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My motivation comes from sharing relief and healing by empowering other people in knowing that we are much more than we realize and more than we were taught or thought we were.  We are not broken.   We need to remember that we are affected by energy, thoughts and feelings of other people and places around us. 


There is so much more to life than we were taught, know about or realized exists. We all need to know that it is okay to unlearn what we thought we knew, to look at and reconsider our belief systems, to learn some new tools and how to play with energy again.


We have been taught from a young age to hide our feelings and many people are actually are afraid of feeling their feelings.  We were told that we were supposed to fit in, not be so unique, and not to rock the boat.  When we did not fit in or conform to society's standards, which most of us do not, there are always many pointing fingers at us calling us out.  We have become comfortably numb instead of validating our feelings and working through them.  Feelings are important.  These feelings are what make our lives worth living.  Passion means you care. Have you lost some passion in your life?  We can care without getting hurt, we really can.


We are learning to take responsibility for, and have healthy boundaries with our own energy, thoughts and feelings, and also how to not be so easily affected by the energy of others. One of most important lessons I have learned is that we are not victims of the universe, other people or their belief systems.  We need to  remember that we all have free will and that everybody is responsible for the choices they make with this freedom.  We are also not responsible for their actions, only our own. 

We are powerful creators.  We must observe our thoughts, words and deeds for this is where we will create from.  Unfortunately, there are times that we must accept that people we care about make choices we do not agree with.  This is okay.  It is not our journey.  We can simply be there for them when they decide to rejoin us on the frequency of love we are trying to hold.  It can be difficult to remember this when we are hurt.  Sometimes our vision gets clouded through the pain and sense of loss.  My vision is to help people be united in love even when separated by fear, anger and sadness.  You can love somebody and be mad at them.  Many sensitive people think that if somebody does not agree with them, they do not like them.  This is not true.  Your gentle heart needs support on this belief system.



I see a world mankind of all ages who feel great about themselves and have an abundant, loving, compassionate and caring life.  We deserve to be vibrant, happy, confident, and an empowered species that does not feel weird for being sensitive to energies that are unseen.  I see a world filled with people understanding their intuitive senses and their own Divine connections with Spirit and trusting themselves when they feel this connection kicking in and calling with that soft gentle whisper to the soul.  Many of us dismiss this gentleness because it is not a scream or kick in the pants and if not careful can become "negative Nellie's" about the whole thing.  I understand, because I was there.  I did not stay there.  My journey, my vision is to take you from a place of doubt to a place of self worth, acceptance and deep understanding how deeply you are loved.



I love talking and learning about weird shit.   Yep I said shit on a professional website.  Why?  Because that is who I am.  I am honest, open and excited about this stuff.  When I heard the saying: “We are not only Humans having or seeking spiritual experiences, we are also Spiritual beings having and seeking human experiences” everything clicked.  Each and every one of us are here as a piece of Source having a physical existence on Earth in a physical body.  We are essentially energetic beings who are living here in a physical form for a short space in time.  We live here under the illusion of duality and separation, and mostly unaware of our own innate powers, our true history and our free will.  Each and every one of us are powerful, amazing co-creators with the Universe and no one is any better than anyone else, yet everyone is amazing.  We’ve been taught to feel, think, and be small but gratefully we’re here together now, all on this journey of rediscovering ourselves.

Work History


I am a certified medium, an intuitive coach and I communicate with Spirit. I currently host sessions out of my home and at Silver Cove crystal store in Calgary.  I have also been a senior instructor for several years at The Home of OM, a licensed psychic school in Calgary, AB, and have led hundreds of classes in intuition development and meditations.  I was one of the main leads at the school in designing programs, classes and events.


I love this work and have experience sharing Spirit in public venues and on stages as well in several large festivals and trade shows in Calgary and surrounding area, including: The Calgary Women’s Show, Lilac Festival, Rockapalooza, Calgary Pride, Expo Latino and others.


I’ve always been in the service industry.  You might think my first career would be very different than this one but I see many lessons and comparisons.  I was in corporate for 20 years as a computer geek and a service manager who managed uber geeks, the 3rd level techs, programmers, and software engineers.  I was there for the paper to pc evolution, Y2K and out just before cell phones went viral.  I am now stepping forward here to help all those other logical, capable, responsible, intelligent people who are reaching for something more.  


I like many others in the information technology field, had been outsourced, downsized, hit by a recession and then I made a move into more complicated technology.  I wanted to stand behind their work of turning 1 computer into 10 for school children in Central and South America.  Technology moves fast and I had always been on the bleeding edge, however the world of Linux had not kept up with the evolution of user friendly, smart phones, apps and cloud computing.  When the inevitable cuts to the service department came, just like that, my previous knowledge was irrelevant and I had to move through my own healing and what felt like an identity change.


That career loss, as well as the death of many loved ones in my lifetime, propelled me on the journey I am on now.  I trained at The Home of Om, The Gateway Centre Spiritualist Church, Pathways to Spirit Institute and several online programs for several years before moving into becoming a channel for Spirit, or psychic medium, and an intuitive coach to help others with their spiritual development.  With perseverance, practice, patience (a tough one) and the help of some amazing people, I moved back to seeing and feeling the light within myself and others, and came back to Love and to be of service and share.  I was able to heal, to learn, to grow and know that my mother still existed, and that I have always existed and that all of us will always exist.   As an adult I experienced so much healing, relief, peace and growth knowing these things again, as I knew when I was a child; we do not end and Love never dies. That realization also came with the beautiful bonus of also remembering that a lot of other beings we've been told are only imaginary, religious, science fiction, fantasy or childish, actually exist too,


I truly enjoy this work of sharing Spirit with other people, and helping them with their re-connections with their Spirit Guides, our Families of Light.  We ALL need to know that we have energetic beings with us who love and support us and who agreed to help us and enhance our physical existence here.   As many of you know, the corporate atmosphere can be a tough one and as someone who now works with Spirit Guides, not computers, I feel like I have the best co-workers ever.


I am now trying to move from many labels but many seekers are at various stages on their path of knowledge, growth and healing.  Many are searching for something and they will find their curiosity will lead them to follow many bread crumbs on their path.  Some are moving into their heart space, learning to feel things out and others are still curious with their heads looking for logical answers and qualifications.  All paths on the roads that lead us to ourselves are okay.  I can relate to and understand both perspectives, so for those that want to know, I’m certified the areas listed below:

  • Trilotherapist Soto Zen

  • Archangel Michael Healer

  • Fairyologist

  • Animal Communicator

  • Meditation Circle Leader

  • Mediumship

  • Sacred Geometry / Crystal Healing

  • Angel Medium

  • Dragon Magick Teacher

  • Angel Card Reader

  • Reiki – Usui Shiki Ryoho: 1st & 2nd Degrees

  • Brooks Medieval Faire - Mythical Creature Costume Contest Winner

  • Certified in Geek Stuff that is no longer relevant


Seeing that spark of light in people’s eyes and feeling the lightening of their hearts when we give messages of empowerment and healing from Spirit inspires me to do this work for others.  To be honest, initially my journey into training in mediumship and channeling was to understand myself better and to get to know my mother who died when I was a very young age.  I felt that gap in my life and began to understand that I could still have a relationship with her, just a different one than I was used to.  I wanted this relationship.  I wanted to know if she was all right, happy and safe.  I wanted her in my life again.  I needed to learn how to do this.  I felt different from other children.  I did not know this deep sense of knowing and feeling was my intuition.  I found out rather quickly that if you told people about your Spirit Friends, it was with awkward smiles and being pushed out of the room.  Having always been a seeker, I want to help you not feel awkward or pushed out of a room.  I want you to feel relief and expansion that yes, this is real.


My Role


Part of my role as a seeker, a leader, a student, a teacher and someone who works with energy, is to share information.  Simply to get information out there that will help create new potentials and possibilities in other minds and hearts.  I share in order to teach and to learn, which enables healing and growth in myself and others.  A Circle.  I'm known to talk a lot, and have always felt that questioning, talking and sharing to be an opportunity to grow and learn new things with others.  I have always had a natural ability to be able to explain seemingly complicated things easily to new or experienced people, be that about computers in the past or currently now about Spirit.


I am stepping forward to create a space to spread light and knowledge. This website is a taste of experiences, thoughts, beliefs, wonders and ponders that I have been guided is important to share.  I am not here to convince, argue, prove or defend who or what Spirit is, of any beings existence or my experiences with them.  I am just someone who has allowed myself to believe and reconnect, and now to hold a space to re-introduce others to all this through readings, teachings & meditations.  Helping others turn the lights back on and break past the barriers of minds and the chains we wrapped around our hearts, using my torch, to re-light and add fuel to theirs.  I may say things that hurt heads but they will also tickle hearts, and all I can say is, that is an important part of my role and we are all learning how to listen to our hearts again.


Why Elements of Spirit?  I felt there was no better way to embrace the so many pieces to this puzzle of life existing as a Spirit in human form.  There are so many elements of spirit that are here supporting us whether they be physical or etheric, whether we know about it, believe it or are consciously aware of or not.  A big part of my role in the work I do is to let people know about a wide variety of helpers we have available to us.  Beings who reside in the unseen, their secrets kept waiting for us in our hearts.  I am stepping forward here to spread light and knowledge. 


We used to define a medium, or mediumship, as those people who could connect with humans who have died. For me the terms mediumship and channelling are intertwined and I do communicate with passed over loved ones, be they human or animal, for messages of healing and support, but I work a little different in that I also work with Spirit Guides and connecting with others higher selves first, who have also waited for a long time to pass on messages of love, healing, support, guidance.  They have so much they want us to know and share with us for inner peace and joy.


So I would also be known by other terms, such as: a channel for Spirit, a psychic medium, a conduit of light, a code carrier, an old soul, a rainbow bridge, a lightworker, a gridworker, an intuitive, an empath, a messenger, an energy transformer, a way-shower, a ground crew member, a shape-shifter, an intuitive coach, a warrior for the light, an energy healer, a torch bearer, an old shaman, a teacher, a light in the dark, an Indigo, a starseed, a blue ray and more.  I have been initiated into the Brotherhood of Light, I am a Dragon Master, Trilotherapist/ Zen counsellor, Archangel Michael Healer and more listed in the Work History section.


Whew yes enough of that, I have never liked labels or the categorizing of life into boxes and now after a lot of learning, healing and growth, I am shaking off as many labels as I can.  Not because I judge, dismiss or don't identify with them, I do relate with them but we are all many labels and it is old society programming that tries to buckle us down or peg us into a hole or a role.  I list them here now for other seekers on their quest to learn and connect with more, so they can search with their fingertips.  We all need labels as a starting point to look for more information, to learn about things we are drawn to and even to see that there are many other people out there that are just like us, seeking and going through the same things.


The labels however are for our logical mind which helps the analyzing human to research but then we will be put in a position to choose; to continue to move forward from a head space, or move into new knowledge and forward from the heart space.  We are all so different and amazing and unique, and yet we are all one.  Through my own discoveries, I realize that we are all these labels and a lot more that I don’t even know or understand, and I am learning how to just BE me.


We all start off very logical before we move into trusting our intuition, hunches, and feelings.  I can completely relate, being a logical person and someone who was in the corporate world of computer technology for 20 years.  I lost my mother in childhood with vague memories of our life together, experienced the loss of others and my father in young adult years.  I’ve experienced weird things, seen a couple UFO’s, witnessed births, and deaths and have been on a seekers path for a long time.  I want to share much of what I've learned, so others do not need to experience huge losses for this beautiful gain.


Funny thing is even with all that logic, many of us have been drawn to sci-fi, mystical and magical books, movies and video games for a very long time.  The few places we are ever shown anything outside the narrow reality of what have been taught to know.  All written off as fantasy, fiction, imagination or just entertainment, so don't pay any attention to that childish stuff.  Thank goodness all those writers allowed their inspiration to come through that allowed us to keep some of these beings in our awareness.


The reality is that many capable intelligent responsible people have felt otherwise, have wondered if there was more to it all and why some of it resonates so much.  I want to look them in the eye or have them hear maybe for the first time, that it's okay, we are not losing it and so many things are much more real than we may be able to fully understand right now.


Our society may still have some strong beliefs or feelings associated with what I do as a channel for Spirit, but that is okay, it is changing, evolving and lightening.  I feel part my mission and role is to help other people logically understand many of these things that seem illogical, sharing understanding and knowledge that has actually been kept away from us for a long time.  Our stubborn human minds can be closed, but our hearts and the greater part of our being, are open to learning new things, rediscovering old things, and re-connecting our hearts to the light within.

My Story


I grew up in 70's with my single Mom on the east coast of Canada.  A time of: no internet, TV had 7 channels you had to move to change and phones had cords attached to the wall with no voicemail, caller id, or telemarketers.  When the phone rang it was always someone you knew.


As a child I felt and knew we were big inside and connected to every living thing we could see with our eyes and more that we couldn't, but the world around me seemed determined to make us feel small.  Just like most of you, when I was a kid, I knew things, heard things, felt and saw things that everyone around me thought I had no business feeling or knowing,


No one around me really knew anything about intuitive senses, everything was thought of as weird or spooky, at most maybe referred to as ESP (extra sensory perception).  Eastern Canada has a long history with many reported paranormal experiences but nope you couldn’t look it up anything in Webster’s dictionary or encyclopaedia Britannica.  I don’t have a lot of memories from childhood but one of the most common memories I have, is the look of fear on the faces of adults who were freaked out after I said something.  Most times I didn't even realize or fully understand what I had said and no one would explain their reactions, or tell me what the real problem was.  They reacted badly when words with knowing had sometimes seemed to just fall out of my mouth, but I'd be told to: be quiet or act more lady like, or asked: Why do you have to stir up trouble?  Why do you have to say, act, or be like that?  What is wrong with you?  Why do you have to have such a bigmouth? Usually ending off with telling me to me to stop doing that, don’t do it again and go away somewhere.  


Many of us have had difficult times in childhood and I like all of you when we were kids are innocent with our giant open hearts on our sleeves, loving everything and often saying things to our families who were used to and wanted to or chose to, hide their thoughts and feelings.  Kids feel more than they think, and all of us were one of them at some point, but kids feel, period.  Kids actually have to learn how to think and work with their bodies but they feel with their instincts for a long while first.  I remember I was often told often to be quiet and stop being so challenging but children do not intentionally do that.  For me, life turned upside down and childhood came crashing down at 8 yrs old within a short time span of a few months when I lost 2 beings I dearly loved that both died dramatically and unexpectedly.


One spring day I came home from school to find my very best friend in the whole world cut down and in pieces across our backyard.  A very large and mature willow tree I named Wil and who was always there when there was no one else to talk to or play with and someone with whom I spent many hours with every day.  At that time it was approached very logically for it might fall on the house and it was only a tree they said, and so I received no previous warning or compassion or support about the loss of my dear friend afterwards.  Then that fall, just after starting a new grade and the morning after an evening at a family wedding, I woke up and found the center of my whole world, my 28yr old mother who had passed away and was on our kitchen floor.


My mother’s family had a very hard time with this and although the pillar of my world was gone, unfortunately I did not receive a lot of compassion or support.  Not because no one cared but because no one knew how.  My grandparents had 4 children and now 2 of them were gone before they were 55, a son who was 12 at the time and my mother, 28.  Their only way of being able to cope and deal with the loss was to never really speak about her again, no sharing of stories, pictures or memories.  I don't mean to make them sound cold but yes in their grief they sort of forgot that their daughter had a little girl, who still needed compassion, support and laughter, to play, get dirty and ask a thousand questions.  For them, it hurt too much to remember her, to speak about her and remember her ways and mannerisms.  Little did I know until years later that I had bore most of her traits all my life, the voice, the laugh, the smile, and the attitude.  Things I didn’t know had reminded my family of my mother and that she wasn’t there but I didn’t put the pieces together about the various reactions I received until I was an adult.


I struggled to feel and stay connected with my mother; I was losing my few memories, what she sounded like, how she acted and even what she looked like.  I tried to hang onto the belief that she still existed and I would get to be with her again someday.  I distinctly remember within weeks of her passing of being really angry with her because she didn't visit me as a Spirit or a ghost was probably more the thinking at 8yrs old.  I wanted to understand more and I felt she and we all, still existed after death but there had been nothing there to support it.  At the same time, talking with my imaginary friends, or Spirit Guides I realize now, was also getting me in trouble.  I heard whispers of; she is having a full on conversation with no one there, maybe put her on medication or maybe ship off to doctors.  I lost my whole support system and completely shut down out of fear and a need for survival.


I never lost my weird and have always been wondering about weird shit.  When I was in high school a man named Bob Lazar had come forward on the news, saying he was someone who worked on the propulsion system of an alien spacecraft.  I still remember how it blew my mind when they asked him to prove it, and he casually said, “Well it works using gravity, or more like anti-gravity, but we don’t even know what gravity really is and we as humanity certainly don’t know how to produce it”.  Boom.. mind blown, me in a little ass town in New Brunswick, thought everyone had heard about and knew about this, most of my life until the new documentary release of this 30yrs later, but no one wanted to talk about it and shortly after the Gulf War took over the news.  After college I sold all I owned, drove to the far side of the country in a van with 3 adults, a child and a cat.  Within a year, only the cat and I were left and I went into the computer field and the corporate world for 20yrs.  I was a computer geek and then moved into operations and managed ultra geeks. The work was logical analytical, fixable, exciting and new, but not until afterwards did I realize an area of never ending problems, little gratitude and considerable stress with and expectation to be a workaholic. I was there for the literal transition of people moving from the world of doing their jobs on paper onto computers and the release of the internet and there was a lot of resistance to the change. I kept moving forward on the bleeding edge of new technology and tapping out just before the smart phone explosion, when the computer with a camera landed in the hands of the masses.


Even though I was in the world of the new technology, I discovered how closed minded even our culture was when I saw my first UFO in 1997 and tried to communicate with others about it.  I was in the world of constant new information, connected with the latest and greatest and up to date on things happening and new trends but no one wanted to hear about my experience or talk about it.  Regardless of the backlash, I kept wondering, hoping, searching, seeming a little weird and always seeking and wanting to believe in more.  Now it amazes me how much of that work in the computer field relates to this new world of working with people and Spirit. Funny too how at that time that so many people thought it was weird for me to be so connected to everything, aware of so many random things, yet now, the rest of the world is connected on a whole different extreme and find it normal, and now it’s being weird for being a channel for Spirit and stepped back from media and technology and not being connected all the time.  LOL.


Long before working with Spirit I called myself labels like a confused Catholic or an angry feeler.  I was frustrated and exhausted from feeling bombarded, overwhelmed and dragged down from feeling everyone's feelings around me.  When I tried to ask others if they felt or noticed the same things, many called me overly sensitive or too emotional and I didn’t realize this was coming from others who were making every effort not to feel their feelings, let alone anyone noticing someone else’s feelings.  I remember in my mid 20’s, early in my computer career, someone actually asked/said to me in a very aggressive tone: “Carrie – have you not been desensitized by television yet?” I could only reply with a meek “No”.  In that moment when I did however, I also resolved in that moment that I wasn’t going to allow it to happen to me in the future either.  Tired of trying to translate what people were saying versus the feeling of what I was receiving, or what they were doing, I lost touch with my own feelings and stuffed them down.


Luckily I came across the label empath years before hearing about or working on mediumship or channelling.  It initially helped me realize this energy transfer idea was a real thing and I was not the only one.  It resonated with me so much it started a journey of healing and trying to get back in touch with my own feelings again.  What I quickly found however, was that there wasn’t any information on how to handle it, how to have healthy energetic boundaries or how to be out there and still be ok.  It validated what I was going through but there was no talk of any tools to use other than protection. That is not a tool coming from space of love, but comes from a place of fear.  We all need alone time and seclude ourselves at times in order to recharge but we are not meant to be secluded away or isolate ourselves as much as we may think or feel we want to.  Empaths are the energy transformers that lighten dense energies and sometimes we are meant to be out there transforming energy around us, just by being there.

My Journey


How did this journey to mediumship and channeling all start for me?  Unfortunately, I would have to say with the loss of my first pet when I was a child, a big Doberman. There was this warm, safe love, and then it was gone.  I was confused.  Did his love stop because his heart did?  I wondered why this love thing hurt so much.  Was hurting part of loving?  I was not sure if it was worth it.

I then got a shock when what I thought was one of my best friends in the world, a Willow Tree I named Will, was cut down with no warning.  Again love was there, and now it was gone.  This one I thought was safe.  It was big.  It had roots.  It was there for a long long time before me.  How could this just be gone one day and nobody else seemed to care?   Again, confusion.


This was deeply compounded with the passing of my mother a few months later at the tender age of 8 years old.  How I functioned for the first bit with a family in shock that did not know how to talk to an innocent child that just lost their mother, I do not know.  I do not remember compassion, or even anybody trying to explain to me what just happened in my life.  Like my dog, and my tree, something I thought would always be there because I loved it so much, was now gone.  I was not allowed to even cry or mention her name.  I understand now as an adult it is because they were hurting too and were at a complete loss, but it was not fair.  I am all right with saying it was not fair or okay without being a victim, because there are times in life where it is not fair and it does suck.  But now what?   I was 8 years old and had my heart ripped out 3 times.  The last one nearly killed me.

This is where my head woke up and started taking control of my heart, telling me to protect myself and get my head out of the clouds and stop talking about all this energy stuff and my imaginary friends the Angels, Unicorns, and Dragons.  In my darkest times I still had one energetic being that did not leave.  My “big bright guy” was always there to comfort me when nobody else was.  He saw my tears and said it was ok because it meant how much I loved.  Tears meant love.  This was Archangel Michael.  I then learned that Archangel Raphael was with me the day my mother died while I waited for an adult to help.  As a child I did not know this is who or what he was… I just knew it was nice to not be alone and even though this awful thing happened, that I was loved and would survive.

I did survive.  I found love.  My love already had 3 children he brought with him to love as well.  To this day I love them all.  Through loving more, I witnessed passing from the view of an adult for once.  When my mother-in law passed away, I could make sense of it better.  She was old.  She was in pain.  It seemed fair.  It seemed like she was ready to pass, but my husband and I were not ready for her to go yet.   She was at peace, but we were in turmoil.

We do not need to experience so much pain to start to really learn about our own intuition and spirit, and one of the biggest reasons I want to work with you today!  We can learn through joy, excitement and harmony instead of pain, death and loss. This is the way were meant to live.  Living and being in love with love, not fearing it.


I would say that my journey of awakening, or conscious re-connection and healing with Spirit, began when I heard the words: mediumship, channeling, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience all within a 24hr period. When I first heard those words, my Spirit absolutely soared, my mind spun, my heart went into overload, and my body literally vibrated.  All of it completely lit up in sheer joy.  And then to be honest, I quickly got a headache and became upset by the fact, I didn’t know.  Wondered why and how had I not known about these words for the intuitive senses that were created hundreds of years ago?  How had no one spoken of these concepts?  Why had so much information about who we truly are and what we can truly do been twisted?  I actually had to take some time to allow the anger of not knowing to move through me.


This happened within weeks after witnessing the passing of my mother in law, and the 2 experiences completely moved me back towards healing with Spirit with a full open heart, and onto this path of being of channel and bridge for others.  I felt I had been ripped away from Spirit when my mother died as a child, and my mother in laws death snapped me right back.  I dove deeply into understanding and developing my mediumship skills with the motivation of getting to know my mother who I never really knew.


We don't know, what we don't know, until we know it, through hearing or reading something different, and so many things clicked into place all at once for me.  Including explaining to myself about the weirdo I've always felt, or been told, I had been.  This is the point where I also became aware I had to choose how I was going to react.  I somehow knew that if I continued to be upset that it would hinder my own growth and expansion, so I quickly moved myself back to a space of rediscovery and joy.  I feel we are all going to learn about a lot of things soon that may be very upsetting for many people at first.  We do the have right to be upset initially, many times it is also what causes and creates change for the greater good, but then we must let it go and move forward.


I didn't realize until later in adulthood that maybe TV shows like Sesame Street, The Muppets, Mork & Mindy and Star Trek in my childhood, had kind of influenced me into thinking and acting like talking to energetic beings such as Angels, Dragons, or people from another place and happened to blue was a normal thing.  This was happening for me as a child and it was being reflected back to me on the big world of TV, first in black and white and then color.  LOL.


Many of us are questioning everything about life around us more than ever before and science is starting to catch up to metaphysics, which simply means beyond physics.  My hope is to be of service, to create community and help others on their path to reconnect with joy.  To also connect with more empaths and those looking to understand themselves more, more parents and kids, more introverted nerds and geeks like myself, to help others find balance and inner peace for continued healing, growth and happiness.  


I showing people how to re-connect with themselves, interpret their own intuitive senses and connections with Spirit, and how they are currently working, yet maybe misunderstood.  I really enjoy sharing understanding and spreading self-empowerment to others who are trying to understand their connection with something bigger, and to those who may have also felt different or weird for far too long.   We are each supposed to be different and unique and yet we are all one.  We can also communicate with more than we have been taught about or allowed ourselves to believe in, or can even fully logically comprehend.  All that stuff that a whole bunch of us have wondered about for a long time.


The goal is to work towards putting up videos or audios of guided meditations or workshops, but for right now there’s lots of reading because it is time to get some information out there in the only way I know how.   


Being taught the Golden Rule to: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, and “Sharing is Caring”, I guess this site is a reflection of that. 

My Mision

To empower and inspire all of us to boldly speak our truths.  I want to softly tickle the knowing in our hearts, to help break the chains we wrapped around them, to be a catalyst for change and healing.  I want to be available to be a light on the path for other seekers who are on the journey of rediscovering their true selves.  Information about who we are has been suppressed for so long and all is coming to light now.  My mission is to help others understand that we are never alone, that no matter what we have been through that we will always exist, that there is nothing that you will go through that will destroy the power that lays within the soul.  For your soul is ancient, indestructible and perfect.


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