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The Dragons are in other etheric realms, representing the supernatural & our infinite self.  They remind us of wisdom, infinity, intuitive abilities, longevity & movement through space.  They also remind us that change and transformation are the natural alchemical or transmutational energies of the process of our evolution.

I do not think of the Dragons as elemental beings, although some Dragons are intimately connected with the elements here on Gaia, but not all of them.  Some are even from other planets and galaxies.  I feel that Dragons are extinct beings who have moved on to another plane of existence, and are connected to us from past lives like the Unicorns.  Unlike the Angels, the Dragons do have free will, ego and judgement and they will only re-connect with those who have good intentions.  No Spirit Guides are allowed to interfere with human free will and all beings connected with Gaia have ego and free will.

This is not all inclusive of all that Dragons are, but a space to acknowledge their presence and share my gratitude for their being here with us as we move into the next Golden Age.  We have so much to re-discover and learn about as our awareness and the vibration, or the consciousness, of Humans and Gaia increases.  Dragons are benevolent, conscious, advanced, ancient and wise beings that have remained hidden and those humans who can hold their vibrations high are able to perceive them.  With higher vibrational energies increasing so much here, they are able to come forth and return into our awareness in large numbers now.  Many of these Dragons stepped back after the last attempt at ascension failed and yet they agreed to be here for the dawn of the next Golden Age, which are these times now.  My feeling, and from what they've shown me, is that they were even part of the creation of Earth, they have physically lived here many times in the past, and they are now caretakers of Gaia and the humans they are connected with.

There are so many different types of Dragons and they could be called; celestial, ascended, cosmic, galactic or simply, high vibrational Dragons.  We are connecting with the Ascended Dragon Collective.  In the course of their evolution, many of them have elevated their consciousness into the higher dimensions and ascended, for all is constantly evolving.  Some are associated with this planet, connected with Gaia and working with the elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Spirit and Chaos, and their related etheric energies.  Some Dragons work with more than one element, or energies we might not consider an element, or energies we could label with a single word.  They are associated with humans on this planet who are also from other parts of this solar system, other star systems and other galaxies.  Some Dragons are, were, part of the creation process of those planets, galaxies and universes.

So many; colors, sizes and abilities, some with one head, others with multiple, some with multiple legs, or wings, and some with none, some with scales, some with feathers or fur, some are etheric, some look like liquid precious metals, some are iridescent, and I am sure other qualities I have forgotten or don’t know.  Dragons are here as; guardians, companions, protectors, guides and friends who can help connect us with ourselves, connect and work with the earth energies of Gaia, bring forth ancient wisdom and knowledge laying dormant within, protect us as we change our energy frequencies and more.  They are here for us, for their love of humans, for their love of Gaia, here to assist both on their ascension quests, and for their own expansion as well.

Are Dragons real?  Yes.  Do they exist here physically right now?  No. Are they Mythical? Imaginary? Mythological?  No. Are they amazing and can we still go for a ride with them? Yes!  That space of meditation allows for many multi-dimensional experiences.  The Dragons returned early in my re-connections with Spirit Guides or our Family of Light as I also like to refer to them.  Racing a Dragon down an Angel's wing is quite an experience, and something that started to shift my brain to move me on a path of healing and growth, as well as re-assure me these were beings connected with love.  When I connected with them I knew in my heart immediately that I had known these beings as a child, and confusing for my head, even longer than that.   My brain was also in scrambles from remembering that these were some of those “imaginary friends” I had got in trouble for talking to as a child.  I may have never remembered them unless I had made time for meditation, a space of re-connection, and if I hadn’t actually allowed the experiences to happen.

As we begin to get to know the Dragons again, we are all re-learning about their purpose versus what we have been taught.  It has also been fascinating to discover in our regular monthly Dragon circle that not all Dragons know each other.  Humans with their various experiences and past lives are connected to Dragons from many worlds, times and realms.  They are coming back into our awareness and many children and adults are reconnecting with them again as we increase our vibrations.  We are learning from each other about new ways to work with sound and light energies, elements and even weather, extending their clearing abilities of the energies created, and affected, by the collective thoughts and feelings of humans.  All of them, working with healing and protecting Gaia and her light workers, old souls, gridworkers, empaths etc. while we all move forward on our paths of ascension together into the next Golden Age.  Dragons are magnificent benevolent ancient beings of light, and they are powerful and interestingly familiar.

Can we trust Dragons? Do they work in the light?  Absolutely!  The Dragons that are here connecting with humans are connected to us through love and part of the Ascended Dragon Collective.  Just like any group of beings who have free will, be they humans, Dragons, Elementals or whomever, most of them are benevolent and many are indifferent.

There is so much light, or high vibration energy, on this planet now that almost nothing else of a lower vibration can come anywhere near us unless a human chooses to do so with their own free will and allows or wants to work with those energies.  Our connections are what we choose, but when we choose to only work with beings of the highest white light, the beings of dark are naturally repelled.  As the vibration of Gaia and all who reside here increases it is such that energies of darkness are having a very hard time working here.  

So when we choose to connect with Spirit all we need to intend is: “I will only work with those beings of the highest white light and my highest and greatest good”.  Our Spirit Guides then get to their job and work with us by being guardians of our intentions.  Be sure to feel the energy of any being that comes to with your heart and ask them this intention you set now as a question.  Those that are, will feel good and immediately respond with a yes in a way we can recognize it, and they will not be insulted by the question as they know we are learning how to discern.  Know that any and all of our Spirit Guides will never tell us what to do, will not interfere with human free will and will not insist that we do anything in a particular way or by a time frame. I have also been told by my Dragon guide to tell others that Dragons will not be manipulated, used or abused by humans again, and to warn that if humans choose to try to work with the Dragons with malevolent intent, or for a boost of their own ego and power, or ask a Dragon to use their energy against another being, that their Dragon guardian will retreat from us again until we cross back over to the ethers. If any being be they Dragon or otherwise hesitates to answer, tries to distract or outright says no, banish them from your presence telling them they are never allowed to return, and don't let your curiosity crack open the door, slam it shut.

Dragons are empowered light masters and energy transformers who can direct and amplify the flow of the light energy of creation.  They are here working with and for Gaia , the grid and humans, some from other planets and galaxies, some here as caretakers of Gaia and her elements, all to help us by offering their wisdom, knowledge and guidance to move human consciousness into the next Golden Age for the ascension, or evolution, of all.  The humans, the planet and all those connected to them both through love.  The Dragons do not need us or our help to work with Gaia; they all have their own roles without our intervention, but the human intention is very powerful, and when we choose to engage our consciousness with theirs and ask for their help or intervention in areas, the energy put into it is exponential. 


Dragons are energy of alchemy, magic and intrigue and transformers of energies.  People are affected by collective human thought and emotional energy and can struggle to hold their own light, and although Dragons cannot just take something away because it is bothering us, that is our responsibility, but they can clear a space and transmute heavy energy to energy light to give an individual or a collective the clear space to choose light.  They work for the light and are clearing and transforming the lower energies and preparing the way for higher frequencies to come in.  The Fire Dragons literally burn away heavy astral energies to create a clearing and safe space for children when they astral travel in their sleep.

As is the case with many of our Spirit Guides, many of us have lived in past lives as humans with Dragons, and many of us have lived in past lives as a Dragon, with Dragons. The Dragons have lived with and loved humans in many lifetimes, those beings of light who have had many forms.  I have come to find there are many who feel they have been with Dragons before and know, well, maybe sort of feel down inside, that it is not just folklore or childishness, only meant for fantasy movies, computer games, books  and cartoons.  But thank goodness for all those writers, animators, producers of movie and games, those creatively or maybe divinely inspired, who have kept the Dragon memory alive in our awareness, or we might have lost our remembering of them all together.  

Dragons connect with us energetically now and are coming forward in great numbers to re-connect with humans because of their love for their human companions and Gaia. The vibration here has increased significantly and part of their role is to be guardians of the dawn of the new Golden Age.  The human consciousness evolving affects many other beings, dimensions and universes, as we attempt to ascend as a species and a planet together, again.  We are on the cusp of it and the Dragons and many others members of our light families are here to help.

The first time and several times after I re-connected with the Dragons I cried tears of joy at the overwhelming feeling of love, companionship and re-connection.  Sure my logical mind was confused, struggling between a feeling of deeply missing these beings and with the idea that they were actually real, at the same time.  They came to me before the Pegasus incident happened, which was a breakthrough moment for me.  My mind struggled, were they not just part of movies and fantasy books?  At the same time, my heart did not struggle nor doubt.  The intense feelings of love and healing that I felt from knowing they were there, remembering they had been there in childhood, and the joy I felt, helped me push back the doubt.  Sure not all doubt in the beginning but definitely enough to choose to keep connecting, which then led to less doubt.

The first time I had to defend a challenge about my connections with Dragons to another human, was probably when I first realized that I wholeheartedly believed.  I still didn’t even fully understand, still learning to this day, but other light workers didn't understand them either and the person who was challenging me was confused because I smiled and spoke excitedly about them.  I understood the questioning though, all we have ever been taught about Dragons is that they are big, powerful and associated with destruction, and is why I decided in that moment that I will not be “defensive” about them.  I will not try to convince anyone, argue about, or try to prove or defend the Dragons existence to anyone.  I made the exact same decision after encountering resistance about physically seeing UFO’s twice so far in my lifetime.  It is for each person to decide whether they will allow or believe or reconnect with any being, or not.  I am here to share information and hold a space for humans and Dragons and other beings to re-connect and to be a capable, responsible, intelligent, logical human being that will say to other humans, looking them in the eye when possible: “Yes, I believe in Dragons and other etheric beings that exist”.  

Many empaths realize they not only feel for and are concerned about other humans, but many also feel for many other beings such as: crystals, plants, lands, waters, animals domestic and wild, and even Gaia herself.  It has been very difficult for many empaths to talk about, as many have already been told they are too sensitive or emotional and so many don’t have a safe space to express and explore their feelings about these beings and move through them.  This is why we must all take this time for ourselves to empower ourselves and heal, and not allow ourselves to be distracted by ourselves from ourselves any longer.  Empaths can get overwhelmed with sad feelings, feeling responsible because they are having these feelings, and then not know what to do about them, feeling caught in a loop.  We can’t always send money to every worthy cause or pack our bags and go protest or help, but here is where the human forgets, or has been taught it is a weakness, to ask for help.

We are not responsible for others energy, but it time for each of us to take responsibility for our own well being, learn how to clear out our energy and create energetic boundaries. One thing we can do for ourselves is recognize we are not alone and we can ask for help, guidance, love and support from many beings such as the Angels, Fairies, Star beings, Dragons or whomever when we want it.  We don’t have to just be in the position of needing help before asking for help but know that we can also ask them with our intentions to clear out, recharge and fill spaces or situations we are concerned about with their light.  

Humans have a history that dominates, decimates, and exterminates nature places, beings and resources and this has been hard on empaths vibrations.  We may wonder why there are so many energetic beings, Spirit Guides, available to help us and all the other conscious sentient beings on the planet.  It is because humanity is so very hard on all that exists and we are destructive and dominating, for when we wanted medicine or something to write on or build with, we cut it down, or when we wanted a crystal, we blew it up, or when we wanted an animal, we only took a part or hunted them to extinction.   Know that Angels and Dragons work very well together and I feel I must mention the Unicorns who also love to work with both these energies as well.  Angel vibrations are high and cannot be lowered and Dragons can clear lower or denser frequencies than Angels.  Dragons can clear, transform, transmute and ground in energies and the Angels lift the energies up into even higher frequencies.

Once we have re-connected with Dragons, know they are unwavering and powerful friends who are straight forward, blunt, to the point and very honest with us.  We get along well... LOL.  They are also very loving, loyal, wise and nurturing, and they will also take you for an incredible ride if you will allow them.  The Dragons are supporting, guiding and protecting us on so many levels.  In the beginning the support was for my personal healing and growth.  Then the Dragons asked me to create a safe space to help reconnect other humans with their Dragons to remember, learn and expand and I have now been hosting a monthly Dragon circle for several years.  I love learning in this circle and the responses from new people who join the monthly Dragon meditation are beautiful; the smiles, the tears, with the unexpected surprise of processing; how much joy and love there is for us to experience with Dragons.

The Dragons do come up in readings for people for re-introductions, as I am a channel / medium who connects with Spirit Guides before passed over loved ones, and I pass on messages of love and support that they too have been waiting to share for a long time.  There is a Dragon Guide for every soul who is called to them, have you always wondered?  Those who believe, wonder and connect with Dragons are old souls, lightworkers and gridworkers and if you have read this far; you too are connected to Dragons.  It is funny that way, many of the artwork and statues of things we have been drawn to throughout our lives or lifetimes; are because of our etheric connections, that we are bringing a physical representation of them into our space, not because it is a coincidence that we bought or have one.

When I first started developing my mediumship I started with a Spiritualist Church that practices strictly evidential mediumship, and very quickly I was connecting with Archangel Michael and a very large purple Dragon.  There was some external resistance that gradually grew stronger to the Angel and Dragon connections but my inner child and heart were exploding with love and joy.  Sure the adult logical me was struggling with doubt and analyzing but the joy was taking over.  I used to be a computer geek, these were just beings in fantasy movies and games; right?!  But why and how do I remember the intense feeling of Love?  How could I miss someone so much that I didn't know was real?  My adult logical mind didn't understand, but my inner child, heart and spirit knew.  

I started seeking others who felt they too had Angel connections and found the place I was meant to, where over time I moved into a senior instructor role.  In the beginning there was a light resistance to Dragons and to strengthen my foundation of understanding, I started seeking others who felt connected with Dragons.  I found a place connected with the Modern Mystery School that taught Dragon Magick.  Although these instructions gave me a base and a certificate to teach others, it quickly felt like these were very old ways and restricted in its teachings.  Basically a very human thing, if we didn’t have all the right tools, and say all the right worlds in the right order, we were doing it all wrong.  I struggled with this after learning differently through Archangel Michael but my head still tried to get in the way asking myself; what the heck did I think I knew anyway? This is way it is taught, this is the way you do it.  

I then let it go after my main Dragon guide questioned me several times about of why I thought I had to do it this way.  He also shared with me that this was unfortunately how humans treat a lot of things in the world.  Humans do not let go and move on so easily, especially if they’ve found something that works. So a human’s approach if often stuck in old linear ways and beliefs when comes to towards things such as spirituality, spirit, science, energy and more, and our thinking tends to stay in old energy patterns because we let them.  We need to look past the past, and realize the energy has shifted and lifted, and our connections are much stronger and faster now, we simply have to choose them.  We do not need the old ways of rituals any longer to connect; we needed to do those things when the energy was very dense.  I am not saying rituals are bad; many of us need to start off mediation time with some sort of ritual in order to get our brains on track with “this is what we’re doing right now”.  But know that we are strong enough, that we do not “need” ritual to connect with Spirit anymore, as the energies are strong enough here now that we can do it with a conscious breath.

I had been having many wonderful experiences with the purple Dragon and Archangel Michael in meditations, but the first time I actually heard a few of my Dragon guides; was when 2 Dragons came forward in one of those first Dragon Magick classes.  At that point I had only heard a name, and I knew he was purple, but there had been no other clairaudient messages.  I had experienced feelings and a knowing, with some visual experiences, but no direct messages.  This time after dropping into my heart space I heard two very short messages, in two distinct tones of voice: one: “We have missed you Dragon Master” and the other: “Yay! Now we get to play again”.   My brain tried to pull me out of the meditation space, but quickly feeling the intense feeling of love, I pushed my doubts aside, telling myself I’ll think about it later and allowed the experience to unfold.  Then came two quick visuals: One of the immensely large purple Dragon who I had been flying with and who works with the Violet Flame.  He is serious, yet has a great sense of humour, is knowledgeable and is a very old and dear friend whom I have been connected with many lifetimes before.  The other Dragon was a Fire Dragon, playful and joyful, a dear friend who really wanted to play and re-introduce me to shape-shifting, and who also seemed to enjoy annoying the hell out of the purple one.

I tell people the Fire Dragon did a great job of distracting me from my own doubting.  He was so active, very affectionate, and came quite small and cute in the beginning, which became quite intriguing over time as he appeared in many different sizes.  I realized later that he did that for my benefit so that I would not be afraid and could get accustomed to their presence and their energy.  I like to have fun, and he got in on that right from the beginning to help me feel comfortable and safe.  Since hosting public Dragon meditations and helping others re-connect with their Dragon guides for several years now, we have come to notice that it is quite common that Dragons often come small, for some people they can even be cartoonish looking in the beginning, because it is all about the love, and feeling safe.

Culturally Dragons represent the serpentine energies of transformation, new beginnings and ancient wisdom.  There are legends of Dragons all around the world and some that go back centuries such as in China, Japan, West, Central and Eastern Europe, Mexico and others.  Many people are now starting to re-evaluate the legends of the past and recognizing, remembering or feeling that they are not just legends, folklore, or mythology.  I feel Dragons are extinct beings in this physical world, like the Unicorns, now living in other realms having retreated from this physical realm for protection.  Not to say Dragons and other beings are not living physically somewhere else, but they have physically lived here in the previous attempts at ascension in Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon, those times of almost reaching the Golden Age.

My close Dragon guide, I nickname “V”, has asked me to not look any further into Dragon history, legends, lore or magick, as most of the information we have here is based on old information and old energies.  I am not judging, disrespecting or disregarding anyone else who does.  At one point I was reading something relating to Dragon Magick and it wasn’t resonating with me and long before we ran a circle together, my brain was trying to get in the way and doubt myself: “What do you know? These people work with Dragons and this is the way and it works”.  At that moment I immediately recognized V’s strong energy and presence.  I acknowledged him and then he telepathically asked me: “Why are you reading about this?  We ask you to consider to only continuing further reading if you can also show us somewhere it is written and depicted that Dragons were actually glorified, revered and respected and that humans and dragons were working together in peace and harmony, as equal beings.  I did not say we should be more revered than humans, but it is not our fault that humans do not have the same respect and reverence or recognize themselves as magnificent.  This is how the Dragons see themselves, each other, and humans”.  I’m pretty good with a keyboard and a browser and I looked for a couple days about Dragons in other times in ascension and previous Golden ages, and I didn’t find anything about that or anything positive.  So I agreed with his request.

Please understand that none of our Spirit Guides that are re-connecting with us want to create fear, if it happens they will back off until we are ready and give them permission again to do so.  This is about love, transformation and expansion.  The Dragons understand that their looks, intense energy and people’s beliefs could create intimidation at first before we learn to connect and feel them through our heart spaces.  So in the beginning they could come as cartoon or tiny, or we may only be able to perceive bits and pieces and catch a glimpse of a color, a scale, a wing or an eye ball and many can shape shift in size but some choose not to like the Black Dragons.  They will try to come to us in whatever way we will allow them and try not to be fearful to us.  As soon as they do come, “V” has me remind people to pull away from seeing and the looks actually, and instead, visualize connecting heart to heart energies in whatever way works for us, and then feel the energy, feel the love, the companionship, the camaraderie, the familiarity, the remembering.  The great part is when they come to their human friend in their much larger form, when we feel safe, people are delightfully surprised to see, sense or feel their Dragon guides true size, and know they are still full of all that same fun and joy.  I have lost the words to describe huge as we continue working with them.

Many more personal Dragons have come into my awareness since the beginning with so much love and joy there.  I have 12 personal Dragon guides, with myself being the 13th and a Rainbow Dragon in a past life.  Yes, we've lived many lives not all of them as a human, some of our Spirit Guides come from times we lived with them as a human, and from other times when we lived among them as one of them. “V” wanted to stretch my beliefs, thoughts, and abilities early on. The Dragons like to “do stuff” together and I tell people that our monthly Dragon meditation is an active, or a partici-paction circle, an old Canadian public television reference there... LOL. 

The Dragons are also ones who first introduced me to actually working with Gaia and her energetic systems and the grid.  I had been having experiences with “V” and the Fire Dragon for a while, we had been in inner earth tunnels and seen some of the beings there, heard some of the alarms within, and we had lit up, lightened, brightened and cleared energetic lines within Gaia together.  One time while in meditation we were casually and leisurely flying along the Rocky Mountains and “V” decided to make a sharp hard turn, and headed straight for, and then straight into the side of a mountain.  He was showing me more of my own shape shifting abilities and that I was also an energetic being that was okay being in stone.  Then we were in a tunnel moving very fast and maneuvering sharp turns easily. Yes Dragons move extremely fast, I describe it as a super fast roller coaster formula 1 ride, but know that if this bothers you at any time, you simply have to let your Dragon know to slow it down.  He, I should say we, cleared and infused and lit up the space with the Violet Flame as we rode.   After a few more turns, 6 other Dragons came out from various places.  All 7 Dragons together were representing the 7 colors of the rainbow and the 7 colors of the chakras.  “V” was at the lead with me on his back and then I recognized that my red Fire Dragon guide was at the back holding up the line.

It was amazing and a beautiful sight, that unbelievably got even better.  At first a lot of noise, colors, sounds and wings, then all 7 Dragons started to “line up and lock in”, that’s what I call it.  They all come together and lined up with a slight click sound, and then flew in synchronicity.  All of them flying with the same body and wing movements, it was loud and really fast. Together, they started to generate this sparkly rainbow energy that looked like a sparkly see-through double helix.  It was, and is, an amazing sight.  Healing energy that hold a tights formation for a little while, then it dissipates and expands filling the tunnels, then into the soil, through the crystals and tree roots, out through the waters, and into the air.  I have seen groups of Dwarves, and other little people, several times in sheer delight in playing in the energies with their children.  One time there were so many excited little children that my fire Dragon, who was bringing up the rear, left a series of flaming hearts burnt onto the tunnel ceiling just to get them to squeal in laughter & joy while leaving behind our mark.

After hosting group meditations with new and experienced people every month for several years, there are many great stories of my and other people’s own experiences that I’ll share more with time.   We’ve certainly experienced a lot of personal healing, joy, and growth and have worked together on planetary healing for Gaia and for all of our own expansion, humans and Dragons.

Remember, Dragons really like to do stuff together.  LOL.

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