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I wanted to honor the Elements within this site & by using the name Elements of Spirit it would also allow me to include many other beings in other dimensions or energetic fields that support us here on in our existence on Earth/Gaia. Etheric, multidimensional or interdimensional beings known as Spirit Guides, that I also like to refer to as our Family of Light, that are here supporting all physical life. The Angels & another very large variety of beings known as the Elementals are connected with & energetically support all the elements, plants, animals, crystals, minerals & humans here.

There is a lot of specific information out there about various elements, I simply want to acknowledge them, share my gratitude here to them for being here, and recognize them as the conscious and sentient beings they are who live, and provide life, to all physical life on Earth.  We are all learning how to move beyond logic analytical as we move forward in our expansion.  This is a connection that we as a species have lost as we moved to a sense of entitlement and trying to make money off resources that were created for ALL not a few.  Do not lose hope now, however, as this relationship is being rebuilt and our respect, reverence and gratitude is returning and growing.

Many people feel an intimate and close relationship with nature, and they feel connected to the earth or trees, are drawn to water and crystals, want to watch fire or long to be in nature, and fascinated by one or more elements.  After working with the Dragons for a few years, I consider there to be 6 elements that create and support life: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Spirit, and Chaos.  I recognize that metals and wood are elements recognized as separate in some cultures, but I feel they are part of earth and/or fire.

The elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Spirit and Chaos support the very physical existence of all life here on this beautiful planet, and believe it or not, they are actual beings themselves.  Maybe a difficult concept to wrap our heads around when we first hear it, and although our brain and logical minds may be confused, at the same time, our heart, or our essence, does not scream “no way”.   All of these beings are alive with their own consciousness and energies, and many would not be surprised to hear that in past lives they've either lived as beings that have lived in these elements or have lived as those actual elements themselves at one point in our existence.  How many times you hear someone say something like: “I feel older than dirt” or "I wish I could the water and float away” or “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to soar in the air?”.

All physical life has been formed from the elements and the four physical elements have been represented in many places, cultures, and beliefs back to before the ancients in Greece, India and Asia.  The elements have been associated with various qualities such as: temperature, moisture, cardinal directions, magical tools, times of day, seasons, the platonic solids, zodiac signs and more.  The 4 physical elements also represent, and work with, the energies of the 4 astral bodies of humans; physical body Earth, emotional body, Water, intellectual body Air, and spiritual body, Fire.

There are also beings known as the Elementals, or Inner Earth beings, that work with and for the elements, some work with one element and some work with multiple.  They are energetic, inter-dimensional, maybe even physical in another dimension who are part of an energetic support system of caretakers of the elements and the animal, crystal, mineral, and plant kingdoms.  Many humans have been elements or Elementals in past lives and these current connections in this life are with family or friends from past lives.  Unfortunately these beings have been written off in our modern society as child fantasy, just for cartoons or movies and irrelevant, but they were of pushed to the side, much like knowledge about the intuitive senses as simply part of our imagination, and we were encouraged to not pay any attention to any of it.

Part of the joy in being here on Gaia as an energetic being living in physical form is being able to engage with all of our physical and intuitive senses, and re-connect with so much love.  We can and are learning how to hear, play and work with the elements again.  Jesus comes through in many readings to allow healing by sharing consistently that he wants to reassure people that he is no more special than anyone else that is here, and that he is only one of many who came here to show us who we ALL really are and what we’re ALL capable of; that we all should be able to walk on water, turn water to wine and we are all able to play with the elements.  By putting someone else as separate and on a pedestal, we’ve simply lost the faith in ourselves and the knowledge how.


Earth, soil, land or dirt supports all life that grows, crawls, walks, flies and swims here and gives us our solidity, form and foundations. Everything that walks and flies needs to land, everything that swims needs land to hold the waters, and air permeates though the waters and land bringing in fresh air to the insects and the plant roots that need something to hang onto to so they can grow and produce.  Fire although sometimes considered destructive is also the element that cleanses soil as it clears out the old and transforms the land to allow for new growth.

Earth is the most passive element because although it is everywhere, it is not as active as the other elements.  Earth is the most physical or stable and is the densest element, the stuff of rocks, crystals, bones and a part of all of us and every living being is formed from this stardust.  Earth can represent stillness, stability, foundations, rest, fertility, beginnings and endings, or death and rebirth.  For while we live earth sustains us, and when we die, we decompose back into the earth.

Being out on the land and touching the soil nourishes, supports, clears and grounds our energies into our bodies.  Studies are being done on what they call “Earthing” which is different than energetic grounding, and proving the benefits of walking bare foot on the land including, better sleep, improved mood, reduced pain and most importantly reduces inflammation, and inflammation is the biggest source of physical pain and disease in our bodies.

Connecting with Gaia’s natural energy through our bare feet allows us to absorb the natural negative ions that are produced, see more in earthing.  All life and electrical devices are charged with positive ions and we are being bombarded constantly with massive amounts of positive ions from all the electromagnetic fields generated from computers, mobile phones, towers and other electronic devices.  These terms positive and negative ions can be confusing because they are used in the opposite ways of how our brains think, positive ions, which are electrically charged atoms, are not the good guys.  Learn more about them in the Earthing link.

I’m not going to get all sciencey here but there is another reality we are all learning about in that matter is not actually solid.  We are vibrations and we are 99.9 percent space, and it is said that if all the space was removed from around all of our atoms, all of the solid matter of all of  humanity would fit inside the volume of a sugar cube.

There are several energetic beings such as the Dwarves, Sasquatch, and Earth Dragons that support the element of Earth and the beings that reside within it.  We can often feel their presence by suddenly feeling very centered, present and grounded.


Ahhhhh... water.  Water is the great partner of Gaia in creating life as it supports all existing life on this planet and it holds memories and vibrations.  We drink it, cook with it, we can eat it, wash with it, swim in it, soak in it, float in it, with many of us drawn to spend time near or in water, and the many beings who reside within and around it.  We spend time with other people boating, fishing, snorkeling, playing in the rain, building snow forts, and skating together.  We can, and should, express our love and gratitude for water time every time we consume it or use it.   If we think about it, if we share love with it then when we drink it we also infuse our own cells with that love and gratitude.

Water appears gentle but contains immense potential power like our bodies that are mostly water.  Water is cleansing, calming, healing and it carries light codes that connect all beings with light consciousness.  Water purifies, cleanses and reminds us to allow our lives to flow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.   All water touches all water and all water touches all beings.  Water has its own spirit, it is alive and it knows us, it remembers us and how we treat it, and we are remembering our close connections.  

Humans are more than just intelligence beings with survival instincts, we are also Spirits with intuitive senses in a physical form that are wearing some elements and stardust. While here on Gaia in a physical vessel, we have the ability to experience emotions which allows for great learning and expansion.  Water reminds us to allow it all to flow.  Just as circulating blood keeps us alive and the substances of water and food need to flow into and out of our bodies, so too are emotions meant to come and go.  Emotions are not meant to be avoided, for we are meant to notice them, allow them, process them, sometimes express them and move through and past them.  We are not meant to dwell on them, continuously remember them, frequently think about them, or repeatedly feel bad from them.  We don’t recognize that we choose to do those things with our minds.  We are meant to learn from them, grow from them, move through them and on from them.  I feel all of these pent up emotions are actually hurting people and making them physically sick.  The backup of emotions held within is causing great stress which can lead to disease and are making people scared of being vulnerable from either feeling, or expressing emotions and what they may think of as being weak.  

We can learn how to look at situations with perspective from the point of view of the observer, rather than feeling caught or tied up in them, if we will allow ourselves to.  The birds really want to remind us that it really is a choice.  Be willing to say something wrong or make a mistake or yet a just fix it or deal with it when it feels wrong.  We can learn more about ourselves and decide to change something about ourselves or in our environment if we look at it from the point of observer rather than beings embroiled in the mess.  As one of my Grandmother's would say “They can't see the forest for the trees”.   We are not meant to be stuck in feelings.  Feeling bad about the past and all the things that have gone wrong is where many people spend too much time with themselves.  We need to learn what we can, change what we can, accept what we can and can't and move on.  Thoughts and feelings are meant to move and flow.

Fun fact: Did you know that we drink the same water that the Dinosaurs drank and also peed out?  LOL. Seriously though, try to drink and consume as pure of water as available and avoid drinking water that contains fluoride, found in some tap and bottled waters, other beverages, toothpaste, Teflon, and some drugs.  See more about this on the crystal page but research is showing that fluoride actually accumulates in the pineal gland, and this gland has the highest calcification rate among all organs and tissues of the human body.  Fluoride calcifies, or hardens the pineal gland and also contributes to hardening arteries.  As our pineal gland calcifies, or hardens, it produces less melatonin which is a hormone that is carried from the brain to all areas of the body and helps control our sleep-wake cycles that regulates our body’s circadian rhythm.  Studies show melatonin also plays a role in raising our antioxidant and immune defenses, affects our eye and sexual health, regulates our blood pressure, our cortisol levels and our core body temperature, and can reduce our symptoms of  S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) and acid reflux.  Melatonin is produced mainly at night and why it is important for us to spend most of our sleeping hours in the dark.

There are several energetic beings that support and work with the element of Water, and that we can connect with such as the Undines, who we can see sometimes slightly see them as sparkles around bodies of water, Mermaids and Water Dragons


Take a big breath, really, it actually feels good.  A deep breath; pulls our spine straight and our shoulders back, expands our lungs, gets our hearts pumping and pushes air up into our brains.  We are so used to taking shallow breaths that this is why we often yawn right afterwards because it is our bodies way of gaining another deep breath.  Breathe deeply, for air is also a source of light codes that produce inspiration and fuel the mind.

All beings that physically live here on Gaia need the element of air to exist; even the beings that live in the water breathe the air within it.  Air is swift-moving and an active element that passes over the Earth and has a cooperative relationship with all the other elements.  Air is intangible, invisible and without permanent form who we know only through the way it affects our world.  Air is the element of communication, ideas, exchange, change and mobility that carry ideas, inspiration and consciousness around our bodies and the cosmos.
We are hearing so much about to stop and take a deep breath, mostly because humanity is so stressed that we tend to breathe too shallow.  We are needing to remind and encourage each other to breathe a little longer and breathe a little deeper.  Life is so stressful for some they will say they do not have time to stop, and that is exactly why we should.  Taking a deep breath is calming and it brings us into the now moment.  In the now moment, we can find the beauty, the gratitude, the truth, the calm, the perspective, and we can observe and change our thoughts, choose what to feel and connect with ourselves and Spirit in the now moment.  When our minds are occupied with the future or the past, we are often ungrounded and not here in the now moment and we can find it more difficult to connect with life or make decisions.

As mentioned on the page about Earthing, we also need to absorb more negative ions to bring us balance.  All life on this planet has a bio-electric field of energy surrounding it that can be easily influenced by electromagnetic pollution, of which all of our electronic devices create any extraordinary amount of.  Most of us are unaware of it and only wondering what’s happening when we are receiving a lot of static charges from touching objects, closing car doors or touching our animals.  This is why our moods improve and it feels so good to be outside after an electrical storm has moved through or put our feet on the soil, and why we feel better at the beach, next to a waterfall or in the forest.  These are all natural sources of large amounts of negative ions.

Most forms of air pollution are particles that have a positive ion charge to them such as dust, pollens, dander, mold spores, bacteria and even viruses.  Discoveries are showing that being exposed to too many positive ions can cause; worsening allergies, depression, anxiety, stress, headaches, impair brain function and even suppress the immune system

This is why we hear about going outside and earthing or bringing salt lamps and ionizers into our homes, to neutralize the positive ions. When there is a high concentration of negative ions in the air, they will attract to floating positive charged particles in large numbers, causing the particle to become too heavy to remain airborne. Negative ions can even help reduce the amount of cat fuzz or dog hair floating in the air in our homes, getting it to fall to the ground from the air so we can vacuum it.

There are several types of energetic beings that work with and support the element of Air and the beings within it such as the Sylphs and Air Dragons.  All beings even breathe in the Sylphs with every breath we take and they infuse us with energy and inspiration, and they also want to help us clear out our old thoughts if we would allow them to.  Although primary energetic they are often felt from moving the air around themselves and us.


Fire is the element of alchemy and transformation and is a source of energy and raw power that also lacks physical substance.  Fire is transmutational and the only element to consume other elements and able to produce energy, creating heat and light.  Fire reminds all of us humans to shine on and brighten our lights without remorse and to not to lead with a path of destruction but to renew when required.

Fire is also seen as highly purifying and protective with the ability to clear out heavy energies by consuming impurities and driving back the darkness. The energy of Fire is strong, primal, clearing, and can be wild, unpredictable, temperamental and dangerous if uncontained.  Fire has been associated with courage, strength, willpower, passion, activity, motivation, blood, protection, spiritual aspiration, impending renewal and the transformative processes of digestion and life-force.

We would not be able to physically exist here on Gaia without the element of fire as it is an essential part of humankind’s daily use.  Whether that be in; electricity, firelight or the flame of a candle, we use it to stay warm, to cook with, disinfect with, for protection from predators and enabling us to see in the dark.  Forests filled with trees even need fires in order to make space for sunlight and the renewal of the forest floors, including needing a way to release the potential for new grow from seeds.

Living in Canada and being a forest lover, I have always known that pinecones needed to be burnt by a fire before they could sprout into being a tree.  The weirdest term about trees I've ever heard is that some are called "pyrophytic plants".  I knew pyro mean fire, but what did that have to do with plants?   I had to look it up and found out they’re called “Pyrophytes” and they are plants that have adapted to tolerate fire and where fire is needed for their continued existence.  Trees like the Eucalyptus and the Banksia from Australia, and a common tree throughout North America the Lodgepole pine, and the most and abundant tree in the Rocky Mountains, have serotinous cones (I had scribbled this down at some point & now putting here on the website I realized I didn’t know what the word actually meant either, so I looked it up:"Serotiny: is an ecological adaptation exhibited by some seed plants, in which seed release occurs in response to an environmental trigger, rather than spontaneously at seed maturation and are completely sealed with resin".  They can only be opened and release their seeds after the heat of a fire has physically melted the resin.  There are other shrubs and plants that require the chemical signals from smoke and charred plant matter to break their seed dormancy, some will only sprout in that environment and can remain buried in the soil for decades until a wildfire burns through awakens them.

Gaia’s survival also depends on the element of fire as she has flows of magma and molten rock within the Earth's crust that shuffles continents, creates new lands, and relieves pressure by releasing steam and lava, the word for magma that reaches the surface, through volcano vents.  Humans could use geothermal for heating, as it literally means earth heat and although it is true that the deeper we go into the Earth the warmer it gets, the core of earth is not all just liquid, besides, where would the Elementals or Inner Earth beings reside?

The salamander has long been associated with the element of fire because in old times we used to see so many of them come out of logs after being thrown in the fire, but the physical ones are not fireproof.  They are carnivores who live in very moist areas such as rotting logs and have the ability to cover their bodies in their own venom, which enables them to withstand fire for what may seem to be a few moments too long.  There are also energetic salamanders that act as agents for the transfer of the energies of fire into our lives.

There are several types of energetic beings that work with and support the element of Fire such as the Jinn, Salamanders and Fire Dragons. Often felt as a sudden burst of heat, sometimes seen as an energetic being dancing within a fire or as a physical salamander.  If you would like to connect with the forest on a deeper level, the Elves and Sasquatch want to work with us again.


Spirit / Ether

Energies of the Divine Masculine, and strength.  The immovable mover.  Is energy.  Predictable.  Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, energy is.  The light of Spirit that is invisible, representing simply “Being” knowing and balancing the inherent power within.  A few of the energetic beings who support the element of Spirit:  White animals, etheric or physical, White Dragons, Jesus.




Energies of the Divine Feminine, and creation.  The moveable mover.  Energy in motion.  Unpredictable.  Moves energy for creation, renewal and destruction for creation. Could think of Chaos as unformed mass, representing creativity and birth and that things must continuously change.  A few of the energetic beings who support the element of Chaos: Black animals, etheric or physical, Black Dragons, Mother Mary

Divine ... Duality & Separation...
We come here as a piece of Source to have an experience on Earth and a physical experience, to experience being a Spirit in the physical world, experiencing duality and perceived separation from God/Source. Having to first choose to exist as either a man or a woman, duality, that also does not know, aware of, or remember all who it truly is, separation.  We as a species often need to experience something, before we can realize something else.  We cannot experience happy if we do not know what it is like to be sad, we might not know what joy felt like if we had never felt depression, or how bright and warm it is during the day if we didn’t see how dark it is at night to show us all those stars.  People, places, opinions and objects in our world are often referred to as being polarized; hot/cold, here/there, black/white, up/down, left/right, he/she or north/south.

This is partly why I feel that the 5th Element with us here on Gaia, known by many as Space/ Ether/ Aether/ Akash is separated into 2 elements:  Spirit and Chaos.  Spirit does not mean good with Chaos meaning bad.  Spirit is raw energy for creation, the unmovable mover and Chaos is destruction for creation, the movable mover.  Energy cannot be created or destroyed.  Remember many words were created  a really long time ago not in relation to the physical world but they were related to the spiritual meaning of the word, or concepts, forces or beings, of which we have lost touch with and are re-learning now.

They believed the void, worlds, galaxies and universes and all life were formed from Chaos and that everything still permeates or is filled or is infused with Chaos; every stone, plant, animal, human and the cosmos, and thought it the reason for ever present fertility in nature.  Everywhere around us and within us, the force that unifies all things, holding everything together and also the space in between, providing a container where the other four elements intertwine.  They are meant to work together in harmony and balance each other, represented by the Yin and Yang symbol.  Neither is better than the other.  Each have strengths, each have weaknesses and they come together to balance each other out, providing the strength and harmony for each other’s weaknesses.

Our world reflects imbalance and that there is still more healing to do.  We moved from a passive matriarchal society to a dominating patriarchal society and neither one is better.  Both have advantages and disadvantages.  We would not have modern technology if not for the masculine, but we would also not have medicine if not for the feminine.  Males have been considered more powerful, more valuable and more worthy in our society for far too long.  The uprising of feminism wasn’t quite the answer though and caused more imbalance as some females felt they are more worthy and superior considering they give birth to life, are more nurturing, compassionate and creative.  Thank goodness this is changing and we are seeing the value to all.  Neither is better than the other because they both have tremendous abilities and energies and the Feminine and Masculine energies are meant to work together in partnership, co-operation, balance and harmony in wholeness and completion for creation.

Have clear and pure intentions when working with any of these energies, working with the highest white light for the greater good of all, remembering that what we energetically put out there is also what we get back in return.

Check for more articles under Earth Stuff such as crystals, Gaia & Earthing, check under Human Stuff for information about the intuitive senses, empaths or what is reality?, etc. or under the Spirit Stuff page for information about being multidimensional, the Elementals or Spirit Guides in general and for a list of many different guides.

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