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Wait.. What?!  They are real too?  LOL..  

Yes & I am acknowledging them here to share my gratitude with them because they were yet another group of beings that helped me to look at my beliefs differently & open my own mind & heart. 

Leprechauns are energetic beings connected with the element of earth and are known as nature spirits or Elementals.  Unlike the Angels, Leprechauns do have free will, ego and judgement.  Know that no Spirit Guides are allowed to interfere with free will and all earth dwellers connected with Gaia have ego and free will


No, Leprechauns are not here to give us a pot of gold, although they are a symbol for allowing ourselves to connect with the abundance of all creation and embracing all of the opportunities that come across our path with joy.  The often have an infectious laugh, chubby cheeks and they love the color green and is why we see or perceive them along with the rainbows that come out, because it is at that moment when the rain stops and the sun comes out that everything in nature is at its most lush and green.  They also like bogs and swamps because they are also full of life with plants, birds, insects and greenery.

The Leprechauns have a deep connection with nature and they know about healing, plant medicine, magic and manifestation.  They have come forward in my own personal meditations, readings for other people and when I have hosted many group meditations.  I feel like part of the role of the one who is my guide, of course along with others, is here to help me with working with and weaving the energies into storytelling form when I am hosting meditations and spiritual journeys for others to meet their Spirit Guides


The biggest legend we have about them is that they leave a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but it’s not about giving us riches, it is about helping us to re-learn how to manifest on our own and to bring the ether into the physical world intentionally and positively.  We are great manifesters for we are all co-creators with the universe, but because we are often consumed with thinking about what we don’t want and feeling bad about ourselves, that is what we get more of, but we don’t want it, and yet it can be hard for us to accept that we created it.  We are all learning about changing our thinking and what is reality now at this time.


So far as a channel for Spirit, the Leprechauns mostly want me to just look other intelligent people in the eye and tell them they are really here and that they exist too.  The Leprechauns love to teach and are wise and straight forward with a great sense of humor.  Sometimes they can come across a bit moody and it seems like they go between feeling like a serious teacher and a silly jokester or have a slight dual personality of naughty and nice.  Another thing they teach us, balance between worlds or energies.


One of interesting things I've noticed about the Leprechauns is that they have only come forward for those who are of Celtic descent somewhere in their bloodlines.  It almost seems like they are regional Elementals, like the Menehunes of Polynesia or the Jinn of the deserts, and are known as the wee people in Ireland which is also known as the Emerald Isle.  Here in Canada we has mass immigration of the Irish & Scottish people's in the mid 1800's and many of us are their descendants.  To connect with the Leprechauns, it seems we either need to be there in the UK area or have connections with them through Celtic blood of which many people in North Americia, especially Canada do, and times spent together in our past lives.  They are fairly shy and usually watch us from afar as it takes some time for them to trust us again.  They really like music, dance, beer, food, plants and greenery and being around the feeling of hospitality because they love to have fun.


Some people early on tried to create doubt in my feelings about this and thought I guessed because some of the people that have come for readings and classes have had red hair.  But not everyone with Celtic bloodlines have red hair, I don't, and most times we wouldn't know what any particular bloodline a person is as we're all blending. Scientists say red hair could actually be extinct in 100 years.  I learned about this the first time my Leprechaun Spirit Guide came forward to re-connect with me in my own meditation, I am of part Irish descent and he, Patty, (of course.. LOL), got quite the laugh at me as my logical mind struggled with the idea of his existence and yet I could not dispute the Murphy in my mothers family heritage that links directly back to Cork in Ireland, that I hadn't spoken to anyone about in quite a long time.  LOL.  


The Leprechauns do love pulling pranks and little practical jokes to get our attention or often to distract us from our negative thinking patterns, trying help us change direction.  Because that is something that as a human I have never been a fan of or enjoyed, my Leprechaun guide doesn't do that with me and although he sometimes calls me a “fuddy dud” because of it, he still respects it and accepts me for it and instead I hear his hearty laugh, which reminds me of my own, when he's near.

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