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Title really does say it all for many of us.

I feel that all of us know inside of our heart space that there is something more to life, that we are all connected to each other & with something bigger than ourselves, but our mainstream society has only had rigid rule based Religions created in the far distant past to support us in this.

I am not creating this article to put down religions, because after moving through my own healing and releasing old anger, I realize that any and all the roads to ourselves and Source are okay.  I am simply writing this to acknowledge the many people that are also confused because of old beliefs and teachings within religions.  I am also now very grateful to all religions in general, because I wouldn’t be where I am, if I didn’t have my own background and a base in religion.

I came from the corporate world and moved into becoming a channel for Spirit because I started to re-discover - We are Amazing!  We are not only humans with physical senses having and seeking spiritual experiences but we are also Spirits with intuitive senses seeking and having human experiences.  We are Creator beings in a physical form.  No one is any more amazing than anyone else yet each one of us has to step into realizing our own unique awesomeness.  

I was raised Catholic and as child had a strong feelings towards the Angels and the Ascended Masters (and a purple Dragon); Jesus and Mother Mary specifically but not in way my religion spoke of them.  Raised in eastern Canada I did not get to experience a lot of multiculturalism in my younger years, but something that added to my confusion and what I felt was racist at the time, was from being surrounded by so many Christian religions who were all stating that their way was the right way while putting down the other religions, and if you were doing it another way or following a different religion than they were, or we were doing it wrong.  They also all spoke of worshiping Jesus as our saviour to ask him for forgiveness and rarely mentioned Mary.  It was confused because as a small child I actually felt deeply connected with them both and that they were even my friends.  I received confusing feedback from adults that told me I had no right to feel that way and who did I think I was anyway?  Children do not think that way, but adults do and project it onto children.

This became a much bigger problem for me after my mother died when I was still a child.  My family was in pain and my religion or any of the others I knew of didn't address my questions about our connections with God/ Source or death.  Did my mom still exist?  Was she okay?  Would I ever see her or be with her again?  As the hurt child and then young adult, I felt angry towards religion for a long time for not addressing death or explaining to me why my mother and others had to die and leave us.

Death comes with so many confusing and heavy emotions and no one wants to talk about it because it brings up more emotions.  In my early life death also made family members and friends uncomfortable to the point of them wanting to avoid me, because when they saw me they thought about death and did not want to think about her death or their own, or remember that my mother was gone.  Various education systems don’t talk about death either and people in general just seem to ignore the bigger world of Spirit.  I was so frustrated with feeling a lack of connection with people and religion.  I knew Jesus existed after death, but did my mother?  The answers I received were about telling me to move on, get over the loss, my mother is not here anymore, time will pass and I would heal and forget.  

After college I moved to western Canada and explored other religions and still on the search I later took my own family to various religious services.  After raising family, leaving the corporate world and experiencing more death, I was seeking and found a religion at that time that helped me immensely, the Spiritualist Church.  A religion dedicated to proving life after death and started in the 1840’s in England.  A place that embraced my feeling that the dead do still exist and they explained and taught how we can communicate with them, and many other beings of light through mediumship.  After a few years I did ultimately walk away from that religion as well because of their strict dogma of only practicing evidential mediumship after I started having connections with other Spirit Guides such as Archangel Michael, Dragons and Fairies.  They were quite okay with a Native American chief and my animal friend, a wolf, but not Angels and Dragons.  I was having memories of their presence in childhood and being with them and knew I was intimately connecting with them from many lives and so had to continue my seeking.  I will be forever grateful to that institution and all the people involved, but I’ve now moved into embracing my own personal connections with Spirit, and I know that’s okay.

Besides confusion about religions, mainstream still doesn’t acknowledging our intuitive senses or the power of imagination, the bridges between the worlds of Spirit and Physical.  I feel “Consciousness” has been labelled “Imagination” and we have been deterred from using it by being told young and telling ourselves as an adult that we’re being childish and to grown up, we've got things to do.  We are being told we don't know things, to stop doing that and it's a silly waste of time making things up with our over-active imaginations.  It has not been included as an important part of our reality because we need to get things done, we've got responsibilities, things to do, stuff to achieve and need to be productive.  So we stop and cut ourselves off from trusting our instincts, our connections with our own higher Spirit, our Spirit Guide helpers and the love of Source/ God, the oneness.

We have been taught to distract ourselves from ourselves and that something must be proved first through seeing with our physical eyes or by some scientist who says so with complicated mathematics that we don't understand, before we'll believe that something is real.  It's really the opposite of that.  

One common thing all religions did try to teach us was to have faith, meaning to believe first and then we will receive the proof.   Faith, that we are connected with something bigger than ourselves and to communicate with the unseen.  Knowing that we are all a part of something bigger that is supporting us and that when we have faith, we will get the proof.  If we think about it every single scientist had a thought or used their imagination first before finding their discoveries.  Gravity existed and was working before it was discovered too.

For me in childhood it seemed like people who were strict followers of religion often felt very hypocritical.  It seemed like a lot of people were only being nice for one hour of one day, but those other 6 days and 23 hours were very different and I was being given the impression that if we went to church once a week, all that we did was forgiven and went away.  People were superficial and nice to someone’s face but when the door was closed behind them and I heard very different.  In was a space where white lies were the norm and we were to keep our skeletons in the closet but manipulating situations to our advantage was okay, and that it was alright to talk about people behind their back but don't forget to go to church on Sunday.   I felt hurt and watched others be hurt by actions and words that were repeated for years within my own family.  It didn’t change and I wondered how religion made people feel good.

If we only truly knew how powerful we were and that everything that lives is a conscious and sentient being!  We would know we didn’t just come here to work really hard, experience pain and suffering and then die.  We were told our imagination and feelings were a waste of time, childish, irrelevant and that it didn’t matter what we allowed our mind to think about (see changing thinking) because it didn’t really matter or affect anything anyway.  Wow, so very not true.

Know that we are all a piece of God and we are all co-creators with the universe that came here to have an experience as a Spirit in physical form who also gets to smell, touch and taste things.  Just like the Ascended Masters did, for we are now the ones who are becoming masters in form.  There is more to it yes as we hear about the Golden Age, Ascension, The Shift, but this beautiful planet known as Gaia is a cornucopia of beauty, wonders and physical sensations.

We can connect to a lot of beings in different energetic realms if we choose to and allow it.  Many of our connections are only severed from what we believe and doubts, but also from feelings of unworthiness inside.  Our world has taught us that we are not good enough and that we are small and insignificant, and many of our religions say that someone else is really in charge, a God or a being who exists outside of us that judges and condemns, but loves us.  That has never resonated within my being and why we must continue to unlearn what we think we know.

If an Angel, Jesus or a Unicorn came to you in a daydream, meditation or dream, would you allow it?  Would you allow that moment to continue?  Would you let yourself believe that that being was there just for, right now in that moment to support and love you?  Or would you tell yourself it’s all in your imagination or just fantasizing and tell yourself your a responsible capable adult and who has time for that?

Archangel Michael has asked me to share this message here:

Know that although Angels exist in every religion and are included in every major religious text, Angels do not belong to religions.  Angels were created and are here, to support Humans.  Humans created religions with hierarchies of how many or which Angels exist.  Angels are here as an energetic support system for humans that loves all humans unconditionally, and without judgement.  Angels are omnipresent and can connect with many beings at the same time.  Some Angels work with individuals and many Angels work with groups. Angels are not male or female, but for your human understanding this is how we are often referred to and described by to other humans.  Angels are not humans with wings however they have been portrayed that way for a very long time and it is an image that brings many people peace and comfort.  We ask everyone to not to get too stuck in the labels when connecting, which can create more doubt.  Trust the feeling and if you feel that I, Archangel Michael, or any other Angel is with you, know that I/we are.  Know that your ability to perceive energy and imagery grows with time and as your perceptions change, some see me with white wings, some see me with black wings, some see me with facial and body features, and others see me as a ball of light, and all of them are correct

Praying versus Meditating

Prayer:        Think of as outgoing energy, such as: talking, intending or transmitting.
Meditation:    Think of as incoming energy, such as: listening, receiving or absorbing.

Know that none of our Spirit Guides will ever tell us what to do, not an Angel, a Fairy or even Jesus are allowed to interfere with our free will, it is a rule of this place, and of their all guidance will come with options of choice and self reflection.  Many people are drawn to: rituals, mantras, affirmations, prayers, songs, psalms, incantations, spells and tools, and that is okay but also know that we do not "need to" or "have to", do any of these things anymore to connect with Spirit properly.  If they help us and we like doing them or they help give us a sense of ease and peace, sure that’s different.  Many people may not realize they are drawn to these things from doing them in many past lives.  In the past when energies were very dense, negative and heavy, it benefited us greatly to ride the energies of others who had said or performed things in certain ways, many times, over long periods of time.  It is still very beneficial for humans to expand together but the energies here are different now.  It’s lighter, it’s brighter, it’s only increasing and we can easily connect now.  We are powerful beings who do not “need” these tools any longer, and we do not to think or feel that we will fail or that we are doing it wrong, if we do not do them.  We are always connected, we are always protected and if we will but stop and take a big breath, come into our heart space into the now moment, we can be consciously connected.  Take a deep breath and know that you are connected, supported and loved.



Ascended Masters

I wanted to make a space to mention them here as a collective to share my gratitude for their presence here with us although I do not know all of them or everything about any single one of them.  I created this whole page so that other people could have a safe space and know other people have felt the same way they have.

I feel the Ascended Masters all lived human lives just like we all are right now.  They were born in all corners and cultures around the world and mentioned in all religions, so that all humans everywhere could have an example to show us who we truly are, what we can truly do, achieve and be.  They were here to not show us how unimportant we were but be shining examples to me, to you and everyone else on this planet, because we are the ones who are now becoming the masters in physical form.

Many are confused about what Source/ God/ Great Spirit/ Creator is because many of us are taught that it is an omnipresent being that is outside of ourselves who watches, judges, punishes and loves us.  God is not a being that is outside of ourselves, Source is within each and every one of us.   Empaths are beautiful source heart lights, if only they all knew that.

My own religious confusion cause me to move away from even using the word God for a very long time because I did not feel there was a man with a big beard up in the puffy clouds, nor a pointy headed dude with a pitch fork down in some flames. Opposite sides of energy, yes.  I for some reason felt or knew that if I did that then every mistake that I ever made my whole life from the time I was little until I got old into my future, and I was young when I thought this, would always hang over top of me and constantly pull me down because I would always think of myself as a sinner.

We are humans and making mistakes are a part of our learning process.  Only after my own healing and growth of re-connecting with Spirit and before becoming a channel for Spirit, did I realize that not everything had to or was supposed to be learned the hard way.  That is a regular part of humanity’s thinking and luckily we are learning about changing our thinking.  I didn’t know any of this as a child, I simply knew that I had already made some mistakes that I felt really bad for but it didn’t mean that I was a bad person forever.  Now in personal readings, group meditations or conversation I will use the word God or Source fairly often because I’ve healed my own hurts, moved past my old beliefs and it’s the shortest and easiest to use.

More religious confusion came from this seeming competition between all the different religions about: Who worships who better?  Who is better to worship?  How we worship?  What worship words to say?  Who was Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Mother Mary, Guadalupe, Shiva, Kuan Yin, St Germaine etc?  To my logical brain it seemed like they are all a bunch of people’s imaginary friends, whose followers were fighting over whose imaginary friends were better than everyone else's.

How about they were all about the same thing?  They lived here as humans with human lives to show each and every one of us of what we are, can be and do and more.  Yep, we we should all know we're multidimensional energetic beings with intuitive senses and should all be able to walk on water and play with the elements.   We only can’t because we collectively decided that only other very special people can do that and we have lost the faith in ourselves and the knowledge how.

My initial exploration with the Masters started with Jesus in childhood when I first felt like I actually knew this being an old friend.  I couldn’t explain it but I was questioning the teachings really early on about him, my poor grandmother.  I asked a lot of questions before because of catechism but after my mom died when I was only 8 (story in about me) the questions became never ending.  I asked intelligent questions, I made some argumentative and some compassionate statements and pushed back against the dogma.  I got told to go outside and play a lot.  I struggled with the idea that I was a sinner and that everything I did was not pleasing God, I wanted to know about my mother and I felt I knew that Jesus never felt he was a saviour or that anyone had to ask for his forgiveness for anything.  My poor grandmother.  LOL

For me it felt like my religion just repeated the same story year after year.  So many people on this side of the world who are drawn to Jesus ran into resistance with their beliefs and connections from being confused or even angry from religious confusion.  Along with many other people, after my religious confusion and loss of loved ones, I pulled back from religion, Jesus, the Angels and all of it for a while.  Always curious, always seeking, always wondering the story past the resurrection, and if he was an Ascended Master did that that mean my mother and the rest of us could do it too?  Yes.

I have moved away from religion now but back with the Angels, the Ascended Masters, Dragons, the Elementals, Galactic beings and more.  The Angels are high vibrational beings of light here as an energetic support system to us beings of source here having a physical experience to help pull all of us up and out of the muck.  The Ascended Masters can relate closer to our human physical experience, confusion and the heaviness we experience here experiencing thoughts, feelings and emotions of our own and the energies of others.  

I thought it was very cool when I come across this quote from Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) an American clairvoyant:

Jesus, as our Elder brother; a soul who came to show each one of us the way back to our spiritual Source by perfectly manifesting the laws of the Creator in the earth. Just as an older sibling can sometimes provide insight and counsel into some of life's difficulties (because he or she went through them first) Jesus as Elder brother can assist us in facing life's challenges. What may surprise individuals is that this fact has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with spirituality and discovering our true relationship with God- a relationship we share with Jesus. Jesus is the Elder brother for all of humankind, deeply committed to assisting all souls in reawakening to the awareness of their oneness with God

Jesus comes often in readings and group sessions to offer perspective, pass on messages of healing, support and love to everyone, and is a being that quickly steps forward for all healers.  Healers too often forget about themselves, underestimate their own needs and the amount of energies they work with and exhaust themselves. Jesus also now frequently asks me to look people in the eye and tell them:   “There is no need to worship me or ask me for forgiveness of any kind, for I am not your saviour, I am your Homie.”

Another reminder for me that Spirit does really does speak to us and work through us using our own words and experiences.

Find more information under the Human Stuff page such as articles on intuitive senses and empaths, check under Earth Stuff for information about elements, plants, Gaia, etc. or check the Spirit Stuff page for articles about being multidimensional or Spirit Guides in general and for lots of information about different guides such as Angels, Dragons, Forest People, and more.

Ascended Masters
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