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Dwarves, also known as Nature Spirits, are part of the Elemental kingdom. Think of them as multidimensional beings here in another realm or dimension, working with the element of earth & helping to take care of the soil that literally supports all physical life.  Soil, also known as dirt, allows for all the food to grow that feeds all physical life on Gaia & also holds & supports all waters.  The Dwarves know about minerals, soil, metals, crystals & the creepy crawly bugs. LOL.  

Like all Elementals, and unlike the Angels, the Dwarves do have free will, ego and judgement.  No Spirit Guides are allowed to interfere with free will and all earth dwellers on this planet have ego and free will.  They are different from Gnomes in that they dwell inside Gaia and are caretakers of soil and crystals, who are knowledge holders, the light carriers and a part of the light and energy veins within Gaia, supporting the crystalline grid that supports all life.  They are usually a little gruff and dirty, look a bit grumpy, often so ugly they're cute and have a great sense of humor.  Although they can be straight forward and direct, these beings are very community based, knowing how to work together in cooperation.  Dwarves have huge hearts, and try to guide us humans towards better attitudes and outcomes. When you meet one don't be surprised if he offers you toast with a pint of ale and wants to take you for a ride through the mines, or light veins, to show you the beauty of Gaia from within.

My first encounter as an adult with the Dwarves was in meditation and one that I will never forget.  It was the first time I was aware of being multidimensional and that I had popped into another dimension within the same space.  It was early on in my re-acquaintance with my main Dragon guide, and I was on his back as we flew through the valleys in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Surrounded by beautiful scenery my Dragon asked me if he could show me something.  Right after I gave permission, next I knew we flew square into the side of a mountain, not around it and there was no opening, but into the side of it.  My Dragon guardian and friend is a bit of a wise guy, aka smart ass, but when we came out on the other side; we were in the exact same space that we were in before.  The same valley in the mountains, same body of water and groupings of trees, but it was different.  It was brighter, the colors were different, they were more colorful, more vibrant and all living things were actually sparkly. 


I was then immediately greeted by a loud voice and heard: “Yay she made it!” As I connected to the voice I then saw on the forest floor below a short, hairy, gruff, wrinkly, dirty little dude standing there next to a cave opening who was cheering with a huge smile on his face and waving his arms at me like a happy madman. He nodded his head & lifted his ale in a welcome greeting at me, turned around and entered the tunnel.  As we kept flying, my attention was drawn to the amazing colors around the spruce tree tops just below us.  I was then wonderfully amazed at being greeted by thousands of Fairies. Their energy felt so good and they were a beautiful and colorful sight.  They all popped up in the air high up from the tree tops and as they were falling back down, all the Fairies were waving frantically with huge smiles & calling out to me: “Hello! Hi! Good to see ya! Hi there! Hello! Glad you’re back! Hi! Hi! Hey! Great ya made it! Hi! Hi!”.  It was amazing and awesome and so many lessons in one experience.  

Another wonderful experience I had with the Dwarves was the first time I was within Gaia and riding in a light vein on the back of the same Dragon guide.  Gaia is encompassed and surrounded from the core to the stratosphere within a flower of life or an energetic 5d consciousness grid, and many have heard of parts of them such as ley lines or vortexes.  We were flying very fast thru the tunnels and very loud alarms started going off ahead of us and all around us as we passed.  I started to see many Dwarves, individuals and families coming forward and starting to gather along the sides of the tunnel, entrances and platforms that connected to other tunnels.  I was delightfully confused by how super excited they all were to see me and my Dragon.  They were waving, smiling and cheering us on loudly as we flew through and the tunnels lit up as we passed.  One Dwarve with 2 little ones connected with me to share that they were thrilled to see us there again and to have the loud alarms going off, that they were wonderful to hear because they haven't gone off in such a very long time.  The alarms were there to simply tell others to move the heck out of the way and off to the sides within the tunnels because the Dragons are coming, here to clear, light, charge up and energize the lines.

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