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We are not only Humans with physical senses that are having or seeking spiritual experiences; we are also Spirits with energetic senses that are having & seeking human experiences”.

There are real words created hundreds of years ago that refer to our individual intuitive senses rather than just the broad terms such as spidey senses, gut instinct, intuition, sixth sense, energetic senses & good ol' ESP (extra sensory perception).
As a channel, medium, Spirit has a strong focus in our readings & group work on being an intuitive coach who helps people understand how to identify their intuitive senses, how to bring them into awareness with intention to how to work with those muscles & build them stronger for empowerment. While also showing people how their intuition has actually has been working for them all along, but possibly causing confusion or misunderstanding or felt blocked.  This misunderstanding often comes from reflecting on memories or past problems & of others people’s past reactions to our senses.

There are actual real words for the intuitive senses beyond; gut instinct, intuition, sixth sense and ESP, extra sensory perception.  These words were used or heard before the public release of the internet, with none of those words being found in the days of dictionaries and encyclopedias, LOL.   Many of us do not realize the profound change that has happened with this access to information outside of our families, communities and religions, now so readily available that a person who has knowledge can easily share it with someone who may be seeking that information somewhere else in the world.

As a Human, we have physical senses, and as a Spirit, we have intuitive senses, also known as “The Clairs” that I will explain shortly.  Our scientists, doctors and teachers, have taught about physical senses having muscles that grow and strengthen; over time, with acknowledgement, intention and use.   As a Spirit, we also have intuitive senses that grow over time but our muscles have atrophied.  Without mainstream belief in the idea of the existence of energetic senses, or logical explanations and the workings of them, the intuitive senses have been dismissed as weird, woo-woo or witch doctor stuff for a long time.

If we want to channel, do mediumship and/or have experiences in mediation with Spirit Guides or passed over loved ones, all are going to communicate with us through our intuitive, or energetic, senses not our physical ones.  Our physical senses are for use in the physical world and our intuitive senses are for the energetic world.  We all have intuition but in a society where everything energetic is thought of as woo-woo, it has been difficult to believe in, strengthen, learn how to trust, or even play with our intuitive senses.  There are also so many times we knew or felt in the core of our being that we should, or shouldn’t, do something.  Yet we talked ourselves into or out of doing the opposite action with our logical minds.  Many people use their intuitive senses considerably for the benefit of others, yet have doubt, little confidence, knowledge or trust about how to use them for themselves.  Overtime people, especially empaths, can also exhaust and deplete themselves thinking that it is on behalf of the greater good because and they are helping.  We are not meant to always do and exhaust ourselves on behalf of others but we have been taught that self love is selfish, and this is not true.

We can hear things, know things, feel things, see things, taste and smell things that are physical, but we can also do all these things energetically and which is not tangible, such as not there physically or we can't see with our physical eyes.  Some people know things energetically or some see the past or the future in visions or dreams, but write it all off believing it’s not real and just our imagination.  Unfortunately, having been taught to think of it as crazy stuff, people are still not acknowledging them nor putting their skills into practice and good use for themselves, let alone exercising and playing with these senses to build them get stronger.

"The Clairs" is a short form of all these words: Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairolafactory/ Clairalience and Clairgustus.  All starting with the same word, “clair” a French word that translates to “clear” in English, but all of them seemingly lost and buried for a long time.  Words created to describe the individual intuitive senses several hundred years ago by the people in France.  I have to admit that for a short while after hearing these words for the first time, I was really upset that I had never heard of them before.   Almost all of us have heard the term clairvoyant because it came to mainstream around the 1960’s, but that was 60 yrs ago.  To this day when people hear that word they still think of a woman wearing a sparkly gold scarf with lots of make-up and jewellery, staring at a crystal ball.  It’s actually been made to seem weird intentionally, like a carnival joke so that we would ignore it.

For a long time our society has been geared towards keeping people dis-empowered and dominated through fear and misunderstanding, it is changing but there has been a real suppression around information and the understanding of our connection with energy, Spirit, or consciousness.  This keeps us feeling small, disconnected, and struggling with our value, self worth and love of self, not being aware of our energetic abilities, our actual histories, and our galactic connections.  Some did not want us to understand, realize or know how truly powerful we all are so that we would be more easily led and toe the line.  We also tell ourselves that if can’t see something with our physical eyes that there is no proof of its existence.  Science is starting to catch up and if we think about it that is how science has always worked. Gravity was there and working before we discovered it, and we still can’t replicate it or prove how it works.

Many on the journey of re-connecting with Spirit hear a saying about moving back to having the heart of a child, yet struggle with the idea and the logic of it.  Why?  It doesn’t seem logical, believing that being in a state of joy is irresponsible and not being a responsible capable adult.  Why would an intelligent adult want to be childish?  Many were not even allowed to be childish when they were a child, being told to stop daydreaming, grow up and have chores and responsibilities.  The reason why: we were wide open with a heart full of love and still connected with the energetic world more than the physical one, working with energy instinctively.  We experience more learning and growth in childhood than at any other time, that time when we were in a space of love, joy and play, full of wonder and where anything and everything was possible.  Remember how much we loved everything as a child?  Remember how big we felt being connected to all life?  Most of us forget and look back too much at what we think we should’ve done or said instead.  Not recognizing we were innocent children who had no knowledge, power, life experience, or wisdom, the stuff we gain as an adult, along with a critical logical analyzing brain.

I give myself a pat on the back feeling lucky for being able to have kept a big kid heart and allowing it to continue blossoming.  Now would I have said years ago that I felt “lucky” when I heard many negative comments about not being aware of trends going on, or dark things happening in the world and approaching most difficult situations with a laugh with people telling me it was wrong?  Nope, it was a struggle actually.  Before I was aware of these things, I struggled with negative thoughts, old emotions and memories, felt like an outsider and naive and wondered what the heck was wrong with me.  It felt like it hurt being a kid and that I was doing all this adulting stuff all wrong with a big fat F... for fail. Thankfully I've done a lot of work on changing my thinking.

We all need to release the worry of the judgment and criticism from others, the hurts from the past, and step into ourselves. I understand now why my higher self had pushed me to move beyond the idea of fitting in all my life as it has now come full circle and it actually helps me in my work.  I do not know how to categorize, peg hole or judge people any certain way based on usual social norms, cultures, or for how they act or where they are from. Many people are trying to do the best they can and are starting to remember and seek to know differently.  With the internet there’s now a space where humans that feel there is more to life than things and stuff can come together to find out more and share information.

I have discovered that others, like me in the beginning, use their intuitive skills unconsciously, or unknowingly easily for and with other people, yet are not aware how they currently work, or can improve, for themselves.  Everyone from birth has intuitive senses, geared to guide us towards our highest and greatest good, but it us up to each of us to choose to work with the unseen.  When we do learn to work with our intuitive senses we can get feedback from our higher selves, Spirit Guides and Source.  We can connect with the oneness and feel fully loved and supported.  When we start to love and heal ourselves individually and reconnect to the magic within, it changes our entire lives.  Believe it or not it goes even further than that, for when we heal and change ourselves, we also heal and change the world because we put that love energy out and make easier for others to connect with it and do the same.

Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing):
We see this screen with our physical eyes right now, but many also have the ability to see in their mind’s eye with their 3rd eye, which is believed to be connected with the pineal gland in the center of our brain. Using this skill allows us to be a witness to what is being shown to us.  Some have the ability to see the energy around people, plants and animals, and the colors of auras.  Ever get the sense of seeing something in the corner of your eye, only it disappears when you try to focus on it?  Our eyes can see a different spectrum there.  Some see pictures or little movies in their mind of either past, current or future events, people who have passed away or Spirit Guides, or solutions to complicated problems.  Either in waking states, meditations and dreams, which may take some interpretation.  If we wake up and quickly forget our dream, it is brain processing stuff.  If we wake up still have an emotional response and remember the dream later that day and more, that is often a visitation from a loved one, and although details may not be literal, if we feel like we were visited by someone we were.  Animals are also known to be very clairvoyant.
•    Many people remember or wonder if they had this ability as a child, yep.
•    Many want to work with this sense the most, yet it is often most closed off from fears of; previous things seen in life or in media, or mental health.  Know that Spirit does not want to create fear or scare us.
•    Energetic vs. physical seeing, our eyes can only see a small portion of light spectrum, this is about seeing inside our mind and using our 3rd eye.  If we could actually see all there is around us, we would have a very difficult time functioning in the physical world, or what we currently deem as reality.
•    Notice reaction of self or others may be doubtful or critical, but then remind ourselves: it is not just a daydream or over active imagination.


Clairaudience (Clear Hearing):
We usually hear words in our mind as we read something, but there are other instances of hearing that startle us when we don’t understand.  Remembering our senses are working for our highest and greatest good, this one confuses people a lot, and we simply don’t recognize it or use it for 2 reasons: we either think we are crazy or we don’t like what we heard.  Our higher selves speak to us and we hear it in our own voice and in our own style of language.  If we hear voices that tell us to hurt ourselves or someone else that is a sign of chemical imbalance and we need to see a doctor, but many people hear their own voice in their head in unexpected situations.  So they heard it but didn’t think it and often dismiss it because of that.  Ever hear an answer in your head before you had time to think about it?  Or been thinking about handling something a certain way and heard an answer that was the opposite of what you were thinking?  Maybe even wondered: Hey was that me? Or, how did I hear that answer?  I didn’t know or think like that.  Or could you swear you have heard your name called in random places?  There’s something to the saying “the little voice in our head”.  Some hear inside their head where others say it sounds like their voice through a paper tube just outside off to the side, or to the back.  For some people with strong clairaudience skills they have the ability to hear the actual voices of their passed over loved ones.

•    That little voice in our head is on our side and working for our higher good. We may not like what we hear but that is often because it encourages us to move away from fear, and do what is best for us.
•    Notice high pitch ringing as this may be a sign of an energetic download, or songs that get stuck in our heads with messages or answers at seemingly coincidental times.
•    Often times subtle but many have noticed this sense strongly in emergency situations.
•    Notice reaction of self or others may be doubtful or critical, but then remind ourselves: we are not just imagining hearing things, and there may be something to reconsider.


Claircognizance (Clear Knowing):
This sense is one of the toughest skills to prove to ourselves, or anyone else, and can create a lot of self doubt because of the so many confusing reactions from others.  The truth slayers, the translators, the ones getting in trouble for commenting or questioning, the ones to figure out answers quickly to solve problems, the ones asking the most questions and those who most easily let go of what they knew and learn new things.  They also get frustrated with other people thinking common sense is just common. LOL.  Only claircognizants think that way because they think that everyone else is the same too, so they think that what is obvious to them should be obvious to others as well.  With our society not recognizing or working with this sense it has also created a lot of over analyzers, over thinkers and too many people told over and over that they stop saying things and think before they speak.  As someone whose work is being a channel for Spirit I can say that Archangel Michael and many other Spirit Guides encourage us to do the exact opposite.  Sometimes we just know things even when we don’t know how or why we know.  We didn’t think we knew anything about that, yet, we knew.  We can’t prove many statements with a list of facts, figures or background information if we tried, but still, we knew.  Did you just know you should just read this?  Do you know who’s on the other end of the phone sometimes?  Do answers to questions about situations or people in your life feel like they just sort of dropped, or popped, into your head?   Many times not only does information about the situation come but also the solutions to help fix or solve the issue.

•    Hardest to recognize, acknowledge and believe, knowing stuff we don’t know how we know. Think we’re just a smart person with common sense and must be why we just know things and so everyone else must too.
•    Can create a lot of doubt yet it can become the easiest sense to work and flow within the moment, if we will allow it.
•    Think about it like there’s information dropping in the top of your head from the universe, usually landing inside with a giggle.  Recognize the giggle?  When we get the giggle, take a breath and move through the doubt.
•    Often notice they have natural ability to simplify and explain things easily and are in the position of translating other people’s conversations to each other so they can understand each other, but comes with mixed reactions.
•    Can inadvertently challenge experts with intelligent questions. Some people get defensive, passive aggressive or offended and we need to understand that we did not cause these reactions.
•    Many have hard time communicating thoughts and feelings as they feel they don’t really know anything about that so feel they shouldn’t say anything so they do not risk hurting someone.
•    Often decide not going to talk about something we think we don’t know anything about, to then find out later we did and should have said something.
•    We do not need everyone to see the truth, use our skills for debate or confrontation, or feel that we need to prove anything, while also remembering, we don’t always know better.  We need to be okay with asking our questions or sharing our opinions when asked, and then move back to observation mode not taking any personal offense from reactions.
•    We notice our reaction and that of others may be doubtful or critical and sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we are not overly opinionated, we do not think we are “know it alls” or that we’re better or smarter than anyone else just trying to be a smarty pants with a big mouth.  
•    Recognizing when we asked the universe a question we will often have a giggle when information comes in, and a cue to follow our intuitive knowing.
•    Often notice that being right is not really all that it’s cracked up to be and not so sure why people seem so hung up on it because claircognizants prefer the truth over being right.

•    Have a great sense of humor but are often told they take things to serious or that they need to lighten up, only because those have this sense strongly, do not like to laugh at the expense of other people.


Clairsentience (Clear Feeling):
Very common in Empaths and that term is relieving when we first hear it, but this is why it doesn't seem to explain being a feely feeler.  We can feel the air around us right now or the phone in our hand, but many people can feel the energy of other people and pick up on emotional, mental or physical ailments with sensations throughout our bodies, and yet they may not necessarily be our ailments.  We could also place the term psychometry in here as well, where a person has the ability to receive information about an object of its owner by holding it in their hands.  Ever walk into a crowded room feeling great, only to not feel so great after only a few minutes?  The old term gut instinct can fit here, those who sometimes recognized a physical feeling in our gut about a situation.  We have not been taught about the reality of this sense or how we can recognize it and have healthy boundaries.  Many people are exhausted and hiding away from people because all they know is that they do not feel good when they go out, and don’t know how to handle it or change it.  It starts with people being able to start to recognize they are much more fine or better off and happier, than they realize.  Many have done a lot of work on themselves and their healing but can’t recognize because they are unaware that some of what was going on with them, was not theirs.  Our reptilian minds sure do like to make us the center of everything going on around us making all that is going on all about us and can easily make it seem that way.  Our bodies will resonate with the emotions and will also create the same chemical reactions because our physical brain doesn't know it's not ours. With society’s general resistance to acknowledging and communicating openly about our energetic selves, the person who is strongly clairsentient can easily become overwhelmed, exhausted, depressed and doubt themselves.

•    Messes up our mojo when we are unaware of how to have boundaries with this very sensitive, tactile, intuitive sense.
•    Notice physical changes with the body or emotional ups and downs, when we leave our safe space and go out to public places.
•    Start to learn how to discern what is ours and what is from others. What belongs to us is our responsibility, what belongs to others is their responsibility.
•    Need be aware that it is important to take time for self care and rest.  When we don’t do this, or don’t feel good about ourselves, we can easily take on and carry the energies of other’s around us.
•    Empathetic and sensitive to other people’s energies and feelings, with many who are also sensitive to the energy of plants,animals and Gaia.
•    Can often feel the vibe of the place and the key is not to take it on and to stay in our own energy.
•    Move from reacting to observing. Notice a change in our body and then ask our self; “Is this me?” Instead of; “What’s wrong with me?”
•    Can be easily distracted or unfocused, and have a hard time accomplishing tasks when unaware we are constantly processing the energy of others as our own, and becoming very tired.
•    Notice reaction of self or others may be doubtful or critical, but then remind ourselves: we are not oversensitive, overemotional, or over reactive or opinionated.  If a place, situation or conversation does not feel good, we need to honor ourselves and change the situation.  Not from a space of judgement of others but from a space of love for ourselves.


Clairolafactory / Clairalience (Clear Smelling):

I am not sure why there are 2 different words but this sense refers to being able to smell an odor within our seeming physical nose, of something that is not physically there.  See more info in Clairgustus.


Clairgustus (Clear Tasting):

This sense refers to being able to taste a flavor within our seeming physical mouth, of something that is not physically there.  We can see how this works by taking a few moments, closing our eyes and really imagine having a sour lemon candy in our mouth.  Notice the saliva glands even start to work.


•    Both of these etheric senses remind us that relationships and energy, continues on after death.  Passed over loved ones often use these 2 senses of smelling and tasting to energetically connect with us because they quickly trigger memories.  If we are unaware of this we can easily become lost in heavy emotions or regrets, instead of realizing our loved one is coming forward to comfort us, in the quickest way we will recognize them.
•    Next time we smell or taste something that immediately brings to mind someone we know who has died, take an opportunity to say hi and feel loved.
•    Energy works in our lives and it is common for many people to experience these senses in their lives within living families who are physically separated from each other.  
•    Notice reaction of self or others may be doubtful or critical, but then remind ourselves that we are not just remembering things from the past, wishful thinking or just hoping they were here, they are here.

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