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As someone who had been in the corporate computer industry 20+ years & is now a channel for Spirit, I can relate to many of you who may be feeling like we are swimming in a sea of the unknown. 

Some of this may have been mentioned in “Changing our Thinking” or “What is Reality?” but I felt it important to make a special point that we really are in the new position of unlearning what we know or thought we knew & it's maybe a little concerning for some because we have no teachings to follow now.

If there are no previous teachings, that means we are the wayshowers who are pushing past the old ways & figuring out the new path without a path to follow.

There is so much more to living life and experience here on Gaia than we were ever led to believe.  We are not only humans with physical senses having or seeking spiritual experiences, we are also Spirits with intuitive senses that are having and seeking human experiences.  We are co-creators with the Universe and are energetic beings living here having an experience in physical form.  We all have physical senses and we all have intuitive senses to allow us be able to fully engage in our lives while being here as Spirit wearing elements and having a physical form in this space in time.  We are compassionate and empathetic beings who are connected with a higher aspect of ourselves, multiple dimensions, Source, Spirit Guides and more.

We are all becoming aware that we need to unlearn many of the things we were taught or believed from the past that came from old survival energies about how things are or even how we should behave from our; families, teachers, societies, governments, institutions, corporations, cultures, religions or even misled individuals.

We have in many ways been distracted from learning who and what we are as a lot of information has been changed, manipulated or omitted over the past 100 years for the gain of the few over the many.  So much information about who we truly are has been suppressed, buried, lost and forgotten.  Unfortunately the effort seemed to lean towards trying to control people, keep us feeling small and in fear, for if we are in fear we are more easily led and controlled.   We are amazing creator beings that have not been taught to believe, that we are in charge of creating our own world through our own thoughts, feelings and choices with free will.

Humans are all learning how to let go of what we thought and what we were taught, in order to leave the past in the past.  We are learning to slow down our minds, bodies, thinking, analyzing and the feeling or pressure that we need to be doing so much.  We and learning to let go, move on and just BE.  Be Happy.  Be Joy.  Be Abundant.  Be Peace.  Be Grateful.  Be Love.  

We all need to learn to really be okay with ourselves for exactly who we are and how we are.  We take things so personally and most of us have forgotten, with even fewer being taught, that we are energetic beings living in a physical world and that we are not only humans with physical senses having or seeking spiritual or mystical experiences; we are spiritual and mystical beings with intuitive senses having and seeking human physical experiences.  We are each unique and yet connected to all, like drops in an ocean.

Our society hasn’t felt right for many people because it has been geared so long towards service to self, power over others and making money for the gain of the few over the many.  We are taught to listen to what we are told versus listening to how it feels.  This goes against the grain of our natural state of energy of unity and harmony that works on behalf of the greater good of all, service to others, community and diversity.

In a world where we've been taught it's all about competition we need to unlearn that, and learn to be nicer to ourselves and each other in the process.  They tried to have us believe that it's like the animal kingdom out there, it’s a dog eat dog world, and we got to get what we can get and take what we can take before someone else gets is first.  I call bullshit and one of the great things of social media is it is a place where so many hearts can share videos showing the reality of inter-species care, concern and cooperation.  Such as: bears helping birds, birds feeding mice and fish, cats helping birds and dogs, dogs helping cats, animals feeding other animals of a different species and so much more.

We were told that we need to think about our problems and to focus on problems in order to solve them.  The problem with that is that we get what we think about, so we often get more problems.  We all need to unlearn this and instead think of the outcomes we desire.

We were told we should not speak of our problems and that it is impolite, rude, and socially unacceptable to talk about problems because it causes other people discomfort.  We need to unlearn this and speak about our problems out loud, move through them and not dwell on them, being truthful and honest and not worrying so much about offending, hurting feelings or being judged.  Sometimes words get jumbled in our head so they don’t always come out coherent or exactly right the first time.  Sometimes we don’t know that we think or feel something until we say it, and by saying it we can look at it and change it.  We should all be allowed to make a mistake and have a moment to reconsider or reword our words, change them if necessary and genuinely apologize if they are actually offensive.

For when we and others speak out loud, we can feel the vibrations of the words in that moment and when we do that, we can more easily realize what we think, or how we feel, and decide in that moment whether it really is that way or choose something different.   We can easily turn our problems around into solutions with directions if we would lose our fear of being vulnerable and allow ourselves to speak freely. People that are strongly claircognizant are naturally this way and many have felt like they very much are moving against the grain or like a salmon swimming upstream most of their lives, simply trying to speak the truth in a society that says white lies are okay, we keep our skeletons in the closet & we're supposed to fit in with the Jones's.

In many readings and group sessions, Spirit has me share with people that maybe we should let ourselves lighten up a little, be a little nicer & easier on ourselves and others, and consider patience to be a new 8 letter swear word.   We all want the new way right now, but there’s a lot of healing to be done individually and within the collective first, for we are all re-learning how to have compassion and patience for ourselves, and each other.

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