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Earth is not just a big chunk of dirt with water floating around a Sun in a vast Galaxy of nothingness.  Nor is this planet the only place that supports life. This beautiful blue green planet we call Earth, is able to consciously create her own biosphere & communicate with humans & all other beings.

Also known as Gaia, Mother Earth, Grandmother Earth, Pachamama, or Mother Nature & is recognized as a conscious, sentient being. A being whom is supporting all life here that is nurturing, nourishing, grounding & connected to all humans, animals, plants, crystals, minerals, & elements. There are also many etheric beings in other dimensions such as the Elementals, the AngelsGalactic beings & more who also support Gaia & all her inhabitants.

Gaia literally supports all energetic life forms that live and grow here physically; by giving us form, a place to stand on, the soil we can grow food in or that can hold water we all need, air so we can breathe, water so we can nourish and replenish.  Gaia supports all energetically, etherically, electrically, magnetically, (see more in Earthing) and in so many other ways I feel I will not be able to do Gaia full justice here.  I just wanted to share some things as I understand them now, and share gratitude for Gaia’s presence, connections, remembering, and all that I know that she does, and all that I don’t.

Gaia is made up of star dust, physical elements and is also an energetic being, and so are we, connected to all of us and supporting all life, as are we.  Earth is a multi-dimensional space as we are multi-dimensional beings.  We humans are to starting to realize that we are very old, much older than our history books have told us.  We, each and every one of us, are an etheric being, or a Spirit, having a physical existence and experience, in a body, or as I lovingly refer to as, the meat suit.  Beings of light, each and every one of us a piece of God/ Source who are here having an experience in physical form with intuitive senses, living this lifetime and at this time in space, as a human on Earth.

We exist, we have always existed, we will always exist; some have been here many times, some on places before Earth even existed, and many on places many times in between and beyond.  We may or may not have traveled around this particular Sun many times, but at this time we are not only Earthlings, or citizens of Earth, but we are also Galactic citizens.  All of us are unique beings, with a multitude of unique separate experiences, with some very similar and familiar ones, and all connected through Love/ God/ Source.  We are all shifting, evolving or ascending, as a species, becoming the embodiment of more light in physical form, on our way into the next Golden Age.  Like those times of Atlantis and Lemuria, we are trying to shift and increase our vibration as a species and a planet together and to experience being Ascended Masters in physical form.

We are coming to realize that humanity in general has not treated Mother Earth very well, or any of the other beings who reside here, for a very long time.  People everywhere however, are discovering a huge desire to re-connect with Gaia and nature on a deeper level, some are aware of it, some notice a change by being drawn to be outside more and are confused, and some just feel this way and are not consciously wondering why.  That's okay, the call of Nature doesn't need to have a logical reason, it just feels good and that’s a good enough reason.  

It seems that for a long time people have been taught they need to modernize and that Nature is a dangerous place that we just take and benefit from with a sense of entitlement.  We humans have lost our deep roots, connections and respect for; Gaia, for the beings we all consume as food to provide us energy, and all other life that supports our existence.  Humans have not only been very hard on themselves and their fellow humans, but also on other’s spiritual and nature connections, the plants, the trees, the animals, the waters, the air and the crystals.  Heck, when we want one of them, we literally blow them up.   It is no wonder there are so many Spirit Guides that come to support all physical existence here with us.  Gaia exists as a being, and many others beings exist here in various energetic and physical forms. We are Spirits, and Gaia helps with our forms, the physical.  We are part of Gaia and Gaia is a part of us.  They ways we care for Gaia actually reflects how well we care for ourselves and each other.  We are interdependent with nature, bonded, linked, joined, conscious sentient beings, etheric and physical, and we must look after Earth together, our place we call home.

We humans are that moving from being physically dense carbon based beings towards being light based crystalline beings.  We are re-learning how to work with energy and allow more light energy to penetrate our being, in order not to have physically die while transitioning from a 3rd / 4th to a 5th dimensional world.  Our DNA is a quantum field and everything and everyone is connected and changing at the cellular level.   Even Einstein knew about quantum entanglement and although he had no instruments to prove his theory he is quoted as simply calling it “Spooky action at a distance”.   All of our Ascended Masters, Jesus included, came to be our examples to show us all who and what we all truly are, that we are to become aware of both sides of the veil, and that we can and are, becoming more of our spiritual light being selves connected to Love in a physical form.  

Earth can feel like a tough place and confusing at times as we experience an existence in this density with all these thoughts and emotions associated with being human.  It's a challenging place that has been an energetically dense planet for quite a while but energies are currently in the stages of lightening.   It is also a beautiful melting pot of life and a unique place of beauty, bounty, wonder, potential, possibilities and love, that is a place well worth the effort Humans come here all powerful, yet forgetting everything, sometimes I lovingly refer to as “we’re all dumb” because we don’t know how powerful we really are yet.  Due to planned soul lessons, the illusion of separation and duality, and the law of free will, it is definitely complicated but the potential for our soul’s expansion is great here.  Various messages from Spirit have said that there is no other place like Earth where a Spirit can experience and learn so much in such a short period of time.  Human life is quite short on the scale of how old we truly are, and we came here to enjoy and experience being a Spirit in physical form, not to just work hard and suffer.

Many people are identifying with the terms: Starseed, Old Soul, Lightworker, Gridworker, Star beings, Galactic or Cosmic brothers, Empath, Indigo adults and kids, and Crystal or Rainbow kids.  Some are relieved, and others are upset and struggling with questions like: “Why are we really here?  Why does it seem so hard?  Why do we feel so separate?  Why do relationships with humans seem difficult?  Why do humans treat other humans, animals and other beings so harshly?  Why do people sometimes insist on sucking?”  LOL.  Many are unaware that a part of them remembers having past life experiences in other places where all existed in harmony and it wasn’t so difficult.

I say these things to acknowledge that I too felt some of this before I understood more and allowed myself to grow and heal.  When we get caught in those types of feelings, it is important we notice them and then allow ourselves to move beyond them.  We need to look at the bigger picture and realize if we were really were meant to be “out there”, because it is so much better than here, then we would “not be here” or in other words, dead.  We chose to come here and to have this human experience, to be creators in physical form, to use our physical and intuitive senses for enhancement of our lives, to learn, grow, and expand.  We are meant to be creating in a world of joy, abundance, beauty, and connected with everything, bringing and sharing our light and love with all on the planet.

Most who identify with being an Empath also notice their empathy extends beyond humans, and also towards; animals, plants, waters, lands and all that experience natural or man-made disasters.  Empathy has only really been recognized on a large scale quite recently and I feel it is actually the human superpower, but because we have not been taught about it as an accepted part of humanity, or how to have healthy boundaries with energies, many are exhausted and have felt they have burdens and responsibilities that are beyond their own for a long time, that in reality are not.  When an empath feels other people's feelings so deeply, sometimes they can forget, or not know, that some of those people are actually choosing to stay in those negative feelings, think those negative thoughts and insist on their sense of victim-hood.  We are learning new ways of thinking and that there are things we can pick up from other humans that are not ours or our responsibility,  that it is okay to say no and that we can choose to not get bogged down in heavy energy.  We are learning techniques for healthy energetic boundaries and Gaia would also like to help us with this, as this being has ability to transform our excess static energy, and also ground in light energy through humans, trees and all that live.

Together with Gaia and our intentions we can send massive amounts of love, light and healing energy around the planet which can re-ignite light codes and the sacred geometries within various elements or places.  The more of us allow ourselves to connect, the more that higher consciousness can be released and the energies can flow in a way that many more could feel it and benefit.  We can also send out love and gratitude energy to Gaia by sending our Love light down to her golden crystal core, the central light of the planet that anchors in light, or group/ Christ consciousness, into the crystalline light grid that surrounds the planet.  Love, knowledge, memories and power travel through the crystal veins of the planet that I also like to refer to as the super information highway that connects to all life.  Sending our light and asking other Spirit Guides to send their light and love, is much more powerful and helpful than us putting any energy into feeling angry, sad or depressed over a particular person, place, thing or event for too long.

I received this message from Gaia that she asked me to pass on:

Dear Humans: Please do not send me further anxiety, fear or worry energy regarding my survival, my bounty, my abundance, or my happiness for I am thriving.  Together we are all shifting, we are lightening, we are brightening and everything will be all right.  I will however lovingly receive from you, and send to you, love, light and support from a space of connection and grounded love.  My role is to help ground you, absorb your excess electrical energy and anchor in your light codes


Yes some have done terrible things to the forests, the fresh and salt waters and the beings living upon and within them.  Yes some have created toxins that have entered the air that all life breathes, the waters all drink, and the soils that literally support all life here.  Yes most humans have thrown a piece of litter on the ground at least once in their lifetime, and there are some humans and organizations that continue to choose to consume and waste.  There is also a reality that many humans jobs in agriculture, farming, mining, manufacturing or chemicals in order to support and feed their families, yet they are not individually responsible for how a company chooses to be responsible and many times they are mislead and convinced the practices are safe and okay.

Please dear human companions let us together move past the negative emotions of anger, fear, anxiety, depression, pity, sadness or worry as quickly as possible and move towards forgiveness of either self, or others, or both.  Instead send out love, light and compassion energy.  For you still underestimate your power to create, and may be inadvertently contributing further heavy astral energies towards yourself, myself and the other humans and beings in those situations, events, or places.  In these times of concern dear friend, remember you can ask for support from your Spirit Guides that you communicate and connect with in other realms to send their light.

Humans are deeply loving beings who want to cooperate and trust each other.  They also want organizations to be responsible in their actions towards myself, your home, and that is a good thing.  Most humans have believed that all have worked toward the greater good of all, and they are truly unaware of the many atrocities that have been done to myself and the nature kingdoms which have been hidden for so long for the sake of corporate profits.

These things can no longer be so easily hidden and now much more is being revealed for change when it comes to your environment, food, medicines, energy and more.  First in alternative news, early on written off by many as conspiracy or a hoax, but now information is creeping into your mass mainstream media, and although commonly geared towards creating fear, it is a sure sign things are changing and moving more towards light. That is something to smile about.

The old energy of survival, separation, power over others and greed is being transmuted as more become aware, and more are speaking out.  As humanity becomes aware and we move back to a harmonious relationship together, we are shifting and making big changes.  The biggest change that you can make that will change the world is within each and every one of you as an individual.  You choose how much love and respect you have for yourself.  You, one person, sending love do make a huge difference.  You choose how much love and respect you have for all animal, mineral, plant and human life.  You also show your support through how you choose to spend your time and your money.  Do the small things that you can because it does make a big difference.  If for instance you see a piece of garbage on the ground or in the water, instead of getting angry at a person for putting it there, see it instead as doing me, Gaia, a favor and simply pick it up.  Teach children the old 70's slogan still stuck in this one’s head as an adult from Woodsy the Owl,: “Give a Hoot and Don't Pollute, and never be a dirty bird”.

When you inherently know and respect that are all is connected, you can also learn, or remember, that you have the ability to communicate with many other physical beings you many think was not possible, such as trees, plants and animals.  Even more “impossible” so your minds may might try to tell you, you have the ability to communicate with other energetic beings in other realms such as the many other partial physical, partial etheric, and the purely etheric beings that are also here with us, such as the Angels, Dragons, Elementals, Sasquatch, Star people and many others who are also supporting all life here and connected with you through love.  Many are living purely in their physical existence under its illusion of separation and are forgetting that they are more than just a physical being, and that so am I.
With Love, Gaia

Gaia’s Crystalline Grid and Ley Lines:

Wow, I did not realize how many different ways these have been referred to until I gathered all my old scribbles I have noted over time here in one place.  I noted where some of them originated from as I came across them, but others I forgot to.    

Gaia, or earth, is ringed by meridians of energy surrounding the planet and encompassing Gaia in a matrix, or a grid of energy like veins that carry the: Life force Chi, Ki, Prana, Ka, Consciousness, Mana, Aether, Ether or Dragon’s Breath around the planet.  They create energetic pathways and receive energies from the sun and consciousness, and connects with and affects, every conscious sentient living being connected with this planet. Channels of natural electric current or electro-magnetic lines of Earth energy flowing on and beneath the surface of the Earth, reaching down to the golden crystalline core, out to the stratosphere, and encompassing all the inner and outer realms connected with Gaia.  A crystalline grid to support humanity, that remembers and stores history, is affected by and stores vibrations and memories, and why called crystalline.

Referred to by many different names around the world for centuries:
Grid lines, Genesis Ley lines, Old straight tracks, Archaic tracks (England), Mystical lines (Druids),  Druid currents, Crossroads (Witchcraft), Line songs (Europeans), Fairy paths (Irish and Celtic), Dragon line currents, Dragon lines, Dragon paths, Dragon tracks, Dragon's breath, Dragon flow, Lung Mei (Chinese), Heilige Linien, Holy Lines (Germans), Leylijnen, (Dutch), Dreaming tracks, Dream lines, Song paths, Song lines (Australians, because they actually sang along them), Spirit roads, Spirit paths, Spirit lines (some North America medicine people and Peruvian Shamans), Serpent lines, Telluric currents, Earth currents, Orgone energy, Cosmic conveyor belts, Energy highways, Energy currents, Consciousness transmission lines, Ley/Lay energy lines, Earth kundalini, Earth chakras, Vortexes, Meridian lines, Ancient flight paths (Ancient alien theorists).

Contained within the Crystal Grid that surrounds the planet, also known as:
The Crystalline Grid, Christ Consciousness Grid, Grid of Human Consciousness, The New Earth Consciousness Grid, Cosmic Lattice, Grid of Light Consciousness, Energy Grid, and The Flower of Life.


Those humans who love crystals and love working with them personally or in their healing work, may be genuinely surprised how delighted the crystals are to work with their human companions and the grids together, again, for they have all been intimately connected from the beginning.

Consensuses about whether Ley lines are straight, curved, go a short distance or surround the planet are not consistent.  Some feel that energy snakes across the land like veins, or meandering rivers of energy creating lines of flow.  Some feel they are straight lines or in curves and start and finish at certain locations a few miles long, or encircle the globe.  Some feel they rise to surface, flow across the land, and then dive deep back into the Earth like an energetic web that surrounds the planet and all are on the right path.  There are a few recognized Ley lines that are still worked with by dowsers such as: the ST. Michael & Mary line in England, the Rose line in Scotland, or the Apollo & Athena line in Greece.  

Some Native American peoples refer to this earth grid network as the web of the ‘spider woman’.  Ancient Shaman's used the electro-magnetic energy in these lines to help them contact the spirits through the mystery lines.  Throughout old China they believed the entire landscape of hills, mountains and valleys were sculpted to enhance the “Dragons Flow”.  They also believed that Earth energy moves within the Earth’s crust in constantly changing spirals which promotes harmony, longevity, prosperity and abundance, working with the Dragon Tracks with regard to weather, and a form of divination called geomancy.  Elizabethan medieval magician and occultist Dr. John Dee wrote about Ley Lines in the 16th century stating that geomancy, earth science, was accounted for by all ancient priests, and the chiefest science, the science of sciences, and that it gave them power both in words and works.

Many ancient spiritual figures knew about this hidden knowledge often contained within the mystery schools and meditated, prayed or did their spiritual work on these Ley lines.  They used them to harness the energies like giant batteries to elevate their electrical auras, intellect, connection to higher self, or activation of the 7 energy centers, chakras.  Many old roads, ancient megalithic structures and obelisks were built along Ley lines and they connected nearly all ancient megalithic sites.  A number of ancient structures and monuments were erected along Ley lines and vortexes to designate various celestial events such as the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, eclipses, or equinoxes such as at: Stonehenge, Giza pyramid complex, Solomon’s Temple, Parthenon, Oracle of Delphi, the Vatican, Mecca, Aztec Pyramids, Bermuda Triangle, Nazca lines, Easter Island, Tesla’s lab in Shoreham NY.  

Vortexes can be present where several Ley lines cross at the same point and create energy centers, also known as crossroads.  Vortexes can also be created from intense human emotions.  They can act as a focus of forces and form power grids that may be tapped for magical purposes as well, and why many sacred sites were built on top of them.  Many people also believe that the chances of having a paranormal or supernatural event of encountering various light beings, such as Fairies or seeing UFO’s, are increased at crossroads.

When we hear about ascension it means humanity has been starting to currently have a 5d light experience while being embodied in a 3d physical world and we are in the process of becoming the light masters in physical form. I feel that the crystalline matrix structure within our body is connected to the multi-dimensional grid and through which higher dimensional frequency waves travel, see more about that in crystals. That it resonates with and participates in a multi-dimensional universal awareness of existence, and we are functioning between various dimensions on our journey in evolutionary development with multi-dimensional access through our physicality.  Wow what a sentence, brings to mind an old joke about trying to say that twice.  

Earth’s energy can influence our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being, the combined frequency known as our Aura, and it can also expand in consciousness.  Gaia can absorb our excess electrical energy, and can transform negative energies to return positive energies to us, even more so with our conscious intention.  We can draw in cosmic light from above or also can draw up the Earth light from below and feed it into the electrical and electromagnetic field of earth through the Dragon’s Breath, or Ley lines.  From there it will naturally find its way into the auric fields of every being on the planet.  This is why in so many different meditations we hear about “Sending and Receiving light”, and “As above, So below”.  We are physical earth beings and also etheric energetic beings, we are all connected to Earth and Source, we are all mediums between the worlds and anchors of light energies and we can visualize sending excess energy down to ground, to transform energy or to anchor light codes into the planet.  Dragons also love to help us with this work.

Check out more under Earth Stuff such as crystals and earthing, look under Human Stuff for articles like what is reality?, intuitive senses, or under Spirit Stuff for articles about being multidimensional, Spirit Guides or the Elementals in general or for information about a lot of different guides.

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