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There is a lot of information out there about & for empaths, so I just wanted to say as a channel for Spirit & fellow Empath:
Hello fellow energy transformer & animal & nature lover!
~ Insert a frantic hand wave & big smile here :) ~
Sensitive people can really feel like it’s an insensitive world. The world really could be a gentler place if every human would acknowledge their own, & everything else that lives on this planet’s, divine nature & individual worth.

Empathy is the major human super power along with our intuitive senses and wish I could have learned something about and felt that way, and how to handle them, a lot sooner in life.  I mention that here because I can't stress the importance enough of learning to let that go, that regret of not knowing, because we know when we're supposed to.  Highly sensitive people need to let go of the past thoughts, emotions, hurts and move ourselves into the present moment.  Right now - everything is okay. 

Understand empath that you signed up for a tough role, to have compassion in what seems to be an unfeeling world and it is time to shake off all that density of the past.  Many people think it's weird, until they realize it's normal, that they even feel empathy for plants
, animals and Gaia, or large groups of people in situations elsewhere, especially kids the wide open feelers..   Empathy is here to transcend suffering so that ultimately we don’t need it as a species anymore and if we can feel it, we can heal it, but the only way to transcend suffering is to start by healing ourselves first.  Sounds weird but humanity needed more compassion before we could evolve together.  Empaths are the way-showers but we cannot and should not, try to save everyone nor feel bad we cannot send money to every cause or pack our bags and protest every inhumanity.  

We are also not meant to feel and process everyone else's feelings all the time.  We were not taught about having healthy energetic boundaries though so many of us have and done so for so long, they are thoroughly exhausted.  At same time many of us ultimately trained ourselves to not feel, to be tough and maybe thought we had to be distant from others in order to deal with energies. Taught to tune out of vibrations, feelings and our intuitve senses to learn to be a good citizen and listen to what people say.  Society has really not wanted to acknowledge thoughts, feelings, imagination (consciousness) and usually just tell the sensitive person they are overly sensitive, overly emotional, suck it up it’s a tough world, or how about the old one, stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about?  eeep.  So many have been told they were too sensitive as children and really tried to learn how to block out these insights as a way to become socially acceptable.  Overtime the problem is that we then often lose the ability to figure out how we actually feel ourselves, and it is time for us all to get back in touch with ourselves.

If you’ve been looking around this website you’ll have seen this comment that made everything click for me a bunch of times: “We are not only humans with physical senses having and seeking spiritual experiences we are also Spirits with intuitive senses having and seeking human experiences".  I am realizing just how amazing we humans are and that we are essentially energetic beings living here in a physical meat suit on a beautiful planet of sights, smells and sounds. Our body is an amazing vessel that is truly supporting our existence here and we are beings that are much more magnificent than a body.  We should share our love and gratitude with it so much more for it gives us the ability to have an experience as an energetic being in the physical world.  

We have not been taught or understood how powerful of a co-creators we each all really are and our body actually listens to us and does what we tell it to.  If we keep tell it we’re getting old we do, if we continue to tell it hurts, aches not working, it does.  Look into the placebo effect and the nocebo effect. I know this is weird to hear but we really need to learn how to be nicer to our bodies mentally and physically to be able to enjoy and experiences our lives more, but we are told we are supposed to keep busy and that the body does what it does and we are not in charge of whether it gets sick or not.  WE are the major contributing factor of our own disease through how we think and feel about ourselves.  We, each and every one of us, are also amazing healers if we would only remember.

Our Spirit does not fit inside of our meat-suit, the body; our energetic field is much bigger than that. That's where the terms like aura, bio-electric field or electro-magnetic pulse come from and there are many different numbers stating how big our auras may be or how many astral bodies are a part of it, but let's just say it emits farther than one or twice inches or feet away from our bodies.  Our energy imprint is big, we are energetic beings in form and we don’t fit inside of here.  When we come into contact with other people and not necessarily just because we are next to them, we can pick up thoughts, feelings, emotions, physical ailments off of other people through our empathy and also our clairsentience.  Many empaths are very clairsentient and it is much less known about, but can feel like a double whammy of feelings when we haven’t been taught about having energetic boundaries or that we and everyone else has free will.

According to the dictionary:

Sympathy: (1) feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else's misfortune or (2) understanding between people; common feeling.

Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

When we sympathize with someone, we feel a sense of care and concern and compassion for other people and hope that their situation improves.

When we empathize with someone, we have an ability to understand the feelings of people around us with a deep understanding and connection, often feeling other people's feelings as if they were our own.

Remember how relieved you were the first time you heard the word "Empath"?  We weren't making it up but we didn’t know for a long time and why empaths worldwide are exhausted is that they really can be affected by people when out in public, outside of their own safe spaces because they are not only processing their own thoughts and feelings, they are usually inadvertently processing the thoughts, feelings and physical ailments of everyone around them too, as if they are theirs.  Many empaths are called an air head, easily distracted, space cadet, have too many squirrel moments etc. and can actually believe it because they feel that way themselves when they go out to accomplish simple tasks sometimes that they figure should be quick and it takes much longer than expected.  Like I mentioned, most empaths are also highly clairsentient, I think of us as feely feelers, and the exhaustion comes from the fact that our brain doesn’t know the difference between say our feelings and someone else’s feelings, so once we start to process something as if it is ours, our body goes through it as if is ours. That means our bodies go through the stresses and the release of all those hormones such as serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine, adrenaline, cortisol, etc. even though the empath themselves are not having the actual physical problem.

In the general mainstream media and education we aren’t taught about energy or intuitive senses and everything relating to it having been considered woo-woo, weird or fortune telling for too long.  The rational stuff such as electricity, fuel or chemical energy but we know now they’ve known more about free energy related to these things for a long time and the information has been suppressed.  Here we are energetic beings living in a physical form as a human that have energy, emit it, receive it, can work with it, be affected by it, distracted by it or feel over whelmed by it, but don’t really know anything about it.  When people have tried talk about energies in the not too distant past, it was considered weird and only for those new age sensitive type people, and really strange stuff.

Empath adults up to this point were told most of their lives that they are overly sensitive, take things too personal, overly emotional, too soft, irrational and illogical, an airhead or a space case.  The thing is; empaths are highly sensitive beings that don’t know how to have healthy boundaries or that we even need them, or can and should have them.  We do not need to put up a barrier of protection in order to have boundaries but we do need to look at: how far we go or try to help or feel responsible for other people’s emotions and problems and how far we will exhaust ourselves thinking we are being a good person by helping others.  Empaths forget to self love and take care of themselves and their needs, which actually should be first.  Many haven’t even heard the saying “We can’t pour from an empty cup”.  Over time some empaths can burn out and become either a sad or an angry empath, after over feeling for so many years, as we inadvertently let all the fun, love and the joy get sucked out of our lives.  The thing is; it is not someone else’s fault if we pick up their energies, we are the ones that have to remember that our energy is our own problem, other people energies are theirs and it's okay to not dive into others, or as my Grandmother used to say "Mind your own Beeswax".

A lot of empaths first had to figure out on our own that we have this quality and when we went looking for solutions we are mostly taught we need to protect ourselves and learn about building an energetic barrier.  Giving reinforcement that others people thoughts and energy affects us, or another way I like to put it is think their energy cooties affect our energy and going to suck us down.  Only if we let it.  Many don’t really know how to perceive energetic protection and so don’t want to go out anywhere and isolate themselves daydreaming of being locked away in a cabin in the woods.  Those that do go through the effort to protect themselves, wonder why they still see so much going on around them not knowing they are actually getting what they asked for.  They put up a shield and although are not being affected by as much, stuff is still being thrown at them to see they are protected and they can feel like they are barely holding it off, getting overwhelmed and not knowing what to do about it.

The thing is; we are supposed to be out there transforming and transmuting shadow energy to light energy everywhere we go, just by simply being there and not hiding away or isolating ourselves.  It doesn’t mean we’re supposed to be out there all the time because we really do need alone time as well.  When we practice self love first, not last, and take responsibility for our own energy, there is no need to be separate all the time and feel that others can taint our thoughts or energies.  Balance is important and we probably couldn’t stress enough how very important it is that the empath takes time for solitude away from people in general.  We need time to replenish our Spirit and serve others from the overflow, too many don't take the time for themselves and need to be reminded: “We can’t pour from an empty cup”.  Our head tells us from old programming that we continually have to do, accomplish, get things done, don't be lazy... tell it to be quiet and rest

We need to recognize that we mostly had an automatic response when we realized we really were feeling other people feelings, whether they wanted to confirm them or not. A little dialogue going something like:  “Oh wow I feel them, and now I feel just like they do too, so that must mean I must have to help them, because otherwise I would not feel them, and I'm not an asshole, so I must have to help them, because why would I feel them if I wasn't responsible for helping them?

We need to know that we can only help, guide support, or uplift any other person so much because others are responsible for using their own free will to take action and make a change.  People have to take their owns steps, do their own work, or make the change themselves.  When they don’t, the empath has to recognize that the other person may be choosing victim hood and there is nothing we can do to help someone who continues to choose to feel or act in any way.  We also do not have to let ourselves keep listening to the same thing over and over again, knowing there is only so much advice we can give and that it is okay to tell someone that we don’t want to talk about something again, assuring them that we will though after they do something different.

Another important point empaths need to know, is that all we were taught about our reptilian brain is that it's from the time when we needed to survive in the elements and about fight, flight, freeze, feeding and fornication or all about survival.  We weren't taught that in its role being connected to the ego and survival was that it turns everything going on all around us into being all about us, and makes us the center of its Universe, unless we learn to tell it something different.  We have been taught to be very hard and critical on ourselves, so when this natural thing tends to happen, of turning every situation into something about us, if we don’t know about it or how to keep it in check, it will make just enough sense to seem true, and we can take it on and really mess with our mojo when we're unaware.

I had been confused in childhood and as an adult, called too sensitive and a bigmouth by my own family and later co-workers,but now have the understanding that I was very clairsentient and claircognizant.  I was aware of and frustrated with feeling everyone else's feelings, while also being taught that this was not real or possible, and that I should just really ignore my own feelings and certainly the feelings of others anyway.  So I never learned how to notice or be aware of the fact there could be a difference between my feelings and other people's feelings.  Our reptilian minds make everything all about us and eventually I even sort of lost touch with actually feeling my own feelings and I stayed in my head all the time and was exhausted.  When I initially came across the label empath, which many Indigos, Starseeds, Old Souls etc. do as it is the most commonly referred to term around energy, it was a relief and helped my logical mind realize it was real and importantly also see that I was not the only one.  It resonated with me so much and started me on a journey of further learning and healing.

When I used to ask others if they felt or noticed the same things, many just thought it was strange and I needed to stop questioning so much, toughen up and stop showing so much emotion.  Not realizing that most people were and some still are, making every effort not to feel their feelings let alone those of others, intentionally ignoring them. Times are changing and patterns are changing for humans everywhere who are noticing and questioning as we move towards love for ourselves.  We are seeking to resonate with others of like vibration and should not be so concerned about what we are supposed to do. We are pushing beyond the programming and rediscovering the God/ Source/ Great Spirit within ourselves and everything else that lives.  One of most important lessons I've learned is that we do not have to be, nor are we a victim of, or at the whim of, other peoples energy.  I felt very differently about that years ago and wasn't aware that I was using my free will against myself.  Empowering empaths is a big part of why I enjoy connecting with others so much through readings and group sessions, to help bring that awareness and lighten the load on minds and hearts for others too.

Unfortunately it’s a real thing that toxic people are attracted to and use empaths by exploiting their resilience and willingness to adapt as a short cut to their own success, while also avoiding their own need for healing and ensnaring them into abuse cycles.  The narcissist and empath scenario can become a recurring pattern for the empath until they learn to self heal and stand in their own light.  When the empath, the givers, feels low about themselves, it is almost as if the narcissists, the takers, prey on them unconsciously but energetically knowing there is plenty of energy, resources and support for them to feed on for themselves.  Often the empath gets what is referred to as "gas-lighted" so often they believe that all of the problems are actually their fault, while the narcissistic uses the compassion of the empath to get away with their toxic behavior without ever being held accountable for it.  Remember actions speak louder than words.

Many empaths often have broken hearts yet they still remain open-hearted by nature, even after actively trying to not be and even mad at themselves for it.  Even the most emotionally closed off empath has glimmers of open heartedness and a bright light shining out from their heart that invites people to share their darkness with them.  People intuitively trust them because they tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves and the strange thing about it, for the empaths too, is that even the most unlikely stranger will open up and they tell them their life story or details about something very personal within minutes, without even meaning to.  Empaths are the natural healers and they come into this world to heal, themselves and others, which can make them susceptible to toxic types looking to exploit their energy for their own agenda.  Empaths often forget to heal themselves in the process, clearing their energies and coming back to their own and create healthy boundaries with some time for self love to release energies and move back into a space of love.

Archangel Michael has me share with empaths that if they reach a point in any relationship be that friend, lover and even family, where they think and feel that they may being manipulated or "deserve better" than they currently have, that they need to know they are right and they do, and they should trust their intuition, period.  No not because we are better than anyone else and most do know they are no better than anyone else and because of it undervalue themselves way too much.  This can cause and empath to take a long time, sometimes too long, to determine they deserve better.  The empath gives 120% to people and they think that everyone else does too, so when they get to a point of feeling they deserve better, they need to know they are right for their own sake.  They need to realize that it not from a space of ego and not allow their fears of being alone to take over because there is nothing else they can do and no amount of patience, love and understanding is going to make the situation better, or make the person change or bring out that good inside that you know is there.  They've given all they can give to make the situation work and there is no reciprocation. Empaths will never receive the 120% they give but know that you do deserve 90%.

Too often because of feeling that the person is "good inside" they see the potential and possibilities and find excuses for how that person was treated in the past, and accept crappy behavior with small tidbits of improvement as some sort of work in progress as more time passes as they are waiting for the good they know is in there to come out.  The empath needs to know everyone is good inside but free will choices rule how they are and choose to be, and at this point they have given their 120% effort and if others don’t or hadn’t realize that until after the fact after giving or doing less, that is not the empaths fault nor should they go back to see if they will now give more.  Too many empaths think it is a sign when the narcissist comes back extra charming with lots of promises, not realizing the narcissist just wants back what they had and what was convenient to them.  When you come to the point of thinking "but I know they're good inside".. remember to pull out of the heart energy and look at what you are actually being shown.  The empath needs to know that they can break the pattern and once they see their self worth and heal from the past, they will know what narcissist energy feels like and be repelled from it, breaking the pattern themselves.

We need to stop only seeing the potentials and the good inside, and pull out of that energy and look at what is actually being shown to us.  Not the charm, the fast talking, the excuses, or the gifts but the actions. Look at repeated patterns of actions versus apologies and promises without change of actions, because they are probably just words and empty promises.  Everybody has good inside and everyone has a past, everyone is a piece of God/ Source but they choose how to be and how they act with their own free will.
The empaths vibration is high and fast but many most don’t know that though from having experienced all that they have, but other people still can be either strongly attracted to or repelled from the empath like two north poles of a magnet.  

Archangel Michael has me explain it this way; “Some people are open to change and do not know how, and some people are closed off and are not open to change.  When a stranger walks by you and smiles, the empath has lightened the energy around that person who is probably not consciously aware of why they feel better, but shares a big smile with the empath.  Empath feels a bit insecure having a complete stranger smile at them when in fact they should smile back knowing they just helped that stranger lighten their energy load.  The opposite situation also make the empath feel uncomfortable, until they understand what is happening when they walk up to or near other people, and it seems like they can’t get away from them fast enough.  The empath may feel insecure in that moment, wondering what is wrong with them, knowing they had a shower, they didn’t fart and there is nothing stuck in their teeth but wonder why that person is rejecting them so strongly.  Instead of realizing that their energy simply naturally repelled someone who is closed off, and so in those moments, do not judge yourselves or the other person, just thank yourselves for letting your energies do the work for you.”

What can also be baffling to empaths is why some people show such strong animosity or act resentful or passive aggressive towards them, when they know they are a likeable and trustworthy person.  Now other than the fact some people actually do insist on sucking and want to take away the light of those who shine, because they don’t feel like they have any of their own or they deserve it.  I have also come to discover there are a few other reasons why people either cool off or take an instant dislike towards the empath and some things that we can be aware of to not take the reaction or rejection so personally, such as:


  • Act as a mirror: Empaths are authentic, many people choose not to be but they can’t hide from themselves when around an empath.

  • Stillness is misinterpreted: Empaths have introverted tendencies and often pull back in conversations or away from groups for a few moments because of so much going on.  To other people who may not understand of possibly be insecure, they may feel we are judging or sticking our nose up at what they are doing or saying or think that we think we are better than other people.  Many times people do not recognize that the empath may just want a few moments to regroup or maybe they do not want to participate but respect others choices to do so, and just move away.

  • Natural lie detector: Empaths are usually bluntly honest seeing no reason to put on mask or false front and they easily read other people’s emotions and true intentions, often putting them in very awkward and not socially acceptable situations.  We all hope honesty is starting to become “in”.

  • Helpful: Empaths are usually resourceful enough to be genuinely helpful in nearly every situation because they really do feel that more hands are less work, and they will make an effort to figure things out to make it easier for everyone involved.

Being an empath may have its challenges but it is really important for us to embrace our empathy as our superpower, it is up to us to see it as strength and not a weakness, and learn how to use it as such.  Empaths can more easily feel directly impacted by negative energies and is why we must be aware of; who we allow in our lives, the places where we spend our time, the things we consume for our watching or listening entertainment, and even what kind of foods we consume.  When we are un-grounded and unaware of how our energy is, we can become exhausted, irritable and not as flexible as usual.

We must move into the role of empowered empaths who are learning to honor our abilities and use them with confidence.  We don’t need validation from outside sources to follow our instincts; we just need to go for it.  When we do, we usually succeed causing ourselves and others around us to wonder how the heck we did it.   We benefit greatly from establishing healthy boundaries knowing what we will and will not tolerate and also knowing which burdens are ours to carry or not.  We need to know we are not responsible for changing someone else’s behavior or for fixing their situation, and we learn how to show compassion from a distance if we need to.  Most importantly we must honor ourselves enough to expect reciprocity as a must-have in our relationships, knowing it’s not being demanding or expecting too much.

Empaths succeed when we realize that we can be both scientific and spiritual, when we can marry our intuition with our intellect, and chase after the dreams that our Spirits are aligned with.   With my long history in the technology industry, I am stepping forward as another intelligent, responsible capable, logical human, looking others in the eye and letting them hear, there’s more. 

I want to encourage empaths to learn about their intuitive senses and to consider re-connecting with their Spirit Guides.  Actually as a channel for Spirit part of my role is to remind all humans that we are multidimensional beings who exist, have always existed and will always continue to exist.  We have lived hundreds of lives and not all of them as a human, not all of them in this dimension, nor were all of them here on Gaia.  To encourage all humans to reconnect with their Family of Light such as the Dragons who help transmute energies, or the Angels who can lift up with high frequency energy, or the Fairies to bring in joy and laughter. Some of the many beings who we’ve been with before, energetic beings that are here with us to help support us and love us, and who came with us to enhance our experience here while we live a short while here as a Spirit in a Human physical form.

Scenarios Empaths should to be aware of:

  • Can be taken advantage of when not aware that many people actually believe their own lies and it can feel like they are projecting truth.  We are not responsible for figuring that out but if we are not in touch with our own intuitive senses or trusting our gut instinct, it can happen more easily.

  • Some people do take advantage of empaths because they can easily get them to do what they want, only because the empath is so cooperative and wants to be helpful.  We need to learn that it is okay to say no, whether it pleases other people or not.  Empaths can become overwhelmed and exhausted from having a hard time saying no and giving too much, and have to be careful to not turn around and feel guilty or selfish from saying no. Balance.

  • Empaths often create a space where people feel safe, seen, heard and held and can feel a deep need to help others, but sometimes while thinking they are helping others they forget about their own needs and may be harming themselves mentally, emotionally and physically.

  • Need to discern between what is ours and what is from others, because when unaware we can end up taking on thoughts, feelings, emotions, problems etc as if they are our own and can get easily distracted in them making it harder to focus.

  • Empaths are often extraordinary healers that naturally feel the emotions of others that can sometimes take away painful feelings inside others by transmuting those feelings within themselves and then sending out cleaned-up energy like a human air purifier.  If an empath is not aware of this they can inadvertently end up acting like a washing machine that cleans and filters everyone else’s emotions but are left stuck with all the gook left all over them at the end. 

  • People often feel “better” after interacting with empaths without really knowing why.  Empaths can heighten the energy of those around them and if a person is not looking to make a change, but rather just wanting to feel better, they can end up leaning on an empath too heavily.  If the empath is still in an unhealthy space where they feel “responsible” for helping, these will be very draining interactions.

  • Know that making the effort to break the old patterns and heal ourselves, helps heal the world.  :)

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