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Being a Canadian, a nature lover & a lifelong believer, it would not feel right if I did not make a space to mention & honor the Forest People who I have always been personally drawn to & wondered about since childhood.  Also known as Sasquatch, Sabe,  Bigfoot & by many other names worldwide, they are still connected with our Star Elders. They are very real, have amazing abilities & want to work with & support us again, re-connecting with us as Spirit Guides

I want to acknowledge their presence here on Gaia & that we can, we are, & have been, connected with them before. This is a space to recognize them & share gratitude to them for being here, as they too have been a big part in helping me shake the confines of my logical critical adult mind & move into my heart space. 

I would not totally consider the Sasquatch to be Elemental, but almost more like an older advanced multidimensional human that can withstand the elements and are deeply connected with Gaia, mountains, rivers and the forests.  Unlike the Angels, the Sasquatch does have free will, ego and judgement and will not connect with those who are not pure of heart or on the path of moving back towards it.  No Spirit Guides are allowed to interfere with free will and all earth dwellers on this planet have ego and free will.

The Forest people are highly empathic and intuitive beings with amazing instincts and tracking abilities. They can raise or lower their vibrational density, or frequency and are shape-shifters, multi-dimensional, or inter-dimensional, time travellers and telepathic with the ability to step between the physical and the etheric worlds. They are also long time protectors, guardians and brothers of the forests, mountains, animals, and their little brothers the humans.  

I will say that I have never seen a physical Sasquatch that you could reach out and touch, nor do I have any physical evidence, but I have felt and seen them energetically.  They have also responded to my telepathic inquires with physical moving branches, loud trunk knocks and breaking branches.  I would say that I have actually seen a Gnome in their inter-dimensional state much more clearly than the Sasquatch, but they were still clearly there. The Elementals, the animals and Sasquatch are beings who come forward to start to reawaken the knowing of our deep and long time connection with Gaia and even of the energetic shape shifting abilities within us humans.  The Sasquatch are not animals, they are actually advanced humanoids that have adapted to being self sustainable within the physical elements without the need for outside resources or products for their survival and have been here longer than we humans have, and we've been here much longer than we've been taught in our history books.

I know the idea of seeing a Gnome, or a being only a few feet tall, or a Sasquatch a being possibly over 8 feet tall, hurts our head a little bit, and that’s part of my job and the reason for this website.  I have perceived the Sasquatch in their energetic state several times, again not as materialized as the Gnome was but she and they were still there, blending in with the forest steeping into trees, shape shifting, inter dimensional beings who can be physical or energetic.  I almost think of it as an ability to dematerialize and feel that they can easily step through dimensions, realms or kingdoms.

Humans and Sasquatch are not evolved apes, we are much older than our history has allowed us to know, but the discoveries can no longer be suppressed and much is being revealed and a new history is being unearthed with various bones sizes being found all over the world as proof of someone else's presence.  Some researchers believe, myself included, that the Sasquatch are actually a species that is a type of human, not an ape at all, that simply has fur like an animal so they can survive on their own out in the elements within nature be that in snow, arid, forest, or mountainous areas. 


Although evidence like this has already been found, for quite some time a lot of it was hidden and destroyed in the past.  With the power of photo & video in everyone's hand now, people now have photos of very large hand prints in stone, or foot prints that are distanced with a huge stride in the mud or snow, some even fossilized and not possibly made by humans.  Many institutions have wanted to keep us caught in the Darwinian idea that we evolved nice and neatly, linearly, from ape to caveman to modern man and contained in the physics discoveries by Newton and Einstein and have us believe we are the most evolved species on the planet to this point.  Many people will be surprised that some of these skeletons may be from ancient civilizations of giants, or from Galactic civilizations that lived here before, and some of them may be Sasquatch.

Our Aboriginal or Indigenous cultures all around the world have legends and stories going back hundreds, even thousands of years, of tall, hairy, man like ancient beings who are deeply connected with the forests, mountains and Gaia and connected to Earth as long as if not longer than we humans have been.  Although I feel humans have roamed with many beings when they were physically here.  Some cultures recognize the Sasquatch people as an Indigenous people that are both physical and etheric, or energetic, beings.  They live in remote often forested areas mainly due to their fear of humans, and range in various sizes, which could actually mean different kinds of beings, from 3' to 15' tall.  They are known by many other names such as: Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Abominable Snowman, Skunk Ape, Yowie, Dooligah, Yeti, Chinese Wildman, Ohio Grassman, Hairy Ones, and Russian Snowman to name a few.  Here in North America we may not even be able to compile a complete list of names because most individual indigenous tribes have their own unique names for them.

Unlike humans, the Sasquatch’s psychic or intuitive abilities and cosmic connections with our Star Elders, or Galactic beings on UFO’s, have remained intact, we have the potential to remember a lot about ourselves by working with them again.  The Sasquatch are also keepers of old and ancient spiritual knowledge, keeping it to share with us Humans when we are ready again, like these times of great change now.  They have not lost any of their intuitive abilities, whereas humans are in process of trying to re-discover them, work with them and develop them again, and they connect with us, animals and the Star beings telepathically.  I feel there is an intergalactic council, well many many councils really, that they are still connected with who watch over us like a group of elders or an alliance of several galactic races that are here observing and helping us, their starseed family.

There is so much love the Sasquatch want to share with us and they hope to now be able to reconnect with humans as we all move forward into this great shift in consciousness, this evolution of Human & Gaia's consciousness.  There is a lot of fear out there, on their part and from humans, and a sad part for me to feel when first re-connecting with them was sensing their fears of us.  But there was also an overwhelming feeling of love, hope, and curiosity.  Humans have not been kind to these beings in the past, they have been hurt, hunted, experimented on and public knowledge of them has been actively suppressed.  It is difficult to understand why, and there are many negative reasons why knowledge about the Sasquatch or Galactic, or extraterrestrial, beings has be suppressed but I do not know all the facts or want to create a space for that fear based information on my page.  The Sasquatch are trying to heal from their fear of humans, just as humans are trying to heal their fears of so many things, but the Sasquatch do want to reconnect with us, their cosmic brothers, and human consciousness, as do many beings of light, as we all move into this new Golden Age together.

We have all been together before, see article about Spirit Guides or being multidimensional to understand more, and I know that might hurt our heads but our hearts can feel the truth of it out.  You are still here reading this.  Humans, earth, and the universe are all much older than we have been led to believe.  The Sasquatch were here with the dinosaurs and also with humans when we were more spiritually conscious such as in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis, just as the Dragons, Unicorns although no longer here physically and many others.  Times in the past when humanity had an opportunity to ascend, shift, or evolve their consciousness in the previous Golden Ages, however we got stuck in the muck of 3rd dimensional consciousness and we blew it, wanting power and continuing service to self rather than service to others, etc.  Spiritual evolution of human consciousness is based on an energetic, or a vibrational scale rather than the human idea of a hierarchical scale.

The Sasquatch are ancient, intelligent, wise beings who are here protecting all life and spiritual consciousness on Gaia.  They are guardians and protectors of the forest and the animals who reside there.  The Sasquatch sense or feel out how pure someone’s heart energy is before deciding about connecting with humans, because unlike humans, they are still fully connected with oneness consciousness and all their intuitive abilities.  They are multi-dimensional, inter-dimensional, (also think they can do what we would think of as teleport or de-materialize), astral travelers, and shape-shifters, who come to remind us that we are too.  They ask us to acknowledge, honor and respect; our planet, our lands, our forests, our waters, our air and all forms of life, for the well being of one affects the well being of all life here on a scale we cannot quite understand yet.

The east and west coasts of Canada are heavily forested areas and I was raised on the east coast, I live near the Canadian Rockies now and have spent a lot of time on the west coast.  The forestry industry is a major source of household income for many people in these wooded areas and I have heard many whispers of stories, encounters and people questioning their own ponders.  For me, my few visual encounters were in British Columbia.  I do have to say that when I felt them again as an adult, I immediately remembered their feeling as a kid in childhood, where I had always felt I had been watched over and that I was safe in the forest.  I have called out to my Sasquatch guide in many places now, and because of her exceptional tracking abilities, she can find me anywhere that I am, mostly in forested areas but also including our back yard.  I cannot say that I have seen her stand in my yard, but I have immediately felt her comforting presence upon calling to her.

I first re-connected as an adult with the Forest people in my meditations.  An elderly female who stepped forward as a Spirit Guide and who I could tell was quite large even though she just sat there quietly on a log off to the side in my space.  The first few times she came, she did not share her name, connection or purpose she simply wanted to make her presence known but not be intrusive.  I have several Spirit Guides who we might say are very large, so I wasn't intimidated by her size but yet I felt she just wanted to be there, to let me get used to the idea of her presence and also to provide comfort to me.  It may seem confusing to refer to her as a Spirit Guide, but since I have only connected with her etherically, and feel I have a connection with her in a past life, that is how I refer to her.  I feel some Spirit Guides are purely energetic, some are physical beings somewhere else that can connect with us energetically or telepathically, and some have been physical with us before and are energetic now.

She came unexpectedly during a meditation experience where I was playing and shape shifting with an Eagle guide.  We were playing with seeing through his eye lenses, showing the difference between my sight and then his eyes and then looking through his eyes playing with focusing on something really far away, then near, far, near, it was a really neat experience and we were having fun with it.  All of a sudden we came back to my safe space and shape shifted back to our own individual forms, me back into human with the Eagle on my shoulder, and there sitting on a log was the elderly female Grandmother Forest person again.  I was immediately drawn to go towards her this time and wrapped her in a big hug, well she wrapped me, and I snuggled in under her very thick large, hairy arm.  Wrapped in furry love, and she has such a gentle, warm, caring and loving grandmotherly feeling to her.  She spoke and it jolted my brain and the thoughts and feelings that I had that we my have lived as most of, if not all, of the types of the beings who are our Spirit Guides came to me. She said to me:  “My name is Kewauna and I was your Grandmother in a past life.  I have come forward to comfort and support you as I am energetically the most nurturing motherly figure to have been connected with you in many lifetimes.  I have been in the forests with you and my family is aware of who you are, a part of our family”.  My brain and heart exploded....

The Sasquatch are timid and cautious towards us Humans at first but in my experience so far they do not actually seem to prefer meditation experiences to re-connect with us.  Although they certainly will connect with us in meditation way as they did at first with me, or even in our dream states if we prefer or feel safer that way, but they would really like us to re-connect with them with our conscious intention, being out in nature with our eyes open and feeling them with our intuitive senses.  They want to remind us that we are also multidimensional, and I will have to say that several times I've seen a few times what I thought was a tree then energetically shape-shift into a hairy outline form and then back into a straight tree.

I did not realize they preferred this connecting with us this way, they also love gifts of fresh fruit, nuts, seeds & veggies too by the way, until I had gone camping in the forest with 2 different groups of people in different locations, who had either asked me to help them connect or I asked them if they wanted to talk about and maybe connect with the Sasquatch.  I would sense Kewauna when I was walking the trail alone and several times during the day when with different people.  One these groups are very aware of what I do and when they inquired about them, I heard a message from her telepathically: “Even though the human logical mind may at first struggle with the idea, do not go into meditation.  You are here in the now in the forest among the living trees, plants, water and animals so encourage and help the humans re-connect with the forest and the Forest people in an energetic, yet also physical way”.  To all of our surprise and delight, we all connected.

My friends had all felt them, heard them and sensed them.  Different ones too such as: young ones, teenagers, a few males, and a grumpy, I actually should say scared, elderly male, and it felt like the males were taking the kids out for new experiences and life lessons. We all heard sounds, saw a few visual confirmations with trees and branches, and received messages telepathically, or through claircognizance, or clairaudience from different ones from within the group.  One person had a further astral experience with them later on in the night when she was alone.

One evening while sitting under a softly lit patio tent in the wilderness with a few wonderful ladies, we had the distinct impression that we were being watched, that they had a clear view of us and that we looked like were the Sasquatch’s T.V. box or entertainment for the night.  LOL. The next morning, in that same area that was a few hundred feet away, we found large impressions left in the tall grass, that were too large for it to be a herd of deer that would have come that close to humans and sleep.  We felt the impressions were made from the gathering of the Sasquatch who had been sitting, standing and lying around watching with a clear direct sight of our patio tent.

They were great experiences over a couple days each time with a lot of laughter on all of our parts, forest people and humans.  We all also commented on feeling a strange combination of energies; like a reunion with comfort and relief, but some residual fear from them, and the humans, and a real excitement from the Sasquatch that there are humans who want to re-connect and acknowledge the Forest people's existence again.  Cool.

Once we make a re-connection know that we will not lose it, they know who we are and they can track our energy and know where we are, finding us easily wherever we may be.  I have had a sense Kewauna was in my home once, and yet she is taller than our ceiling and didn’t fit and yet she did.  We laughed together as it hurt my head.  We may not all get to “see” them with our physical eyes, some do, but we can allow ourselves to sense them and know they are there.  Some do actually exist physically yet they can de-materialize into energy in times of need or desire to do so, some remain energetic and not come into physical world as often but reminding all of us that we too are shape-shifters and energy travelers.  The Sasquatch are here taking care of Gaia, and the forests and animals in nature, carrying ancient wisdom and knowledge within and assisting in the evolution of Earth's collective consciousness.

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