Have you ever noticed this one instance in our world where people do not judge seem to each other as harshly?  If  someone says they are hungry.  If someone is hungry someone will just feed them with anything they have.  Not one person on this entire planet would ever want to watch another person, plant or animal go hungry or thirsty, ever.

This whole article may seem controversial so I want to simply state that these are my thoughts and feelings which may be different than yours and that is okay, and maybe we both can learn something new together.  As a channel for Spirit, or medium, I am also a huge nature, plant, tree and animal lover, and humans are even growing on me too, LOL.  I love being outside to see, smell and touch the beauty of nature, our seasons, and plants and animals are always in my home, I even appreciate and rescue the insects.

I am not trying to advocate being a meat eater or being a vegetarian or vegan, I am just putting some thoughts out there from my experiences for others who might be questioning too.  Many of us are looking at food differently now from how’s it’s grown, how it’s raised, how it’s harvested and we are realizing that a lot of our food is no longer food, it’s chemical or synthetic or engineered replacements for food.  Many people may not realize that they miss how something used to taste from when they used make it using real ingredients of sugar or chocolate, or just salt instead of MSG.  When it comes to food I would advocate for all of us to try to consume as organic of food as we can, when or if we can.  There are some that argue that organic is a myth and I just think of eating organic as eating the same kind of food that my Grandparents used to eat.  They ate real food that they grew on their own land and preserved what they could, but more importantly did not have large amounts of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.  Cow poop was even safer back then because those beings were not injected full of hormones, antibiotics and super vaccines.

Many of us struggle with the idea of eating and consuming animals for meat.  I did and sometimes even still do because I am not a vegetarian.  I went through thinking I “should” be vegetarian and actually felt guilty for many years for eating meat.  In childhood, and now, I feel that animals are people too, and they are almost always nice to me and make me smile.  They have eyes that can see me and express emotions and they all have a heart that beats like mine.  Animals are conscious and sentient beings, maybe even smarter and more compassionate than humans.  I also knew that animals were an important part of our food chain long before modern times and I respected those who hunted animals in ethical ways to feed their families.  Think about our Inuit peoples up north who hunt a whale with a stick to feed their families and community, wow.  At one point and I share the story later here, I realized that plants such as the carrots and apples I ate were beings too, and that no, I did not have any bad intentions towards them either and yet I ate them.

I feel that ultimately what is important for all of us to learn and realize is that we gain energy from the food we consume, all of whom are beings.  I also feel it is very important to give gratitude to all of those beings who give their lives to feed us, whether that being is a plant or an animal.  All of the food we eat is/was a physical being that has conscious energy within, be that fruit, seed, vegetable or animal.  From seed, or birth, to harvest, that being lived a life and had living energy within it.  We all should show gratitude and respect to these beings for that and the idea of saying Grace at the dinner table was a great idea: Bless the Food, Bless the People.  We have unfortunately pulled away from this practice and the tradition almost lost because people think it is just a religious thing and we need to recite words a certain way in order to do it right.  

We need to Love and thank our food before we consume it, raising the energy in it as high as we can. When we express love and with other consciousness’s, we will also consume love energy and then ultimately our body will pass on that love energy to the waters and lands.  We do not always know where our food comes from, how it was treated, raised or how it was slaughtered and it is sometimes very disturbing when we find out the conditions that a lot of our food has grown in and not just of the animals. Doesn't it seem wrong that people go into vegetation fields in full on industrial hazmat suits as regular part of their job?  To negate a lot of the lower energies associated with this, thank all the beings for growing and being here for us to eat and thank all the people who did something for us to be able to eat it.  Before I eat food, whether it is vegetables or junk food, I say to the Universe in my mind and sometimes out loud something pretty simple: "Thank you to all who grew and to everyone it took to get it in my mouth”.

When it comes to our food, we trusted the various institutions of agriculture and farming and those that said they monitored planting, growing, watering, feeding and harvesting of animals and plants and how much we needed to grow to feed everyone.  Our whole society has sort of moved us away from being connected with the land and the energies of the plants and animals we eat, forgetting the important connections with food and our holistic health.  We are losing this connection within only 2 generations and many people that now live in cities are quite disconnected from farms, the source of their foods, and have never had an opportunity or desire to garden.  A blatant example of this happened for me a few summers ago when I pulled a carrot out of my garden for my stepdaughters’ 8 yr old nephew who looked at me and then looked at the carrot with disgust and said “That’s not a carrot”.  I washed it off, cut off the ends to look like the ones you see in the bags and still had to convince him it really was a carrot: Me “Try it, it’s a carrot, no really it’s a carrot, just try it and if you don’t like it I will just eat it, well maybe I should just eat it anyway”, no boy wants someone to take his food... LOL.  When he took that first bite, his eyes literally lit up and he said: “This is the best tasting carrot I ever had!”.  

Food sensitivities are really affecting our kids and we see it in little ways such as the enormous flair up of nut allergies that are off the chart now, but very few people had that problem when I was young.  Unfortunately food corporations have put a lot of time, effort and money into figuring out how to make fake ingredients and processed food.  Ultimately so that they could be manufacture it cheaper and sell for bigger profits, sold to us through clever advertising as safe.  We bought it, because fast food and packaged food is easy, simple and quick.  Many people are so busy in their lives that they do not take the time to sit down and have a meal anymore, with some wishing or preferring to just be able to take a pill. 


We have not really recognized a lot of our food is being manufactured and created to taste good but it hurts us on the inside.  We are getting sick from some of the foods we eat now, and animalsplants, seeds and even the humans who work with them, should not be treated terribly in order to feed us.  We struggle with cravings because of engineered flavors, salts and sugars that were designed to do just that.  Some things our bodies can't process because they have been engineered and some things our bodies can't process anymore because they were raised and killed in fearful conditions.  Many of us are starting to notice the change in the strangest place that also tells us it has been changing within everything else.  Do many of you remember when our junk food such as chocolate bars, frozen ice, chewy candy and even canned goods used to actually taste good?  Our junk food and processed food used to be, but is no longer, made with actual real food ingredients, but many of us buy them remembering how they tasted until we put them in our mouth now and don’t enjoy them.

As I move along my spiritual journey the things I can or will or will not consume are changing.  A lot of our food has been engineered to taste yummy and we are in what seems like a battle between our taste buds and our tummies, oh it tastes so good, but darn it, it hurts.  We need to learn to listen to our tummies more and not the cravings of our taste buds.  I used to eat a lot of red meat because I was told at some point it was something I had to consume a lot of because I am an O blood type and I need lot of protein.  My body does not want to process that food much anymore and now I rarely eat it.  Milk was something we were told was something we had to consume for strong bones and teeth, and especially as women to prevent osteoporosis and a bunch of other things, but my body does not want to process that anymore either.

Some things we shouldn't eat because our bodies can’t process them but many of us have desensitized ourselves and ignore our body signals, because we believe it's something we should eat or that the problem must be coming from something else.  Did you know that our bodies are actually designed to run off good quality salts and fats?  But our food has been engineered and advertising has steered us to such a degree that we crave sugar and carbohydrates?  Did you know that something like celiac disease, which is prominent in North America where we have genetically modified wheat grain, is not a problem in a lot of in Europe where they did not allow those types of seed to grow?  Did you know the way they manufacture bread is also contributing to gluten problems because people complained they didn’t want holes in their bread?  Did you know that being lactose intolerant is actually normal for humans and we really shouldn’t being able to process dairy after we are weaned off our mothers milk?

Remember that we do not know something until we learn about it somehow and people want to trust.  I was pretty confused about food and like most women had other guilt and emotions associated with food.  As we come to learn these things we should try to not stay overly angry at the establishments or beat ourselves up for too long for trusting about things we don't know.  That keeps the energy low and we can change what we support by how we spend our money.

I am certainly not a farmer and am very grateful my Grandmother who taught me something about growing food, simply by growing it.  I think it may have helped me realize some things a little sooner than others who didn't have someone in their lives who grew food.  As I got older I learned that the food and processing was changing even more for the actual farmers themselves, the guys and gals out there doing more and more work on bigger pieces of land with bigger pieces of machinery to keep up, and losing out big time in both time and money to big agriculture, seed dominance and mass food production. So much has been monopolized from seed to production from whether a farmer can keep his own seeds or not, up to the production of food and the uses of pesticide, herbicides and chemicals and harvested.

When I was young my father’s parents had a farm and land and although at the time I may not have thought of it as lucky due to all the chores associated with a farm, now as an adult I am forever grateful for the experience of being around real food.  They had an outhouse for a few years, had a wood stove for heat and cooking, they grew their own vegetables, had wild berry patches, preserved their own food in a root cellar, raised their own chickens and ducks, had ponds of fish and my Grandfather tapped maple trees and hunted wild game.  

My only experience around hunting has been with this Grandfather and although I feel I cannot and choose not to hunt, admitting even if I had to live in the wilderness and hunt for survival it would be tough for me, there were times in Grandfather’s life where he hadn’t had a choice.  He had had to hunt for a large portion of his life in order to feed his families and it was a part of who he was and what he had to do sometimes so that he and others could survive. He hunted when he was young to provide for his mother and 2 sister siblings and later on to feed his own family.  My Grandparents had 7 children and at the time when they had their first 2 children, they actually lived in a canvas tent for 2 solid years, meaning 2 winters in New Brunswick, Canada.  

When I came to visit my Grandfather was always so kind to me and he listened to my endless questions and told me many stories. He would talk to me a lot about all the plants on the land from grasses to trees, all the animals and birds who made their home on various places on his land, and he would also let me know if there was an animal hanging in the barn and that I should not go in there.  The first time I saw the huge pair of buck antlers hanging up outside the barn doors and when I immediately freaked out and my Grandfather spoke to me softly and calmed me down by letting me know that was it a space to honor and give gratitude for someone who came to feed his family at a very important time.  I was okay with that and even started to say Hi and thank him too when I walked underneath him.  My Grandfather did not have this reputation with his kids, and to my father, aunts and uncles my Grampy was intimidating and scary, and I noticed they were all a lot quieter when he was around.  

My Grandmother on the other hand was a physically and mentally tough woman that considered me kind of wimpy.  She took care of the ducks and hen house, collected eggs, and caught, killed and cleaned all the chickens, ducks and trout from the pond.  I loved to feed everybody and collect the eggs but I couldn't even put a worm on the hook without being squeamish.  Sure I could catch a fish on the line but I couldn't put the worm on the hook and no way I could then take the fish off the hook, kill it or clean it.

One of my hardest memories and maybe one of my biggest lessons with animals from childhood was from the day my Grandmother decided she was going to toughen me up.  She asked me if I wanted to come to the chicken coup with her to collect eggs, something I looked forward to when I went to visit, but this time was different and when we were done feeding everyone and collecting eggs, she told me to stand there and wait a minute.  You always listened to what Nan told you to do, so I stood there.  Next I knew, she mumbled something and walked up to a chicken that she quickly grabbed by the neck, pinned it to the chopping block, said thank you out loud and then she dropped an axe.  She had just slaughtered a chicken for that evening’s supper and I was not prepared to see that.  I then watched the hen run around the area with its head cut off and I cried.  Once the chicken had exhausted all its energy, my Grandmother picked her up and put her on the picnic table in front of me.  More crying.  She then told me that I had to pluck out all of its feathers right then and there right now and that no one else in the whole family was going to be allowed to eat another thing in the house until I pulled all those feathers out.  It was a Sunday and most of my father’s family came to the farm on Sundays to help work around the farm.  Some of them were watching and no one said a thing and I cried the whole time as she stood right there next to me most of the time watching, waiting and telling me to hurry up and after the majority was done she got impatient, told me to go on and dealt with the final parts.

After she went into the house my Grandfather quickly came to my side to console me and to let me know that it was all okay and everything was alright.  He told me that they had honored the hens the best they could, they gave them good lives, feed them well and let them run around outside free in the sunshine and the rain, getting bitten by all the different bugs like the rest of us, but he said when the time came, the animals knew they were going to be food.  He asked me if I noticed that the chicken had walked right up to Nan, I said I did, he then asked me if I heard her ask them for someone to feed her family today, I said I heard a mumble.  He then described to me how when he hunts in the forest, he would ask for an animal, whether it may be a moose, deer, rabbit or whomever to please come forward to help him feed his family.  He said he knew that sometimes they made him wait, to have him spend and give some time in gratitude in the forest first, but one would always come and step forward. He told me that even before he went into the forest he asked the animals to help him, and when he saw an animal and after he killed it, he thanked the animal for being there.  He told me he always made sure they experienced as less pain as possible and never suffered.  He would thank it again and take time to honor its life before doing anything to its body.  I knew this was true, I had watched him so many times as he also thanked the spruce tree for growing the gum before cutting it off, he would thank the maple tree before sticking a tap in it for maple sugar and when he switched out the buckets, he would thank the plants for producing the berries, peas, beans before picking them.  He helped me to understand that the plants and animals that are living here on Gaia are here supporting all life, us humans and all the other animals and plants too.

Later on that day I surprisingly ate some of the chicken with the rest of the family.  The entire family sat down together for dinner after a long afternoon of working in the giant vegetable fields and were sprawled throughout the kitchen, out onto the wraparound porch and onto the lawn.  I had a big bowl of what they called Nan’s hodgepodge, which was all the fresh vegetables from the garden basically cooked in a pot of milk and butter with a big handful of raw carrots and peas in a pile on the lawn next to me, and nowhere near anyone eating chicken.  My Uncle, you know how it's always the quiet one?  who had watched me from as far back on the porch as he could, seriously struggle earlier with plucking the chicken and made a very wise comment to me at the time even though, it was a certainly wasn't coming from a place of wisdom but more like a wise ass statement.

As I was biting into a fresh carrot, my Uncle yelled at me from the far end of the porch and across the family: “Hey Carrie whatcha doing over there thinking that it's okay to just kill all those carrots and peas ya got over there?”  I stop eating mid bite, spit out the carrot in a big fuss as children tend to do and immediately got defensive saying: “No way, I’m not killing anything”, my Uncle: “Well those vegetables that you are putting in your mouth were living in the dirt, on the vine or in a pod only an hour ago”.  Insert lots of wise ass comments here from the rest of the family and my little cousins started acting nervous from tension in the air because my Aunts and Uncles had shooed them all away the moment my Grandmother dropped the axe & they didn’t know what happened. 

My father was between us and hearing all of this and decided to say something, maybe to help me but probably just to get on with eating in peace, but he made me think too.  He started with “Listen Kiddo most things grow here so we can eat & we should respect them for growing for us".  He started to tell a story of how he worked on his friend’s pig farm for a year or so after he dropped out of school & moved out.  He told how his friend took good care of all the pigs and gave them all names and scratches every day.  He kept their pens clean and would even stay in the barn with the new piglets.  My Dad talked about earning a new respect for pigs and how like many he thought and assumed they were just dirty garbage eaters, but he got to learn that they were very intelligent, caring and loving beings.  He told of when it came that time of the year for one of the pigs to be culled for the family and the workers for winter, and the reason why he now only liked to buy meat from local butchers.  My Dad: “You know, animals should not have to experience any fear before they die, just like us, it’s not right.  Animals feel too, think about how tense you get when you are scared and all that adrenaline gets flowing through, well that happens for them too”.  He said that the day before and the day of that his friend would feed this pig all the freshest fruit, vegetables and lots of good food, give them a lot of attention and love, and thank them for being here with and for their family.  Then at some point he would calmly and quietly walk up to the pig, slip out a very sharp blade out of sight of the pig and would then make a huge slit under their chin and throat in the fatty area.  The pig didn’t seem to notice or even feel it and to my Dad’s amazement didn’t even know what had happened and neither did any of the other pigs in the pen. None of them experienced any traumatized and the pig continued to walk around happily with a full belly and looking for more ear scritches and head rubs, until they fell over.  He said he had never considered emotions in animals other than his own dog before that and he was surprised how bad he felt seeing that they were all really sad to lose their companion, he also noticed at same time how calm they all were.  He last said “So Kiddo some things are here for food for us & we should make sure they are treated right for it”.  I knew my Nan treated her chickens very well, gruff at times sure but I had listened to her talk to them and watched her feed , interact and scratch them for years.  My Grandfather at that moment decided to stand up and come next to me and made a statement, everyone's smart ass comments stopped & all went quiet: “This young lady was instrumental in feeding you whole lot here today and you will thank her for it”.  The thank you's came quickly from all around and then my Grandfather turned around and bent over to face me with a piece of chicken in his hand and said: “Now Carrie you should honor the chicken and share your gratitude with it for feeding your family by eating some of it”.  As he handed it to me I whispered thank you chicken.. and then I bent over & thanked all the vegetables around me for growing, and stood up, looked at my Grandfather and ate that piece of chicken.

I had sort of forgotten all of this until in my later years when I started developing my channeling or mediumship skills and I had an experience with my Grandfather who is now in Spirit.  When we connected a bunch of these childhood memories had come forward with him.  The synchronicity: I had just recently also connected with a few animals energetically and actually asked the chickens, the cows and the fish consciousness: “Hey is this really okay?  Am I a bad person for eating you?”  The response I heard through clairaudience was: “It is okay to consume us and no you are not a bad person for it.  We come forward as beings that are consciously aware that a part of our existence and experience may be for human or animal consumption. We ask that you be grateful, feed us well, take care of us, let us live good lives, let us experience our lives in freedom, feel the sunshine and the rain on our bodies and eat and get bitten by all the different bugs like everyone else.  We forgive humanity for how they have treated us but now please be aware of our quality of life”.  Instantly the memories flooded in and my heart lit up and I said out loud with a big smile on my face: “Thank You Grampy – I Love you”.

Animals, plants, and even the elements such as air and water are living conscious beings, and we need to learn to be wise like our elders and treat them as such.  Take a moment to infuse your food and the water you drink with Love and Gratitude. Thank and Love them for being them, and also for providing for you.  That energy goes into the food and then you also consume that energy.  If you would like to see some of the effects of words from humans towards food and water, check out some the videos online from scientists and from kids classroom experiments, showing how positive words and negative words affected water, plants and even rice.  

How do my Grandparents influence me still now as adult even after they have long left the physical world?  I preserve or can tomatoes and peaches, lots of peaches LOL, for the winter, make jam from my own berries, grow a garden and eat my own vegetables as long as I can.  I also warn the spiders before I invade the raspberry bushes, I rescue bugs out of puddles, I feed a family of robins some of our strawberries, thank something before I pick and eat it, I stop and observe the dragonflies and I even negotiate with the mosquitoes with some success.. (see insects)

Although my Grandfather never spoke of actual nature spirits he did talk about the energy of the forest and the lands, trees, animals and waters frequently.  He had been a hunter and fisherman his whole life and revered them all.  Although I do remember getting to overhear bits of Sasquatch stories that he shared with his neighbour over the fence, but he always kept sending me off to go do something so he could talk in private.  I rushed to go do whatever it was as fast as I could so I could come back and listen to more of the story, but damnit he kept coming up with something else for me to do.. LOL 


I just wanted to acknowledge here the many energetic beings connected with nature known as the Elementals who are also here with us, and many others that are supporting all physical life here on Gaia that connect with us as Spirit Guides.  The Elementals are here energetically supporting the plant, animal, crystal and mineral kingdoms, the elements themselves, all nature and open spaces, some are inter-dimensional or may even be physical within Inner Earth, connected to us humans, their long time family and friends who've had many lifetimes and experiences here together with them and Gaia.

A lot of us are changing our thinking, our beliefs, our ways, unlearning things we thought we knew, expanding and trying to be more conscious and aware of what we eat, and we definitely need to stand up more for humane livestock and agricultural plant industry practices through how we spend out money.  I am sharing my perspectives from my own life lessons here but feel it is important that those of us who are becoming more aware to take the time to show and share our respect, reverence and gratitude to the animal and plant kingdoms, recognizing and the true value of happy animals and clean plants, air, waters and all the many ways they provide energy, healing and joy for us.  Share love and gratitude with all you consume before you eat or drink them.

I would like to Ask this of all fellow humans:

Please stand up for nature, Gaia, animal rights and against; abuse, cruel living conditions, factory farming, over breeding, less chemical use and hunting or raising animals for single body parts, trophy hunting or pitting animals against each other.  

Please encourage and support quality of life on Gaia for all plants, animals and humans.

Oh, and please go outside or into meditation and play with the Elementals.

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