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What a huge topic. I can say with all honesty that my own feelings, beliefs, & understandings of Angels have completely changed, morphed & expanded over time & still continues to. I can only write about these beings from my own perceptions.

I refer to them here as individuals but those are really human labels for aspects of Angelic energy. The Angels are not humans with wings but that is an image that some know that brings peace & comfort. They are not male or female but we humans translate energies that way & identify individuals by names. I now feel the Angels are a collective but was drawn to Angels as individuals initially in order to understand them more until I got confused when it started to seem like there was a list that I needed to memorize & some names didn't resonate. After going through that process I have started let go of my human need to understand them as individuals and these are just some of my perceptions & notes to share after working with them as a channel for Spirit, or medium, & a senior instructor at a psychic school.  I have created a few short articles about them & some attributes here, by no means is it a complete list.  I feel I can’t really do them justice with so much more to Angelic energies that we are still unaware of, but I also understand that we all need a starting place because I did too. Scroll past the list for some relevant information about Angels in general as the specific information dwindles with each named Angel.

About Angels in General:


It is time we start to consider that the Angelic beings we have almost all heard about our whole lives are actually real.  Maybe they are not exactly as we thought or were told, but there are energetic beings we could refer to as Angelic energies that were created by Source, Creator, Great Spirit, God, the One, Christ Consciousness, the I Am presence or however we may want to refer to the oneness, for the purpose of helping humans and other beings living here on Earth.  Really.  This is the most consistent Spirit Guide re-connection that I am asked by Spirit to help with, to help create re-connections with Angels.  Earth is a dense and energetically tough place and there is a lot of support here that we may not have been aware of or believed in.  I think of the Angels as an energetic, or vibrational, support system for humans.  Go betweens for humans between the physical world and Source energies to help humans on their journeys to rediscovering who they are.

No Spirit Guides, be they an Angel, a Dragon, a Galactic being or any other member of our Family of Light are allowed to interfere with free will.  It is a rule of Earth, and all earth dwellers on this planet and those associated with Gaia in other dimensions have ego and free will.  The Angels do not have ego nor free will and are of pure love and light energies, here to support all humans and other beings in this energetically dense place, without judgement.  Elementals on the other hand do have free will, ego and judgement and do judge us and will actually check us out energetically before choosing to connect with us.  Angels’ celestial energies are omnipresent meaning they can be anyone or everyone at the same time, whereas Elementals’ energies are closer to earth energies and they cannot.

This is not an all inclusive of who the Angels are and what they do but I wanted to share my gratitude for their presence here with us.   I too struggled with my own beliefs, doubts, self criticism and self worth issues especially when one of the first Spirit Guides I re-connected with was who I felt to be Archangel Michael.  I had a lot of work to do on myself; my self-worth, my thoughts, my beliefs, my feelings, and my old anger and confusion.  My mother died when I was a little girl and at the time still remembered feeling mad with God, the Angels and even my mother for not being there.

With some patience and self healing, I moved through that and am now help others re-connect with Angels and many other Spirit GuidesArchangel Michael, who I refer to as Mikey, is the main guide I work with when working with other people and channel messages during my readings, classes and meditations.  These are my interpretations, which may not necessarily be yours.  That is okay.  My impressions are not wrong because they are not like yours, nor vice versa.  We all interpret through our own filters, our own encyclopaedia, or personal internet of individual experiences and each one of us are unique, even though we are all a part of the same and through our own intuitive senses.  Our society has not taught us much about energy and energetic beings, and for the most part has tried to keep us feeling small.   Many people have wondered about the Angels, maybe because they are in every religion and in every major religious text or maybe because inside we have always known that we are all connected with something more.  

We could think of the Angels as an omnipresent, benevolent, non judgemental energetic support system that is here guiding, supporting, protecting, loving, and helping humans follow the paths they set out for themselves before they came here, and making sure that free will choices do not affect the lessons of other humans if it is not part of their path or plan. This is why so many people have seen or felt the presence of Angels in times of emergencies.  There are many humans here who all have free will and plans, but there many more Angels here supporting us, billions, and I feel I may even be underestimating or low balling the number of a collective.

Angels can also connect to one human and hundreds or thousands of other humans at the same time.  I can connect with Archangel Michael in this now moment but so can you and many others if they choose to.  I am also even now struggling here about how I will continue to refer to them as individuals or individually, because my feelings have changed through my learning, growth and understanding.  I used to think of Archangel Michael as a singular being, and when I talk or write about that being I will still use masculine adjectives, but I am now moving towards the feeling of a collective.  I will refer to them individually and collectively throughout here and I hope it will not be confusing but I do feel I am also covering Angels from several different angles that will help others who are in their different stages of understanding and growth too.

Angels are not really humans with wings, nor are they necessarily male or female, but they may come to us in these ways so that we might know it is them and that they are there with us.  It is these images of beings with big white wings, or babies with little cute wings, that brings us peace and comfort and how we’ve known of them for decades.  For many of us this is all we know about them until our own understanding and beliefs change.  This is how I connected with Archangel Michael in the beginning in meditations, not necessarily a human but definitely wings, lots of white wings and actual single white feathers in the physical world.  Re-assurance for me that yes my connection with the Angels was real and they were really there.

Sometimes I still get an impression of wings, but over time the image has changed to a light rainbow light with a hint of purple.  Please do not get caught up in the idea that there is only one right way to connect to or perceive Angels, as we all work differently and primarily need to reconnect with the Love through a feeling.  Angels can look very different to many people.  For instance I know a few people who perceive Archangel Michael with white wings, silver armor, flaming sword, long blond hair, and I know others who have perceived Mikey to have black hair, wings, armor and leather pants.  Some people feel Archangel Gabriel's energy feels male, while others like myself feel that the energy feels female.  Other people even perceive smells, colors or other imagery associated with different Angels.  I can only say that in the beginning of moving into these new understandings, my first re-connections with Archangel Michael and other Angels brought me to overwhelming tears and emotions of happiness.  Oh it had been so long since I had felt such raw pure Love; maybe the surprise was that it was so familiar.  It still fills me with joy, and is not as overwhelming to the point of tears now as I have attuned to their vibrations.

Why would the Angels be here?  Why would they want to help us anyway?  Not only are they are connected to us through Love, but Earth school is actually a pretty tough place for an energetic being, that’s us, to be in form having a physical experience that includes thoughts, choices, and feelings of not only our own but others who seem separate but in reality a part of a whole.  Gaia is also a conscious and sentient being who is lovingly supported by the Angels.  The energies from humans has created a dark, dense, or low vibration, planet for a long time, where the mental and emotional energies have been heavy and negative.  This is definitely changing as we move towards the Golden Age but is has been a difficult place to be as an energetic being of love trying to turn on, re-connect and share our lights inside.  We come here all powerful creators yet forgetting that we are and who we have been, with a semi plan of lessons we want to learn, plus free will.   We wonder why we might have a lot of Spirit Guides who want to help and work with us.

We are so hard on ourselves because maybe we swear a lot or we stole bubble gum when we were a kid or did some stupid shit and made bad decisions as young adults.  We made little mistakes.  We made big mistakes.  We said things we shouldn't have.  We did things we regret.  What we have been taught plus our own thoughts and beliefs creates the feeling that there is no possible way we could be good enough to connect with Angels.  Did you know that an asshole does not wonder if they are an asshole?  So many of us are way too hard on ourselves for how we handled situations in our past, forgetting that we really did the best we could with what we knew at the time.  Easy to forget that as we get older and look back thinking we should have done different, criticizing and judging ourselves because we forget we didn’t actually know then, what we know now.  I can relate to going through all of these things myself and moved through them as part of my healing and why I step forward in sharing with others.

I often channel during readings or meditations and funny enough, the Angels still "let me" swear.  That is a bad way to phrase it; they don’t let me, I should say they still swear through me.  It shocked and surprised me so much in the beginning that I went through a lot of doubt and self worthiness issues in the beginning.  From all that I had ever been told, this was definitely not Angel worthy language and althought I am not vulgar but I drop 4 letter word bombs, it is a part of who I am, my upbringing, my language and my dictionary.  

We all need to know the Angels speak to us, and through us, through our own language, understanding and experiences.  That is why it is can be so different for everyone.  Sure some experiences with Angels can be common but many are unique to each of us, because we are each unique, raised in our own unique ways, had our own unique experiences, thoughts, beliefs etc.  So for me, I was raised on the east coast of Canada, by a truck driver and a waitress.  Slang Acadian French and curse words were a normal every day part of my upbringing and language.  Despite all my grandmothers’ efforts, I could not shake it.  I then stepped into in an intense male dominated industry of technology in my early 20’s and part of that atmosphere for over 20 years and was part of the majority of my regular work world experience.  I can say the relief was palpable when I felt the Angels were actually okay and were not offended with it.  That has also allowed me to heal from, release and forget a lot of the negativity I have received from humans over the years about how a lady should speak.  Amazingly, it is the Angels who do not give a shit!  LOL

All major religions and cultures have records of Angels, who are mentioned in every major religious text, but the Angels are not about religion or only for special people, other humans said that.  Religions were created by humans and we got caught up in the technical or cultural differences in religions, instead of noticing the common factors or threads within them.  One major thread involves having Faith, faith there is a benevolent source that we are all connected to, and we are loved and connected with more than we may know about or understand right now, and we can communicate with the unseen.  Humans have been taught to think we need to be given or shown proof that something exists, to see with our eyes or through complicated math formulas, and then we will believe is real.  Spirit asks us to think the opposite, have faith that it exists, and then you will receive the proof that it is real.  As I said elsewhere, gravity existed before we discovered it and we can’t see it.  I feel it is time we unlearn what we know, work on changing our thinking & teach all of ourselves differently.

We all came into this world with Angelic energies that we can’t physically see us from our very first breath and they will be there with us when we depart this world with our last breath.  Actually when we were all young, all of our intuitive senses were wide open and we were still able to perceive energies, until we were told we couldn’t. God/Source is not outside of us, we are never alone, nor have we ever been.  Everyone has God/Source inside of them and God/Source created Angelic beings and many other beings that are here, who are part of our Families of Light who are supporting us.  Angels are connected with every human, whether they believe it, feel it or consciously choose to know it or not.

For the most part we have been taught that God is a superior and powerful being outside of ourselves who judges us for our mistakes and that the Angels are only for and connect with really special people, all very far removed from the rest of us regular people.  We placed Angels and Ascended Masters on high pedestals that feel very distant and removed from us, almost unreachable.  We think of ourselves as so much smaller and much less worthy, not realizing the ALL that we are, and the very personal relationships we can have with Angels and others.  You know that saying: “We don't know what we don’t know until we know it?”  Yes they are awesome and amazing, but so are WE.  We doubt we can actually connect with Angels, or any other beings in Spirit because of the belief that it is either not real, or they would only communicate with special people.  But we forgot and don’t realize that WE, me and you, and each and every one of us regular people, are the really special people.

I know this brings up so many thoughts, feelings and doubts from previous teachings, beliefs and misconceptions.  We are taught to believe so many restrictive ways from family, religions, cultures or communities, be it physically or energetically, and that we are not really worthy of love and support, so many often believe and feel we are alone.  Even in places we would think would be neutral, think of the general way of thinking in the world of business.  Business portrays itself as being associated with the animal kingdom and that it is a competitive dog eat dog world, where you need to get what you can get before someone else gets it first, and he who gets it wins.  Yet I call bullshit, there is so much evidence now that shows the animal kingdom is about co-operation and community.  So great to have the power of video in the hands of many, as this is where most of the good news comes out.

We do not have to practice any particular religion, sit in any particular position or say certain words in any particular order to be able to connect with the Angels.  We are connected and we can have a deeper relationship and connection with them by consciously connecting with our intention and our hearts.  We are not expected to be perfect, we are humans.  We are allowed to make mistakes as they are part of our learning process.  We are not expected to know everything.  We don’t have to raise our vibrations enough or be healed enough or forgiven enough, by anyone for anything.  Forgiveness of others is for our own healing.  We do not need to be good enough or saintly enough in order to qualify to work with or to ask the Angels for help.  We are good enough, period.  We qualify just by being a human,period.   All we need to do is choose to believe, choose to connect.  Angels are energetic beings here to help and uplift all humans on the planet, if the human will choose to allow and let them with their own free will.

Why would the Angels want to talk to us?  Because they really do; know us and love us, and they are here to help all of us humans, to help pull us up and out of the muck, we just have to ask and recognize we are stuck.  We can work them further and have deeper connections than just knowing the Angelic energies exist, if we are willing to with our own free will and intention.  We can receive and share communication and guidance from the Angels through our intuitive senses if we choose and allow.  They are supporting all humans but they are not allowed to interfere with free will, they support all humans energetically but they can however support us more directly if we choose to open ourselves to them and allow them in our lives.  We are the ones that direct our consciousness towards what we choose and we first need to choose whether we'll let ourselves believe in them or not.  That choice can lead us to choose to have further engagement or whether we will let ourselves feel their energy and know they are in our lives, maybe even let ourselves experience deep levels of wonder, joy and love.  They are here loving and supporting humanity in any way they can, whether or not we choose to let them and there is no judgement either way for it, they can simply engage further if we do choose to, but WE are loved unconditionally.

We do not need to know the Angels or even believe in them, but we as humanity are ready to take our next step in allowing ourselves to realize and believe that Angels actually honor us, the humans.  Not to put ourselves any higher than any other being, but to actually bring ourselves up to an equal level of value.  The Angels purpose is to help those beings of source light that come to Earth to have a human experience, those beings who will forget who they are, where they have been, the power they have within and the memories of their previous existences.  The Angels are in high vibrational light or frequencies all the time, and they honor those beings, us humans, those brave beings of light who chose to separate from source to come have a physical experience, maybe even over and over again in 3D density, a place where the energies are very dense and heavy, to try to choose to rediscover and reconnect with their own magnificence within; for greater consciousness expansion, or the ascension of humanity, of Gaia and all.  We really should start to let ourselves honor ourselves more.

Angels were created for the purpose of helping help humans, maybe even others in the galaxy, but many people do not think, feel or believe in that.  Some who do believe in Angels, feel or think that their personal problems are too small on the scale of problems around the world to ask an Angel for help.  We need to know that it counts, it matters, it makes a difference and that we actually honor the Angels when we ask for their help and support, as it allows them to fulfill their purpose of helping support Gaia’s beings even further.

Angels are omnipresent energetic beings available to every human who chooses to connect with them using their own free will.  I have repeated this because people are at various places in beliefs and feelings and may need to hear it a few times in their own mind, and also that we are ones to choose to invite the Angelic energies in to connect deeper with us.  There is a wide range of people reading this, from those first letting the idea sink in to those who may need to let go of even being mad at the Angels for not intervening at some time or believing they allowed this or that situation to happen, and all in between. The range is huge.  Know that Spirit Guides cannot or make decisions for us and that it is against the law of free will to do so, they may only guide or suggest.  Angels lovingly support us the best they can and can help us further when we ask for signs and guidance.  We are responsible for our lives and our decisions and they are helpers.  Neither the Angels nor God create things to happen to us or punish us or someone else.  We have plans for ourselves with others before we were even born, coming here to experience a huge range of experiences for learning, healing and growth, plus we all have free will.  Things happen not to us, but for us.

When we want to receive guidance, we need to be in the present moment, grounded in the now.  We then also need to be quiet.  At first, that might mean being patient with ourselves as we learn again how to be quiet.  Our lives are so busy, so full of activity, connected to so much information and media on screens that ultimately distract us from ourselves.  A wonderful message I received from my Indigenous Native American Spirit Guide one day was: “When you are busy in your mind, we are the quietest, but when you are quiet, that is when we are the busiest”.

We can get to know and recharge in the energies of Angels or others such as the animals or Galactic beings in our meditations.  This is the space where we can experience, re-connect and remember many things.  Many people struggle with meditation or even the idea of it and we can be very hard on ourselves as we try to learn to go from 110% mind activity to 0% Zen state.  Almost setting ourselves up for failure from the beginning as we may not be aware of the intermediary steps we can take first.  Our minds will tell us we have things to do.  The body could either get very restless or fall asleep.  We are not used to stopping other than when we have a nap or go to bed.  It takes some patience and with some persistence of trying.  Accepting that our logical minds may struggle and we may need to tell ourselves that yes we are an intelligent responsible adult that is taking the time to fantasize, daydream, pretend or any other word that comes to mind, do so to let go and continue.  Give ourselves permission so our brain can tag along.  However also know that our learning and growth is also meant to come forward to help us here in our conscious state, in our daily lives, with our eyes open.  The only thing we can “do” to have deeper connections with the Angels, as we humans love to “do” stuff, is work on our own beliefs, self forgiveness, self worth and self love.  That's it, starting with a knowing they are there and letting ourselves believing in that which is unseen.

As we start to realize we are more than worthy of Angelic support, we open our perceptions even more, and it gets easier to change our minds, change our beliefs, learn something different and let go of those things that we may have heard, learned, thought we knew or assumed previously.  It starts with small steps and many of us are even a little bit lost as we are unlearning what we were taught and our perceptions grow and change.  That is okay; remember to be patient with yourself and others as we evolve as a species together.  Archangel Michael once made a very good point that we now share with others all the time.  “Humans should start to think of patience as the new 8 letter swear word because it frustrates us so much”.  Note to self.

I joke about an experience I had early in my meditation experiences where I felt that I got into trouble from an Angel.  It wasn't that I got in trouble per se; it is that they communicated something with me that made me stop and realize.  I had started to have negative thoughts and struggled with doubts perceiving myself as small, not good enough, and who did I think I was to think that I could connect with an Angel anyway?   I immediately felt overwhelming love and perceived as this big beautiful energetic being of light, massive wings and the feeling of Archangel Michael.  All of a sudden I heard a very clear message through clairaudience: “Stop doing that, stop perceiving yourself as smaller or lesser than we are or of even being remotely unworthy of our love.  We are no bigger or better than you are.  You are honored human.  We come, as do you, to serve, to do our part and you are no less than we are.   As a matter a fact you are honored by being one who volunteered and were chosen to come experience this shift from the ground up, bringing the light into form.  So know that you honor us when you ask for our help because you allow us to fulfill our purpose.  And please be easier on yourself, remember that you do the best you can with what you know, and when you learn something different, you do better next time.  This is all that is asked of the honored human.”  I realized I had to get over myself.  We really do need to allow so much more self forgiveness and self love.

Now when I am currently about to experience an “aha moment” and understand something, I tell people I hear the “HeeHee’s” in my head.  I quickly clarify that it is not because an Angel is laughing “at me” but that's how I’ve always reacted to myself and now they get to laugh with me.  I have always been one to have a big laugh and a big smile, and I would always laugh with myself when I figured something out.  Archangel Michael is just able to use the same thing and laugh with me, but just seconds beforehand, laughing together through my learning experience.  It is not even remotely insulting and feels like an old friend who is joining in with me.  

I have felt this Angelic beings presence and personal support most of my life.  Was I always consciously aware of that support?  No.  Do I know and realize that now?  Yes.  Did I cry the first time, and many times after when I remembered, that I had forgot?  Yes.  Did it take some time and healing to realize this and feel comfortable with it?  Yes.  Sometimes I refer to myself as brilliant and dense because I catch onto a lot of things but the obvious sometimes.  The Angels appreciate that I don’t know how people are and that because of this I don’t judge or categorize others based on any preconceived notion so easily, so that I just say what they would like me to say as a channel without a filter.

It feels like Angels are like a massive collective of energies, a support system of pillars of light for humans that surrounds and permeates the planet at all times.  They are a group of the many energies or vibrations here to support us that we humans have given specific names, labels and categories to.  We like to do that as humans.  Even though my own understanding changes as I continue to grow and expand, and although I do not feel they are separate beings I also feel like I have a personal relationship with Archangel Michael and several other Angels.  Confusing for my head but when I first reconnected with these energies as an adult, I had immediate recollections of the same feelings from childhood, and that told my heart all it needed to know.  My brain hurt and my heart even ached a little bit for a while when I knew with my whole being that I knew Mikey in childhood and that I forgot about him and others as I grew into an adult.  We all move through it and forward.

Angels help everyone and with our belief, intention and engagement they can help all of us even more.  We have to intend to connect with them or being open to re-connecting with those beings of the highest white light and our highest greatest good and allow them to come forward to connect with us and re-discover them that way.  If we want engagement with the Angels it is on us initiate the contact, to ask for help, guidance, signs of reassurance, and Love.  Know that happens simply for us with a thought, with an intention to do so.  

Archangel Michael has me share it with people in a way that is very simple... We don't need to say special words or sit in a special position..  when Gotham needs Batman’s help, what do they do?  They send out a light signal that says: “Hey Batman, we need some help!”

Oh if I could convince people of one thing it would be to just let yourself sit and call upon the Angels to simply bask in their Love, and feel it.  I would say to please not be surprised when you are overwhelmed emotionally, maybe even cry tears of joy the first few times you do this.  Many of us haven't felt that much love, that intense, that pure of energy since we were on the other side back with God/Source part of the oneness, and it’s wonderful.  The sheer joy of reconnecting with that energy of pure love, that stirring of remembering of this presence when I was a child, was and is, amazing, beautiful, healing and familiar. The first time I re-connected with Archangel Michael as an adult, I was overwhelmed with emotions of love, tears of joy and then surprisingly, a little bit of anger and confusion.  There you are!  Where the heck have you been?  Wait, where the heck have I been?  I know/knew this, but I forgot?  Realizing Angelic energies had been there the whole time and through it all, my whole life, but my heart had been too hurt and closed off to see I feel made life harder to move through.  The Angels constantly ask me to tell others, anyone, everyone, to Feel the Love, just sit there anytime and recharge for a few moments or as long as you'll allow.

After working with the Angels for a while and a few specifically in the beginning I now sometimes get physical signals of one of four Archangels presence, and so can many of you if you practice.  When I connect with Archangel Michael, I can feel myself sit a little straighter, my shoulders pull back, feeling strength and confidence that this Angel's got my back, and I perceive the energy as male.  With Archangel Raphael the energy vibrates my heart area, feels energetic and soothing, and also feels male.   Archangel Gabriel for me feels much softer, warmer, and gentler and nurturing.  I feel energy vibrating in my shoulders as if hands are there and I perceive the energy as female.  Many other people also perceive this Angel as male and that’s okay.   When Archangel Uriel connects, I feel energies vibrating in my forearms and I feel this being supports me to be a beacon of light, a lighthouse to show a way for others, and feels male.

When we go looking for information about Angels it can seem confusing and overwhelming.  Through our own humanizing of them and our wanting things logically, linear, orderly and in categories, it seems like they all have names, ranks and certain things they can do, that you have to call this one or that one for this or that problem or question.  Humans have assigned energies with names and they will come to us in that way if that is what we believe, it is not wrong and they do not judge us for that.  But when we can't seem to remember them all and all the things they represent, we can feel like we are not doing it right, if we are at all and can give up trying to recognize and work with them before starting.  That is very human of us and it is not true.  We don't need to know anyone's name and we may be drawn to one or multiple Angels, whoever we are drawn to will help.  No Angel is any more powerful than any other Angel, and an Angel is no less than an Archangel.  I feel there are some Angel energies that support individuals and other energies that support groups.  We ask for help and they will figure out and send the support that is needed as they work together and we do not need to “know” them all.

Mikey asks me to note here the same paragraph we put in the page on Religious Confusion:

“Know that although Angels exist in every religion and are included in every major religious text, Angels do not belong to religions.  Angels were created, and are here, to support Humans.  Humans created religions, with hierarchies of how many or which Angels exist.  Angels are here as an energetic support system for humans, that loves humans unconditionally and without judgement.  Angels are omnipresent and can connect with many beings at the same time.  Some Angels work with individuals, many Angels work with groups.  Angels are not male or female, but for human understanding, we are often referred to and described this way to other beings. Angels are not humans with wings, however they have been portrayed that way for a very long time and it is an image that brings many people peace and comfort.  Mikey asks us not to get too stuck in the labels when connecting, which can create more doubt, just trust the feeling.  If you feel that Archangel Michael is with you, do not doubt and know that he is, and know that your ability to perceive imagery grows and your perceptions change with time, some see white wings, some see black wings, some see me with facial and body features and others see me as a ball of light.”


3  Most common things causing people to resist, block or not allow contact with the Angels:

  • Confusion from religious or society teachings about whether they are real, who they communicate with and what their purpose or real job is.

  • Thinking regular people are low priority and that the Angels obviously have more important things to do than help us with our piddley little problems compared to what is going on in the world, so we shouldn't bother them.

  • Low self-worth and feeling unworthy or not being good or special enough for connecting with the Angels.    

Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael, who I refer to as Mikey, is the main Angelic energy guide that I work with when working with other people.  When I started working with my intuition and mediumship skills this being immediately made his presence known and although it took a while for my logical mind to understand or even accept it, my heart immediately remembered the feeling of this being from childhood.  If and when I stopped and came into the now moment, that presence of love was there, and had always been there, I was the one who had been unaware or unconscious of it.  I feel this being as a very strong energy that is very straight forward, and actually has a great sense humor.  The energies of this Angel are known to help us connect with truth, wisdom and courage and be associated with 2 colors: royal blue & purple.

Often has me speak to people about:
•    Empathy.  Self worth.  Free Will.
•    Things people need to know in order to see the bigger picture to allow for different perspectives of themselves.
•    How Spirit and intuitive senses are real and working in our lives, to help people bring logic and woo-woo together so their own intuition makes sense.
•    Opening up to see our true selves and how we may not be able to see ourselves or feel beat up from the reactions and memories with others.
•    Helping empaths implement healthy energetic boundaries and understanding about our own energy versus the energy of others.
•    Work on actively changing our negative thoughts to positive ones that make us feel better.  This is not as easy as it sounds as we all have been taught to focus on our problems to solve them, which actually just leads to more problems.  We’ve been taught to think and react to what we don’t want, not how to think about what we do want.

Ask Archangel Michael to infuse us with purple or royal blue light in those times we need courage and strength or use an image of a flaming blue sword to help with disconnecting from others.

Archangel Raphael
The energies of this Angel are to help us with healing of the Mind, Body and Spirit of ourselves, and when working with healing of others.  This energy also felt familiar from childhood, yet different.  When I knew and felt reconnected with Archangel Michael it felt as though that energy was there from the very beginning.  When I first reconnected with Archangel Raphael, I immediately remembered the feeling of this presence coming to me when my mother died when I was a child.  I had been left alone with her a few hours before help had come but help had been there and I had forgotten about the lights.  This Angel is known to be associated with the color green and reminds us to heal with laughter, move through emotions and choose positive thoughts.

Often has me speak about:
•    Learning to remove guilt around food, eating and body issues.
•    Reminds us to love our own body exactly as it is.  Feel and imagine a healthy, light filled body, for we are powerful creators.  We do not give our body the reverence it deserves, only criticizing it and looking at all the lumps, bumps, jiggles and wrinkles.
•    Remind us that there is energy in our food and that we should have gratitude for our plants and animals who graciously offer themselves as energy for us and all physical life here on Gaia.  To infuse our food and water with Love, and have gratitude for its presence before consuming it. By doing this we consume love and gratitude, and when our body does what our body does, we pass love back into the waters.
•    Remind us to love our bodies for all they do for us, known and unknown. People are much too hard on themselves mentally when comes to flaws of the body.  An important reason to be conscious of how we think or feel about our body is to realize we are powerful beings and could be creating disease within ourselves by having or allowing continuous strong negative thoughts and emotional energy run through the body. Look into the power of the mind through the "placebo" and the "nocebo" effects.
•    Remind us to ask the Angels to anchor in their Love light though us to Gaia and to then send Love energy to other humans, plants, animals and more, through our hearts, hands or intentions.

Ask Archangel Raphael to infuse us with the Emerald Flame or a green light for healing, whether it is for healing of mind, body and spirit for self, or for others. 

Archangel Gabriel
I have a pretty direct and straight forward language approach being a little more tomboy than girlie, and this Angel consistently helps me to stay compassionate with my words.  This Angel has so much compassion for all of us, and knows the energies of thoughts and emotions are difficult and wants to help us with communication for healing and connections.  This being also steps forwards for all mothers for mothers do not often receive the amount of support they give, often forgetting about themselves or if they do think of their own needs, let alone execute them, feel guilty.  Mothers need to give themselves time for rest and be the ones to reassure themselves and know they are doing the best we can, for the children cannot.  We can also receive some energetic support if we will but ask for it.  This Angel is known to be associated with a white lily or a trumpet, and the colors of soft or aqua blue or copper.  

Often has me speak about:
•    Encouraging people to speak and how it is so important to speak our truth regardless how we think others will react or take  it.  It is not our responsibility to worry about how we will be judged or what others may think of our truth.  For we will always think and assume the worst and will rarely speak.  Our responsibility is to be open, honest, vulnerable, and authentic.
•    People do not know what they do not know and can have trouble changing their mind or way of thinking to consider something new, until they hear or read something from somewhere else.  We assume too much and speak too little about our feelings, wishes and dreams.
•    Know that you are reasonable but must learn to say what we want, need or expect out loud, with our outside voice.  How many of us have someone’s voice in our head saying “You should think before you speak” or "it's not polite to say anything", and not speak?  When someone answers our request we should also then feel out their response and how it resonates with ourselves.  Change it if you need to or want to because it doesn't feel right, but just because others react to words it does not mean the words were not meant to be said.

Ask Archangel Gabriel to infuse us with a white or light blue flame, or diamond light to help us with compassionate communication and to support the very tired mothers.

Archangel Uriel
This Angel does not often come through directly but this being is always supporting me and others with spreading light, by helping me to use my torch to re-light and fuel the light within others.  This Angel readily steps forward to help mediums stay in the path of light and to help other people see and feel the light within themselves.  The being reminds us that although things may have rough throughout our lives, it is because we have been the beacons of light, the catalysts for change, surrounded by muck.  We could not see any other lights because we were the lights in the dark.  Many of us are starting to look and recognize from a point of observation, instead of through our old pain and rejection, that we are simply very different energies than the generations of our parents and grandparents before us, and the beings that are starting the energetic shift on this planet.  Archangel Uriel often asks me to tell others to know that Self Love is not Selfish, and to please shake the emotional attachments of the past and shine bright in this now.  We no longer need to be a Love lighthouse for others, we have done our job, and now we must heal ourselves so the lights can come together to support each other and shine even brighter.  That simple act of healing and loving ourselves sends Love and healing to others throughout the world too.  This Angel is known to be associated with the colors yellow or red, and a flaming torch, lighting the path ahead.  Encouraging us to take the step forward and that although the path in the distance may not be clear, the next step is illuminated.

Archangel Metatron
I always feel this Angels support and wisdom when I speak to empaths, children, and to parents on behalf of children or to adults about childhood traumas.  This Angel often asks me to tell people to stop looking back at the past and beating up the child within us, with our now adult mind.  The adult us: knows different, has more information and life experiences, the intellect, the knowledge, that the child us, did not have.  Children have no life experience, no rights, no skills, no education, no decision making power and they do not “know better”.  Children love and trust all life openly and unconditionally.  Children do the best they can with what they knew, sometimes they decide they want to try to get what they want, sometimes they succeed, sometimes fail, and sometimes realize we didn’t know as much as us smarty pants would like to think.  We all need to let go of the hurt and pain of the past, allow ourselves to heal, forgive ourselves, and others, and move on.  We couldn't have changed anything anyway.  This Angel steps forward to support the Old Souls, Starseeds, Indigo Adults and now the Crystal and Rainbow kids, all the beings who came to be part of the shift of the evolution of human consciousness.  This Angel has been associated with having multiple sets of wings, geometric shapes, sacred geometry, Metatron's cube and the color Indigo.

Archangel Ariel
This being is also known as the Angel of Nature and she is always supporting my work with Gaia, plants, animals, the Elementals, Dragons and Unicorns and more.  This Angel is also there to help other starseeds if they choose to come to realize Gaia is a beautiful place and worth being on.  We chose to come here to have an experience as a Spirit in the physical world for opportunities for growth.  Gaia, or Mother Earth, is special and unique and amazing place full of life that too many humans are forgetting, and taking for granted approaching resources with an air of entitlement.  Often not seeing the bounty and beauty or being grateful or respectful to all the life that supports our very existence, and is so worthy of our reverence.  This Angel is a caretaker of nature known to work with Archangel Raphael when healing animals and plants and help to support all life and even beings in other dimensions connected with Gaiaelements, crystals, rocks, plants, animals, humans.  This Angel has been associated with the symbol of a globe, and the colors of light or pale pink, pale rainbow or golden orange.


Archangel Jophiel
Although this being doesn't come through directly often, this Angel is always supporting efforts to help people truly see the beauty within and of all around them.  We humans are so amazing and beautiful and we are constantly surrounded by the beauty of Gaia, yet we often “cannot see the forest for the trees”.  This Angel encourages us to see the beauty of life all around us and inspire us to create beautiful thoughts.  We are powerful creators who do not recognize the power of our thoughts, but we are learning.  We did not come here to merely work hard and suffer yet many humans do not know this and inadvertently continue to choose repeating cycles.  Too many people are so hard on themselves from repeating old thoughts or feelings instead of just letting them go as quickly as they came up.  This Angel asks us to make the effort to find the beauty in our mind, body, and spirit, to acknowledge and celebrate our accomplishments, more than acknowledging our failures.  The freight trains of our minds have been trained to be self critical, fearful, and judgemental and now we are the only ones who can make effort to change the track, to unlearn and retrain ourselves, and allow new learning.  Many associate this Angel as a light or a as being holding a light to illuminate thoughts and beauty, and with the colors deep pink or yellow.

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