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I know there is a lot of conflicting information about these beings & as someone that had live in the Western world my entire life, that this is potentially a touchy subject. I am not aware of all of the history, legends or myths but for me personally the experience has been similar to that of the Angels & Dragons etc. who are here to help transform & uplift energies. 

I simply want to acknowledge the Jinn’s presence and share my gratitude to them for their help for us here on Gaia. This is another being that has been in the back of my mind since childhood & who helped me break away chains that I had wrapped around my mind &heart as an adult.

The Jinn are part of the energetic support system here taking care of the deserts and the desert dwelling animals, plants and humans on Gaia.  They work with the elements of earth, air and fire and with sandstorms and mirages.  Although water covers most of the planet, the deserts make up over a third of all the land mass.  Like all Elementals and unlike the Angels; they do have ego, free will and judgement.  Know that no Spirit Guides are allowed to interfere with free will, nor tell us what to do, when to do something by or do something or make decisions for us, and that all beings associated with Gaia have ego and free will.  

The Jinn were acknowledged by the Bedouin, King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba and others, and we know them by the names that Christian religions gave them such as Djinn, the Roman version, and Genie, the Anglican version.  Pre-Islamic times mentioned in sacred Muslim sacred texts that Allah created the Jinn from smokeless fire.  We may not realize the interpretation of smokeless fire is that the light that Jinn are made of is pure energy, like that of a smokeless fire from completely combusted fuel.

In Islamic culture the Jinn are believed to being placed somewhere between a human being and an Angel, with a saying from the prophet: “The Angels are spirits breathed into lights.  The Jinn are spirits breathed into winds.  Men are spirits breathed into shapes.”   Quite opposite to what Christianity deemed long ago in that they demonized the Djinn out of fear and wanting people to convert to their religion by saying there were demons or fallen angels.  

As a channel for Spirit I do not get to connect with the Jinn frequently and I wonder if it is because people misunderstand them or are fearful of them?  They are not here to grant us wishes, although yes teach us about manifestation and that our thoughts do come to form and create our world, and could it be the fear of disappointment that they will not magically make something better that keeps people away?  I feel that it's possible that the Jinn, Djinn, Genie are region or bloodline specific like the Leprechauns of Ireland or the Menehunes of Polynesia and that they can connect with us either when we are in a desert, of Arabic bloodlines or if they were with us in a past life.  I do feel that they are connected with many people however because a lot of people have lived in the deserts in our past lives.

When I was a child in the 70’s there were many television shows about deserts and genies: I Dream of Jeannie, Shazzan, Johnny Quest, Sabrina and the Groovie Goolies or the many versions of Arabian Nights and Aladdin.  It was fascinating watching people treat themselves well, magic carpet rides, creating things from the air and taking trips to a beautiful vegetative oasis, and it all seemed so normal.

I have never traveled across the oceans but have been attracted to Egypt and the Jinn since childhood.  In my early teens with my first history lesson of Ancient Egypt, I read anything and everything I could get my hands on at the time and was teased many times for being secluded away in the corner reading in the library.  LOL.  Nope, no internet at that time.  While looking at pictures even though I did not understand what it meant, and I couldn’t explain why to other kids or adults at the time, but I felt deep in my core that I had been there in those ancient times.  It continued in my early adult years with the only novels I would allow myself to escape into being historical fiction novels of times in Ancient Egypt.  I didn't quite understand my obsession with this until later understanding concept of past lives and it settled into my being that I have been there many times before.

The Jinn are starting to re-connect with many of those who are living in the deserts and many who have had past lives in Egypt or other large desert areas.  They remind us that yes we are here on Earth as solid physical beings, but we are also made of particles.  We are also spirit beings, shape-shifters and time travelers and we too have the ability to de-materialize or travel through the sands of time etherically.  They are not total ether, they are multidimensional and are able to come into physical world to interact with people and objects and remind me of the Sasquatch in that way.  We humans can expand ourselves and our connections of love and support so much if we can just get out of our own heads and move into our heart spaces.  

They love music, dance, entertaining, well wishes, ideas, magic and to help with manifestation through the "idea" of granting wishes.  Speaking to the ethers and creating with it. The Jinn are not here stuck in lamps waiting to grant us 3 wishes but they can help with manifestations of bringing the ether into the physical, and remind us how to do that through joy and getting what we actually want, not creating through fear or unknowing and getting more of what we don’t want.  

They are here as Spirit Guides that will help us when we ask, and like all humans and other beings connected with this special place called Gaia; they do have free will and can choose benevolence, malevolence or indifference just like everyone else.  Those Jinn re-connecting with us now are benevolent and here to help lift and lighten energies here on Gaia and within consciousness even further.  Whirling through the sands of time and clearing out all that old heavy energy from various spaces in time that no longer serves us.  They do seem to be a little more picky than other Elementals in that they tend to only help those people who will allow themselves be open to believing in them, and they are allowed to exercise their free will and choose whether they want to help us or not.

The first time my own Jinn Spirit Guide came forward into one of my meditation experiences I was shocked.  Well, my brain was shocked but my heart immediately felt very comforted and felt excited with: “Hey you’re here!”  He felt light and was boisterous with a strong hypnotic energy.  Then he taught me an amazing lesson of simplicity and of how we do not have to try, think or work so hard in order to work with Spirit.  Working with Spirit and our intuitive senses is a piece of cake, just take a breath and come into the present, the now moment.  He also asked me to notice all the things that I have noticed over my lifetime so far; the types of objects I have been drawn to, the places I have gone to or been drawn to and the variety of animals I adore.  Some of them I have physically touched, most of them I have not.  He asked me: “Are these not the same Spirit beings that have been coming forward to you?  Do you not feel and realize that you were attracted to these things for a reason now?  That you were looking for physical representation of love that is ether and energetically with you now?  This is not your imagination.  You think they are coming to you because you like physical representations of these beings in pictures and videos, but actually you unconsciously know many of these beings and you are trying to represent and acknowledge them physically in your spaces”.  Then he made a smart ass comment about that thank goodness us humans are finally starting to speed up and whirled into a tornado form and was gone.  

He taught me an awesome lesson, having me put together the pieces on how working with Spirit is simple and always has been. It is something we all do naturally and throughout my life I have been naturally drawn to representations of the Spirit Guide beings that are here with me and who have always been supporting me.  Thanks Homie J! ... Yep.. that’s the name he gave me.  

As a channel for Spirit, the goal of this site is to reawaken the knowing for others and I hope that everyone is pleasantly surprised about how much of a sense of humor, how straight forward, honest and supportive our Spirit Guides really are... unless you need or want them to be serious, but why?   We learn a more and faster when we come from an open heart space of fun and love like a child rather than we do as a restrictive and closed state of mind adult that's stressed.  Just saying.


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