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Is our reality here on Earth/Gaia only all that we see can with our physical eyes or touch with our physical hands? or is there more? 

Well to start, did you know that we can only actually see 1% of all the visible light that is available to us within the Electromagnetic spectrum? Have you hear of clairvoyance or of the other Intuitive Senses that are part of who we are & beyond our physical senses?

As someone who used to be and a computer geek in the corporate world for over 20 years & is now a channel for Spirit who connects people with their Spirit Guides  & passed over loved ones, trust me when I say we can all change our sense of reality. 

We can’t see; infrared, radio waves, Bluetooth, WIFI, or ultraviolet light with our eyes, but they are there.  There is already so much amazing diversity to see within the human, plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms, waters, landscapes and stars within our narrow band of our visible reality and clairvoyance and other intuitive senses has been unknown or ridiculed, so maybe it is easy to believe that all is separate and too difficult to consider that there is more.

We create our own reality and our perceptions are what create our reality.  Everybody’s reality is different, and we each live in our own reality.  So reality is what we believe and what we believe is what we perceive, and what we perceive is based on the information we have received, or learned.  You might want to read that again.

When people talk about the masses being controlled for the benefit of the few in some way, it means that old institutions and society in general has been trying to control human’s perceptions by controlling the information they receive.  In order to keep people in a narrow confine of what to think and believe because if they control information and therefore peoples' perceptions, people will naturally follow along with what they believe or want.  Controlling perceptions is the key because if we knew the truth about who and what we truly are and our history, of which much has been hidden, we would know that truth really is stranger than fiction.

This is getting easier to achieve unfortunately with people in general having seemed to have become more complacent and stopped questioning the familiar.  The tendency for many people who are faced with either new information, had a new experience or heard of an experience from someone close that is outside of their belief systems or outside their perception of what reality is; they brush it off, laugh it off, ignore it and forget about it, many times completely.  Desensitized by media with so much labelled as fiction or fantasy that when people experience something they think is beyond reality, it is laughed off as such.

A few hundred years ago penicillin, the internet and cell phones would have been considered magic and you might have been killed for talking about them.  Try to describe what a cell phone does to someone who has lived in the jungle their whole life.  Not many of us will be able to have that experience again for the mini computer is landing in the hands of people all over the world now.

I feel like technology has attempted to replicate or simulate consciousness, but humans forget that consciousness is infinity and expansive, and technology is controlled and confined.  It is another reason why I say that I feel that consciousness has been labelled imagination, and a big reason why we undervalue and ignore it.   Now though technology is representing interconnections, instant communication without wires to someone anywhere in the word at any time. Many have long been taught, some consciously choose, to only perceive the world through their 5 physical senses and ignoring the intuitive senses, choosing to only believe in what is perceived in the physical and is all that is in their reality.

Phone/computer : Internet : WIFI  = Connection to cloud of information
Human Heart : Consciousness : Intention = Connection to cloud of possibilities

We might think that the internet is something that is experienced, or exists outside of the computer, or that consciousness exists outside of the human heart, when in reality, they are inside of them and we cannot access one, without the other.

  • The computer translates what we ask for from a cloud of information and then draws that information towards us and reflects it on a screen, through our fingers tips.  Because of WIFI, we can connect to the internet with our phone/pc.

  • The human translates what we ask for from energy of infinite possibilities through its own perceptions created from their beliefs, thoughts and feelings, and draw that towards us through our intentions.  Through intention, we can connect to consciousness within our heart.

We are not only humans having or seeking spiritual experiences, we are Spirits having and seeking human experiences.  We have been kept in the dark about things such as the true length of our history, life beyond Earth and the wide range of intuitive senses that we all have.  We have given the intuitive senses labels such as; gut instinct, intuition, sixth sense, even ESP; extra sensory perception.  Many people have tried to exclude themselves or others for the sake of being special or different and say that only some people were born with a special gift or have these abilities.  This is not true, we're all special and those were the only words we had before the public release of the internet and wide access to an explosion of information.  We all have intuitive senses but it's all been written off to imagination and because we didn’t know there were actual words created for them, by people in France hundreds of years ago short name “The Clairs”, the information suppressed and kept away, we couldn't make it logical for ourselves and we didn't understand they were muscles too.

We are all super humans, or humans with super powers, in a society trying to keep us contained and feeling small.  If we perceive ourselves as small, we will believe that we are powerless and act that way.  Technology itself is really kind of neat, but in reality is actually very stupid.  Technology can only do what we tell it to, for now, so far.  Yet they are trying to convince us that we need artificial intelligence and super powerful transmitters and networks in order for us to be smarter and faster.  Really these are just further distractions from; ourselves, our families, our lives, other humans and our pets.  People are starting to get lost on a 3”x5” screen thinking that is where all that is important in life happens.  We are being affected in our physical bodies showing as tiredness and headaches, by the many satellite, cell phone tower, Wi-Fi and other technology waves, or disharmonious vibrations, in the air.  But because we can’t see them, it is really easy for us to be unaware of their presence and ignore them and dismiss our symptoms of tiredness as being caused by something else.

I feel it’s going to be important for people to remember that computers are not more intelligent than humans and they definitely do not know how to feel or have anything to do with being social, as much as they try to convince us otherwise.  People are forgetting how to interact with each other, becoming detached and removed from emotion, and misunderstanding different tones of voice, facial expressions or displays of body language because of the consistently misinterpreted world of text, likes and memes. People are hiding behind screens with their custom created superficial images of what life is about, supposed to be and fitting in.  In person, people do not so easily believe other people’s bullshit when they have to express themselves face to face.  People can easily say something they do not mean from behind a screen.  People often cannot look someone else in the eye and say something they do not mean.  Many times because their own energy and face even, will say the opposite and they can’t hide their real reaction.  People are becoming so used to hiding behind a screen to communicate that there are now bigger problems when people come face to face,  because when they call someone out on what they are putting out into reality many people react very defensive aggressive, almost undignified that you called them on their crap.   Instead of owning up it, deciding to look at why we or they handled that way and changing it.

People are not allowing themselves to be honest, authentic, real, and vulnerable, open with each other and honoring how they feel.  We are closing ourselves off to new possibilities of learning and expansion within ourselves and human consciousness.  Sure computers can be amazing, based on what a coder tells it to do or what a person asks from it, but that’s it.  Humans are connected to an amazing interconnected Universe and it is not all that amazing that a refrigerator can be made smart.  In my mind, if it doesn’t feel or have a heart, it isn’t smart.

I find it an amazing synchronicity of how my working in the computer field compares and relates to now working with world of human spirituality being a channel/medium.   Back then, I was considered strange by others outside the technology field for being in the know and having access to information outside the mainstream, carrying a pager or a cell phone.  Much of the work and how people react or work with it or push back from it is so relatable, and the funny part now is the opposite is true and it's considered strange by many for me not wanting to be overly connected with my phone or in the know about what’s going on all the time...  LOL.  I had become so saturated with information and burnout from being on that bleeding edge of new information and multi-tasking for so long, that when smart phones became mainstream I was at point of needing to step back and away.  Now and very similar to my last role, my knowing and working with Spirit seems to either intrigue and fascinate someone, or completely repel them away.  Still a positive difference from the past role though because now in this one, I also get to receive love and support.

I was in computers for the transition of everyone doing their job on paper moving over personal computing, the first networking within companies and around the world, the release of the internet to the public, Y2K, etc.  A lot of people really resisted technology the beginning.  They were frustrated because they were comfortable with completing their jobs easily on paper and with what they knew and did not see the benefits.  People were being forced to learn things they did not want to know and worried they were going to lose their jobs because the computers made them feel stupid because they were so fast at calculating, while also being worried that they were fragile and they could break them easily.  In my day, people were sold on the idea that computers were going to make our jobs and therefore our lives easier, we would be able to complete jobs faster, do less, and have more quality time. 


In reality, computers went from being very well built and complicated to use, to being disposable, easy to use and slowly eroding away our privacy for that ease of use.  If technology wasn’t responsible for creating it, it certainly perpetuated the mental state now referred to as FOMO, or fear of missing out.  People feel like we need to keep current and up to date technically, or the news, the weather, or for work or socially. People very quickly started being responsible for doing 2 or even 3 jobs as their new normal, for the same rate of pay they had before because they had completed their jobs faster.  People are working harder, are more stressed out pushing unrealistic expectations of achievements, reaching the numbers and goals, and burning out, for ultimately more time and less money.  I know I did.

The technology lure, the internet.  People really do want to know more about everything and people want to be connected with other people around the world.  Long distance phone calls used to be quite expensive, and even though early access to the internet was painfully slow and originally used modems to dial up on those phone lines, the sheer demand for knowledge and connection drove the computers far beyond the business world and into our homes and mainstream.

Now with so many people questioning and wondering in huge numbers, we have to remember that we get the information out of computers that we ask for.  Perceptions of people have the potential to change greatly but we do have to be cautious and aware that if we become complacent, that the data mining algorithms of search engines and social networks who are using predictive data patterns and surfing habits, could be attempting to continue to keep our perceptions narrow, by continuously showing us only more of what we have already asked for.

We can’t change our perceptions until we learn something new and we need to remember that a lot of mainstream media, old institutions, and schools, tell us what they want us to know in order to limit the amount of information we receive, that is therefore limiting our perceptions and our reality.  We have to remember to continue to look for ways to learn new information outside the mainstream.  If we think about the technological effort that it must take for China to keep their entire population behind a firewall and away from the actual internet, we see the extraordinary lengths of how far some will go to keep large groups of people unaware.

If we can move back into our heart spaces we can be aware and continuously guided toward a coherent state, and be able to open and change our perceptions.  When we are in only our logical minds, we are closed off and locked into the small reality of the 5 physical senses.

I found it very cool to come across information from author Gregg Braden who shares this practice to support heart/brain coherence when we are grounded in the present moment.  He states that there are 4 key words for coherence: appreciation, care, compassion, and gratitude, and that when we practice moving into states aligned with one, or some combination of these words, we create communication between the heart and the brain.  Starting with persistent practice, the exercise becomes habit, taking about three days to establish new neural network habit patterns, which supports the heart/brain connection and communication further.

The method:
1. Focus on the heart. 2. Activate compassion. 3. Radiate that feeling to self and others.  

Humans have been taught for a long time now that the qualities of the left brain are what are acceptable, and that the qualities we receive from the right brain, are not so productive or important contributions to our society.  We have a brain, split into 2 separate hemispheres; working together as one, but it seems like half of who we are has been dismissed.

Remember what the sides of the brain are for?

  • Left: analytical, strategic, accurate, methodical, logical, math, linear, restrictive

  • Right: artistic, creativity, passion, freedom, conceptual, music, intuitive, expansive

I feel that because the heart has access to information beyond space and time, is a reason why we haven’t been taught much about heart intelligence, such as: the electromagnetic field of the heart is actually stronger electrically and magnetically, than the brain (see more in Earthing).  The Heart sends more information to the brain, than the brain sends to the heart, and is the first to receive intuition, empathy or non physical signs, and then passes them on to the brain.  Similar to our physical senses, where energy is translated by our eyes or ears and yet we cannot see all sights or hear all sounds that there are.  The Heart also begins to form in the womb before the brain does and the source of the heartbeat is the heart, not the brain.  See more in Gaia and crystals.  

Our perceptions change through having new experiences and an intake of new knowledge, allowing ourselves to change our beliefs, change our thinking, being okay with unlearning & letting go of what we thought we knew.  All of our little experiences are significant for the whole as not everyone can have the same experiences in a single lifetime or meditation, but with a network of communication and connection people can choose to take the opportunity to also learn through other people’s experiences.

For me I know my perceptions changed greatly through events such as: deaths, living in a really small town, move across country to a big city, pets, relationships, traveling to different countries, being on the forefront of technology, becoming a stepparent, see a UFO, experience more death, working with mediumship and channeling, seeing another UFO and a long list of other experiences.  Perceptions are always evolving and changing and this current work of being a channel for Spirit is a space where I also get to expand my awareness and perceptions through connecting, sharing and also learning with other people.

We need to re-align with the heartbeat of God/ Source/ Creator that is within us to be at peace, stepping back into our intuitive knowing through the heart that is connected to all life,  being grounded and feeling linked and at peace within this now moment.  We need to know that there are many Spirit Guides here to energetically help us through this experience as a piece of Source wearing some stardust and elements having an experience on Gaia right now.  This is what will allow all of our creative abilities to turn back on or come back online, to where we can’t help to have the desire to express ourselves, and want to just Be, to explore and to expand in delight, joy, play, love, and show and express more love.  Just like Source, for Love is the fabric of creation.  This really is a benevolent Universe that is working on behalf of the greater good of everyone involved... remember?

A reminder that everything is energy and our thoughts can create with it, our emotions can amplify it, and our actions can increase its momentum.  In our physical reality, we can only see 0.0035% of the electromagnetic light spectrum, meaning that over 98% of the universe is invisible to us.  Humans can only hear in the range of 20–20,000Hz but there are animals who can hear as low as 7Hz and others as high as 100,000Hz.  Matter is actually mind bogglingly empty, as scientists now say that if we removed all the space between all of our atoms that is considered solid matter contained within all humans, that the resulting mass within the volume, or size, of a sugar cube.  

See more under the Human Stuff page such as changing our thinking, unlearning what we know and the logical words for the intuitive senses, or check under Earth Stuff for information about Earthing, Gaia, crystals and on the Spirit Stuff page find articles about Spirit Guides or being multidimensional in general or for more information about many different guides.

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