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Trees are getting a special mention here because I am very grateful for their existence.  I also have a Spirit Guide tree that was cut down in my childhood . Trees tickle my heart & bring me a sense of peace.  I love the sights, smells & sounds that surround them & all their shapes & the various shades of green. 

Trees want to remind us to breathe deeply more often, to allow ourselves to be in the flow, be grounded in the now, stand tall, be flexible & also to wiggle it a little bit once in a while. 

And this space enables me to share the story of a willow tree who's very special to me & helped me with my re-connection with Spirit.

Trees are wise beings that assist in anchoring the energies of Source and grounding in those light codes into the Earth, or Gaia, through their root systems.  Trees are powerful fountains of knowledge that hold great wisdom and they are healers.


Trees are actually an integral part of our physical existence here, creating oxygen for all to breathe and creating homes for many animals.  If we think about it, we have a very real two way physical relationship with trees.  We breathe with each other and because of each other.  The trees pull in, breathe or absorb the carbon dioxide that we humans breathe out as waste and cannot use, and could harm us, and the trees pull it in and convert it, or breathe out, and release their own waste product as oxygen, that stuff we actually can breathe & need in order to live.

Do you notice how much better you feel after walking around among the trees?  Notice dogs and children settle down?  Ever notice the faces in the trees?  Ever feel like you can communicate with the trees?  Ever notice the trees responding to your thoughts with a single section, or a single leaf, wiggling in response?  Ever feel compelled to hug a tree?  Well we’re not crazy for feeling so because we can communicate telepathically or energetically, through our heart, with a very wide range of beings.  I call them all Spirit Guides even though some are purely energetic and some are part physical and part etheric.  

Being able to connect and communicate with nature and light beings is a huge part of the joy in being here on Earth.  We can all learn to hear them, feel them, know them and work with them, again.  Being anchors of light, trees can help transmute heavy energies within humans if they will go out near them, be among them, touch them, and maybe let ourselves talk to them and listen to them.  The oldest trees in Canada are on the west coast and it so difficult to describe the wonderful feeling of hugging a 900 yr old tree.  I felt very grounded and present, honored and humbled to be among such wisdom with these ancient beings who have been here for several turns of the centuries.

My first best friend as a child, and one of the first deaths I experienced, was a big old willow tree I named Will.  I was around 7 and came home from school one day to find him in pieces in the backyard, and being “just a tree”, there’s not a lot of empathy at that type of loss.  I had not thought of that time for a very long time until one day as an adult, I was reminded by my Grandmother, that I had got into lots of trouble when I was younger for talking about my tree and some other imaginary friends as actual people as if they were real.  She was recalling how she felt embarrassed taking me out shopping anywhere because I talked to beings, that to her, weren't there, when we were in public.  I didn’t exactly remember the details of what she spoke about at the time, but it tickled my heart enough that it eventually led to a series of meditative experiences, and re-connection with my Mother and Will, both lost in childhood, and a Pegasus, as an adult that changed everything.  I share that story in the Pegasus article

I must say that it has been truly uplifting and healing being able to re-connect with this tree, my friend Will.  He is the first being I see when I meditate in my sacred space and was the first being to step forward when I started meditating there.  Always there now and standing tall with those big droopy branches swaying in a breeze.  I feel a deep feeling of joy from knowing that he knows I loved him, and that he loves me too.  Plus, being hugged by an energetic willow tree is an amazing experience, for they can play and engage with us so much more when we are in that open, energetic, receiving state.

Trees are examples of peace in solitude and stillness. They can help with healing, removing pain and tell you things you need to know. They stand in tranquility, peace, and harmony as observers and watchers of seasons and cycles of death and rebirth, even though the world around them is busy, constantly moving and changing.  They achieve and exist within these energies every day, because they do not expect to receive from the world around them, but rather from within themselves. Trees are grounding, calming, full of patience, and stand as beacons of light and as a breath of solitude on their small section of the planet. If you want to know something about the surrounding land, ask a tree.

There are many Elementals, or ethereal beings residing in another dimension that are associated with trees, plants, gardens and landscapes  such as the FairiesGnomes, Dwarves. It is also known that the Elves and the Sasquatch have a special connection with forests and plant spirit medicines.

See more under Earth Stuff such as articles about Gaia or crystals, or under Human Stuff for information about the intuitive senses, meditation, grounding or check under Spirit Stuff for an article about Spirit Guides or being multidimensional in general and a list of many guides including the Pegasus.

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