and release it, to help ourselves feel better about ourselves and strengthen our lights, because now our hearts can come together and be a massive torch.  

Some last notes about kids:

It is our job as adults to help children not be afraid of life and to not feel scared about Spirit, but know that many etheric beings are drawn to children’s very bright energy lights.  Kids need to know that if anything comes to them that they don’t like or doesn’t feel good, that they cannot hurt them and to tell them to go away and never come back.  Encourage them to call in their Angel or Dragon Spirit Guides for help, especially when they go to bed.

Kids can easily connect with passed over family members and many others they may have never met or don’t remember such as ghosts and Spirit Guides. There are a lot of benevolent light beings here to help us, a few darker type beings trying to hold us back and many beings that are indifferent and yet connected with humans.  As the adults we must guide our kids to only connect with those beings of the highest white light and for their highest and greatest good.

As a channel for Spirit, I strongly feel that no child needs to give space to, listen to or talk to ghosts.  Kids are best suited to connect with the numerous high vibrational beings of light that are full of love and joy.  I am not saying that ghosts are bad, I am saying that ghosts are beings who used to be human and used their own free will to choose to stay here and not leave Gaia, instead of choosing to step into the light.  Mostly because of the fears they held when they were here as a human.  Know that ghosts are not lost and they do have their own Spirit Guides they can connect with and who help them, and know that you as a parent can clear them from your space on behalf of your children.  Also know for your children’s sake and for your own that true Spirit Guides are guides, and they will never try to tell anyone what to do, and will never give an ultimatum of when or how to do it, or that they have to do anything, at anytime.  See more about this on the Spirit Guides and meditation pages.

Kids do not just know better and sometimes they are lonely or curious and why they talk with other energetic beings that are around them.  They don’t know about free will or that they can choose to talk to or not talk to whoever they want.  We have to teach them this because we have to remember that a child would never feel they have the power to tell an adult to leave their room or get off their bed so why would they feel they have the power to tell a ghost that?  I feel that because they don’t know they can exercise this power,  that they should not even talk to ghosts until they get older and become an adult that can then decide if they would like to communicate with ghosts or not.  

I feel that we, kids or adults, should only re-connect with our own Spirit Guides or Family of Light before considering other connections. There are so many of them we cant meet them all and they may be the only ones we end up choosing to connect and explore with, and that’s okay.  Kids do not always know when they have a choice and so we should be the ones to guide them.  There are so many members of our Family of Light that want to share knowledge, love and support with us that we do not need to be curious about anything that comes that doesn’t feel just slightly good.  Translation to a kid: Do they feel really good like a lot of love, warmth, light, fun and happy?  

Check for more articles under Human Stuff such as changing thinking and unlearning what we know, look at Spirit Stuff for information about being multidimensional, the Elementals or Spirit Guides in general and for information about different guides, or check under Earth Stuff for information about trees, earthing and more.

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