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Some people think of them as simply garden statues or a gimmick for a travel company, but yet so many other people have had a connection with these caretakers of the lands.

These Elemental beings have been etheric for a very long time & help the soil & all that grows on the surface of Gaia. We have simply found ways to represent them, acknowledge them in our yards, homes & lives. Many may not realize they are honoring an old friend or are making space for a physical representation of an etheric being connected with them & their land.

Gnomes are Elementals that work with the element of Earth here to help protect, support and take care of the animals, trees, flowers, gardens and landscaped areas within their area.  They are here working with helping to take care of lands that are cultivated for food and also enjoy the essences, or life force, of plants as well.  Like all Elementals, and unlike the Angels, the Gnomes do have free will, ego and judgement.  Remember that no Spirit Guides are allowed to interfere with free will and all earth dwellers on this planet have ego and free will, meaning that an actual guide here for your highest good will not tell you that you have to do anything in any way by any time frame.  We could also think of them as multi-dimensional beings here in another realm or dimension, possibly physical elsewhere and associated with Gaia.   

The Gnomes are benevolent and good-natured beings who love to help create more beautiful environments and they are peace makers who are happy to work with us.  They are playful but they can get bored and be little mischievous or pull practical jokes on those they don’t like or want to leave their space.  They don't like it when people disrespect lands by throwing their trash on the ground intentionally or hurt and break plants for no reason, sitting on them or walking on them is different than breaking branches just because.

I was confused by the close resemblance and similarities between Gnomes and Dwarves wondering if they were the same or different.  From what they have shared with me, a very long time ago Gnomes were once Dwarves, but they are ones that volunteered to come above the surface and chose to come take care of land/soil surfaces when Humans and previous hominoids started cultivating and taking care of pieces of land and growing plants for food and animals.  They wanted to be among the flora and fauna among the elements of Gaia and in the sunshine to help things grow.  Dwarves have always been caretakers of soils and crystals but choose to dwell and do their work below the surface.

I have had a few amazing meditative experiences with the Gnomes and Dwarves from them greeting me or helping me jump through dimensions or within inner earth, but my encounter with a Gnome as an adult with my eyes open, blew open my mind.  The first energetic being I had ever seen. It happened early one sunny spring morning in my own back yard and within a very short time of having my first connection experience with my mother that I explained in the Pegasus article.  The 2 fundamental experiences that tipped me over the scales past critical analytical logic and helped shake loose the confines and restrictions that I, along with society's gracious help, had put on myself and my adult brain and heart.  Forever changing my personal belief in the Elementals to having the effect of urging me to step forward and hold a space for all of them in readings, meditations and classes going forward.

I had tucked away in a warm sunny private corner of our yard to meditate and settled in by watching and listening the birds and bugs flit about and it gave me big smile.  I was looking straight ahead and for quick second thought to myself, (sharing this to show the so many places we have to keep our mind in check for being critical with ourselves), thinking: "Well you can't meditate with a big grin on your face". The next thing I knew, I could faintly see a small energetic being, sitting on the edge of our hot tub looking directly at me and I heard "Why not?". I say “see” but he was not physically there but energy, so I could see him but I couldn't reach out and touch him because I could see through him too.  He had a beard, was wearing a hat piled on top of his head, suspenders and swinging his little legs back and forth over the edge.  After rubbing my eyes a few times, I then heard him telepathically tell me, "Thanks for doing such a great job on this land planting trees and things to eat for yourselves, the bugs and birds here, oh and of course the odd bunny".  He let out a big laugh and continued to share that he takes care of this land that we're on, he has been here a very long time and that he really likes us and what we do for the space physically and energetically.  I thought I was already shocked enough, and then he shared that he also wanted to thank me for the "special plant" I grew the previous season in my garden as he puffed on and smoked his little pipe with a couple of loud puffs because now he gets to enjoy it too, and then vanished.  I rubbed my eyes again, but he was really gone.  It was mind blowing.  I saw a Gnome.  Gnomes are real?  A Gnome thanked me?  Like I mentioned this was shortly after a mind blowing, heart opening experience I had in meditation with my mother who passed when I was a child and a Pegasus and a tree and this was the first being to come forward that I saw with my eyes open.  Mind blown. Those experiences helped me keep moving through old belief systems, helping me to unlearn things I thought I knew, start to really change my thinking, get over religious confusion and old society programming of what is real or not, and convinced me into allowing myself to fully believe in all of these Elemental beings and many other Spirit Guides once again like we did when we were kids with our wide open hearts and intuitive senses.

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