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My sessions are filled with love and light and nothing to be afraid of.   There is nothing scary or traumatic about readings with me as I work in the light.  Let’s work with your Spirit team for messages of empowerment to support you on your current path and to help pull out of the old energies, thoughts, feelings and patterns that are holding you back.   You are growing, you are changing, you are evolving, you are healing and moving forward, but sometimes our minds won’t let us see it. Never feel bad about learning. They say small steps in the right direction are better than big ones in the wrong direction.



30 minutes   $75

60 minutes  $150

Session are available in person or remotely.

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Archangel Michael is connected with all who choose to work with this powerful leader of the Archangels.   Angels are here to help support all life on the planet and especially those who are currently having a human experience on Earth.  Angels are omnipresent beings that support all and can work with us deeper when we choose to do so with our own free will. Archangel Michael supports us with courage, truth and strength, can be sarcastic funny with a great sense of humour and loves to share things that we need to know.  This Angel really wants to help everyone keep moving forward without looking back to the past by not just answering questions we think we need to know. There is no shame or guilt here. No finger pointing or blaming, just a sense of relief, guidance, support and knowing you are never alone.



Losing a loved one is hard.  You understand the logistics of the passing and your heart misses them.  There is another part of you that still needs closure.  Your Spirit wants closure too. Sessions are geared toward healing, understanding, closure and many times full of laughter. You can gain an incredible sense of peace and understanding during this hour.  You are able to ask questions to the departed to help you gain a sense of peace. Your loved ones personalities, habits, and life are brought through in this session and many people leave feeling like they had a visit with their friend or family member.


Sitting with your Spirit Guides can be different as they have a higher understanding of your journey.  You are growing and changing and your belief systems should too, even though they can be harder to let go.  They can help you understand lessons, find out if you are on the right path and offer suggestions to move towards joy and peace in your life.  A big part of my role is to reintroduce and reawaken the knowing and awareness of Spirit Guides which includes a very wide range of beings.  We’re here to help other intelligent capable adults reconnect with those who are also here to help us and to enhance our experience here as a human. Please note that Spirit Guides will never TELL you what to do, as this goes against your free will, instead they gently nudge you in the direction that is for your highest good with the least amount of pain.

Your Gifts

Everyone was born highly intuitive and depending on how we were raised, what beliefs were supported and which ones were oppressed has created a lot of confusion for many.  As adults we have not been taught about energy as being a normal part of our society yet we have this intuitive side we no longer want to deny.  Now after years of misunderstanding how they work and confusing feedback from others, many of us feel unsure and unguided on how to use them or if they are even real.  We feel silly for feeling we are special and turn our souls desire away from connecting with Source again, into doubt and shame for even trying.  This session is about finding out what your strengths are, what your natural gifts are and how you can use them in your life.  We also scratch that itch you have of finding out what you are supposed to do with this gift.




Empowering Empaths is one my favourite things to do by helping others release the old programming to move forward.  We are not over sensitive, or over emotional, we are very keenly aware of thoughts and feelings of others.  There is a higher evolution of the human spirit that understands we are all one and an empath feels this oneness like others do not. This is your super power.  The problem is that we have not been taught how to have healthy energetic boundaries.  Empaths are transformers of energy; they lighten the energy everywhere they go. Many don’t know that and can feel like an emotional washing machine that filters other people’s stuff and wears the left over gook.  This session is about clearing others energies from you, finding what is stuck that is not yours, and ridding guilt, shame and finding out what truly makes you happy. You have spent so long trying to make sure others are happy that many of us forgot what makes us happy now. Let’s get out of that rut.

Twin Flame


To help you clear out and let go of the past pain and confusion to move forward in self love and for healthy relationships.  Many of us are holding on to pains from past relationships and cannot let go out of fear of it happening again.  We want love but are also afraid of it.  How can we find what we are hiding from? Let’s sit down with your Spirit team, release what is no longer serving you to find the lessons but not the pain. Those that are so inclined can also ask for a blessing to call in their Twin Flame if the time is right and they are at a good point in their life to receive this love.  It is about healthy love, not dramatic love.

Karmic Healing


To help you identify and move through energetic blockages to clear out what is holding you back for self healing and feeling good about yourself again.  The lower chakras are connected with our earthly selves and the upper chakras are connected with our energetic selves. For, we are not only humans having and seeking spiritual experiences but we are also Spirits having and seeking human experiences.  We can be more easily affected by lower energies around us and can feel dragged down, stuck, blocked or unmotivated if we are unaware of our own energy. Energetic blockages that we create ourselves via our own thoughts and feelings can affect the strength of our auric fields and astral bodies.  The great news is that we can move through them, heal them and reset ourselves with a little bit of direction. There are many ways to do this. The best part of this session is when you sit with me, your guides tell me the best way to clear this karma for you and even give you suggestions on how to make sure you do not repeat this old pattern.  They say let go of being dragged down. Are you being dragged?  Well, LETS GO.

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