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What the heck is that?  As a channel for Spirit, or medium, this is something that we consistently share with people. Why? Because we actually haven’t really been taught anything about it or really aware of how it affects our lives. 

We choose to; do, think, feel, believe, say & act how we want. We create our reality through our own powers of co-creation with the Universe, we are not victims.

Free will is a law that rules on this place called Earth/Gaia our home.  We are not only a humans having or seeking spiritual experiences but we are also Spirits having & seeking human experiences. 

We also all have Spirit Guides that abide by this rule & are not allowed to interfere with our free will. Spirit Guides or members of our Light Families, do not, can not & will not, tell us what to do, how to do it, by when or with any other limitation.

It is something that people should have been taught about everywhere but if we think about it, for the most part our modern and free world society has tried to teach us that we are small and victims it seems, that we have no power, we can’t affect change and there are others who know more, can do better, have more education, have more experience, have more money and that other people should just be in charge of major decisions. 


It has made us rather complacent.  Someone else will do it, fix it, deal with it, pay for it, or decide about it, and mostly of us lowly humans should just listen to what to others have to say, or tell us what to do because they must know better than we do.  This is not true.

We create our reality through what we allow ourselves to think and feel about, but when we are unaware of it we can feel powerless and possibly be manipulated.  Our society has taught many of us to wonder why do things keep happening “to us”, or why did someone do something to us, or what did we do wrong to make this happen?  versus teaching us the truth of knowing that we are each responsible for creating most of what happens “around us”.  Empaths have been told they are weak, over sensitive and over emotional over and over again.

We are not subject to the whims of the universe; we are co-creators participating with its energy and power.  We are not each responsible for everything that happens to us as others also have free will choices; but we are responsible for keeping ourselves, our choices, our decisions, our reactions, our minds, our lives and energies in a space of peace, love and joy. 


We are responsible for our thoughts, emotions, actions and our own reactions to these from others.  We are responsible for ourselves and everyone else has the freedom of free will choices as well.  We each have the freedom to create our own version of life, our own reality, while someone else can be creating theirs and their version can be very different from ours.  We don’t have to like it and need to learn to accept, decide if engage with or not, and stop judging people for their differences.  

We can also choose to not be so involved with people and love them from afar, knowing their presence in our life is for a reason, bless them and move back to focus on our own happiness in what we choose to do, think, feel and act in ways that feel good to us.  Each and every one of us unique beings are making all of our own unique choices.  Every person’s version of reality is different because each person is living life through their own perspectives.  We're relearning how to follow what feels good, instead of what we "think" might be right.  It’s a learning process and one of the reasons why we say that patience is a new 8 letter swear word.  

Life gets thrown at all of us, we all have things we go through and everyone has terrible things to deal with, but each person themselves chooses HOW they are going to deal with it.  We choose how we are going to handle it, how we are going to let it affect us and what we are going to do about it.   Are we going to look at it and deal with it with love, light and joy?  Or are we going to look at it and feel hateful, spiteful and vindictive?  Those are choices.  Are we going to look at it, take responsibility and make a change and feel empowered?  Are we going to look at it, decide three's nothing we can change until the world around changes, and therefore we are a victim?  Also choices.

Many of us are taught to change our minds via guilt every time someone else pulls at our heart strings, and some people knowingly do this to other people intentionally to get what they want.  If we really don’t want to do something it is okay to stick to our choices that are good for us, even if someone else doesn’t like them.  Many times humans do succeed at overruling the free will of other humans, plants and animals even taught it is okay too and thankfully that is changing now, but know that our Spirit Guides do follow the law of free will.  They abide by the rule that no one is allowed to interfere with human free will and know that no can truly judge us and no one but ourselves will judge us for our behavior in life, or in death. Spirit Guides will never tell us how, when or that we have to do anything and as much as humans can get frustrated with that, they will only give us guidance and we must choose what we will do.  

As children, although we still chose how we acted, we need to realize that we were not in charge of what happened to us, how people treated us, the places where we went, what we wore, what we ate or even what things happened to us.  We had no decision making power and very often could not even exercise our own free will other than whether we were going to take the wings off of a bug or step on that ant or not.  Very different situation than when we are adults but so many people look back at the past with their now adult mind and feel responsible or think they should have done something different.

Instead we must recognize and then accept that yes, we really were powerless, we were not wise, we had no experience, we had no say and no ability or power to change anything that was happening in our external world.  We cannot berate the child in us for not having the wisdom or power to do something different that the adult us now has.  Adult us is now the one that has all this experience, is wiser, has been places, has learned about things, has paid rent and bought groceries, has had relationships, has the ability to say yes or no and the freedom to go places or leave places whenever we want to.  We need to let go of all that feeling of responsibility or guilt from the past that no longer serves us, forgive ourselves and other people and move forward.

There may be a lot of anger in the collective when people truly discover how much and how long humanity has been manipulated.  The key will be how quickly we will all release the anger and just move forward and through it.  Humans do want to love and trust, so when governments, organizations, charities, religions etc. told us what they were doing or going to do, we trusted them.  Not because we are stupid or naive, but because we want to trust, and when our skills are not of a doctor, engineer, dentist or whatever other organization that we don’t have skills in, we believed them because they said they know about that job the same way we'd know about how to do something else.  Empaths
not having validation of the reality of processing others emotions or taught and understanding of healthy boundaries might disbelieve this. Our: food, agriculture, medicine, banking, spirituality and connection with the universe, have had various institutions in place that we relied on but many have been lying to us for the sake of gaining greater profits.  We thought or wanted to feel that everyone was working towards the greater good of humanity, not realizing corporations would and have actually manipulated us with clever advertising for more money and higher profits.

We also need to know we do not create all of the problems around us because everyone has free will choice. Those that are aware they are empaths have often read things that tell them they are a mirror but because many people around them can react so harshly and the empath can forget this and take too many things to heart and very personally.  The mirror does not always mean that what we are seeing is a reflection of who we are, it means that other people see things in us, the empath, a quality that they either; want to have and feel they do not or cannot have it, or maybe even something they want to hide about themselves they think or feel is a weakness or vulnerability and get upset with the empath for bringing it up and reflecting it to them.

Strangely enough, this can mean people can become really upset at other people for simply being confident, light hearted, happy or easy going, because they do not know how to do that, or feel that.  It happens mostly unconsciously and often cannot be explained but all of a sudden an empath is on the receiving end of defensive or passive aggressive behaviors or comments.  Confusing for everyone involved when we don’t understand what’s happening.  

Those that are aware about working with manifestation can also wonder if they are creating how people are treating them.  If we are constantly using our free will to think terrible thoughts, remember the bad things that happened, the conversations we had or we wish we had, yes we could be creating disharmony.  But we have to remember that we are not in charge of how other people react, what other people say or do and we are only in charge of ourselves and how we act, what we will accept or not.  Things do happen to us and not all people will treat us well, but how we think, act, believe or up to us.  How we react to life affects our lives because now that we are an adult, we have that power.

We come to this planet on the verge of a change in consciousness and learning how to turn on and keep our lights on, knowing we are not really separated from Source and to tip the scales of light into the new Golden Age.  We came to experience emotions, physical sensations, abundance, and beauty and to be an etheric being that gets to have an experience here on Gaia in a physical form.  We had a rough outline of a plan of things we'd like to learn in this life that comes with the complications of free will.  There is no judgement from Spirit, we are our own harshest critics and people do not realize that a lot of suffering is actually a choice.  We can either choose to dwell on pain and suffering or choose to be love.

We need to learn to stop and check in with ourselves more frequently, so that we can have awareness of our thoughts and feelings and then use our free will to actively change them.  Errors and mistakes are meant to be learning experiences to show us where we may need to do something different; they are not meant to be used as continuous opportunities to judge, berate, criticize, blame and shame ourselves over and over again, that is a choice.   We’ve been trained to think so negatively about ourselves that we now need to take ownership of our own thoughts and feelings, and unlearn things we were taught like the the blame game because our egos are constantly trying to tell us that we are not good or deserving enough, trying to persuade us of our unworthiness by continuously drawing attention to our errors and mistakes.  Exercise the power of free will choice to think about what you WANT to think about.  

One of the biggest steps we can take to start exercising our free will is to start to actually choose what we think about.  Many of us are in the process of changing our thinking but the first step is to actually notice what the heck we are thinking about more often in the first place.  Then we can notice if we agree with the thought and choose to continue or to stop thinking about it.  Yes we are allowed to stop thinking about; that problem, that incident, that situation, that thing that happened back there or that thing that’s coming up in the future.  We’ve all been taught to be good little thinkers though so the struggle is real, we need to be patient with ourselves as we step on this new path and know that we can and we are doing it.

Next step would be starting to check in with our emotional side by choosing how long to feel the same way about something, and to notice that if we don’t like how we are feeling in the moment, to actively change it.  Change it and allow ourselves to let go of the hurt from the past or anxiety of the future and come into the now moment and choose to be in the state of being that we actually want to be in.  Ground yourself into the now moment, step into the feeling of it and be it.  No one else is responsible for how we feel or for making us feel a certain way.  We have to accept responsibility for our own happiness.

We are slowly moving away from a society where everyone are judged for everything they do including: what to wear, the neighborhood we live in, our skin color, countries we’re from, languages we speak, religions we were born into, cars we drive and the list goes on, but we’re not quite there yet.  We also have the free will to choose whether we will be one who judges others or not, another quality many are working on changing.  So we need to accept the real fact we will probably be judged for just about everything we do or say and actually move past it and to stop letting those judgments from others stop us from doing what we want or how we want to be.  We have the free will choice whether to listen to it, take it personally or not, react to it, be upset by it, consider it or ignore it.   

If we humans continue to allow others to have a negative influence over how we think, feel or behave, we will struggle with reaching our greatest potential.  We can no longer allow others to determine the kind of day or the kind of life we’re going to have.  We are in charge of that.  A lot of energy is being released in society showing all the unjust, corruption and scandals but it is not meant to bring us down, okay let’s not get into mainstream media here, but it is so that people can now look at all that is going on to shake out the complacency so we can change things for the betterment of all of our physical lives, and for our conscious expansion.

Just a last note where I would like to encourage all of you other intelligent, responsible, logical, capable humans to use your free will to re-connect with Love from our higher selves, Source, nature and our Family of Light, also known as Spirit Guides.

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