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Sure  a lot of people might think: “What?! Rainbows and Unicorns?  Are you serious?  Are you for real?”  Yep, all I can also say that in the not so distant past, I didn’t understand people’s fascination with them either. 

Now in my role as channel for Spirit, and even as a middle aged adult with a logical mind and background, I look other people in the eye and let them know I believe in Unicorns, Dragons, Angels and a lot more.  This amazing Spirit Guide brought forward so many emotions of love, joy, wonder and healing that I feel I want to honor and make a space for them here and for other humans.  Remembering the Unicorns has allowed so much healing and helped with breaking the chains around my mind so much that I want to share that.

I do not think of the Unicorns as Elementals although they are intimately connected with nature.  The Unicorns once lived here in physical bodies back in ancient times and who are now extinct like the Dragons, and would be considered Ascended beings.  In Mar 2016 they found a fossilized skull of a single horned animal in Siberia believed to be 350,000 yrs old and it was bigger, wider and it made me I wonder if it was like comparing the sabre tooth tiger to the tiger of today.

The Unicorns have been represented throughout history and are still included on the Royal Coat of Arms for the United Kingdom and Queen Elizabeth II, where the Unicorn replaced the Dragon from Queen Elizabeth I, the Coat of Arms Canada, and the Coat of Arms for the Royal Arms of Scotland, Scotland’s national animal is still the Unicorn and International Unicorn Day is celebrated April 9th.  Unicorns are found in antiquity in Persia, China and India and are not included as part of Greek mythology because they were listed under Natural history because they believed in the reality of Unicorns.  We even have artwork, tapestries and statues of them from the 13th and 15th centuries and Unicorns are even mention 9 times throughout the King James Version of the Bible.

The Unicorns like many others such as the DragonsFairies, Leprechauns, Gnomes and many more chose to move above the physical plane and into a higher vibrational plane or dimension or frequency of consciousness.  I feel there must be openness in our hearts and we must be working on our own inner healing before they will reconnect with us.  As a planet and a species, we are raising our vibrations and this is why Unicorns and so many others who were thought of as "legends" who are our Spirit Guides are now coming back into our awareness.  We’re reaching their vibrations.

Unicorns are connected with us from many past lifetimes and they step forward for all who acknowledge them and all who ask for their presence to help.  They support everyone who wants more light, needs healing or are working towards changing their world for the better.  Because you see, many don't realize that by working on loving and healing ourselves, basically changing our own inner and outer worlds, that it is the most powerful thing we can do to change the whole world to become a better place.  By doing that we show others that it can be done and that they can too, and energetically we put it out into the collective consciousness that it is a possibility and a reality.  

Too many people are thinking and feeling terrible things about themselves and when they do not treat themselves with love, ease and grace it may be easier for them to think, feel, say or do terrible things towards others as well.  It stops with each and everyone one of us looking at ourselves individually and making changes to feel better about ourselves and our lives.  Although each one of us have to do it ourselves, we do not have to do it all by ourselves because we do all have help and support from many Spirit Guides, if only we would acknowledge or ask for and invite Spirit in.

The Unicorns ask us to remember and accept their unconditional Divine Love which can be accessed by all who ask.  Profound healing can happen for humans who access and work with Unicorn energy.  Part of their role is to help humans heal their hearts of past and current trauma, heal the inner child from deep emotional pain from childhood and to fill our bodies with the radiant glow of Love.  To help us, if we choose, to heal ourselves so that we can move back to joy and express our creative inner child who enthusiastically sees life as unlimited potentials and possibilities.  Re-igniting our own intuitive abilities to see and play with magic and to manifest.

Many people who connect with Unicorns find themselves very attracted to rainbows and crystal prisms, for the Unicorn embodies the energies and essence of rainbow light.  The Unicorn stereotypical image does not quite fit or apply as they are often thought of as whimsical or childish fantasy and just cartoon characters that fart rainbows.  Well first off, they are magnificent beings that are not always white as I have discovered through hosting various group meditations but the energies of their horns are remarkably similar for all.  People feel intense love and clearing and that their own energy lightens when touched by the horn, which is also believed to help us heal and open our 3rd eye chakra.  And yes Unicorns do literally ooze and emit all of the colour frequencies of white light, which is the seven colours of the rainbow, they do not fart rainbows.  When they move they trail that rainbow energy behind them and if they moved backwards the rainbow would look like it is coming from their heads, burping rainbows?  The Unicorns are powerful benevolent loving beings here to connect with and help heal the inner child through Divine Truth.
Unicorns are the consciousness of pure Divine Love and Truth and they radiate that energy throughout the lands to help transmute the fear energy that has had its grip on the Humans here on Gaia for along time.  Fear has created so many traumas, conflict, pain and suffering for humans and that was not the point of our coming here.  We came here to be co-creators with the Universe as energetic beings having a physical experience on this beautiful planet, existing in harmony with all life, feeling abundant and a place where all consciousness is in the process of shifting and evolving.  

The Unicorns are here protecting the environment, the children and all those adults with the heart of a child who haven’t lost their spark, and you wouldn't be reading this if you had.  They also come forward to re-connect us with and heal the inner child, the part of us that still believes and is pure. The Unicorns want to help us open to the divine presence, infinite possibilities, harmony, innocence, transmutation and power that nurtures all living things that surrounds us at all times.  

Their energies purify and detoxify energies to help lift the vibrations of the planet.  They are helping us re-connect with our true essence and that part of us that remembers our own purity and the divine state we are all moving towards.  They to want to remind us of our shape shifting abilities as do many others like the Sasquatch, and they are protective companions that give us confidence to be unique, eccentric and express ourselves in creative ways.  They can also be solitary and free spirited beings showing us that we too can stand in our own essence of magic and in our deep connection with nature.

The Unicorns say it is time for all humans to heal and release the traumas of their past childhoods and lives, and to step into and BE who we are, right now.  Not who we were taught or thought we were, who we really are.  It is time for us to recognize that we are amazing creator light beings that are here for a short period of time in physical form, learning lessons and discovering our connections with each other and Source.  It is time to let go of and release the pain and suffering and move back into joy as we all learn about changing our thinking and letting go of what we have been taught, unlearning what we know or believed in order to make room for new.  The Unicorns encourage all of us to step into our own uniqueness, to let go of the need for the approval from others and of all their judgments.  By stepping into ourselves we finally realize we each are unique and special, no, no more special than anyone else, but we each are so very special and it is time for us to literally shine.

We humans have a deep and long kinship with the Unicorns but they will distance themselves from those that are offensive or make fun of them.  Also know that once you change that feeling within your heart space that they will come close again.  They are unconditional love and they don’t move away to offend or hurt us, they move away because we are hurting them and us humans could learn to do the same in our relations with other people.  If it hurts to be around someone and we step away from them, it does not mean we hate them, it means we love ourselves enough to not continue to do things that hurt us, so we simply step back and love them from a distance instead.

Unicorns have immense love and respect for us in their heart but are slightly hesitant of people and will not approach until they have felt our vibration of love first.  The Unicorns seek those people that radiate light and visions beyond themselves working towards changing the world for the better and learning to love themselves more. We need to understand that humans have treated many other beings very badly for a very long time, be that plants, animalscrystals or other humans.  For instance the Unicorns were hunted down simply for their horns which were believed to provide healing and fertility.  This is no different than the terrible practices of today of humans who hunt sharks for only their fins, tigers only for their penis’s or rhinoceros and elephants simply for their ivory tusks.  Many plant and animal beings do willingly step forward to be an energetic fuel as a food source for other plants, animals and humans, but this type of treatment of killing other beings for single body parts or for wall trophies is unacceptable.

We all have all our own teachings, beliefs, thoughts, feelings and changing them with our free will into the unknown does feel like taking a step of faith because there is no proof about these wonderful beings.  It may be challenge for our brain but I assure you they will tickle your heart.  The first time I connected with one of my Unicorn Spirit Guides, my heart knew the feeling of this being immediately but my logical mind tried to scream at me even louder by telling me all kinds of things while I felt my heart beat faster in my chest at the same time.  That was part of the process as we are learning how to move out of our confining logical heads and back into our expansive knowing hearts.  Which will we choose to allow?  It may not have helped that I had been in the computer industry in corporate for 20yrs, but actually realized later that it did and it actually helps me be of better service to others as a channel/medium now. 

The first Unicorn to come forward is a very large white male with softer golden white hair on his mane, tail and hooves, a golden iridescent sparkling horn and black eyes so that are so deep it’s like looking into a galaxy.   He showed me his rainbow essence and when I touched him I can’t describe how much love energy moved through my whole being.  It was to give me further understanding of energy at that time and to know more about their energy so that I could understand and share with others.  Next time he came in meditation I asked him if we could go for a ride and as I got on his back the next thing I knew we both transformed into rainbow energy light and we were both part physical form and part light.  With me on his back, we ran down the river on top of it and not in it.  As we ran we past many rabbits and deer, some looked up from their munching and followed us with their gaze as we traveled and some didn't bother.  We watched a lone fisherman catch a glimpse of our energy and wonder what it was.  It was a breathtaking experience as we left behind a trail of rainbow energy as far behind us as I could see and watched animals who were normally quite timid notice our presence and yet they were not alarmed.

My Unicorn guide has since introduced me to his family that continues to grow.  First he introduced me to his mate and then their first filly and then later a baby colt.  I have been able to witness and watch the little filly grow and her eyes change from baby blue with sparkles, to navy blue with stars.  This is where I first started to notice they are not all the typical image we've grown to know and that there is more to Spirit Guides than simply single solitary beings.  I also lead public meditations for meeting various Spirit Guides such as the Angels, Dragons, other Elementals, and the Unicorns have made their presence known in all of them, as do many animals.  In meditations with the Unicorns we have witnessed many white ones but there are also black, purple, gold, and others and as one very shaggy grey haired Unicorn once said very bluntly as a message to our group: “We do not all have to be your idea of beautiful, to be magical.”  

The Rainbow Light bridges are getting stronger from the rising energies from humans who are recognizing and stepping into their own lights and all the high vibrational kids being born and coming here.  Because of that the Unicorns energies are able to return to our consciousness and have been able to come forward to many more people of all ages and beliefs lately.  The Unicorns may not be in the physical world any longer but they are here energetically and as we lift our own vibrations or frequencies, we’re reaching them.  I love watching the light that fires up in their eyes when people show me their Unicorn totems with so many adults have been drawn to carrying Unicorn pendants, key chains, teddy bears, backpacks, mittens, hats and t-shirts.  Or the light that happens in a child's eye when you let tell them their Unicorn is real and they know you are not lying to them.

If you’ve read this far, you too are connected to Unicorn Spirit Guides.  Feel that idea in your heart space for a second, discover that you too feel or know somewhere inside you and maybe unconsciously, they exist.  Sure I doubted too and years ago I was not someone that considered Unicorns to be part of any sort of reality.  I didn’t make fun of Unicorns or people who loved them or Dragons for that matter, but I just sort of ignored it and thought of them as just a part of the world of fantasy or mythical.  When I was caught up in my logical head all the time it had no time for fantasy and so I gave them no consideration really.   But we’re all in the process of unlearning things we thought we knew and learning how to change our thinking, and once I started to open up on my journey my connections with Spirit unfolded in beautiful and unexpected ways.  Our logical mind seems to be trained to remove the fun and wonder out of life and it is our job now to bring it back.  We should not be ruled by our thoughts or our emotions and feel we all need to remember that we are the beings who are behind these human traits, and can choose between them or to have them.

One summer in the not too distant past as a early 40's adult, I decided to enter a mythical creature costume contest at an annual Medieval Faire.  I came dressed as a Unicorn and Rider and I won with my fully blown up Unicorn floatie tied over my shoulders with rainbow strings that looked like suspenders, a rainbow scarf, a sunshine teddy bear, tonnes of costume jewellery, glitter eyelashes, hippie sunglasses and all exposed skin was covered in glitter.  I was going all in.  I had had a stressful few months previously and I just wanted to let go and have some fun.   Interesting responses in public, the kids adored me, the men thought it was funny as heck but many fellow women scowled and some even commented, how childish.  It didn’t matter though, I knew when I left the house that some would judge but I didn’t think about it and I did it anyway because it was for me. The kids were so fantastic about it that it brightened my whole day.  One little girl looked at me all dreamy eyed and said “I love your outfit sooooo much!”  A little boy came up “It it okay if I touch your rainbow?”  A little girl said as I walked by “Mommy Mommy look look it’s a walking rainbow”.  A little baby boy who couldn’t talk and could barely walk, I had to reassure his parents it was okay that he kept making his way over to touch the floatie.  I felt like I was oozing rainbow energy and it made me smile from ear to ear”.  I just walked around smiling and apologizing for bumping people with my floatie.  Come time to announce contest winners, anyone that was in costume gathered around the stage.  There were some good ones and a woman dressed as a Dragon won the King’s prize and I won the Queen’s prize or women’s first place.  Up until this point I had been having experiences in meditation with the Unicorns and young filly but hadn’t received a name yet.  Well, a bit of a shock for me that the little filly was so impressed that I was willing to go out in public and do that, to fully embrace and embody Unicorn energy, that in the moment just as the Queen was looking me in the eye and handed me her first place prize, the little Unicorn shared her name through clairaudience, and I heard “My name is Gizzelda” and “Congratulations” at the same time.  The woman saw my eyes light up with the look of shock, wonder and a smile across my face and looked at me confused because she knew it had nothing to do with getting first place.

I can share that it is wonderful and healing to be an intelligent, capable, responsible (bla bla bla) adult and be able to connect with Unicorns.  It is an immediate sense of peace, love and wonder.  How you ask?  Well it starts with us.  Will we allow?  Will we let ourselves wonder and believe?  The next time a Unicorn comes to “mind”, I say mind but we actually connect with Spirit Guides through our intuitive senses, energetically say “Hi” and see how that feels.  If they have not appeared for you yet and you are strongly pulled or feel their energy, in your mind tell them that you are now ready to accept them and to please come to you in your meditations, visualizations or dreams.  Next time you're meditating, go to your safe space within and ask them to come forward.  

Let go of the thinking, the analyzing and the doubting mind, the piece that keeps telling you that this is not real and that you are making it all up.  Just let go and allow ourselves to pretend or imagine or fantasize or journey or play!  When I first started to meditate I found that many times in the beginning I just had to have a conversation with my logical mind and give it permission to do this right now to get it to back off and stop criticizing: “Hey okay so what, fine, we’re going to sit here and imagine for a little bit but I’m letting myself do this right now and all that other stuff I need to do or forgot to do, can just wait until later” and it makes me laugh to write it as I remember there were several times I got back a very sarcastic “Fine then” and as I learned to be nicer to myself it changed to “Well okay” and then a little later on “Okay have fun!”.  Things evolve as we let ourselves evolve.

We forget how powerful our thoughts really are and have been taught to think about problems and conflict.  We also forget how powerful the feeling of joy really is.  Our experiences are very different when we approach from space of fear versus a space of love, and we learn so much faster when we are happy.  We could all do with daydreaming, fantasizing and meditating more about what we want versus thinking and worrying about what we don’t want.  We are the one’s that have to give ourselves permission to stop and tell ourselves that it is okay to take the time to do this and that it is not a waste of time or that we should be doing something more useful.  

Childhoods were missed or interrupted and many of us have lost our ability to imagine.  The Unicorns help us reconnect with our heart space and inner child and help from there, and all messages for kids apply to our adult selves.  They want to help us regain our ability to imagine again so we can start creating our new amazing lives.  Imagination is the ignition button and the bridge between the etheric and physical worlds.  As a channel for Spirit we often share that it seems that "consciousness" has been labelled as "imagination" and then imagination has been deemed childish, illogical, for fantasy or only for artists, so that maybe we would all ignore it?  Everything ever created started in someone's imagination first, we even need imagination to write further about facts so it flows and that comes in from imagination, Spirit/Source.  Imagination is from our own intuition, our own inspirations and our own higher self that is a part of us and connected with Source.

When we let ourselves take a little time to daydream about the Unicorns, take a moment and notice how relaxed we feel and surprised at how much time had passed.

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