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The Elementals are known by many names such as: Nature Spirits, Nature Angels, Earth Spirits, Mythical beings, Magical creatures, Inner Earth beings, Otherworldly, Inter-dimensional or Multi-dimensional beings. 

Elementals are energetic beings that are above the physical plane & to connect with them requires us to be on that spiritual vibration.  This is why so many beings thought of as fiction or fiction are coming back into our awareness now, because we’re reaching their vibrations. They walk comfortably between the physical & the etheric world  & they only allow themselves to be seen by those who are pure of heart, even then it is rare.  Many of us need to know we are much more pure & powerful than we give ourselves credit for. We’re also allowed to make mistakes & do dumb things. 

All Elementals, all earth dwellers on this planet have free will, ego and judgement.  No Spirit Guides are allowed to interfere with free will and all beings associated with Gaia & earth dwellers have ego and free will.  None of those beings connected with us through love will ever tell us exactly what to do, how to do it, when to do it or do anything for us, they are guides.  Elemental’s energies are closer to earth energies and they are not omnipresent like the Angels celestial energies, meaning they can’t be with everyone at the same time.  The Angels do not have ego or free will and are of pure love and light energies, here to support all humans and beings in this energetically dense place, without judgement.  Elementals do judge us and they’ll actually check us out energetically before choosing to connect with us.  They put out a signal like a sonar that scans our energy to see if we are respectful of nature, plants and animals and if we're conscious of our impact on the environment, or if we’re working towards moving in that direction.  They are primarily here as the energetic support system that is helping to take care of the; animal, plant, and crystal and mineral kingdoms, the elements, Gaia and the humans they have had long time connections with.

Part of my job as a channel for spirit, or medium, is to be a human being that is willing to look another human being in the eye or say to them: “Yes the Elementals and various other benevolent energetic etheric beings are real and actually do exist”.  I now am someone who holds a space for them in my heart and will re-introduce them to other humans and tell them all about them.  I stand up for them, call them forward and tell others they do exist, that it is okay to believe in them and it is okay to let your children play with them, even if you are a capable, responsible, intelligent adult... phhht.


They’ve been here a long time and want to re-connect with us and show us the ropes again.  They’re old and they’ve got this physical world wired and can help us to manifest our earthly needs for ourselves and bring forward opportunities for growth.   They: “Think it - Intend it clearly - There it is”.  They are easy going, they enjoy life, they are honest and direct, they don’t take things for granted and they don’t stress, or try to push or force things.  We humans could definitely re-learn a lot from them.

For all Spirit Guides, whether they be Angels, Elementals or whomever, there is a rule that they are not allowed to interfere with our human free will.  We are the ones who must be open to connecting.   We are ones who need to believe, and then we will receive the proof.  I feel this is the one common denominator across all religions all around the world: “Believe in the unseen, we are supported and can communicate with it”.  Spirit is not like science in that asks that we prove it first in order for us to then believe in it.  Elementals are real and there’s a real spirit in Nature that is calling to all of us that deserves our respect and also needs our partnership in helping Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.  We humans have an immense impact on the collective consciousness energies and all life on the planet.  When we believe in the Elementals they have more power to help both Gaia and us and we can work together with intention.  When larger groups of people believe, more energy is given to the Elemental realm to support our world.  I love being a bridge or an intermediary that reminds people they are real and creating that safe space for children, and adults, to be able to reconnect with them again.

I feel it is important for us to re-connect and become friends with them all once again, like we were in the old days.  In ancient times they were declared to be cruel and violent and an all out war was waged on the Elementals. They were literally banished from the physical world by powers in the churches, governments and by individual humans who were threatened by all the enchantment of these magical entities who would help the common person and personify a particular force of nature, seem to exert powers over these forces, and why so many of their legends seem to be around protection.

There are so many different names associated with so many different energies, and they may not really be as clearly defined as our logical minds would like them to be, such as: Brownies, Broonies, Cajun Fairies, Devas, Dryads, Dwarves, Elves, Fay, Fairies, Faery, Gremlins, Gnomes, Goblins, Genie, JinnLeprechauns, Menehunes, Mermaids, Merrow, Mar-Fairies, Naiads, Nymphs, Pygmy, Pixie, Piske, Salamanders, Sandman, Selkies, Shee, Sidhe, Sirens, Sprites, Sylphs, Trolls, Undines, Wee people, Willow Wisps, and still more.  Names for Elementals from different places all around the world, brought forward in histories, legends, beliefs, customs and cultures which would explain why there are so many versions of what Elementals look like.  In fact, a group of people can have a meditative experience with them and each person can have a different description of what they “saw”, but there is enough that is the same that we should not outright dismiss them.

Some Elementals work alone, some work in groups, some work with one element, many work with multiple elements, some work with the beings of nature or animals.  Many Elementals have ascended and are now celestial beings that have elemental roots.  There is a lot more going on here than we can “see” with our physical eyes or been taught to believe exists.  Yet it is starting to change as humans allow themselves to expand, recognize their intuitive senses, and open their minds and hearts more.

When the Elementals, well most Spirit Guides actually, come forward for people in readings or meditations, they often choose to not to give me a name.  Simply because they say it is up to the human, the adult, and sometimes even the child, to bring the belief, the idea, and the knowing of their existence into their own energy, minds, hearts and belief system.  Then, when a person gets over their own doubts and is curious enough to ask them for a name themselves, they will get one, and often immediately.  It's awesome.  Remember you’re translating a vibration to your language, so use what you get and know that if they don’t like it, they’ll change it later.  Our Spirit Guides really don't care "what" we call them, they care "that" we call them by whatever name that will bring them to our mind, consciousness, awareness.  It is up to each and every individual human to choose how much we will let our brain believe or doubt in the existence of Spirit Guides, and the names we receive from them.

The Elementals would never harm or misguide us.  They are our old friends, guides and guardians for humans, this planet and all the other various physical beings that are here on Gaia.  Many of them do like to play small pranks or minor practical jokes, but not all of them, and especially if you are not fond of them, but it is usually only to get our attention or to get us to take another look at the situation.  Know that when one shows up for us there is something to be noticed.  We humans get so darned serious, so uptight, so caught up in our beliefs, our ways, logic and knowledge about things.  We think we know everything, and sometimes they try to use the tool of humor to help lighten us up and to try steer us in a different direction, while reminding us to look at the lighter side of life.  Sometimes those electrical gremlins are coming for a reason.  We are the one who chooses to be annoyed or to stop and reassess.

This website will by no means have or be a complete or conclusive list of all of them and what they do.  I’ll list of some of the beings I have had experiences with, but I know I am still missing some of them and some may be named differently in different places.  That’s okay, we do not know all the laws of physics yet either and we don’t have to understand or know everything.  There are many energetic beings working with earth, water, air, fire, metals, magma, wood, stone, crystals, minerals, forests, plant medicine, deserts, weather and more and although I simplify, I also realize and acknowledge that there are many different beings that work with many different types of energies, many we're not consciously aware of.  

Elementals for the most part have been designated as childish or fantasy for movies, books, video games, and all in our imagination.  In this space I'd like to give a “A Huge Shout Out and a Thank You” to all the story writers, movie or cartoon makers and producers who created these stories about any and all of the Elementals or mythical beings, because it has allowed us to have kept them in our awareness, in our hearts and tickle our memories.  How many of these cartoons have you watched and told yourself; “Oh I am just babysitting, or watching it with my child, or niece or nephew”.  Even watched a few all alone when no one else was there to see?  Meanwhile finding deep lessons and meaning in them for you?  Awesome – do it again!

My own spiritual experiences as an adult with the Elementals began with a Dragon in the beginning and then a Pegasus that came with my own Mother on her first visit since she passed away in my childhood, also a
Tree that I had lost in childhood, topped off with a physical experience with a Gnome and that was it I was a firm believer and advocate for them.  There were messages of healing that they and only they could have passed on to me.  I also had Archangel Michael and this very large purple Dragon who had been making their presences strongly known at the time, triggering memories from childhood.  Then an experience with my eyes open in my own backyard with a Gnome sealed the deal in my mind.  You can read these stories by following the links.  Many people don't believe, or won't let themselves believe, that these beings are real; all I can say is that once I re-connected with them as an adult, it was a joyful reunion and many memories of comforting experiences with them in childhood came forward.

The Fairies, Gnomes, Dwarves and more Elementals that our logical mind would like to continue to tell us only exist in fairy tales and cartoons, are considered to be part of the energetic support system for Nature.  They are here for all of us, and as with all Spirit Guides we have to let ourselves believe in them all again.  Whether they are an Angel, Animal, Dragon, Fairy, Unicorn, or whomever, we have to ask for their engagement, their help, and they will be there to help us in any way they can.  They want to remind us that like all Spirit Guides they can only guide us, because we humans are responsible for making choices, helping ourselves, and for changing our own minds and beliefs.  We're the ones that need to get over our own old belief systems and what we will or will not allow.  The Elementals can help with guidance, manifestation and support but we are the ones that have to step through our own doubts or fears with love, curiosity, openness and to then take action.

Right now the Elementals are mostly seen with the inner eye, known as the 3rd eye, but not always as you can read in my Gnome story.  Manny children see them naturally and so do some adults who have retained their clairvoyance.  When outside in the wilderness look for quick movements, trailing lights or sparks of light.  Use your peripheral vision and soften your gaze.  The sides of our eyes have the ability to perceive energy easier as the cones and rods taper and can more easily attune to movement or multidimensional energy than versus looking straight on.  Imagining or believing that we can see them will actually help us to see them also. Let yourself give yourself permission to do so.  They’ve spotted and checked us out long before we’ve tried to connect with them.  They know exactly what vibration, or who, is on their land and in their spaces.

All of these beings are our friends and family who have been waiting for a long time to re-connect with us.  In my opinion these beings are just another great reason to get outside and enjoy our connection with Nature.  We all know it feels good to be outside in the fresh air with the trees and water, and the Elementals can enhance and lighten that experience even more.  I also feel that those of us who were driven to be and play outside when we were kids, have had many wonderful experiences with them.  Know that doubt is something that we all struggle with in the beginning and that it is normal and okay.  Spirit Guides are patient and understanding, it is often the human who starts to experiences these discoveries for who patience is a new eight letter swear word.

I would encourage any empath who struggles with what's happening to the lands, waters, air and forests from various human interactions, whether in their own cities or other places in the world, to connect with and engage with the balancing qualities of the Elementals.  Empaths are sensitive and concerned for not only humans but also the animals, plants, trees, crystals, Gaia herself and all their needs.  Know that to you can make a difference and help by asking the Elementals for support in places in the environment that you are personally concerned about. (Angels and Dragons too)  We do not need to physically be there to do this because we can simply ask them with our intention to go to any area of the world such as: lands, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, ponds, forests, marshes, oceans or any place you can think of and ask them to direct their healing energies in whatever way they can and for the greatest good of all. 


We do not need to know all the details of all beings and what all exactly they can do. They do though, and they can ask for further help based on your intention. Know that you do not always need to know all the details.  If you ask a Fairy or even a particular Angel say for help with a particular task that is potentially beyond their scope, they may engage with a Gnome or a Dragon or another Angel or an Ascended Master or whomever else is in your realm of Spirit Guides for their assistance to fulfill a request for clearing, healing and infusing with love.  Don't worry if you are doing it right.  The power is in the asking and human intention is very powerful especially when it is working for the greater good of all.  Many benevolent beings want to engage with us again and fulfill our requests to send love, light and healing to places, beings, situations etc.

The Elementals are hoping we'll soon be open to their support again, as they are our friends here helping us and nature and want to continue learning and expanding with us.  They are very aware of, and saddened by, the myths and legends that have created the fears and misunderstandings surrounding them.  They have asked and encouraged me to stay away from most of that history and those old teachings myself.  Although my human mind struggled with it, with the not knowing, my heart encouraged me to let go of the need for control and understanding everything.

Know that these beings are closely connected with Gaia and the energies here, and they too have free will, ego and judgment qualities and like humans, they have the ability to choose to be what we perceive to be good, bad, or neutral.  If we are someone who respects their kingdoms we will encounter wonderful beings, if we are someone who disrespects their kingdoms, approaches nature with entitlement, are someone who is trying to use them for our own selfish purposes or use their power against others, they will not allow it.  They remind us when we are working with Spirit in any way shape or form, whether it's beings in this dimension or others, to not fear or judge darkness and to not even engage with it or get curious about it.  Simply shine your light stronger.  If we call forward light beings, know that darkness cannot come, first because of your powerful intention, second because your guides back up your intentions, and third because the dark does not want to be lit up and will automatically be repelled.  Remember we all have a place, we are all a piece of the creator and we are not to judge what is bad.  We are the powerful human that can call forward whoever we wish to engage with and through our intentions we can choose to connect with those beings of the highest white light and vibration, and the others stay away.

Many people who do not work with energies, or Spirit, have yet to realize that plants, rocks, animals, the elements and the Earth herself are all actually conscious and sentient beings.  Heck, many of us have even been an element, a plant or an animal at one time in a different lifetime.  That is starting to change and science is catching up...Yay!   For many it starts at home with pets, as people notice that their animals notice things, learn things, choose to do things and we grieve them so deeply when they are gone.  There have been a lot of videos showing the results of experiments of what happens when negative words and positive words are directed towards plants and water, visually showing the energy vibrations of words.  All these things are starting to help us realize that there's a lot more going on here on Gaia than we were taught.

It is still difficult for the children who have strong connections with Spirit and the Elementals but it's getting easier as more and more adults allow and accept that magic and wonder are a part of this Human life.  Hey, at one point, I too was there in my logical analytical mind, and so I have no judgment on anyone still in that head space or just starting to seek outside their beliefs.  I was a kid that believed, told it was all in my imagination and then grew up into a capable, responsible, intelligent adult, bla bla bla... phhht.  We can believe something, but then we can also learn something new and believe something different when / if we want.

Elementals often get overlooked by many who work with Spirit, sometimes even looked down upon for many reasons such as; considered childish, not really powerful, or they only want to work with celestial energies.  I don't judge, but my feeling is that we can choose to work with all of them.  Right now we are all here on Earth experiencing this world as a Spirit in a meat-suit.  We're meant to be here and working with the AngelsGalactics and Ascended Masters and it is amazing, so I am not judging any humans who choose to work with any of them them solely.  It's just that we are here in a multidimensional space on Gaia right now and we can also connect with all the other amazing beings closely associated with Earth that live here with us.  Yes to actually play with them, we all need play, but also to really be a part of the entire experience that is available here on Earth, to connect with joy and love with all that are here in meaningful ways and sometimes even help them.  

The Elementals definitely like to keep things light and they try to remind us to do the same.  They come forward to spread joy, light, and to play, bring joy and laughter and have fun. They may be often overlooked but they are powerful beings who are expert manifestors of bringing ether into form.  They have worked with the creation energies of Gaia for a very long time, and trying to remind us that so are we.  We've only lost the faith in ourselves and the knowledge how.  They're here to show us, to remind us and to poke us into remembering that we too are abundant creator beings that can create all that we need, and we do not need to be caught up in the old energies of fear or survival.   We as the powerful Human light beings that we are can choose to connect with them consciously, or not, and can come together with intention, to heal, grow, and learn together as different beings of consciousness.  

Earth Spirits
-    Basic energy of all life here on Gaia, in its rawest form.
-    Absorbs energy from the ethers & releases the energy into matter to give it life.
-    Help with stability, grounding, connections with nature and help fulfill material needs.
-    Many appear in a human like form, such as Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, and Fairies.

Water Spirits
-    Govern magnetism and chemistry.
-    Sources of light that clear waters, and stimulate emotions and spiritual impulses.
-    Help us with healing, releasing old emotions and creating attractions between people.
-    Help nourish our psychic capabilities and developing our intuition.
-    Some appear in a human like form such as the Merpeople, some are etheric such as the Undines.

Air Spirits
-    Help us with our spiritual and mystical developments.
-    Sources of light that clear the air, produce inspiration and feed our mind with clear thoughts.
-    Appear as ethereal light beings, the Sylphs sometimes taking a slight fairy form.

Fire Spirits
-    Provide passion, motivation, will power, but approached without caution can create impulsiveness.
-    Help us develop will, courage, passion, authoritative bearing and provide us with raw power.
-    Often appear as sudden burst of heat, sometimes taking form as Salamanders or Dragons.

Check for more articles under Spirit Stuff for information on different Elementals or an article about Spirit Guides in general. Check under Human Stuff for articles about intuitive senses, empaths, unlearning what we know or changing our thinking etc. Check the Earth Stuff page for some nerdy stuff on Earthing, Gaia, crystals and more.

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