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I am by no means a crystal expert & there is a lot of information out there about their various spirit meanings & specific uses , so I will not be getting into listing individual crystal meanings.

Rather, I just wanted to acknowledge these energetic beings existence, their consciousness, how their presence here helps us & Gaia, & express my gratitude to them for being here as a part of the Earth’s life force & who also have a life force of their own.

We Humans are not only drawn to crystals for their looks, textures, shapes, energies, and healing properties, we are actually using them all the time in most technology such as radios, digital cameras, computers and cell phones, and have been using them for centuries.  We use crystals because their frequency never changes, their days, are always good.  I feel that crystals cannot get dirty and their vibration is always high and clear.  That is why crystals are so important right now, because we can never lower a crystals frequency, they can only raise us up to their vibration.  Their vibrations can help us when we are struggling and learning how to ground, shield or amplify our energies.

Gaia naturally formed crystal and rock beings as part of the mineral kingdom millions of years ago during the early parts of earth’s formation.  They are old and wise beings who are record keepers and watchers who are carrying information, memories, light codes and ancient knowledge, while also amplifying and transferring energy all around the world through Gaia's crystal veins.  There are also various Elemental beings associated with nature who work with crystals such as the Dwarves, Fairies and Dragons.

Crystals are the most orderly structured beings created in nature and are balanced in such a way that the energy they emit is consistent.  Crystals respond to different energies around them, which leads them to oscillate and emit their specific vibrational frequency.  Even when dissonant or inharmonious energy is inputted, the energy is balanced and transformed into harmonic energy frequencies, and the crystals vibrate at their own frequencies. 


This is the reason that I personally do not feel that crystals need to be charged or cleansed in water, sage, salt, moonlight, sunlight or in any other way.  I am not trying to disrespect anyone who does believe that, I just feel that crystals do what crystals do and they vibrate consistent energy.  If we do any of these things because we want to, or maybe we feel like the crystals would appreciate some moonlight, water or sunlight that is okay, in that case we are loving them.  I do feel we can overwork them and if use them with other people should clear them and I that feel we should respect them, greet them into our space, love them, ask them to work with us in the light, but I do not feel that we absolutely have to do these things around clearing and charging unless we're working with them in specific ways.  This is something that can create a lot of doubt in people that we are not working with crystals properly and we are doing it wrong if we don't, so maybe we shouldn't because we're not sure we know how or that we can.

We Humans and all our cells within our bodies also vibrate, give off and respond to vibrations.  So when we come into contact with crystals, their vibration interacts with the vibration of the cells in our body.  Humans have an electromagnetic field or bio magnetic pulse, a few other words used to acknowledge the aura.  Gaia and every living being on Earth has an electromagnetic field.  When we come in contact or bring something into our energetic field, we resonate with it.  We are always pulled up to the high steady vibrations of crystals.  A crystals' frequency is usually stronger, clearer and steadier than that of humans only because human thoughts and emotions so frequently change our frequency.  

I heard someone once say that multi-dimensional energy is downloaded into all life forms throughout the universe through crystals and I can’t say that it didn’t resonate with me.  Some humans see crystals, minerals, metals, stones and gemstones simply as jewellery, decorations or collector's items.  Some humans are starting to recognize a consciousness there and know that they actually feel the energies emitted from crystals, such as heat or electric pulse, and feel they have power to help us heal, that we are connected deeply with them and we have worked with them and their ancient knowledge before.

Crystals are conscious sentient beings that support all life on this planet in various ways through and with their vibrations.  Are they as conscious and sentient a being as a Human?  No, I don’t think so, but they are actual beings.  How many times have you heard someone make a comment that they have seen a face in a rock, or crystal, or on the side of a mountain or in a tree?  Not realizing and laughing off that it may actually be true.  Ever notice how much children are drawn to rocks and crystals, and how much they calm down and are often content after they find just the right one?

For millennia, crystals have been used in: burials, divination and healing rituals to enhance physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.  Crystals have been used extensively throughout ancient times of China, Egypt, Greece, Atlantis, Lemuria, etc.  The ancients somehow knew that the energies of stones would interact with the human and bring about subtle energetic changes.  People who feel they have had past lives in these places usually find themselves very drawn to crystals because we knew and respected the power within them to create or destroy.  We knew they were programmable, that we could give them a purpose, or ask them to help with a particular area of work and used them for generating power, cellular regeneration, record keeping and more. 


Humans who love stones and crystals may be genuinely surprised how delighted the crystals are to work with their human companions and the grids together again.  All of us have been intimately connected with all of us from the beginning and there many uses for crystals that are highly beneficial to our energy fields that we have yet to discover, or re-discover.

Physical evidence has been found around the world of human beings using crystals, luminescent and semi-precious stones as part of sacred architecture, spiritual tools, power objects, energy transmitters and transformers for as long as we’ve been here.  The first modern times proof came in the 1920s when scientists uncovered the remains of a distant and extinct ancestor of modern humans known as “Homo Erectus”, also referred to as the “Peking Man” who appeared over 500,000 years ago and Peking Man collected quartz crystals.

Quartz crystals are the most commonly found crystal on the planet and quartz crystals and other gemstones collectively create and balance our electromagnetic field around the Earth.  This electromagnetic field is an important component of the Earth's auric field, and the crystalline consciousness grid.  There is a crystalline consciousness to our DNA, our bones, and what’s known as the Christ Consciousness grid, or the grid of human consciousness that permeates and surrounds Earth in an almost flower of life pattern or thought of as a cosmic lattice.  Clear quartz crystals, identified with white light, represents the unifying vibrational frequency that harmonizes the seven rainbow rays and the many varieties of gems and minerals of Gaia.  Clear quartz is also the closest match to our optimal human frequency, so we can carry clear quartz to help keep our own energy high and auric fields clear.

Shamans have long been considered to be intermediaries between the physical and spiritual worlds, and if we think about it and despite our confusions around religion, Shamanism might actually be the first and oldest spiritual practice of humankind.  Shamanic lineages worldwide consider crystals to be “Beings of Light”, or spiritual allies from higher worlds here in physical form and who are composed of solidified high-frequency light waves.  They feel they act as the wiring of the Earth's nervous system, through which Spirit maintains communication with all parts of Earth's organism and all the beings who reside here on Gaia.  They believed that crystals cleanse and bring healing to the environment and help with the creation of safe and sacred spaces.  They traditionally utilized crystals to access other realms of consciousness for tens of thousands of years for things such as soul retrievals, empowerment, scrying, divination and journeying between the worlds to seek insights and solutions.  In the Native American shamanic tradition, it is believed that any human being who can attune to the power of the quartz crystal is in tune with Grandmother Earth, and obtains the ability to communicate directly with the Spiritual worlds.

Crystals are helpful energy boosters and great tools for anyone who does energy work because when someone holds one or has them near them, it resonates with their bio-electric field and pulls their frequency up to it.  Crystal healing is a natural therapy where we are combining the natural energies from Gaia with our own and we can have them physically with us or surround ourselves with a particular shape and make use of elements if associated with one, and work on clearing and balancing our chakras using earth energies to help balance our auric fields.  We do not need to have crystals with us all the time nor will our energy fall apart if we leave home without them, but they sure are a big help when we need a boost, a pick me up or some backup for balance.  Know that just thinking about one has the same effect.  Know also that crystals can't do all the work or us, they call only aide.  As we are learning about energetic boundaries, healing past hurts and how to hold a high vibration within ourselves, crystals are wonderful beings that will provide us support on our journey.  We can use them to help us ground, pick us up, clear out our energy centers, enhance our psychic abilities, energetic or physical healing, meditation, protection and more.

If you are drawn to crystals, try not to over think it, go with whom you are drawn to and that feels good when you hold them.  People are often surprised when we say to put the book away and use your intuition to choose a crystal that feels right.   The book certainly has its place by telling us more details about them and many agree on standard uses for crystals.  But we are all trying to learn how to not to fit everything into neat little boxes or always approach everything from a memorized space anymore, but re-learning how it feels to be in flow with our own vibration again.  Learning to use our own energy systems and intuitive senses again instead of our head, and feel how something feels to us. 


Try to trust yourself when choosing a crystal friend, going with a feeling or knowing first and then look up its deeper meaning for our minds curiosity later.  You may discover that you are much more in tune with yourself than you thought you were and also learn that vibrational energy is a stronger force than what we always "think" is right.  Crystals might even be less effective when used like a prescription such as amethyst for this or clear quartz for that, and they may actually be more effective when we choose a stone that resonates vibrationally with the issue we are exploring or the imbalance that we are attempting to heal in that now moment.  When we are in front of our own crystals or at the store, we can let ourselves be drawn to the one that is drawing our attention or pulling us in their direction.  It’s resonating with us for a reason and that crystal may be a completely different one for you at that time than it would be for someone else, and that is okay.

Solid crystals have the ability to convert vibrational energy, such as sound or light, into electromagnetic and electric energy, and they can also absorb, store, amplify, transduce, and transmit vibrational energies.  Did you know that when they look for gold in the ground that the instruments look for the "vibration" of gold, not the "material" of gold?  


Here are some other cool random nerdy terms about crystal uses through the ages for healing: Adularescence, Aventurescence, Biogenic, Biophotonic, Conductors, Fluorescent, Labradorescence, Magnetic, Phosphorescent, Photonic, Piezoelectric, Pyroelectric, Transducers and Tribolumenescent.   

I now realize that our bodies are vessels for oscillating solid and liquid piezoelectric crystals that are a synchronized interacting crystal network and a part of our overall energy pattern.  Wow.. that was a weird sentence.  Our human bones and teeth are recognized as solid crystals structure with piezoelectric properties.  People are also now wondering if the pineal and pituitary glands have crystal structures too but our bones are the only proven solid crystal structure so far, with approximately 65% of the bone mass of adults containing hydroxyapatite crystals.  

As energies and frequencies rise on the planet, I feel that we are moving from being dense carbon based beings to lighter crystalline beings.  I also feel our crystalline structure acts like as an antenna for all incoming vibratory energy, including thought form energy.  Our bodies are electromagnetic machines and we’re learning how to function as an energetic life force here within physical matter.  We are now learning how to consciously communicate with and experience our etheric abilities and to utilize multi-dimensional frequencies for healing, manifestation and joy.


If someone asked me: “What are 3 crystals to check out?”
•    Clear quartz - to keep our energy field clear
•    Rose quartz - for self love and compassion
•    Hematite or Black Tourmaline - to repel low vibrational energy and help us remain grounded

A couple of personal favorites would be: Amethyst, Angel Aura, Apophyllite, Labradorite, and Septarian.


Random & important information to share about Minerals of Gaia:









Sacred Geometry & Shapes

I feel a need to mention sacred geometry, although I am by no means an expert and this is by no means an in depth discussion of geometry and I cannot even exactly explain why it makes sense.  I just felt it important to relate it with crystals and wanted to share a quote I scribbled down once but did not note the author of it: “Sacred geometry is the nexus point between physics and mysticism. It is the realm where infinities live within finite forms, and the chaos of creation is brought to order”. 

Galileo called the father of astronomy, born in 1564 stated these 2 comments: “Our universe is a grand book written in the language of mathematics”, and “Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe”.  Geez.. I never gave math that much credit.

All is energy, all is vibration, all is frequency and all is geometry.  Sacred geometry is an ancient science and is said that any known materialistic entity is present in the form of a geometric shape.  It gives symbolic and sacred meanings to certain geometric shapes and proportions that explores and explains the building blocks or patterns, shapes and forms that are part of all living things and governs the relationship between spirit and matter.  Ancient cultures around the world have used this knowledge to build and understand architecture, monuments, churches, sacred sites, and others study sacred geometry to travel to other dimensions.

All systems of growth whether it is in cells, trees, animals, planets, galaxies and our own DNA are ruled by the mathematical laws of sacred geometry.  Everything that grows can be seen having a geometric structure of the Fibonacci sequence, known as the golden ratio.  The growth of plants, human body proportions, the structure of crystals, the orbit of the planets, light, music, shape of pinecones, snail shells, sunflowers, ferns, reefs, insects, pineapples, and even the Great Pyramids at Giza were built using it and I can’t list them all.  A cool thing to check out are videos about cymantics, which shows what happens when vibrate sound wave frequencies through a surface that contains salt, sand, water, etc., and after a few seconds it moves the substance into geometric shapes.

There are so many shapes and symbols we can use for healing, balancing, feelings of wholeness, oneness, unity, expansion and inter-dimensional travel, by using them physically or visualizing them.  Spheres, Pyramids, Merkabas, Hearts, Torus, Seed of Life, Flower of Life, Tree of Life, Metatron’s Cube, and the list could get longer.

I once heard someone say that the Platonic Solids are special shapes because they the letters of the alphabet of the 3rd dimension.  Still don’t completely understand it but I do find it interesting that they are all perfectly regular and symmetrical, all faces are identical, they are all convex, all edges and angles are identical, and the points all fit exactly inside a sphere.  The more than 100,000 kinds of crystals in the world all derive from these forms.  Each of the 5 platonic solid shapes have a unique purpose and is associated with a chakra and with an element.  So I thought I would mention them.

•    Cube.  Has 6 square sides, symbolizes the element of Earth & Root Chakra.

Represents a solid foundation, stability, solidarity, patience, consistency, and letting things unfold in own time. 

Uses: grounding, abundance, peace, fertility, and stability.

•    Octahedron.  Resembles a diamond with 8 triangle sides, symbolizes the element of Air & Heart Chakra. 

Reminder to create balance between multiple forces, and handling with grace, diplomacy and willingness to learn. 

Uses: oneness and love, improve balance between head and heart skills.

•    Tetrahedron.  Resembles a pyramid with 4 triangular sides, symbolizes the element of Fire & Solar Plexus Chakra. 

Beneficial for creating change and the reminder to also to handle with care. 

Uses: vitality, strength, will power, protection, energy, clearing and courage.

•    Icosahedron.  20 triangular sides, symbolizes the element of Water & Sacral Chakra.

Reminding us to go with the flow, trust in the wisdom of the universe and have a willingness to allow. 

Uses: calm mind, body and spirit, compassion, sleep, joy and purification.

•    Dodecahedron.  12 pentagonal sides, symbolizes the element of Ether, or Akasha, or human spirit & Throat Chakra. 

Reminds us of ascension, mystery, and that we do not have to actually understand everything, but so often we do not communicate or allow because of that unknowing, or because it is unproven, and this hinders our learning.  Encourages us to allow divine forces to lead the way during spiritual pursuits and to live a long and happy life. 

Uses: dealing with our past, longevity, and connecting with our spiritual side.

Quotes from Nikola Tesla about Crystals:

“Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation.  All things have a frequency and a vibration”.

“In crystal we have a pure evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and although in spite of everything we cannot understand the life of crystals - it is still a living being”.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

Did I mention Rock People?...

Have you noticed faces in rocks, marble, granite, stones, cliff sides?  These beings are all a part of the mineral or crystal kingdom.  Within every one of them is a life force.  They do prefer to be ethically mined as dynamite is a harsh vibration.  They want to help us ground, clear, be present, and show us how to be happy right where we are, right where we sit, right where we stand wherever we are.  Does a stone have a message for you?  Will you let yourself connect with their energy as they’d like to speak with you, and will you let yourself hear them and respect them?

Check for more articles under Earth Stuff such as Earthing or Gaia, look at the Human Stuff page for information about the intuitive senses, changing our thinking or religious confusion, and check under Spirit Stuff for articles about the Elementals, being multidimensional or Spirit Guides in general or for a list of different guides.

Minerals humans should avoid:

  • Aluminum

  • Fluoride

  • Led

  • Mercury

Minerals most humans need more of:

  • Calcium

  • Iodine

  • Magnesium

  • Potassium

  • Vitamin D

  • Zinc

Sacred Geo & Shapes
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